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Herbalism: Processing Herbs
One of the most important parts of herbalism is knowing how to dry and store herbs properly, whether if they are wildharvested or homegrown. The herbs you see below – Balm Of Gilead, Fennel, …

Today, on the Connected With Life blog, a post with some tips on storing and preserving your magical harvests. Enjoy!

Harvesting, Drying, Preserving and Storing Your Herbs.

Harvesting, Drying, Preserving and Storing Your Herbs.

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Now for the heart of the medicinal herbs! Knowing how to properly harvest your medicinal herbs will increase the potency and efficacy of the preparations you create.

Let’s understand the terminology used to describe the parts of herbs {plant parts} when harvesting.

  • Berries and Seeds: These are the fruits of the plant, harvested when they are fully ripe {usually when they have turned a rich,…

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3 herbs/roots I desperately desire but am afraid to break the bank

1- food grade catnip
2- valerian root
3- mugwort

I’m sure if I hit up a holistic Chinese herb store they will have affordable mugwort. I just get nervous about buying it probably cause I saw valerian root tea and catnip tea at whole foods for like $12 each. But then again it’s wretched whole foods.

Black Owned Crystal, Spiritual, and Magick Shops

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     While gathering herbs, Orochi had found extra ones that she didn’t necessarily need straight away and they weren’t worth enough to sell. It would only be fair to share them with the rest of the camp and not let them go to waste. For that reason, she would head to the Mess Hall to store the herbs for later use, though she met with a familiar child.     

     “Sophie, are you on cooking duty today? I heard there were plenty of fish caught to make delicious meals.”

Night eighty-seven. I’m powering through my sleepiness to write up our communication. This will probably need some serious editing come morning! Hahaha.

I’m still running on pretty low spoons. I decided to work on my garden today, and took in the BIGGEST harvest I’ve seen yet. Unfortunately, I also had to grind and store the dried herbs from two weeks ago. So it turned into a huge project which I did not have the energy for… But it’s always so gratifying to have tactile results from all my hard work! I left a lot of work for tomorrow :)

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