They’ve begun filming Season 2 of Agent Carter. How awesome would it be if they mention the Winter Soldier or give it a similar treatment they way they did the Black Widow program? Pretty awesome according to your tags from the first 24 hours of this Marvel Shuffle:

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#ohmygod  #imagine peggy runs into the winter soldier  #and he’s got the mask and the goggles so she doesn’t realize  #and he nearly kills her  #but he doesnt  #because deep down  #she looks familiar  #like he knows her  #and so he leaves her barely alive  #and his goggles and mask somehow get blown off during the fight  #so as he walks away  #she stares at him in shock  #because steve’s best friend was supposed to be dead (via torii-storii)

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Could you do Winterhawk 37 or 40? Either one :)

37. Wanna dance?

This is officially the worst mission. Clint and Natalia are having fun though. They’ve been dancing around all night, while Bucky plays bodyguard off to the side. It makes sense, it’s a little hard to explain away the gloves and the scruff if he was supposed to be some sort of socialite, but it’s still frustrating to watch his boyfriend dance and flirt and make goo-goo eyes at every heiress to walk in.

“Guys, someone just told me Hammer canceled last minute. He’s not coming.” Natalia whispers into the comm links. Bucky can hear Clint let out a half-hearted groan. 

“But our ride isn’t supposed to be here for another hour.” Clint whines, and Bucky can see him making the stupidest face by the banquet table. “What’re we supposed to do now?” Bucky smirks to himself, knowing that Clint won’t be flirting with anyone else tonight.

“Entertain yourselves. I’m going to eat.” Bucky watches as Natalia pulls the comm link out of her ear, and deposit it discreetly in a nearby pot. So much for sticking together.

Bucky scans the room again, keeping an eye out for the creeps who have been trying to get close to Natalia all night, as well as the idiotic archer who is working his way towards Bucky.

Wait, he’s not supposed to acknowledge Bucky. What the hell is he doing?

“Hey stranger.” Clint flashes Bucky one of his sincere smiles, the ones that Bucky only ever sees late at night, when they’re safe under the blankets. He reaches out his hand towards Bucky, offering something. “Wanna dance?” 

Bucky shakes his head at him, letting his hair fall forwards to cover his inevitable smile. “What are you doing? We’re still technically on a mission.”

“Yeah, and technically our target isn’t showing up, so screw it, let’s scandalize some rich people and dance together.”

Bucky lets his hair fall away from his face so Clint can see his smile as he reaches forwards. Clint tugs on his arm, and leads him to the dance floor. Some slow song that came out after Bucky’s time, but before Clint’s, is playing. Clint’s arm wraps around his waist, pulling just a touch to bring Clint’s face right next to his own. 

“You know, I’ve always liked this song?” Clint whispers in Bucky’s ear as they start to sway.

“This song is older than you are.”

Clint snorts, “Like you have room to talk.”

Bucky chuckles, pulling Clint just a little closer, and resting his lips on the top of Clint’s head, breathing in the safety of this moment. 

“I love you, you know that?” Bucky mumbles into Clint’s hair. They tell each other this often, but never with those actual words. It’s always through the little things, through helping each other through nightmares and flashbacks, through checking on each other during missions, through waiting in hard backed chairs until someone regains consciousness, through reminding each other that yes, they are here, and they are free.

Clint looks up at him, eyes lighting up, and Bucky is reminded exactly why he’s in love with the man in front of him. A smile begins to creep onto Clint’s face, and Bucky swears that the room gets a little lighter.

“Never doubted it for a second.” Bucky shifts his hand from Clint’s shoulder to his cheek, but lets his lips hover over Clint’s, waiting to see if he would bridge the gap. “Love you too, idiot.”

Clint’s lips are as soft as the first time they kissed. Bucky tries to chase the taste of strawberries and chocolate as Clint pulls back, ignoring the gasps and the judging looks of the crowd around them.

“Promise me that… that we won’t let something stupid pull us apart? Promise that, even if I never come back from a mission without cuts and bruises, even if neither of us can never sleep through a night again, that we’ll only stop being this stupidly attached if we really stop loving each other?” Clint’s voice is small, and Bucky knows that it’s from the fear of this relationship ending the same way as all his others.

“Promise.” Bucky whispers as he pulls Clint in for another kiss.

A year later, they dance to the same song, surrounded by friends and self-made family, rings warming on their fingers.

Sorry this took so long, I started school Monday, and I had to move in and get settled. Haven’t really had the chance to sit down with this prompt and write it the way I want.

Hope you enjoyed it!

LAST TIME ON MODERN WARFARE 2! (Said in epic sounding voice)

I decided to play Modern Warfare 2 to get ready for Modern Warfare 3! When I got on, it was on! In most of my matches, I got top 3 or tippy top!  It was epicccccc! Then I decided to set a challenge for myself…….NUKE! I didn’t do it in Team Deathmatch. I did it in Demolition! (Note: I didn’t do it in TDM because…just be-cause.) I was dropped into an ongoing match started off with 0-0! Then I grabbed my M16 and started to mow down everyone! I died 5 to 7 times during the process BUT I said “NO MORE DYING!” I did just do that! Before the round ended, I had a Harrier Strike in my pocket! We were now bombing. I stayed back and waited till they came to me/us. So, I got a few kills from defending my team from arming the bomb. I hid in the bunker (The map was Afghan) and used my Harrier Strike on Point B. I drop it on there and I got my CHOPPER GUNNER! I mowed down the whole team in to crab meat! They couldn’t take it down! I finished the full time that the Chopper Gunner has when in flight! But I was shy 4 to 5 kills! I needed those kills. I ran to the other side, behind enemy lines and got all MLG Pro on all of them! It was like “PEW PEW PEW!” from my Urban coated M16! Then I got it! I still hadn’t died yet and there were seconds on the clock before our bomb exploded. I said, “NOPE! I'MMA END DIS WAR!”  Then….. *CLICK* NUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 

And that’s what happened last in MODERN WARFARE 2: The Road to the Future of War!


Another one of m AMVs

Entered in a couple of contests, didn’t win but got the crowd excited so I’m happy :)

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Hi :) Talking to you cause there are literally three people I know that ship winterhawk. And I don't talk with them so xd. Favorite headcanons?

If you wanna talk with other Winterhawk shippers, torii-storii, rosenshyne, hyperrasperry, aro-spacelethally-deadly, fliffen like there are a ton of shippers out there, ya just gotta find everyone! (These are just the few that I talk with regularly, if you skim around in the tag, just find some common names, I have yet to run into any weirdos?)


  • Bucky only shows Clint affection when it’s just the two of them bc he has PDA issues
  • Clint wearing Bucky’s dogtags instead of a wedding ring
  • Referring to each other by last name when other people are around; they don’t usually use petnames either
  • aaaaand whenever Clint brings up the brainwashing and starts to devalue his experiences because he believes Bucky’s are worse, BUCKY SHUTS THAT SHIT DOWN AND SAYS THEIR EXPERIENCES CAN’T BE COMPARED AND THAT CLINT’S PROBLEMS ARE VALID NO MATTER WHAT (because supportive husbands are supportive and they talk through their problems instead of comparing them because that’s how you properly handle that)

I read a lot (of fan fiction) and i needed yo explain to my teacher that i read a lot but not always books so i just said “independent storiies by unpublished authors online” kms

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One time Nanny was walking home when suddenly a redhead pulled on her arm and asked "Xcuse moi, dost thou have a map?" "No I dont..." Nanny replied. "Oh dear, because Im lost in thine eyes." Nanny fell so in love this man she made him her Sugadaddy and she had his Sugababies and they all lived happily ever after. [Happy birthday you jackfruit leaf <3]

OH MY GOD what the fuck is this I cant believe u turned my sad storii into a fanfic u fucking turtle. Ily tho and also bc it involves Suga I’ll 4giv u. Thanks Jo :’)