stork theory

Dear Creationists,

…let’s stand together!

It is high-time that those who push the THEORY of evolution onto our children learn that there are two equal sides to this: Intelligent Design and Evolution. In order to help gain support for this, I have contacted other groups with similar agendas to ours. These are other groups that are sick and tired of theories that contradict their deeply-held beliefs. 

Here is a list of all the groups I have talked to, arranged by their belief:

  • Stork Theory -> Pregnancy Theory
  • Intelligent Falling -> Theory of Gravity
  • Demon Theory -> Germ Theory
  • Magic Goop -> Cell Theory
  • Christian Math -> Pythagorean Theorem

We must stand together and fight the indoctrination of our children. We must teach the controversy. After all, every single view we have is equally valid. Furthermore, it is religious discrimination to not allow us to push our views onto the children at the schools.