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Ashly Burch 'Heartbroken' She Won't Play Chloe In Life Is Strange Prequel
As the longest strike in Screen Actors Guild history chugs on, video game voice actors are making painful career sacrifices to show solidarity with their union. 234 days into the strike, after Microsoft announced Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, fans immediately sussed out that award-winning voice actress and SAG-AFTRA member Ashly Burch will not reprise her original role as the rebellious teen Chloe.
By Cecilia D'Anastasio

I’m honestly so heartbroken reading this. For those of you who don’t know, Square Enix is publishing a prequel of Life Is Strange called Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. It is a prequel of Chloe’s perspective 2 years before Max returns to Arcadia Bay. 

Now DONTNOD, the original creators, are not working on this prequel (they are however working on a sequel to the main and original LIS game), are not working on this adaption, it’s actually Deck Nine. Although I am so excited to revisited my favourite game, I am skeptical about it. I’m afraid Deck Nine won’t have the same vision or capture the same feeling as the original did. Also Ashly Burch is not voicing Chloe.

If you know me or follow me, you know I’m in love with Chloe, her character means a great deal to me as I relate to her in many ways, but to know a great voice actress like Ashly isn’t voicing Chloe is heartbreaking. She’s very passionate about this role and about the fandom but she couldn’t reprise her role due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Basically voice actors are being treated unfairly in a lot of situations and what they have asked for is to be fair and protected, yet there is still no agreement. Instead Ashly will be on the writing team, consulting on what Chloe’s character is suppose to be. Knowing this, I do trust it a little more because at least I know Ashly knows what Chloe is like, but I find it ridiculous that Square Enix didn’t agree to sign a interim agreement with SAG-AFTRA.

If they did  we would fucking have Ashly as the voice of Chloe. I’m so fucking mad and disappointed in Square. I’m assuming they’re just milking as much as they can out of the LIS franchise to make money, but they won’t go into agreement with voice actors? I’m also assuming this is the reason why DONTNOD, or any of the leads of LIS dev team, said anything about Before The Storm. 

I want to support this prequel game, Deck Nine, and Ashly Burch but omfg I don’t want to support Square Enix if they’re doing this crap, I just want my followers or any other fans to know what’s going on because I’ve seen some hateful comments towards Deck Nine, Ashly Burch, and Chloe’s new VA, Rhianna DeVries. 


I was on Twitter and I saw Nik Shiriner tweeted he won’t be voicing Nathan in LIS:Before The Storm:

I watched the gameplay footage and saw Nathan at the end of the video

Now I’m even more upset because Nathan is another character I loved and Nik made me love Nathan more and even understand him further with his acting, Once again if only Square signed a interim agreement with SAG-AFTRA we wouldn’t have lost Ashly and Nik to the series.


anonymous asked: Who’s your favorite Chris? (out of the Marvel actors)

I love them all, but I gotta go with Chris Evans. After seeing him in Fantastic Four and the Nanny Diaries I started watching pretty much every movie he came out with. I was thrilled to find out he was going to be playing one of my all time favorite superheroes.


The night was long and still young. Chris had taken me to a little pub where we both had a couple of beers and talked about our families. It was the best bonding experience of my life. After a lovely, endearing, deep conversation. We both had a chugging contest. Surprisingly, I won. I will most definitely regret it later.

We didn’t get drunk, shit faced, annihilated. We both had a harmless light buzz. Very harmless.

Chris has my youth and keeps it alive.

“Come on (Y/N/N)! Sit, I’ll push you!” Chris runs over to a swing set, nearly slipping on slush. As soon as he reaches the chained swing, he turns to me. It’s 2 am. Only one tall street lamp illuminates the small area.

“It’s probably wet! No!” I stand a few feet away from him. My hands tucked deep into my Cotten sweater, my breath dances away from my nostrils and mouth.

“No, it’s not!” Chris wipes his hand across the rubber seat. He then lifts his hand in the air. “See! Dry!”

I let out a heavy sigh. “Fineeeee…” I take hesitant strides toward him, the ice glazing the ground sits in layers.

“There you go. Take a seat.” He says, lifting his arm away from his body, pointing toward the swing.

I walk over the wood chip chunks, taking a seat. My small hands grip onto the bone-chilling chain that holds the swing.

“And… Here we go…” Chris mutters in my right ear, his hands dance across my back, finding their place just below my shoulder blades.

He gives me a light shove on my upper back.

The swing glides forward, releasing a squeak from the joints. The swing glides, but not far.

Chris keeps his pushes light, not sending me far. It was a comfortable, consistent glide that kept him and I giggling every time.

“I feel like a child again.” I exasperate, letting my feet swing in and out, lightly. He hums.

“Hey, do you know what happened to Sebastian?” He states as if he something is wrong. Immediately I dig my heels into the wood chips and frosty dirt, leaving two mounds of mixed pine behind my heels.

I balance off the rubber seat and turn toward him. “What happened?!” I say worriedly. Sebastian is my best friend. My heart palpitates’s against my chest.

“Oh! I don’t know. I was just asking. I haven’t seen him around…” Chris’ arms hangout from his jacket pockets, shrugging with his body.

“You ass! I thought you knew something! You had me worried!” I grip onto my chest looking at the ground. A little bundle of snow sits around the radius of the Swing’s pole. Why not take a shot and throw it at him. A flirty, childish gesture. Although my mind was telling me not to and he won’t like it, my heart argues against that.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N/N)!” He laughs, not knowing what’s coming.

With my bare, warm hands I lean over and pick up the snow, forming a small ball. The ice burning at my fingertips and under my nails.

“What are y–”

I throw the mini ball of ice at his left shoulder. He lifts his forearm to cover his face, his other arm lifting away with the gesture. The snow that had made an impact with his shoulder falls off, just a bit of ice sitting in the crease of his jacket.

“You’re asking for it!” Chris runs off to the mound of grass, blanketed by snow. Untouched by human hands.

“You’re on!” I run past the swing set to the Grass patch that Chris stands on. I cut across the mound of blanketed green, wanting to hide behind a tree.

The tall pine tree could be a beloved shield.

I felt the sudden impact of pure ice on my left hip. A numbing pain of bitter, frigid, raw snow melts to the heat my body gives off. I stop in the snowy tracks to gaze down at the impact; bad idea. Another snowball obliterates on the top of my head.

Now, I have a new idea. The hit on the head gave me the bright light bulb.

“Ow!” I grip the crown of my head, the snow had already melted. My fingertips rest atop the water.

I over dramatize the pain by falling to the ground… Again… stupid idea. Now my whole body was chilled and soaked.

“Oh my god! Lauren! I’m sorry!” Chris yelps, oblivious to my stupefied plan.

I hear his hesitant running footsteps crunch across the dense snow. His heavy breathing draws closer.

“You okay!?” Immediately he takes a knee beside me.

A smirk draws on my lips. I clinch a bundle of snow in my right hand; a death grip. With the numbing condensation in my hand, I shove another it on his temple.

The force of my hand pushing him back into the snow. “Gah! (Y/N)!” He chuckles. Without thinking I continue and straddle him. My weight bearing him to the ground. My bottom presses down on his waist. My left and right resting on both side of his body.

Chris’ breathing is rapid. His chest rises and falls heavily. “You are absolutely crazy…” He huffs.

“You know you are too! Don’t lie to yourself!” I giggle, looking down at the broad man I have pinned.

He lightly hums with a heart-wrenching smile. A soft, gentle smirk.

Here’s that moment again. That moment of gazing. Getting lost in each other’s eyes. Occupying each other’s vision, not anyone else’s.

Chris lifts his hand to my left cheek, his thumb caressing the bone. My cheeks once cold, boils hot. But I press against his hand, leaning into his touch. 

Now… This feeling is a new sensation. I crave more of it. I want his touch in differents areas. Down my back, along the muscles of my thighs, through my hair roughly.

His touch. His caress. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I craved for. Any little bump, shuffle and push created hunger in my heart. Bump into me harder. Shuffle past me longer, push me farther.

After a moment of this action, we both realize our situation. “Um! Right! It’s late, I’ll take you home…” Chris’ hand pulls away, leaving my cheek numb again. And for a moment, I wasn’t numb.

“Right… I’ll help you up…” I whisper, deplorably. I push off the ground, offering my hand. He takes it generously.

“Sorry about that. You’re soaked…” I scratch the back of my neck walking beside him.

“It’s alright, it was time well spent.”


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Is it me or does Chloe sound different from the main game ?

It’s not just you, Chloe is not being voiced by Ashly Burch. Her voice actor, Rhianna DeVries (pictured below), was specifically chosen to portray Chloe at sixteen. Burch (who’s a writing consultant for Before The Storm) says she didn’t reprise the role because of the ongoing voice actor strike.


Shooting caps! Cillian Murphy returns to the set of Peaky Blinders in Manchester… and is immediately dragged into gunfight.

It looks like viewers can expect more violence in the next season of the gritty drama as actor Packy Lee, who plays Johnny Dogs in the show, was spotted brandishing a gun as filming got underway. Dressed in a moss green tweed three-piece suit, Packy looked every inch the gangster as he pointed a gun with his arm outstretched and a hard man grimace on his face. Later he was joined by co-star Jordan Bolger, who plays gangster Isiah, in what looked to be a shoot out with the two actors storming down the cobbled streets, toting pistols.

Sex with Chris Evans would include: {NSFW}*

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• Foreplay!
  - Maybe your favorite part. It can be steamy and passionate or caring and soft.
• Exploring each other’s kinks as long as it doesn’t involve violence and other weird stuff.
• Chris being a tease! He is a tease in bed, I’m 99, 8% sure.
• Oral sex.
  - You love going down on each other! It’s not real sex if there’s no oral for either one of you. You have to start things with that or just a good old 69.
• Dominant Chris because he enjoys control.
• You trying to be in charge, but it can end with you pressed and fucked against a wall.
• Spanking. He says he’s a butt guy.
• Beard burn.
• Kinky sex.
• Slow sex.
• Angry sex.
• Rough sex.
• Make up sex.
• Shower sex.
• Quickies everywhere you can when your families spend time in your house.
• Passionate sex after coming back from filming or promoting.
• Hickeys, love bites.
- You love marking his skin, let’s face it.
• Chris isn’t that kinky!
• He’s very romantic and he wants to make you happy.
• In these nights, he’s so caring, soft and fluffy!
• Making love.
   - Whispering how much he loves you. (On a bed covered by petals of flowers.)
• Romantic and lazy morning sex.
• Sweet and soft dirty words whispered in your ear.

Bonus: - Top positions:

  1. The eagle or missionary.
  2. Reverse cowgirl/the rider.
  3. Doggy style/the plough.

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I don’t know if it’s been surfacing in other places or not, but now that at least two of the voice actors won’t return for Before the Storm, we gotta get angry. Not at the union or the non union actors taking the jobs, but the companies who refuse to pay their actors fairly for their work. Tell them we won’t put up with it, and we want to hear our favorite voice actors and that they deserve fair pay.