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All these ‘humans are weird’ posts seem to talk about how difficult humans would be to work with— but what we’re actually one of the easiest species to work with?

Sure, we have that weird 'relationship’ with local fluffy predators that nobody wants to talk to much about, and when scared (or happy, or excited) we scream at a frequency that bursts other species’ eardrums, and sometimes we do this thing called 'brushing hair’ which involves using a spiked tool to rip out most of our head hair in an effort to make what’s left lie flat— but we’re just so well prepared!

Other species spend generations trying to figure each other out, but for humans there’s a guidebook… written by a human. Several decades before humans actually made contact with other species.

Yeah. Sometimes this preparedness can make us seem a bit like the kind of creep who spends the whole first date talking about the wedding, but even while they’re weirded out by it, nobody can deny how useful it is.

For instance, every species goes through a phase of hating what they see as 'alien invaders'— the difference is that humans pretty much got past that stage almost before they’d discovered space travel. By the time we make contact, we’d already made the groundbreaking works of fiction that suggested that other species weren’t all that bad. The leap from first contact to working with other species, which for most species took generations, was incredibly short for us.

What’s more we’d, bizarrely, already prepared for species that hadn’t been discovered yet. When UP (United Planets, a human idea that had caught on. Other species were amazed that such a thing had been achieved, humans seemed a bit surprised that there hadn’t been one already) made contact with the first known sapient reptillian species, it was the humans who set to work redesigning the heating controls to mimic the climate of that planet. Hell, before other species— who weren’t sure it was going to be that easy— stopped them, they were about to go through with plans to put a hatchery on every ship.

All this 'humans are space orcs’ stuff is what makes humans so easy to integrate into the galactic community.



This is the start of a fanfiction cooperation between me and @dancingfox (writer of Check Mate).

The story will follow the origins of Sentai, the local hero and his nemesis, Reaper (as we know him, maybe with even more sass and edgyness haha!) . And before anyone wonders, YES, there are two Sentai! The old one (whose identity is not to be revealed yet), and Genji, the new chosen one! 

I must admit, I am very excited for this project and with @dancingfox‘s great writing skills, I am quite sure it will be enjoyable for you all as well, not just for us the creators!