Jesus Christ || Storm/Rain
  • Jesus Christ || Storm/Rain
  • Brand New
  • The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

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Requested by not-worth-letting-go ( - nothing was said about empty arena so I only did it slightly, if you want it full on just let me know.)

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there is thunder and lighting
and outside it’s raining so hard
but my lungs are like clouds
and there’s thunder from my heart.
so when you look at me I see
my lighting reflected in your eyes.
and I know I’m a storm, but you said
that you love this weather,
so I can’t help but to think
maybe we belong together;
because you’re not afraid of storms
or the rain-like tears from my eyes
so now when I hear thunder I think
maybe it’s your heart echoing mine.
—  will you ride out this storm with me?