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We’re spotlighting Tribeca selections helmed by women directors every day of Women’s History Month.

Throughout the month of March, you’ll be seeing films by everyone from Nicole Holofcener and Mira Nair to Sarah Polley and Kelly Reichardt, along with rising artists like Talya Lavie and Meera Menon, two of the four winners of our ongoing Nora Ephron Prize, a festival competition for woman moviemakers devoted to the late, pioneering legend.

Follow along and seek these talents and their cinematic treasures out!


25 great films released in Brazil in 2014

25. The Congress, by Ari Folman 

24. Nightcrawler, by Dan Gilroy

23. La Jalousie, by Philippe Garrel

22. Ain’t Them Bodies Saint, by David Lowery

21. The Rover, by David Michôd

20. Quando Eu Era Vivo, by Marco Dutra

19. Ida, by Pawel Pawlikowski

18. The Immigrant, by James Gray

17. Enemy, by Dennis Villeneuve

16. Guardians of the Galaxy, by James Gunn

15. Begin Again, by John Carney

14. Nebraska, by Alexander Payne

13. Only Lovers Left Alive, by Jim Jarmusch

12. O Lobo Atrás da Porta, by Fernando Coimbra

11. Her, by Spike Jonze

10. Praia do Futuro, by Karim Ainouz

09. Gone Girl, by David Fincher

08. Inside Llewyn Davis, by Joel and Ethan Coen

07. A Most Wanted Man, by Anton Corbijn

06. Gloria, by Sebastián Lelio

05. Stories We Tell, by Sarah Polley

04. Happy Christmas, by Joe Swanberg

03. Mommy, by Xavier Dolan

02. Boyhood, by Richard Linklater

01. Under the Skin, by Jonathan Glazer

At the D23 expo, Pixar announced its next original animated film: an untitled “suburban fantasy” film to be directed by Monster University’s Dan Scanlon.
“In the film, we’re going to tell the story of two teenage elf brothers whose father died when they were too young to remember him. But thanks to the little magic still left in the world, the boys embark on a quest that will allow them a chance to spend one last magical day with their father.”
Black American actors slighted as Brits nab roles: 'We can't tell our own stories?'
The casting of black British actor Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out, a horror film about racism in America, has sparked debate about a trend some find troubling
By Sam Levin

To me (an African American) this seems like a non-issue as plenty of African American actors have consistently gotten Black roles for non-American Black experiences. Denzel Washington, Forest Whittaker, Don Cheadle, Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard, and countless other African American actors have had roles as Africans from the continent. so i’m not really sure what the issue is. ??



A silent black and white film on the stories we tell. 

Produced in the spirit of documentation
Starring THE SULEIMAN FAMILY, a family portrait
Camera and edit by Imran Suleiman

Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 3” fuels two soundtrack releases!

As Lightning McQueen heads to the big screen alongside his new tech-savvy trainer Cruz Ramirez, Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 3” fuels two soundtrack releases—both available from Walt Disney Records on June 16 as the film opens in theaters nationwide. The Cars 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, features eight tracks—including original songs by Dan Auerbach and ZZ Ward, four covers by various artists, and two instrumental tracks from Brad Paisley. The Cars 3 Original Score Composed and Conducted by Randy Newman reunites the “Cars” franchise with the Oscar®-winning composer. Both soundtracks are available for pre-order tomorrow, May 19, 2017.

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Native Americans have endured years of misrepresentation by the media. Whether in TV, film, print or online, the stories we tell — or refuse to tell — about indigenous peoples have not only enshrined harmful stereotypes, but fueled centuries of land graft, state violence and containment. It’s happening still. Already this summer, there have been multiple stories of government harm to Native land. 


Godzilla | 1954 | dir. Ishirô Honda

In its time, the cinematography, editing, and special effects were a revelation, and though we have become so spoiled with the multiple disaster movies we seem to get every single year, meaning that the triumphs displayed here really don’t seem so triumphant, there are little gems in this original, mostly occurring in the final 20 minutes, that help a person understand why we are still telling Godzilla’s story six decades later. 


Suburban Fantasy World is the upcoming feature film in production at Pixar Animation Studios.

Dan Scanlon will be directing the film, and it’s based on a personal story. 

“In the film, we’re going to tell the story of two teenage elf brothers whose father died when they were too young to remember him. But thanks to the little magic still left in the world, the boys embark on a quest that will allow them a chance to spend one last magical day with their father.”


Get to Know Me Meme: [2/10] Movies- Her

“Last week my feelings were hurt by something you said before that I don’t know what its like to lose something. I caught myself thinking about it over and over. Then I realized that I was simply remembering it as something that was wrong with me, that was the story I was telling myself. That I was somehow inferior. The past is just a story we tell ourselves.”

Awake Part 4

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

You woke up a little earlier today wanting to spend some extra time getting ready. You didn’t know if you were more excited or nervous to see Jensen today, but based off of the last talk you had with him you felt like things were going to go well. You decided to wear your favorite outfit (and favorite underwear set, the black lace bralette and cheekies, just in case) and then decided to make your way to work.


You parked your car and took a moment to try and calm your nerves He’s your best friend, he almost kissed you yesterday, he obviously has similar feelings just calm down. You finally felt brave enough so you made your way to Jensen’s trailer. You hesitated for a moment outside but then walked in. Jensen was already in the trailer and turned around to face you right as you walked in. He looked just as nervous as you did which ended up calming you a bit.

“Hi” you said feeling your heart beat in your chest.

“Hey Y/N” Jensen said as he walked towards you.

“So…” you said looking up at him.

“So…” he said back, you knew him well enough to know that he was extremely nervous so you reached out and grabbed his hands hoping to calm him down and he smiled at you.

“So, Jensen, you were the one that wanted to talk to me, what exactly was it you wanted to talk about….” Jensen’s lips crashing into your lips cut you off as you were speaking. The kiss was rough and needy and completely perfect. He grabbed your thighs pulling your legs around his waist and carrying you to the counter. He placed you on the counter and stood between your legs as you continued to kiss. His hands traveled under your skirt gripping your thighs and you moaned into his mouth, allowing his tongue access into yours. You lifted your hands to grip his hair tugging slightly pulling a moan from him and you smiled into the kisses. He tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth before leaning down to suck and bite at your neck. Your hips involuntarily bucked up getting much wanted friction from his jeans and you moaned even louder. Jensen pulled back placing both of his hands on your face holding his forehead to yours, “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first day I met you”

You giggled looking into his eyes, “What took so fucking long I’ve been waiting for it” and he chuckled back leaning in to place a gentle kiss on your lips but you hooked your legs around him pulling him in and deepening the kiss. The two of you made out like teenagers for the next half hour, until Jensen pulled back, “We should umm talk about what we’re doing before we go any further” His green eyes searching yours and you nodded. As you were about to speak you heard Jared and Gen talking and walking up the steps to the trailer. You quickly made your way to sit on the couch and tried to look normal. Jensen just leaned up against the counter.

“Hey guys what are you up to?” Jared asked clueless as he sat down on the couch next to you.

“Uhh nothing much just chatting before we go film” Jensen said a little too quickly.

You turned to look at Gen who was giving you a raised eyebrow and you turned red and quickly looked away.

“Y/N” the three of you turned to look at the door and Misha was standing there.

“Hey Mish, what’s going on?” you asked curious.

“There’s two girls here to see you” He gave you a smirk and stepped back a little.

“Y/N!!!!!” Your two best friends, Maddie and Caroline, from home came running into the trailer yelling.

“OH MY GOD!!!” you jumped up and ran towards them all squealing and crushing each other in a group hug, “I thought you weren’t coming till the end of the week, and I thought only Maddie was coming” you asked as you pulled each of them into individual hugs.

“We wanted to surprise you with me coming because I wasn’t sure if I was able to get off work but I was and then we just opted to come down for a few extra days” Caroline explained

“I am so glad you did, I am so happy to see you guys” you realized Jensen, Jared and Gen were all just sitting and watching this unfold.

“Oh right, well you’ve obviously met Misha who plays the angel on the show, this is Jared, Jensen and Gen. Jared and Jensen play the brothers and Gen plays….”

“The demon that Sam hooks up with” Caroline and Maddie said in unison.

“Y/N, do you really think we wouldn’t be watching the show you’re working on” Maddie said and smiled at her she was always your biggest supporter.

“Guys this is Maddie and Caroline, my wonderful best friends, ahhh this is so exciting, all of my favorite people in one room” you pulled them into a hug again.

Jared laughed and started to speak, “It’s so nice to meet you guys, we should all get dinner and have a game night tonight if you’re up for it”

“Definitely up for it!” Caroline said excitedly, she always had so much energy and was the happiest person you knew.

“You’ll have to tell us all of Y/N’s embarrassing moments from college” Jensen smirked from the corner and you stuck your tongue out at him and he smiled at you and you felt yourself melt on the spot.

“Oh my gosh we have SO many stories we can keep you entertained all week, this chick is a walking mess” Maddie laughed.

“You’d better not I have to work with these people” you laughed but knew she’d tell them anyways.

“Why don’t we all grab lunch and you can tell us some of these stories before we head into filming” Misha suggested

“That sounds great!” Caroline responded and you all headed out to grab food. You and Jensen were the last two to leave the trailer and you couldn’t help but notice the way his hand lingered on your lower back as he walked out with you.


All your friends were roaring with laughter as you turned bright red hiding your face and trying not to laugh at your own embarrassment. Maddie and Caroline had kept up their end and had told just about every embarrassing story you had and your new friends were reveling in it.

“Oh my god Y/N, you did not do that” Jared barely got the words out he was laughing so hard.

You put you face in your hands and laughed, “I’m sorry, I’m just an awkward human”

“Tell us did Y/N have any super awkward dates in college?” Jared asked and you looked up knowing what was coming, your friends were less than fans of Brandon…

“Ugh she really only dated this one asshole all of school” Maddie dramatically said and you laughed rolling your eyes at her, “I am so glad you dumped him”.

“Why was he so bad?” Misha asked.

“Well he just was a dick, he didn’t treat her right and he was rude and then he cheated…” Caroline explained

“And aside from the obvious he was a selfish ass who never got her off either” Maddie said, she had a tendency to be rather blunt.

You turned bright red and your eyes got huge, “Maddie! We do not talk about that!”

“Are you serious? You dated that guy for how long and he never got you off?” Jensen asked seeming rather upset. You groaned and hid your face.

“Nope never! And he’s the only guy she’s had sex with so she doesn’t even know what she’s missing out on”

“Maddie I am seriously going to kill you, let’s move the topic away from my sex life or lack thereof”

Gen looked shocked, “Y/N, didn’t you date him for like four years?!”, you nodded and her Jared, Jensen, and Misha all gave shocked faces not knowing what to say.

“It’s not a big deal ok, its fine, its whatever” you said trying to talk your way out this.

“It was not fine Y/N, every time you got drunk you would complain about it, it drove you crazy you were just too nice to make him feel bad about it. Also side note, if you give her Jack Daniels whiskey you can get just about any information you want out of her” You laughed and shoved her a little bit, you had missed her and the way she messed with you even if it got embarrassing. She wrapped an arm around you and you hugged her back, “Its ok he was a tool but you’ll find someone who’s not only a nice guy but will also be able to meet your needs” you let out a loud laugh at that and shook your head at her blushing again.

“You guys are the worst why did I let you come visit again?” you said jokingly wrapping your other arm around Caroline and squeezing both of them.

“This is priceless information, we have to get back to filming but we want more embarrassing stories tonight” Misha said as he Gen and Jared got up to leave.

“Y/N since you have work the rest of the day can we go back your apartment and shower and get settled in and till you get done?” Caroline asked.

“Yes absolutely! Here’s my key you two make yourselves at home, I’m not sure what time I’ll be done today but I will text you when I’m on my way home.” You said as they got up to leave.

“Ok awesome see you later and we can’t wait to hang out with everyone more” Maddie leaned over to hug you before they walked out leaving you alone with Jensen.

“do you have any more to film or do you want to head back to your trailer?” you asked a little nervous not sure what was going on after that heavy make out session from earlier.

“Ya I’m done till 4 so we can head back to the trailer and…talk” he smirked at you and you smiled feeling yourself blush. The two of you walked towards the trailer in silence your nerves on edge waiting to see what the two of you were now. You and Jensen entered the trailed and he pinned you to the wall hands on either side of your head but every inch of his body up against you, “were your friends being serious when they said that tool of an ex of yours never gave you and orgasm?” you nodded not trusting yourself to speak “he was the only guy you’ve been with so that means you’ve never been given an orgasm by someone else have you?” you shook your head no your heart about to beat out of your chest. Jensen smiled at you sweetly and leaned over and nibbled at your ear as his hands unbuttoned your pants, “well then let’s change that sweetheart”


















[151031] Fancafe Update - Hojoon

Title: Happy HoJoon Day :) ♥

Hojoon’s 20 Questions & 20 Answers

Name: Jeon Hojoon   DOB: 921031   Blood Type: B

1. How would you describe yourself in one word?
Bol-mae-nam* (even when I think about it, I overflow with charms the more I look at myself)

2. What is your favourite number & why?
1, 17. 1 means that I’m always number 1; the best. 17 is the number of floors of my family’s apartment

3. The good & bad points of your personality?
Strengths: I’m sensitive. I laugh heartily.
Weaknesses: I’m too sensitive so there are times when I get stressed out by other people and it takes me time just to laugh.

4. What are the top 3 memorable things for you in the past year?
1. Debut stage   2. Our fans’ faces   3. Album preparations.

5. If you could go back to being a student, what would you want to do the most?
I’ve always wanted to try becoming a singer ever since I was young. / Since I was really, really young

6. What is your favourite colour & why?
Black, white -> because they’re cool and easy to wear / Sky blue, yellowish green, blue -> because they’re clean and I’ve liked them since I was young.

7. Write down the sizes of your shirt/pants/foot/finger/toe/head that you know!
Large/27~28/250/I have small fingers/How am I supposed to know the size of my toes/Head… I only know I have a small head/My torso is very long.

8. What are you most interested in lately?
Of course. Fashion, clothes, art. (I’d die without them)

9. The variety program you really want to guest on?
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If I guest on it, it’ll do well right?…? Right…?

10. What is the best thing you’ve done since being born?
Being born, meeting my parents and my people

*T/N: A slang to refer to a man who is more charming the more you look at him

11. You have been assigned the vocalist position. What song do you like singing lately?
I sing whatever song I find fun, I’d try singing it first then I’d know it’s fun

12. What does ‘no jam’* mean to Jeon Hojoon?
A term I won’t acknowledge. (it’s my first time hearing it… I don’t understand)

13. Are you developing other individual talents beside than the Shinichi Kudo impersonation and three-line acrostic poems?
Ah… I have a lot… Ziion.T, Lee Sun-kyun, Dragoon(Starcraft). And our manager-hyung…hehe. I don’t remember the others.

14. You were born on Halloween but why are you so scared of ghosts? Do you have a scary story to tell?
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We had to film an Afreeca TV episode at an abandoned building. I looked it up on Naver and got scared. I told them I wasn’t going and asked to be taken off the shedule, that’s why I wasn’t in that episode.

15. You’ve had green and mint-coloured hair. What other hairstyle would you like to try next?
Anything is fine. I’ll look good in it. (sorry, no shaving)

16. You usualy don’t snack between meals, but tell us your all-time favourite snack!
Actually when I was young we used to always have snacks and drinks at our house. I really like snacking between meals, though… I don’t really like the snacks that people give me, somehow I prefer the ones I buy with my own money. My favourite snack is… uh… it changes all the time.

17. Hojoon’s secret to being a great dancer! What things do you think need utmost attention?
You absolutely need concentration. Have confidence and imagine yourself moving. I dance in my head before I dance with my body.

18. What is ToppKlass to Hojoon?
My wives / Because they always look at and cheer for me (and us).

19. What kind of Hojoon do you want to be for ToppKlass? Tell us your goal!
One who is good at singing, dancing and everything else. To be a wall that can’t be climbed over.

20. What do you hope to achieve through ‘THE BEAT’ promotions?
So many things… #1 win, popularity, love, a wall that can’t be climbed over, awards, etc…..

*T/N: A slang meaning ‘not funny’, ‘boring’; the nickname originated from Byungfreeca

Happy HoJoon Day!
We sincerely wish HoJoon happy birthday!

Translation by: Topp Dogg Intl


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Me Before You

Me Before You comes out next week and, as a ‘person with a disability’ and 'wheelchair user’, I would like to ask every one of your listeners not to spend any of their money on going to see this damaging, offensive film.

Now, I am basing my views entirely on the book and the appalling trailer, and so perhaps the film is an open minded, understanding, exploration of a disabled person’s right to make their own decisions. Somehow I doubt it. The story remains focused on the Able Bodied characters reaction to disability (she even gains financially by being nice to him), and her personal growth. Will is there as an object to make Lou (and thus the able bodied watching community) feel better about herself by doing ‘a good thing’; it is literally Me Before You, Able before Disabled.

This film is damaging. Leading a fulfilling life with a disability can be a challenge (especially when films like this perpetuate the patronising, pitying attitude that the able bodied community have towards you), but it is possible. I am CONSTANTLY told by strangers in the street how ‘hard it must be’ to be me, while I know that people think my Boyfriend brave and noble for possibly wanting to date me. But when positive stories about disability, perhaps even involving disabled actors and writers and producers and directors (gasp!), are constantly side lined in favour of sap about death and how one can never be ‘me’ while in a wheelchair then the world will never move on. You talk a lot about the dreadful and damaging statistics around women film makers, I wonder how many are in wheelchairs.

It is not just the story of the film itself that is so offensive but all of the discussion surrounding it. “The broken nature of this human being is something that really appealed to me” said Sam Clafin in an interview, while the Guardian (THE GUARDIAN) described the film as "focusing on its serious central issue: what might make life worth living if you are confined to a wheelchair?” Perhaps anyone could have, at any point just ASKED someone who uses a wheelchair (which incidentally could lead to the end of horrific phrases such as 'confined to a wheelchair’). Having been disabled from birth, I cannot begin to understand how hard it could be to have an accident in adulthood thus loosing freedom and movement that one did have. I feel I have no right to comment on any other persons’ right to live or die – why do the able bodied seem to continuously feel like they do?

Perhaps I am an optimist, but I really had hoped that we’d reached the end of Disability Related Films being made with zero input from the actually disabled. Clearly not. This is a blatant case of OUR stories being taken and told without our input to allow able bodied people to feel better about themselves and like they now ‘understand’. I am not saying there isn’t room to make a film about Dignitas and those disabled people who do find life challenging but….just imagine that an all white production team and an all white cast, made a film about a person of colour’s right to die because they felt persecuted by society, and you may have an inkling of just how upset this film has made me.  It is not ‘harmless’ smulch like other rom coms; it is damaging to the very section of society it is trying to portray. We are not some object to make the able bodied feel better about themselves, we have lives and deserve to be portrayed fairly in stories that WE tell.