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Brennan: “We could go back early, I guess…..or not.”

Sevella: *laughs* “You do realize we are on a very dangerous island, right?”

Brennan: “There is nothing around here, Sevella. It took us some serious effort to get even get back to this part of the ruins.”

Sevella: “And if the others come looking for us?”

Brennan: “Why would they? We have hours before we are due to be back.”

Sevella: “That’s true.”

Brennan: “Of course, if you’re not interested. Then I would understand and we could head back to camp now.”

Sevella: *smiles* “Don’t be like that. You know that is not the case.”

Brennan: “Then stop your protests and let me kiss you.”

someone axed me where did all my fun nighttime drunk posts go and like -

idk i drink on special occasions and there were like two weeks were i really REALLY explored //smoking// but 

i came to the conclusion recently that substances aren’t really good for my emotional health or mental performance so…. *2005 pop rock voice* i’m basically straightedge. 

like i don’t drink coffee so.. i’m basically appropriating mormon culture besides the white supremacy. 

anyways i keep talking about it but i really do need to dig back in my personal #archives for some real Japan tea, some お茶, some of which i’ve talked about with literally no one except my written journal.  

i’ve already decided on the first story i want to tell - 

okay so i tried to go back and find the public post that alluded to it but i think it’s private but basically there was a non-date date(??) semi-platonic thing that happened with another teacher from my school.

more later

Building characters up for the big ending of the book without really knowing how the “final battle” is actually going to play out

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Victor’s Thought Process and his Decision to become Yuuri’s Coach

So I’m sure a bunch of people have talked about this by now but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. We can now clearly see Victor’s mental journey when it comes to his decision to be Yuuri’s coach and that, unlike what we had previously thought, it was never just based on a whim in the first place.

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I’ve decided something. I truly believe that SuperCat could be one of the greatest, most successful slow burn love stories of all time, and I’m just going to watch the show like that is what’s happening from now on regardless of what transpires. In my mind, Cat and Kara are endgame, and I hope the show sees that, but no matter what the fic will always bring them together.

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Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

Everyone’s waiting with baited breath for Stardew Valley to come out on a handheld/portable console and I’m sitting here rocking back and forth in my rocking chair like, “Back in my day, that was called Harvest Moon DS, sonny.”


Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey  🎵

@simplifiedsimi‘s release of this wonderful hair totally inspired my simself to channel her inner Lana Del Rey today. 

(also look it’s @our-dazed-sims denim skirt recolour)

Transcript for Mark’s Tab preview:

Good evening.
Hope you enjoyed The Abominable Bride as much as I did - or as much as we enjoyed making it.

John:  Excuse me, I do hope we’re not interrupting.

But now, for series four of Sherlock, we are returning to contemporary London where we all belong.  And I have got four minutes, apparently, to tell you absolutely nothing about the new series.  What can I tell you in the next three minutes and thirty seconds?  Well, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are back in Baker Street, as is Mrs. Mary Watson.  There is a new arrival in the form of a baby.

(Music only)

Three minute to go.  Ah, so we have a new team in Baker Street,  maybe we could call this The Adventure of the Three Watsons, but we haven’t; we’ve called it The Adventure of the Six Thatchers.  There’s a clue there if you you know your Arthur Conan Doyle.  Go back to the original story and find out precisely as much or as little as you want to.

(Music Only)

Two minutes and thirty seconds to go.  Uh, and there are certain things which come to fruition in this episode which have been building for an awful long time - hundred and twenty-five year old spoiler - see what you can make of that.


Two minutes to go.  Well, Sherlock and John and Mary are tested as never before.  They are put through an emotional wringer, leading into episode two which is based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adventure of the Dying Detective, now called The Adventure of the Lying Detective.  (Two minutes and fifteen seconds) starring the great Toby Jones as Culverton Smith, one of the scariest baddies we’ve ever had, and probably one of the scariest baddies ever committed to the television screen.


Umm, Episode two is an extraordinary emotional punch in the guts.  I think it’s quite unlike anything we’ve done before, and I’m very, very proud of it.  Leading into episode three which we don’t have a title for yet - yes we do, but we’re not telling you because it’s something of a giveaway.  Uhh, it’s a culmination of everything we’ve been building up for for the last six years of Sherlock, all kinds of clues and red herrings (One minute to go) are finally paid off in episode three, which features lots of extraordinary things I can’t tell you anything about.  Umm, and but possibly things will never be the same again.  But  in the next thirty seconds, perhaps I can speculate on how they might alter.  Sherlock will come to a shattering climax, like a great piece of music, I hope.  Whether there will be another concert to enjoy, who knows.  we’d certainly like to.  Perhaps if you come to the cinema more often and watch it, there might be a fifth series.  Who can say?  (Fifteen seconds - I’m enjoying this!)  Uh, I hope you have a lovely time; I think series four of Sherlock is the  best one we’ve done; I’m very proud of it.  I think everyone’s at the top of their form, and I think it’s going to be quite something,  God Bless.


Can we take a moment to talk about Georgi though?

Because as hilarious as he and his antics may be (and God bless him, I love him), I think the show actually tells us more about him. And while it would also be easy to just write him off as an entitled douche or a creep through scenes like this one

I think there’s also more to him than that.

Honestly, more than anything I think his defining characteristic is that he is head over heels in love with a girl who just doesn’t feel the same, not to mention a girl that has already moved on and is already engaged iirc with her new boyfriend. It’s a tragic love story if you think about it.

Let’s go back to ep 6 to explore this. If we look back at their own photos, we can all see that Anya is clearly uncomfortable, but let’s also look at Georgi

He looks so happy and he obviously must also be proud of his girlfriend if he wants to share their pictures with the whole world (especially that it’s Anya herself who uploads them). I think that boy is so ridiculously in love with her that he’s blinded to the reality that she doesn’t even feel a small percentage of that for him.

Which is why he’s so heartbroken when she leaves him for her current boyfriend/fiance (and we even see a visual representation of this when he genuinely cries during his performance).

That’s what he portrays in his short program - the feeling of betrayal and wanting revenge. That much we already understood in episode 6. What’s interesting is that this bleeds over to episode 7.

Remember how he said that he’s an evil witch, casting a curse on Anya that will make her sleep for eternity? It’s clearly a sleeping beauty reference but my favorite thing is that he follows this up by wanting to be the prince who will save her in his free skate program on day 2 of the China Cup. (Good job, Georgi, very consistent.) Like, on one hand he wants her to repent and come groveling back to him and on the other he’s wiling to be the forgiving one, ‘the bigger person’, which is absolute fuckboy behavior I mean look at this guy

After all that happen he still thinks he can be her prince. Which you could say is just cocky and entitled and so so self-righteous, and yeah, it is, but let’s think about how much he must love her to get so desperate about wanting to keep her. Like yeah, it gets absolutely creepy later on, and it is definitely a twisted form of love, but I think he genuinely thinks that there’s a part of Anya that wants him back (poor boy)

Even seeing her happy in her instagram pictures, he thinks that some part of her wants him to save her and yeah, that’s not the case, but he’s so convinced that this girl who he loved so much wouldn’t just leave him that he’s coming up with any reasons he can to believe that she still has feelings for him.

And he does explicitly express his feelings:

In the end Anya rejects him (as she very well should) and he is so shaken that he messes up his program and doesn’t advance to the further stage of the Grand Prix Series.

All in all though, rather than saying he’s a fuckboy who thinks he’s entitled to a girl’s love and he’s the only one who can have it and will win it back (even when the girl in question has clearly moved on), I think it’s more accurate to say that he particularly loved Anya, perhaps considered her his true love or something of the like and that’s why he so desperately clung to his fantasy where she still loves him. And it’s sad - on multiple levels. One of them being the fact that he just can’t face reality and go on with his life and it’s just sad to watch someone who’s so delusional, another that he is actually heartbroken and is coming up with all of these reasons and excuses because it all hurts him so much.

Personally, I think Anya did the right thing by leaving him, especially that she’s happy now, but Georgi’s story definitely is a tragic one, whether or not you decide to treat it seriously.

I hope that one day we get to see him be happy.


my album’s here!!!!!!!!!!!

“Outside the living room windows, dusk has overtaken the city. In the time they’ve been talking, the apartment has descended into a hazy twilight without lamps lit. Graves’s face is blanketed by shadows, his handsome features even more sharply defined because of them. His touch is warm on Credence’s skin, and Credence’s treacherous heart beats a rabbit-fast thump.”
- Other People’s Poetry by @oppisum



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