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I Finally made the Turkish TOG Fan cast!!!!! I hope you’ll like it.

Anastasia Tsilimpiou as Aelin Ashryver Galanthynius 

Kivanc Tatlitug as Rowan Whitethorn

Cengiz Coskun as Lorcan Salvaterre

Cagatay Ulusoy

 and Batuhan Karacakaya as Chaol Westfall.

Berk Atan as Dorian Havilliard

Or Onur Tuna As Dorian also

Neslihan Atagül as Manon Blackbeak ( She can Dye her Hair so )


Tuvana Türkay as Lysandra

Burak Tozkoparan as Aedion Ashryver

Bensu Soral as Elide Lochan

Rabia Yaman as Nesryn Faliq
Ashly Burch 'Heartbroken' She Won't Play Chloe In Life Is Strange Prequel
As the longest strike in Screen Actors Guild history chugs on, video game voice actors are making painful career sacrifices to show solidarity with their union. 234 days into the strike, after Microsoft announced Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, fans immediately sussed out that award-winning voice actress and SAG-AFTRA member Ashly Burch will not reprise her original role as the rebellious teen Chloe.
By Cecilia D'Anastasio

I’m honestly so heartbroken reading this. For those of you who don’t know, Square Enix is publishing a prequel of Life Is Strange called Life Is Strange: Before The Storm. It is a prequel of Chloe’s perspective 2 years before Max returns to Arcadia Bay. 

Now DONTNOD, the original creators, are not working on this prequel (they are however working on a sequel to the main and original LIS game), are not working on this adaption, it’s actually Deck Nine. Although I am so excited to revisited my favourite game, I am skeptical about it. I’m afraid Deck Nine won’t have the same vision or capture the same feeling as the original did. Also Ashly Burch is not voicing Chloe.

If you know me or follow me, you know I’m in love with Chloe, her character means a great deal to me as I relate to her in many ways, but to know a great voice actress like Ashly isn’t voicing Chloe is heartbreaking. She’s very passionate about this role and about the fandom but she couldn’t reprise her role due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Basically voice actors are being treated unfairly in a lot of situations and what they have asked for is to be fair and protected, yet there is still no agreement. Instead Ashly will be on the writing team, consulting on what Chloe’s character is suppose to be. Knowing this, I do trust it a little more because at least I know Ashly knows what Chloe is like, but I find it ridiculous that Square Enix didn’t agree to sign a interim agreement with SAG-AFTRA.

If they did  we would fucking have Ashly as the voice of Chloe. I’m so fucking mad and disappointed in Square. I’m assuming they’re just milking as much as they can out of the LIS franchise to make money, but they won’t go into agreement with voice actors? I’m also assuming this is the reason why DONTNOD, or any of the leads of LIS dev team, said anything about Before The Storm. 

I want to support this prequel game, Deck Nine, and Ashly Burch but omfg I don’t want to support Square Enix if they’re doing this crap, I just want my followers or any other fans to know what’s going on because I’ve seen some hateful comments towards Deck Nine, Ashly Burch, and Chloe’s new VA, Rhianna DeVries. 


I was on Twitter and I saw Nik Shiriner tweeted he won’t be voicing Nathan in LIS:Before The Storm:

I watched the gameplay footage and saw Nathan at the end of the video

Now I’m even more upset because Nathan is another character I loved and Nik made me love Nathan more and even understand him further with his acting, Once again if only Square signed a interim agreement with SAG-AFTRA we wouldn’t have lost Ashly and Nik to the series.


anonymous asked: Who’s your favorite Chris? (out of the Marvel actors)

I love them all, but I gotta go with Chris Evans. After seeing him in Fantastic Four and the Nanny Diaries I started watching pretty much every movie he came out with. I was thrilled to find out he was going to be playing one of my all time favorite superheroes.

**flips hair** guys, I’m anti-famous. They use screenshots of my posts and my meta pisses them off so much they have to rage about it from their trash corner of the fandom.

also they think I’m anti-Luke and it is  H I L A R I O U S.


“It’s next to impossible to imagine a performance like the sensational one that Hiroshi Abe contributes to Hirokazu Kore-eda’s After the Storm ever making its way onto a Best Actor roster, and that’s not only due to the fact that the film itself is a low-key ensemble drama from a Japanese auteur whom the Academy has only recently recognized with formal membership. Subtlety is the hallmark of Abe’s work but it’s also a skill infrequently rewarded by Oscar voters, especially when applied in the service of characters of a certain woebegone disposition.

As Ryôta, a failed writer and patriarch trying to salvage what remains of his middle age, Abe surrenders himself, body and soul, to a fundamentally dispiriting figure and etches a manifestation of depression that is very nearly as potent as Casey Affleck’s much ballyhooed and stoically captivating career peak in Manchester by the Sea. Yet between the two, Abe’s emerges as the far more varied and physically accomplished characterization. With his hunched shoulders, hangdog mouth, and sunken eyes, Abe wears Ryôta’s sadness on the surface, vividly but not flashily. We see Ryôta’s flop sweat and silent panic, but also the flickers of a once-vibrant inner life constantly waging battle with the unbeatable misery weighing down his entire body. Abe also finds personal and precise ways of interacting with the actors around him: he’s evasive but affectionate with his endlessly forgiving mother (the marvelous Kirin Kiki), impish with his young, impressionable son (Taiyô Yoshizawa), and louche to a fault around his wary former wife (Yōko Maki). The result is a fully-realized, flesh-and-blood invention, made all the more commendable for its lack of showy histrionics and convenient exposition. Abe magnetizes the camera with his every casual, character-specific move, keeping viewers drawn and empathetic to a man who exists on the screen but could plausibly live among us, which is perhaps the most heartbreaking attribute of all.” — Matthew Eng

The 10 Best Male Film Performances of Early 2017


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SO I got something to say about this woman, Rhianna DeVries, and her work as voicing Chloe Price in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. 

I think she did amazing! A lot of people were really skeptical about a new voice for Chloe, having already fallen in love with Ashly Burch’s perfomance in Season 1 (of course I did too), but I gotta say that Rhianna was just really great. I had literally just finished replaying Season 1 (after having not touched it in two years due to emotional trauma XD)  minutes right before starting Before the Storm at midnight, and to be honest, Rhianna’s voice kinda sorta blended in to it (for a lack of better words). I guess what I’m trying to say is that I had freshly heard Ashly’s voice as Chloe, and Rhianna’s talented voice just sorta blended in my as if it were no difference from Season 1. Now a lotta people may have a different opinion, and that is awesome to(!), but I just can’t get over how much Rhianna’s voice felt comfortable and familiar to me.

And don’t EVEN get me started on Kylie Brown as Rachel Amber. Due to little research, Kylie seems to be a new actress(?), so I don’t know any of her work. BUT, I can say without a doubt that she also nailed her performance as Rachel.

As an aspiring voice actor, I really get into people’s voices, especially womens’. There’s something in me that has me falling in love with a woman’s voice because of how calming they can be for me. Like, if I really like someone’s voice– again, especially if it’s a woman’s– I can listen to them speak forever, and I have that same feeling when listening to Rhianna, Kylie, Ashly, or Hannah Telle.

anonymous asked:

Is it me or does Chloe sound different from the main game ?

It’s not just you, Chloe is not being voiced by Ashly Burch. Her voice actor, Rhianna DeVries (pictured below), was specifically chosen to portray Chloe at sixteen. Burch (who’s a writing consultant for Before The Storm) says she didn’t reprise the role because of the ongoing voice actor strike.