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This person really typed a mini essay on this post over here, Simone and like... Just say you want the negroes to have a white war criminal king and GO

i honestly could not read through it i refused to

like stop trying to elevate whites to royal/ruling status in wakanda, a black nation never once touched by white hands, just let it be, stop trying to put white rulers on the throne

Titan Comics on Twitter
“OUT TODAY! @bbcdoctorwho Twelfth Doctor #2.15 - the spectacular final issue of Year Two by @robbiegmorrison @RachaelAtWork.”

See if you can spot the most heartbreaking thing in this image. (Hint: the big bad in this story is sifting through the Doctor’s memories…)

(I wasn’t intending to post this myself as other than covers I tend to avoid posting interior artwork pages - but Titan Comics itself just posted this to promote the issue, so it’s fair game.)

And brilliant.

The question of personal responsibility in stories like this is probably the most difficult to untangle. If a bad choice is destined to happen, does it really count as a choice? John could have chosen not to push the button that created his own paradox clone, except no he couldn’t have because then he wouldn’t have existed. Karkat could have chosen not to activate that virus and get he lusus killed, except no he couldn’t have because that was a preemptive consequence of future events. 

Those are the simple examples. The conversations between the trolls and the Sburb kids are a tangled mess of cause and effect. Karkat has to give John information in one conversation because John already referenced that information in a previous conversation.

So when future decisions are already locked in by past continuity (and visa versa), where does free will come into play? At a certain point you just have to stop thinking about that and carry on I suppose, but even that sounds maddening when you already know the outcomes to your actions. 

so over the past few months I’ve seen some meta go around which (rightfully) criticizes fanworks where Anders is a major character but then something terrible happens to him at the end or the story otherwise involves torture porn (i.e. Tranquility) or “fixing Anders” or something else.

a couple of these metas have specifically pointed to f!Handers and Fenders as being “worst offenders” ships, and while I don’t know if that’s true or not, I wanted to let my followers know, as someone who writes both… all of my stories are safe for Anders fans.  Regardless of the ship, I will never write any stories where Anders has a bad end, or where he is wrong or “fixed” or anything else like that.

There might be a little drama or angst, but if a story on AO3 has my name under the title, then Anders is safe.  I love him, he’s important to me, and my stories all reflect that, regardless of ship.  That’s a promise. ❤️

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hello!!!! since you're open for monsta x, shownu scenario angst-but-with-not-an-angsty-ending please! an AU would be great but i can't think of one, so it's up to you? hehe thank you!

Hello! Thank you for requesting! I hope you’ll like this. AU where magic

I’m… not sure I did a great job with this one, but I hope you like it? If not, you can always request again and I can try again!

Hyunwoo is avoiding you. You realize this quickly. It’s days after his birthday, after he’s returned from the boarding school he recently started attending. Usually, upon his return, you spend all your time together. Even if the time is spent in silence, you don’t mind. It’s comfortable and you’ve know him long enough not to be bothered, as long has he’s there.

He isn’t there, though. Hyunwoo avoids you like you aren’t best friends. Like you haven’t know each other for years. It hurt, stings in your chest, and makes you wonder what possibly could be wrong.

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i’m just…so tired…of tjlc and like people who enjoy fictional gay couples in general getting shit upon. i enjoy…fiction…i enjoy escaping into stories and i find it hard to enjoy stories where the love stories are heterosexual and sometimes you know what, if i want a love story and there isn’t one that fits what i’m looking for i take a story that has elements of what i was looking for and enjoy thinking about and seeing fanworks that treat those elements and characters as part of a love story. sometimes seeing people shitting on that for unrelated reasons Feels Bad 

Alright, story time.

So this is a lengthy story about multiple events but I’ll try to keep it as straight to the point as I can. I also want to mention that I know that some of my followers know where I go to school, and I’d like to keep names out of this so please respect that if you know who I’m talking about :)

So at my school, each semester we are assigned to an instructor depending on what time/day/level our lessons are. This semester I was assigned to an instructor that we will call “Chris” for now. I already knew that she wasn’t a good instructor, but since I was leasing Scooby, I figured I’d just use each lesson as a free ride time and kinda just do my own thing. From the start, I could tell that the exercises she picked just didn’t fit the horse’s or the riders, and she also had one of those “do it right or get out” attitudes, and loved to make “mexican” jokes and use the R slur. 

Within 8 weeks of the semester, she managed to do the following:

- In the first lesson I passed a slower horse on the quarter line, keeping plenty of room, and she told me if I passed someone again I needed to get off and leave the lesson. Keep in mind that our indoor is MASSIVE and this lesson only has 5 riders in it. You could fit at least 25 horses in there at once. 

- Pedro, our ex-GP level dressage horse who had gotten his hocks injected that day, was feeling his oats and bolting on one of the riders in my lesson. She is a very good rider, but very tiny and Pedro generally just doesn’t give a shit. To solve this, “Chris” decides that the appropriate exercise for this is to do flying changes on the diagonal of our gigantic arena. When Pedro begins to bolt, she screams “float his teeth with that bit! rip his face off!” and then begins to yell at the rider that she isn’t trying and can’t stop the exercise until she gets it right. We are coming on probably the 5th time the rider has tried the exercise and she begins to cry, only for “Chris” to brush it off and dismiss her and call on the next rider. 

- The lesson before mine, which “Chris” also teaches, is a W/T lesson. Because of “Chris’” lack of teaching theory, within two months they have still not learned how to steer. For some reason, “Chris” thinks they are ready to canter a 18″ course. My lesson is warming up at the far end, and are continually PHYSICALLY ran into by their horses. Like, literal collisions. Nothing is addressed, they continue to run around aimlessly over sticks and into each other. 

- In one of our lessons, we only had 4 riders. “Chris” decides that this is the best time for us to practice a 1st Level test. At the same time. With 4 horses that are extremely particular, one kicker, one bolter (mine) and 2 deadheads that can’t keep up. Each horse was practically having a mental breakdown by the end of it. 

- Lastly, the lesson that drew the line, in which we were doing an exercise 2 at a time. Scooby and Pedro, both bay horses were in one group, and Cully and Lucas, two grey horses were in the other group. She decided it would be hilarious to state how she had “kept the whites together, and left the darks separate”. This resulted in the following email. 

After this email, she was removed from our lessons, and is now under review.

tl;dr: my trainer is racist and doesn’t know how to teach a lesson, she made a racist joke and I tattled.

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If I don't enjoy reading LGBTQ themed books, does that mean I'm sexist? I mean, I just can't relate to such stories. Please tell me I'm not a bad person.


Personally, I think that if you don’t relate to the stories in the same sense as “I can’t read about kids in high school anymore because I’m older and I can’t relate”, it’s a plausible reason. But if it’s something along the lines of “they make me uncomfortable/squeamish/I don’t enjoy reading these stories BECAUSE they involve lgbtq+ themes”, then it’s not okay and you might have some internalised prejudice. 

However, I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask this, I’m not part of the community and I don’t know if something like this qualifies as bigotry. 

If someone else can reply to this, please feel free.

Have a lovely day!

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Well, long story short I don't know what 'bad' meant in 1980s

in the 80s, “bad” was “good” like bad was a compliment. Saying something was bad (like “aww that’s so bad!”) meant you thought that things was awesome. Also for reference, Michael Jackson’s song, “Bad”


Sister: very gay 

Girl: dating my sister 

Them: broke up 

-without said sister- 

Dad: I bet -girl- is gay 

Mom: really? 

Dad: I bet that’s why her and -sister- stopped talking. She tried to convince  -sis- that she was gay 


(Okay, so there’s a gay story for y'all. I’m a bad storyteller, sorry. Hope you enjoyed it <3)


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PS I didn't send any more hate to Alex or hate to that other person. My beef is currently with you, not them. And I don't even know who LazyArtist is tbh. Also think what you like, but I wasn't lying about elby and herkal. They were bad. Now I have the personality of a grumpy hateful old man. Also good work on using things you haven't had the gut to disagree with before against me now lmao.

Dude, you didn’t like me disagreeing with you. I liked Vaylin; you said she HAD to be put through Valk’s bullshit. I talk about my male (straight) Agent; you do nothing but go on about how bad the story is and gay fetishists. I swoon over my favorite romances, you squawk that all of them are as cringy as dark side Jaesa.

I don’t doubt there’s awful people in the fandom. I do believe you were a victim. But you were telling me who and who not to talk to. I can’t live like that.

And I tried to break it off easily, but you lashed out for no reason. Remember that.

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☀ ✏️

- Story about your day. Ok so the reason I didn’t understand this one on the other ask is that THAT EMOJI LOOKS DIFFERENT???? But I’ll give you a different story.

I have this one class of students I call my “bad class”. Every semester I have a bad class and a good class, it just happens, friends. Not going to apologize, sometimes dicks just register together and the teacher has to classify them that way. (yes, your professors are people too)

Ok my point is that I have a bad class with a couple of students who really piss me off, just start talking over me and fucking around on their phones, etc. and it’s a small class, so it’s noticeable and rude as hell. So a student from that class (not one of the dicks) emailed me this morning with a random question, and I wrote them back and said thanks for checking on that bud, and this is what I got back:

No Leslie, thank you for being patient with us. I swear if I were you I’d quit teaching forever in the first week.

So I basically just LMFAO at that.

✏️ - Want any tattoos? I do want more, I have three and maybe I’ll post a pic eventually. But I just want words all over me, quotes and things. Nothing specific right now since I just got two of my three in October.


happy holidays, mysme fandom!