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The Wonder Woman that you see in “Batman v Superman” is a woman who has been around, and she’s very experienced. She understands a lot about man. Whereas in the standalone movie we are telling the grown-up story. Diana becoming Wonder Woman, and this was a story that was never told before. When she starts this journey, she’s very pure. She’s more naive, she’s this young idealist who does not really understand the complexities of life and the complexities of men.


25 great films released in Brazil in 2014

25. The Congress, by Ari Folman 

24. Nightcrawler, by Dan Gilroy

23. La Jalousie, by Philippe Garrel

22. Ain’t Them Bodies Saint, by David Lowery

21. The Rover, by David Michôd

20. Quando Eu Era Vivo, by Marco Dutra

19. Ida, by Pawel Pawlikowski

18. The Immigrant, by James Gray

17. Enemy, by Dennis Villeneuve

16. Guardians of the Galaxy, by James Gunn

15. Begin Again, by John Carney

14. Nebraska, by Alexander Payne

13. Only Lovers Left Alive, by Jim Jarmusch

12. O Lobo Atrás da Porta, by Fernando Coimbra

11. Her, by Spike Jonze

10. Praia do Futuro, by Karim Ainouz

09. Gone Girl, by David Fincher

08. Inside Llewyn Davis, by Joel and Ethan Coen

07. A Most Wanted Man, by Anton Corbijn

06. Gloria, by Sebastián Lelio

05. Stories We Tell, by Sarah Polley

04. Happy Christmas, by Joe Swanberg

03. Mommy, by Xavier Dolan

02. Boyhood, by Richard Linklater

01. Under the Skin, by Jonathan Glazer

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do you think kylo's behavior towards hux in tlj was in character? were you expecting it?

I was expecting it because Kylo Ren is a manipulative, privileged male. And what these guys do when they don’t get their way is resort to violence. If Hux was as strong as Kylo I don’t doubt for a second that he’d do the same to him. 

Now, I take what canon throws in my face and rearrange it in a healthier (as healthy as these guys can be) story. That’s the whole point of Kylux, what story can we tell with the information the movies and book gave us? How can we make things better and believable?

For example, I work with the fact that Snoke was manipulating them, and now that he’s out of the picture and that Kylo made his move and established himself as the dominating one (not saying Hux like any of this, but right now, Kylo is calling the shots figuratively and literally), they can now find a way to learn to know the other without Snoke’s interfering presence. 

Maybe Kylo will come to see that Hux is far from being incompetent? Maybe one night, while they are working long hours and exhausted Hux will crack a lame joke and then Kylo will unexpectedly laugh and that will be the start of if not a friendship but a mutually beneficial collaboration? 

Episode 9 will ruin all of this, but we survived TLJ and we now have 2 more years of fan stories waiting to be told. 

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YES!!!! To everything you just said. I stupidly let myself get excited for the new movie and the more I hear the more anger I get. I've accepted over the years that Sparrabeth isn't gonna happen but now it feels like they are deliberately ignoring everything we've learnt from the previous films, making a joke out of it. Nothing seems in character from the Jack I love and frankly it's feels like a slap in the face as a Sparrabeth shipper.


also i find it really hard to believe that elizabeth swann, who is a practical woman above everything, would try to leave henry in the dark about his pirate legacy…. it’s exactly like going back to potc1 when will didn’t know anything about it and we were proved that piracy isn’t a bad thing bc “you can be a pirate and a good man!” so???? trying to protect him by not telling him the truth?? she admitted it herself to will that she should have told him the truth about him way sooner! and she experiences first hand what happens when people act with lack of info! and now henry is set to save his father and he’s GOING OUT THERE TO THE SEA and elizabeth doesn’t tell him anything??? even if just as a warning??? doesn’t use her influence as pirate king to secure him safe passage?? doesn’t do ANYTHING? like lmao my children who are we kidding! was she afraid he may try to leave her and live like a pirate? well NEWS FLASH in the after credits scene he was wearing a hat and singing A PIRATE LIFE’S FOR ME how can they ignore their own canon this badly!!!!!!! (ALSO after what these movies are about, would it have been a tragedy or something??? for them to recognize that they are pirates and living like it?????) it feels like a slap to the face to any fan of the franchise to be utterly honest! after all this time, after everything that we suffered, after elizabeth coming to terms with the fact that yes SHE’S A PIRATE and yes she’s THE PIRATE KING she just tries to hide it?? REALLY? in a franchise full of pirates and the one character who EARNS IT doesn’t get to KEEP IT? also piracy was such a BIG THING in her life how can you erase that whole thing and expect her not to feel empty??? she was so passionate about it!! “i think it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate!” and the look on her face when she saw THE CODE IN PERSON like!!! piracy was more than just an adventure or a hobby, it also motivated her! it made her grew as a person! her whole character development was cemented on it!!! and she didn’t get to KEEP IT FOR THE SAKE OF A SON WHO ENDED UP KNOWING ABOUT PIRATES ANYWAY!!!!!! 


“The legend of The Beast goes back a long time… before any of us could even pick up a baseball…”
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Hoseok is shady and when Yoongi dies because leaving it synched was a bad decision I’m gonna be drinking hot chocolate and looking to the side as if this is the office and I’m looking into the camera. I get why you guys chose synched though, for Jungkook’s benefit I’m assuming. Also if battery life really is health well my phone is on 84% but will die on 20-30% without even warning me so I may as well be on 64-54%. My friend is coming over today and I’m having her read the outcast twt. Gonna get her opinion. 

I won’t say I’m in love: Ch 7

Chapter 7: Sleepovers are for sharing

Find it here Ao3 and

Summary:  Lena’s hesitant at first but how can she say no to Kara’s puppy face and it’s not like she’s ever really had a sleepover, she has no idea what she’s up against. 

Link to the next chapter 

                      Does this look like 2 updates I think it does!

Lena sat at the Slytherin table, newspaper in one hand and a goblet of orange juice in the other. Her usually neat hair was tied in a loose ponytail, with random strands of hair falling down around her face. Her eyes skimming over the meaningless drabble, she turned the page, sighing when all she saw was more pointless gossip.

“Hey, you.”

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I love the vote scene in new moon, specially Carlisle's "you've chosen to not live without her and this gives me no choice" (i saw the movies dubbed so forgive me if it's incorrect) this got me thinking, what was your favorite movie scene? Love your analysis :)

My favorite scene (books and movie) is probably the Stitches one because it’s the closest we get to Carlisle actually telling his own story, and movie-wise, the only hint of backstory we get about him at all (no I’m not still upset we didn’t get his backstory in the movies, why do you ask?).


It has to be the extended version from the DVD, really, because the way the one in the movie is cut it makes it seem like he does believed they are damned/doomed, which is missing the entire point of the conversation: ie, that he doesn’t think they are, but Edward does. 

I also appreciate that the scene wasn’t originally in the script and Peter Facinelli lobbied to get it back in. I mean, obviously it was in his interest as an actor to get more screen time, lol, but Chris Weitz the director agreed that it was important to the story. 

Outside of that, I really do love that kitchen scene that was invented for the first movie. The scene in the book is so … stiff, and it felt like she came over to meet the family and then like, immediately just hung out with Edward ignoring everyone else. The movie version showed this really sort of charming earnestness on the part of the Cullens of wanting to make her feel welcome, versus just standing still as statures trying not to scare her like in the book. This is warmer, more human, but still the vampire reminders (you do smell nice!). 

Non-Cullen stuff, pretty much anything with Charlie, and I sort of love that scene with the wolves when they are all teasing Jacob about Bella.  “Maybe Bella will call.” “Maybe Bella won’t call.” “Maybe I’ll call Bella!” “Maybe I’ll call Bella and hang up!” 

Kamp 'Kin

Monster/demon/ghost/etc-kin nights where we have parties with halloween/horror themed food and drinks and music and you are free to howl and hiss or just lurk in corners and talk with others who have tips on expressing yourself. And realistic piñatas full of stuff to tear into. Scavenger hunts under the light of the full moon where you track this “prey” either solitarily or with others you meet.
But also sophisticated gatherings where the creatures that don’t have wild spirits can have deep discussions with each other and drink blood-like beverages out of tea cups and expand on their stories as they tell others about themselves.
And we can also have scary movie nights too!!


We know Hercules went from zero to hero, but what dark details were left out from the Disney movie? We tell the true story behind the demi god on Disney Dark Secrets!


“We are telling stories in the images going from David’s innocent fascination with nature into the darker, morbid obsession - Dane Hallet (set decorator and illustrator)

What the set decorators and illustrators say in the “Ridley Scott master class”, in the Alien: Covenant blu ray version, made me think, again, to the fascinating reference to A Philosopher Lecturing on The Orrey (the most iconic paintng of the Age of Enlightment) ( in Prometheus and then how we ended with a reference to the “opposite” painting: The Nightmare, (the most iconic painting of Romanticism) in Alien: Covenant (

I saw a parallelism so beautiful I started crying.

180101 Seungri Instagram Update
Yesterday the  #SteelRain team came to BIGBANG’s concert.  I think @tojws Woo Sunie-hyung and Dowonie-hyung had the best movies last year.  You have to go watch this movie that tells a story we should know.  There’s a story about BIGBANG in the middle of the movie so be sure to check it out.   #10millionviewers let’s go!!!

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what do you mean by ‘it’s not the right time for dunkirk’?

I think it’s not the right time because the industry “is changing”, they’re trying to be more inclusive when they give awards, especially after those oscars without black representation. I mean, it’s a long process and they’re still a lot of work to do (for example there was no any female director nominated this year like Natalie Portman just said) and I’m not saying the winners didn’t deserve to win (or even being nominated) but there is a lot of competition and having a movie with all white men cast and telling a story about an episode of the WWII (when they’re hundreds of movies about different episodes of the WWII) is not the best formula to win. Especially when they’re other movies that show “diversity” and tell stories that we don’t know.

I still love Dunkirk tho.

I don’t at all want to falsely raise anyone’s hopes, but

the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that there has to be a fourth episode.  I know that’s a conspiracy nutter, off-the-deep-end thing to say, I know that.  But once you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.  It’s literally the only theory that fits all the data.

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