• Photograph
  • Kavalier Calm

Tonight’s song is for Kadi, the beautiful blogger and professional photographer at storiesandfilm (go on, check out her work!). In her awesome submission, she shared fun details about herself with me, like her love of lazy Sundays and when the clock reads 11:11. I weaved these details and others into the lyrics, which speak to the unique power of a photograph. I wonder, followers: Do you have a photograph like the one in my song–one that stirs up old memories of love? Free downloads of this love song are here (just enter $0 as the price). Thanks for inspiring me, Kadi. Much love, friends. – Kavalier


Well, I was looking through old photographs,
and I found one from that day:
the day I told you that I love you.
And, darling, I still feel the same.

We picnicked on a blanket by a stream,
a lazy Sunday just you and me.
You wrote letters to no one, and I tried to read,
but I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.

And you took that photograph, so we could keep
a memory of the day we fell in love.

As that afternoon wore on to evening,
we both refused to ever leave.
We stargazed for hours, and on each shooting star
I wished you’d always be with me.

My car’s clock reads 11:11 in the background
of the last shot you took with that roll of film.
You leaned into me with outstretched arms;
the flash engraved your name on my heart.