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Episode #3 - Elimination

Even though everyone was already asleep, they had to wake up to vote someone home. And so the crew lifted everyone from their beds into the voting booth to find out who was going to get that dreaded ride on the boat back to civilization…

Izanami: “I vote for Taylor. I enjoyed terrorizing Yumi a lot these past few days so I wouldn’t mind if she stuck around for a bit longer. Taylor on the other hand I really don’t care about. He can go!”

Jack: “My vote is for Yumi. She’s the only contestant who’s not my friend, so I can really only vote for her. I don’t have anything against her, but I don’t really know her very well either.”

Justine: “My vote is for Yumi. She was being totally mean to me when she was sitting in the hot tub during my bathing time and this is my revenge! She also distracted me from the challenge which is why I didn’t win immunity, that bitch!”

Taylor: “My vote is for Yumi. She complains too much about mainstream stuff and the status quo. I happen to really like mainstream stuff. If she has so much to complain about she should go back home to organize some protests.”

Thomas: “I vote for Yumi. She’s always walking around with that stupid umbrella of hers and it’s pissing me off. If you join a challenge like this you shouldn’t be so neurotic about the sun!”

Yumi: “I vote for Thomas. I don’t know why but I just really don’t like that guy. He’s such a know-it-all and he behaves like he’s the only one who actually knows how to survive properly without trashing the entire island. Well, I’ve seen him throw his trash in the bushes secretly as well! He’s a hypocrite.”

That’s one vote for Taylor, one for Thomas and four votes for Yumi! Yumi gets eliminated and does not get to return to her comfy sleeping bag… Sayonara Yumi!

End of Day 7 and episode #3


Volcanic, basaltic, black sand beach, Bali

[image description: Shuri and T’Challa grinning, standing back-to-back, arms crossed over their chests with their fists closed and the Black Panther symbol on the backdrop behind them]

screams a lot about these siblings and their secret/special handshake


Slow motion wave hitting small iceberg on black sand beach at sunrise Iceland. 

That’s a rather awesome description.


For those who don’t know Caleb was in the New Edition Story On BET with Keith Powers and several other amazing young Black actors. I’m so happy that he got to experience that because I see how the older guys: Keith Powers, Woody McClain, Luke James, Elijah Kelley, Algee Smith, and Bryshere “Yazz” Gray boost his head up in Caleb’s Instagram comments. I’m thankful that Caleb gets the support from these older guys as well as the New Edition fanbase because he doesn’t get that same genuine support from the Stranger Things fanbase. A lot of it is overpraise based on guilt or he doesn’t get praised at all. I hope Chosen Jacobs from It (2017) gets this same experience because it’s important to have some sort of brotherhood (and sisterhood) for young Black men and women.