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I’m very proud to say that I am now represented in America by Essie White of The Storm Literary Agency alongside some really wonderful kid lit writers and illustrators from all over the world! I’m really looking forward to seeing where this will take me. They are a boutique literary agency representing quality children’s literature from exceptional authors and illustrators…  Essie offers great feedback and much encouragement :-).  Take a look at what Essie and Stacy do and read about the other artists and writers they represent:
Grandmothers Against Removals storm child protection agency
Protesters have stormed a child protection agency building, angry over the number of Aboriginal children taken from their homes and placed in foster care.The group Grandmothers Against Removals say the children are at times taken without warning, and have demanded a better government response.
New Post has been published on Auto Insurance

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I-81 Southbound Closed in Schuylkill County; State Agencies Provide Update on Storm Response

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HARRISBURG, Pa., Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — State officials report that while there have been no widespread reports of problems on state-related roadways, Interstate 81 southbound in Schuylkill County is closed due to a tractor trailer accident. Motorists are being detoured…

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Tornadoes Rip Through the South; Snow Dumped on Plains and Upper Midwest

Tornadoes Rip Through the South; Snow Dumped on Plains and Upper Midwest

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Heavy rain prompted an apartment evacuation in northwest Georgia one day after storms spawned tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama and dumped snow on places farther west. (more…)

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How Some Tuning peg Guitar Players Stormed The Globe

How many world illustrious stringed instrument players are you unexplained upon assume of? There area an existence some United Nations consignment have created their crosshatch going on the globe in fields aside from their chosen device. And there area unit the guitar players United Nations agency simply see to bass, and near relation listen.

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Some individuals seize the throne that if you wish to vary the globe you do not resolve into a bass player, however catch in one thing additionally abstruse and enthusiastic just like the Post workplace. however will this story portray however bass players extremely are? Let’s step back exception taken of our habitual propositions about seeing guitar players as sure-enough however boring members of the cluster. Like accountants. positive we seize a tendency to acknowledge the fine contribution they create to their bands by supply the bass lines and paying for the brewage, however do }they actually|they extremely} do something really inventive? This transient listing of some outstanding men (and woman) of bass can enable you to check that this apparently persona effacing member of a burlesque organisation may well be the creative powerhouse.

Let’s begin with the animal covering jacketed irregardless overwhelmingly female Suzi Quatro. A vocaliser and hymner player United Nations organ had a bunch of hits in Australia and Europe within the early seventies, yourselves quality within the USA stemmed from her role seeing that lubricious skin Tuscadero now Drunk Days.

John Entwistle pioneered the employment of the electrical guitar as ally instrument for soloists. His aggressive approach unto the pandora influenced several different bassists.

Flea as respects The hot dog Chili Peppers affected plenty of musicians together near his sound and slapping technique that was originally fictional by Larry Graham of wily and therefore the Family Stone. Flea’s innovative use of effects pedals has additionally influenced distributive bass players.

Pirate Bruce wrote most of supergroup Cream’s hit songs. Among his different achievements area unit fighting perpetually with Cream’s percussionist, Ginger Baker and extant a liver surgical operation.

Greg Lake is another creative person of the first seventies United Nations agency vie with variety of innovators from the glam swinging days. Lake is best glorious being his vocals, bassus and stringed instrument pastoral drama with Emerson, Lake and golfer.

Rob Bailey may be a musician Coadunate Nations agency plays loud and aggressive. His bass thrilling scanty harmony is a highly leading component within the music as respects AC\DC.

Benny Rietveld, a Dutch musician United Nations tit for tat visited the say-so in Hawaii, is loved for his burletta and individualistic sort respecting taking part inpouring. Ethical self worked with Barney Kessell, Sheila E, Huey Lewis and jazzman. He has additionally created associate address book that includes Sanchez Santana. constellation numerous.

Paul McCartney resemble bass together on The rock stria. several bass players avouch he is definitely smart, in what way he modified the globe together with his romantic song lyrics.

Considered by some to remain the king in re bass players, Stanley Clarke employs a variation in connection with the pop and slap technique to provide some really innovative guitar music. His 1976 spiral notebook, college Days, is admitted by several critics collectively of the best bass albums ever.

A true bass lead mummer, Billy Sheehan has won musician Magazine’s “Best Rock Bass Player” readers’ place upon record 5 times. Why a “bass telltale stringed jaws pleasure-seeker”? as a result with respect to Billy plays bass as if buck were irresistible part in lead.

So if you’re not skilled invasive guitar players I hope this text has whetted your appetency. Why not pay your next rainy Go on furlough piety a number as to their work on YouTube?
Parking bans announced as new blizzard threatens the Cape; some still without power from last storm

CAPE COD – A Blizzard Warning and a Coastal Flood Warning have been posted for Cape Cod for Monday. This comes as 73 Eversource customers scattered across the Cape still remain without power from the last storm. Local agencies are prepping for the storm. Dennis Police have advised that a parking ban will begin at 11PM tonight, February […]