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‘OITNB’ actress Samira Wiley and writer Lauren Morelli marry

  • After helping bring some of television’s best love stories to life on Orange Is the New Black, actress Samira Wiley and OITNB writer Lauren Morelli have now added a new chapter to their own.
  • As reported by Martha Stewart Weddings, the couple tied the knot Saturday at a ceremony in Palm Springs, where the two were first engaged.
  • The “fun-filled fête,” which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, included an outdoor ceremony officiated by Wiley’s parents, a recession set to Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It” and a blast of confetti to punctuate the couple’s first dance. Both women wore custom Christian Siriano gowns for the occasion. Read more. (3/27/2017 2:33 PM)
Technical Difficulties (Thor X Fem!Reader x Steve) *Platonic

Characters: Steve X Fem!Reader X Thor

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of innopropriate comments


Request: Could you make one where to reader is teaching Thor and Steve how to use a mobile phone and things like snapchat, instagram, WhatsApp etc? Love your fics :)

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You were an Avenger, and one of the youngest, so like most people your age, you had things like Snapchat and Instagram. Because you were an Avenger, you were pretty famous on it. However you were busy in your job so you didn’t really talk about it.

Tony had bought Steve and Thor phones and they had heard of certain apps and decided to get them with help from Natasha and Clint, however they then had to leave for a mission.

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Dear authors, filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights, and showrunners,

I am a sort-of-white person who has enjoyed many books and movies about people of color, and wants to see more such stories.  More specifically, I would love to see black protagonists (and not just in nonfiction or serious movies).

I am a straight person who wants to see gay people in stories, and doesn’t want to see queerbaiting.

I am a cis person who would love to be able to count the number of trans characters I’ve seen on more than the fingers of one hand, and furthermore, would love to see stories about trans people that aren’t just about their transition and their pain (though of course that’s important too).

I am allistic person who would love to see more positive, non-dehumanizing portrayals of autistics.

I am an able-bodied person who would be delighted to see nuanced and respectful portrayals of disabled people.

I am an alloromantic/allosexual person who would be thrilled to see asexual and aromantic characters, and more stories that don’t involve romantic subplots (I enjoy romance as much as the next person, but it’s not obligatory for a story to be good).

The point is… it’s not just that people want representation of themselves.  So many of us want diverse stories.  Not only can we relate to characters who are different from ourselves, we want to.

Hello, future friends! I haven’t submitted here for a long time and I started to miss this blog and meeting new people, so I’m back with a new submission.

About me:
I’m 16 years old, bi, girl from a small country in Europe. I love meeting new people and learning about other countries and cultures. I’m very friendly, open-minded, honest person and also my friends said that I’m a good listener and can give good advice.

My interests are all over the place so here are some:
I love music and bands (my favorites are twenty one pilots, ed sheeran, the fray and all time low), tv shows (criminal minds, how to get away with murder, american horror story, orange is the new black, breaking bad…), youtube, reading books and articles. I love theater, swimming, conspiracy theories, photography, art, nature, sunsets, dogs, crafting, stationery, tea, coffee, long walks, traveling and writing long e-mails or letters.

My perfect penpal would be someone who is 15-18 years old, maybe have some of the same interests as me (but if you don’t that’s also okay) and isn’t judgemental, rude, mean, racist, sexist or anything like that. I want to talk to someone who will put some effort in actually getting to know me and try to keep the conversation going. I want to talk about things you like or dislike, what keeps you up at night, your insecurities, fears, flaws, childhood, future, the meaning of life, faraway galaxies, aliens and other deep stuff but small talks aren’t my thing. I understand if you are shy or awkward at first, so am I but we will figure it out! :)

So if you want to talk to me after reading this, message me some interesting facts about you here:
kik: girlinblack101
tumblr: stockholm–syndromee
instagram: addictwithphotographs
e-mail: creativemail987 @ gmail . com (without spaces)