Usually, when people say the first kiss I imagine something romantic and beautiful even tho I, personally, never heard of a romantic first kiss story. When reblogging tell me a story of your first kiss and let’s see if we’ll find one! 


So, I was 13 and there was that boy that really liked me and was friend with all of my friends. He was nice, but I wasn’t into him (probably because I was 13 and I had no intentions of having a boyfriend). 

One day I was at a gymnastics practice and my friends realized that the boy was standing in front of the practicing room. As I found out later one of my friends told him to come because it would be romantic to watch me (?!). So they were all trying to make me go out and say hi. At the moment when the coach wasn’t looking they pushed me out of the room and told me they are going to hold the door until I don’t kiss him.

In that moment a quick kiss with a guy was nothing compared to the rage of my coach when realizing I wasn’t in the room. So I looked at him (he was frozen, poor little thing) just staring at me, kissed him quickly and run back into the room. 

Not so romantic, hm?

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I’ve seen quite a few people complainig about their empty dashboards or how the are sick of any kind of discourse.

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I will not put any stimblogs on this list or blogs for one specific fandom.
All of the blogs I follow are safe for all kind of lgbt+ people including aspec people!

@sir-alan-of-trebond @the-insane-fangirl @ghosttranskid @hyperrasperry @wanderingcub @lexiadvtime @spacefoxen @ruinanor @rrrevolutionaryyy @fictionalcharactersarebetter @aceoftheheartss @gryffodair @starsandstark @infxnite-stars @iamagreenturtle @hihosilverwings @naw-sexual @fabulous-milkshake-drinker @inklingdancer @thealpacalypse @newtsckamander @pandasebastianfoxx @queerdemons @fallenchaoswolf @doodledore @anthonystqrk @zwithnolove @jacey-facey @sundaymorningcompanion @shrine–of–lies  @moonlightpumpkin @avenger-fan-jam @codaxe @frompawntoqueen @here-be-fangirls @intermittently-ava @mollynoble @adamsgirl42 @vamdeggmon @snoozingcat @fliffen @captn-sara-holmes @girl-of-braids @fuckyeahdeafandasexual @tribbleindisguise @dreamingangelwolf @calidotheprophet @fizzsup @hrafnsvaengr @orbingarrow @pvsreblogs @far-too-many-things @toriisahunter @torii-storii @ashestodustdusttoashes @skylarkevanson @avrenfaie @ishipallthings @salteverywhere @captainsavage42 @dragonmagpie @bandersnatch-cumberdict @tonystark-saved-marvel @raisinbranagh

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somnambulist-x  asked:

Hi there, I love your blog! Do you happen to have any fic recs! Thanks!

Hi back! Thanks:) I keep meaning to make a consolidated fic rec list, but haven’t gotten around to it. Here are a few slapped together from @intermittently-ava and @torii-storiis lists:

You As You Were by a_pious_cruelty[E][6k] 

Clint put down his binoculars. “No sign of Andres,” he said. He glanced over at Bucky. “You ever gonna cut your hair, Barnes?”
“You look like a serial killer,” Clint said.
“I don’t look like a serial killer,” Bucky said.
SHIELD partners Bucky with Clint.

Counterparts and Bleeding Hearts by snakesinthetardis [Not Rated][2k] 

Clint can’t sleep. Bucky can’t sleep. They run into each other in the kitchen at two in the morning.

Unconditional by DreamingAngelWolf [T][6k]

Lucky loves Clint. That goes without saying. Which is good, because Clint suddenly isn’t saying anything anymore, and Lucky doesn’t know why - he just knows that he wants to make Clint talk again, and if he can’t do that, he’ll make him smile instead. It isn’t easy.

Lend An Ear by DustToDust[T][8k] 

Sometimes all it takes is to be a willing ear.

The Chains that You Refuse by OddityBoddity[M][22k] 

That time Bucky and Clint broke into Asgard.

We’re burning up by minzimpression [Not Rated][4k] 

Clint may or may not fall in love with a soldier while riding the subway.

Simple Thing by SoldierOfMyShadowyMind [T][8k] 

“He’s been hurt badly. He needs time to himself.”
“He needs a bloke for a good night” Tony returns with an expert expression on his face. “Trust me, I know what’s the best cure for these situations.”
Clint has sworn off love. Or, well, he thinks he has.

Thank God For Clint Barton by Goira[T][13k] 

‘ok don’t kill me but I kinda broke the heels you gave me. I’m soo sooo sorry. Don’t kill me.’
This wasn’t Steve. For one it was an unknown number, for two, well he didn’t know Steve to wear heels, or to break them for that matter. And just as he was to say so to the stranger, his phone buzzed with another message.
‘but I have a good excuse, I tripped in’em and fell off the building, I’m in the hospital right now’

Or the fic where Clint send a message to the wrong number. And he and Bucky start pining over each other pitifully.

The List by GingerEnvy[Not Rated][11k] 

Clint finds out some bad news and decides to write a list.

Respawn by adamsgirl42 [M][2.5k] 

Clint is stuck, don’t worry he figures it out.

Some With Traps by Hrafnsvaengr [T][3.6k]

 Stuck on a mission together, Barton’s getting on Barnes’ nerves. Barton’s an idiot.

Paternal Error (In Which Clint Keeps Picking Up Strays) by EVVS [T] [34k] 

Bucky has never once thought of being a parent. Not since the Winter Solider happened.
Until he falls in love with Clint Barton. And that idiot just keeps collecting children for his flock.
Now Bucky has to pretend like he’s good at parenting.

Titanium by AroAceArrowAce [M][10k]

 Heartbreaking and strong. Both of them.

Love at First Sight by GingerEnvy | Not Rated | 670 words

Clint is dumb. Bucky is sassy.

Scarecrow by ladyshadowdrake | T | 580 words [Also has a sequel]

Clint wakes up one morning to find that he has one more scarecrow than he went to bed with, and it appears to be actually attracting the crows.

there are criminals everywhere by coricomile | T | 512 words **

The butt of the gun hits him square in the mouth.

Hush, Bucky’s Sleeping by avengersincamphalfbloodstardis | Not Rated | 1088 words

What do you do when a super soldier assassin falls asleep on you?

In a certain slant of light by Spylace | M | 3119 words**

During the time under Loki’s control, Clint might have, sort of, accidentally hired the Winter Soldier.

In Which Someone is Kidnapping Snipers by theLiterator | T | 2376 words**

“I’m actually trying to get a royal flush- how many former Soviet assets can I seduce?“

L & Bucky by neverfinishe | T | 1898 words

There’s a point where Clint realizes that the two most important individuals in his life have names that rhyme and end with -ucky.

Nights When You Have Time to Kill by snakesinthetardis | Not Rated | 3575 words

Just because the brainwashing part of being brainwashed is technically over, it doesn’t mean the experience doesn’t leave a mark on you. Clint spends most of his time pretending he’s fine, but then there’s Bucky and Bucky understands and suddenly Clint doesn’t have to pretend anymore.
Five Things Clint and Bucky Did to Kill Time on Sleepless Nights, and One Thing They Did Just Because

Not Less by sara_holmes | T | 3812 words**

“Why can’t I hear?!” Bucky is screaming. “Where the fuck is my arm?”
Clint feels the weight of the metal despite the fact it’s trussed up, held against his chest by something that’s part sling, part restraint. He can sense the cold of the plate embedded in his shoulder and feels like a thief.

Safe Space by scribblemyname | T | 1504 words

He comes to the designated safehouse for help. Natalia isn’t there but the man who takes care of her is. Clint. His name is Clint.

Snipers Like to be High by Batfink | T | 3387 words

“He’s clearly into you.” Tony nodded to himself.
Clint looked back to Bucky, this time not looking away from him when he asked Tony. “You think so?”
“Totally.” Tony affirmed.
“Yeah, well. Whatever will be will be, right?” Clint shrugged. “We’ll get there if we’re meant too.”

There’s a good kind of pain by EVVS | T | 3957 words [Tattoo Artist AU]**

The last couple times Natasha had been around to check on Bucky, she’d tossed around the idea that maybe he should get a tattoo to cover up the burns. She and Steve both knew he was sensitive about it, usually not even willing to look at it; most days, it was so bad to the point that he showered with a t-shirt on. So covering up his mutilated skin made sense, right?

To Feel, To Know by CalciferCai | M | 4568 words [Soulmark AU]

Clint Barton is born with a soulmark, which is considered an oddity in itself. It’s cold a majority of the time, and sometimes it magically picks up enough static electricity to startle him. These attributes aren’t considered rare, as soulmates are able to sense what the other is feeling, but it is rare for soulmarks to fade in and out of existence the way Clint’s does.
He doesn’t pay it much mind anymore, since he’s read all the studies and memorized a majority of them. Whatever Clint’s soulmate does, it’s dangerous and gets them close to dying for years at a time. It’s the only theory out there that seems to fit his situation. After a soulmate’s death, the soulmark disappears; so either Clint has had numerous soulmates with the same mark and they’ve all died (which is just depressing), or his soulmate toes the edge of existence, which sounds a lot more plausible considering all he’s been through lately.

We’re burning up by minzimpression | Not Rated | 3972 words**

Clint may or may not fall in love with a soldier while riding the subway.

5 plus 1 by agentsoffitzsimmons | T | 7421 words**

5 times Bucky Barnes saved Clint Barton’s ass and one time Clint saved Bucky.
This was for the WinterHawk fic exchange for incurableinsanity! It was a lot of fun to write and I really hope everyone enjoys it.

Birdcatcher by Myssi | M | 5570 words [Soulmate AU]**

Handwriting is a neat thing. It’s as individual as a fingerprint and infinitely more insightful than one, as handwriting can convey the writer’s emotions and feelings. It will even change with the writer, shifting itself slightly. That’s why, across the globe, when someone turns twenty-one, their soulmates signature will appear somewhere on their body.
Bucky Barnes wakes up with six signatures in six places, all with vastly different handwriting, but all bearing the same name.

Coffee Spoons by cakeisnotpie | T | 5618 words

Bucky Barnes might not remember who he is, but he knows what he likes.
Or Clint Barton is a pretty good therapist among other things.
Or Steve and Tony are clueless.

Eyes Like Wild Skies by DreamingAngelWolf | T | 8543 words [SPN AU]

Young hunters Bucky and Clint are torn apart when the very thing they hunt takes Bucky for its own. Desperate to get Bucky back, Clint goes on a different kind of hunt, but - as ever in their line of work - nothing is as easy as it sounds.

Get a Glimpse of This Candy Paint by bamkam | M | 5456 words

Bucky got to fight some people, got to see a gay club (even if it was an evil one), and he totally got the guy in the end. 
In all, he definitely counts his first SHIELD team mission as a success. Even if Fury doesn’t think so.

I Don’t Remember How by AvaKelly | E | 7599 words [First Part of a Series]**

“How the hell did they wash you,” he mutters as he raises from the chair.
“Hosed the blood down,” comes from behind as the Soldier follows him toward the bathroom.
Clint almost screams right then and there.

I know my soul believes by minzimpression | Not Rated | 5581 words 

In a world where different soulmarks appear on your skin and only leave when your soulmate dies, Clint Barton realizes that he must be broken. Because his soulmarks appear every few years…only to vanish again.

Synchronicity by AvaKelly | M | 7350 words

James ends up berating himself internally while the meals get ready. He can’t stomach any food right now, so he leans onto the counter with his coffee while everyone else eats.
That’s when Clint stumbles in, eyes half closed and hair in disarray. He’s wearing one of James’ hoodies, the one Tony’s given him as a joke, that says Cyborg on the front and Murderous Kitten on the back, but is surprisingly soft.
OR: the one where Clint falls asleep everywhere and James takes it upon himself to carry him to bed.

The Soldier and The Sniper by GingerEnvy | Not Rated | 6634 words

Originally written for WinterHawk Week Day 5 - AU.
Clint has an affair with the Winter Soldier, and shortly after it is discovered by the wrong people, he vanishes.

The Tragic Ballad of an Under-Caffeinated Hawkeye by sara_holmes | T | 9685 words**

Steve and Tony are idiots, Pepper and Phil are 110% done with everyone and Clint just wants a cup of damn coffee. And maybe someone to appreciate how awesome he clearly is.
Also known as: you know you’re in trouble when Clint Barton is the one sane person left in the tower and Bucky Barnes is the only one who realizes this.

Titanium by AroAceArrowAce | M | 9597 words

Clint’s never been good at dealing with people, so when Captain America’s dead best friend starts hanging around him, he’s not sure what he’s going to do.
But he knows he’ll need some more coffee.

where the streets have no name by lady_kenobi | T | 5054 words

It occurs to him at some point, that he has unknowingly wanted it for many years — to get lost and never come back

You As You Were by a_pious_cruelty | E | 5979 words

Clint put down his binoculars. “No sign of Andres,” he said. He glanced over at Bucky. “You ever gonna cut your hair, Barnes?”
“You look like a serial killer,” Clint said. 
“I don’t look like a serial killer,” Bucky said.
SHIELD partners Bucky with Clint.

Angel in the Architecture by bluflamingo | E | 10778 words

Off the grid on a mission gone awry, the first thing Clint knows of the downfall of SHIELD is when his rescuer, James, hands over a newspaper article. James knows way more about Clint than he should, but Clint recognizes the way James seems like he’s running from something, and anyway, it’s not like he’s got a better bet for getting out of the country. So that’s what his life has come to: fleeing the country in a train car, sleeping with an ex-brainwashed assassin - and then Natasha and Steve show up.

I’ll Keep You Here Safe With Me by sara_holmes | M | 110568 words

Yes, Clint is avoiding the other Avengers. No, he does not want to go back to New York. But then again, he didn’t exactly want to be kidnapped by the Winter Soldier either. Really, he just wants to go back to bed.

Laconic Lassitude by Cristinuke | M | 20263 words**

Clint Barton and Bucky Barnes just wanted everyone to leave them alone.

Leave the gun on the table by Traincat | M | 38800 words [There’s also a sequel]**

Bucky Barnes wakes up in the future, joins the Avengers, reunites with Steve, makes some new friends and some old enemies, gets called Robocop and tries to figure out the future, himself, and Clint Barton’s middle name – all while being haunted by his past, the things he can’t remember and the creeping suspicion that Black Widow knows something he doesn’t.

On a Provisional Basis by Chex (provetheworst) | T | 32782 words

If SHIELD were in better shape, Clint wouldn’t have ended up with his own team and someone else would have ended up dealing with the new recruit. Then again, he wouldn’t have had a good excuse to get the skycycle back, either, so it all evens out.
Wherein Hydra are tenacious, no one can confirm or deny the existence of psychics, and Clint’s willingness to put his faith in folks who no one quite trusts - along with his thing for incredibly competent assassins - lands him in trouble. Again.

Paternal Error (In Which Clint Keeps Picking Up Strays) by EVVS | T | 33905 words**

Bucky has never once thought of being a parent. Not since the Winter Solider happened.
Until he falls in love with Clint Barton. And that idiot just keeps collecting children for his flock.
Now Bucky has to pretend like he’s good at parenting.

Road to Recovery by AWriting | E | 32028 words

Bucky has trouble sleeping. Clint has trouble sleeping and a habit of collecting deadly assassins. They both like movies, and it turns out, each other.

The Dragonslayer by AvaKelly | T | 10467 words [Fantasy AU]**

Fantasy AU for the WinterHawk Exchange 2015
“Wait,” Bucky called, causing the man to stop, but not turn. “Who are you?”
Another pause followed, but a heavier one this time, the man’s shoulders tensing beneath his long coat, as if the question pained him.
“I am Hawkeye, the Dragonslayer.”

unlocked doors and pancakes by mollynobleI cant pass up an opportunity for some self-promotion​ ;)

feelings of severe despondency and dejection 

Plus you can check out our fic rec tag as well.

anonymous asked:

oh my god I just realized you have a girlfriend like on your sidebar you're so gay. anyways I came here to send you AUs so. Winterhawk school teacher AU?

(I’m on mobile so this isn’t gonna be the prettiest post but also YEAH I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, IM DATING @torii-storii


• Clint is the art teacher. Fuck yeah, he is. And the kids always notice he basically only uses purple and gray to do their demo works. And some of the kids are like “that’s a girl color” and then he lectures them about how blue used to be a stereotypically girl color and pink used to be a stereotypical boy color and they get an art lesson and an asswhooping on gender stereotypes!

• Bucky would probably teach history bc as much as he loves science and technology and whatnot, he hates math, man. HATES IT. So like chemical equations? Nah. Logic tables? No thanks. And those aren’t even that hard. So he just reads history books all the time. His favorite is “The History of Pyrates”, which is actually the most detailed record of pirates to date.

• They’d meet at a staff meeting, probably, some shit where bullying is on the rise and the teachers are trying to come up with a committee to get to the bottom of it and Clint is the first one to volunteer and then Bucky’s more reluctant and APPARENTLY THEYRE THE ONLY TWO, WHO WOULDA THOUGHT; but while they’re on this campaign, Clint draws posters for anti-bullying phrases and then Bucky’s suggesting slogans like “Hitler was a bully. Don’t be Hitler.” and like that’s obviously a problem.

• Their first actual date is to an art museum. It’s probably the best place for the both of them to be because Clint comments on the art styles and the artists themselves while Bucky comments on how the tone matches the period it was made in. They don’t always understand what the other is saying, seeing as Clint knows about as much about history as Bucky does about art, but it’s good company and a strange mutual appreciation.

• When Bucky stops by Clint’s art room on a lunch break to drop off a burrito, he kisses Clint on the cheek automatically and half the class giggles and some kid yells “Gay!” And Bucky’s about to rip them a new one but Clint jumps to it first and explains how many famous artists were actually queer and then discusses how much money they made and that their orientation didn’t matter and then also sent those kids to Principal Fury’s office just to scare them. And Bucky sinners down and Clint draws a quick sketch of an anatomically correct heart and slaps it on Bucky and reminds him that his lunch break is almost over. (And then more cheek kisses)



(previously winter-cap)

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They’ve begun filming Season 2 of Agent Carter. How awesome would it be if they mention the Winter Soldier or give it a similar treatment they way they did the Black Widow program? Pretty awesome according to your tags from the first 24 hours of this Marvel Shuffle:

#bruh  #i need this in agent carter like yesterday (via trulymadlybucky)

#it’s kind of sad  #because imagine peggy finding out who he is  #the person who mattered so much to steve  #also peggy imagining how it would have gone if they searched for bucky  #cry tears (via claraxwald)

#ohmygod  #imagine peggy runs into the winter soldier  #and he’s got the mask and the goggles so she doesn’t realize  #and he nearly kills her  #but he doesnt  #because deep down  #she looks familiar  #like he knows her  #and so he leaves her barely alive  #and his goggles and mask somehow get blown off during the fight  #so as he walks away  #she stares at him in shock  #because steve’s best friend was supposed to be dead (via torii-storii)

#MARVEL SHUFFLE  #did it again  #made me think this was actually in an episode (via randomfatechidna​)

#PLEASE  #i will die if there’s even just a mention of the ws in agent carter (via teamamericass​)

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Showing some respect.

Gonna be honest with you. I used to think that all those stories about how relieved employees were when you show them some respect for their job were fake until I remembered something that happened to me some years ago, way before I worked retail.

Ok so, I went to this big department store with my grandma. We’re looking for some gift for my uncle and we decided that a sound system would be a good idea. 

Now, this place is one of those in which you have to pay parking time. Basically, you pay the damn ticket and have 15 minutes to get the hell out of there before they charge you again. But you see, the machine were you pay the ticket is out of the department store. And the sound system box is big and heavy and obviously I didn’t let my grandma carry that shit by her own. So she went paying and I stayed back with the box inside of the store.

My grandma took ten steps outisde and then a person of loss prevention came to me. He asked me to please let him see the box inside and to show them the ticket of the purchase. Ok, no problem. I’m about to put the box down so I can find the ticket when my grandma returned all worried and asking this person what is going on. Keep in mind that this person, a man about 45 years old and wering a loss prevention uniform, is present the whole time I explain my granma the situation. She didn’t like it but I kept telling her that’s his job. And besides, we’re doing anything wrong. Still not liking it, she went to pay the parking time while I keep inside the store with this person. Just then is when I can fully talk with the man.

LP Man: Sorry. I didn’t mean to disrespect you.

Me: It’s ok. I know this is your job. I have no problem with any of this.

The man thanked me SO MUCH after that. He still had to look inside the box and check the ticket but I swear, he thanked me so much and with a lot of sincerity it almost made me feel bad.

As my grandma returned, I took the ticket, the box and said my farewell. When we’re out of sight of this man, my grandma told me who bad this man is doing his job and how all other people could had thought I was stealing something. I kept telling her that’s his job and that’s hsi order so what’s the big deal? We had to drop the issue ‘cause we weren’t getting anywhere with it but still.

Not a great storiy, I guess. But yeah, I can assure you now, some people trully appreciate when you show respect for the job thay do, specially if they get so much crap about it.