Jupiter Rises Through the Outback Storm - March 22, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Savannah Skies Observatory with a Canon 5DS R and 14-mm lens. Single shot.

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But seriously, is there any bigger Malec shipper than Ruelle?

I mean, you got Fear on Fire, which is essentially what Malec’s whole relationship is about.

Where Do We Go From Here is the best way of describing Malec post wedding kiss. 

I Get To Love You “cough cough” Magnus ‘When it’s too heavy to carry, remember this moment with me.’ Alec ‘Whatever may come; your heart I will choose.’ “cough cough”

Is there any better song to look at early Malec trying to figure what this is than Storm?  I am caught off-guard by you? Sound familiar.

And of course. The one. The only. War. Of. Hearts

Not a big X-Men guy, but I like most of the movies. And with Legion and Logan, they’re doing really interesting things with the franchise right now.

One thing the movies usually miss or at least downplay is the focus on complex and powerful female characters, so I thought I’d do a fan-art drawing of some of my favourites. Keep in mind, I haven’t read the X-related comics in a while, so I probably got things wrong. Like, I know Jubilee is a vampire now for some reason. I chose to ignore that.

Anyway, here’s Emma frost, Jubilee, Storm, and Kitty Pryde. I picked characters who are usually depicted with a variety of ethnicities and body types.