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Story Time

So my house is haunted.
This all started as a joke a few years ago, to explain things, like why a door closed, what a noise was.
You know the usual.
And ever since the beginning we have called my ghost George.
I don’t know why, it was just the first name that felt right.
Recently, my friend and I have decided that my ghost is King George III.
Now I know what you’re saying, why the fuck would the ghost of a king from Great Britain be haunting my house?(I live in bumfuck of Kansas) I would like to know that as well.
We decided that is was him however, whilst listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.
We connected my phone via Bluetooth to my Beats Boombox (Look at that product placement) and started the album.
Everything was going good, and we made it through the whole soundtrack once with no problems.
And then the songs would skip words, or speed up in the beginning.
Things that don’t normally happen.
And then it began skipping songs completely.
To the point where the only songs that would play in full, would be all of King George’s songs.
And so that how we decided that my ghost, whom I conveniently named George, was actually King George III.
And he’s a gigantic asshole.
Carry on.

guys guys guys

look at this amazing art @aph-franzbroetchen did for me

it’s so pretty just look

When white people get uncomfortable about white people jokes– how much we love cheese, how we can’t dance, our Starbucks obsessions– what we’re reacting to is the suffocating feeling of having our lives and our stories condensed and flattened into an easy narrative that tosses out all nuance and individuality.

Yet we can’t seem to figure out why other marginalized groups have such a strong reaction to our attempts to flatten their narratives through racist jokes, stereotypes, and token characters. We need to learn to recognize that no one story will ever define any group of people and actually listen to people telling their own stories.

So I’m reading this fic...

A Mouthful of Ash on AO3 (A beautiful, dark, painful and wonderful fic that is highly recommended!) and Anakin has just said the most ridiculous and Extra Anakin thing ever after confessing to Obi-Wan that he killed a bunch of Tusken Raiders while Obi-Wan was in town trying to sell Anakin’s lightsaber, like one does in the post Order 66 galaxy they find themselves in.

“I… uh… I may have let one of them go.  And posed as a… kind of… desert… deity.  And told him to tell everyone to leave people alone or I’d be back to finish them all.”

I feel like my Anakins are really lacking in the murder creativity department. I mean… I can totally see Darth Arulas doing that but Arulas has also said with a straight face that “The Darkness hungers for brunch”. Like Arulas prides himself on his black humor and murderous flare. He is the Lumiere of Sith! Obi-Wans. (Good lord I need to go to bed.)

But here’s what gets me and in my delirious staying-up-too-late-and-overly-stressed-about-my-job-and-how-to-people-on-the-internet (Spoilers! I do it badly and I apologize profusely if I’ve hurt your feelings) state is Obi-Wan’s reply.

“Is that all?  Threepio would be proud of you.”

HEHEHEHE! I don’t know what it is but that exchange just tickled me so much. Obi-Wan and Anakin are so broken in this fic, (Post Mustafar but not Crispy! Vader but still Amputated! Vader and Just So Done With Everything Please Can I Die Now Obi-Wan) so utterly torn apart and shattered but they still manage to be funny. The banter is still there. The ghost of who they were to each other, what they were as a unit is still there, hovering like a ghost around them.

I don’t know. I’m exhausted and oddly twitchy and can’t sleep so… these are my thoughts late at night. As my cats rampage around my apartment like the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Actually one of them ran head first into my ankle and damn if that hurt like a son of a gun. He’s fine of course. Unfortunately my ankle had to be replaced with a cybernetic implant and I’ve taken to calling it Stumpy.


Hamilton discourse time.

I think the fundamental problem with a fair portion of the bullshit that’s going down in the Hamilton fandom is the willingness of people to say “this is just a story” as defense of [fill in the blank.] (Anything from white people wanting to cosplay characters, to ardently defending the characters or insisting they were feminists/abolitionists/etc, to all sorts of trends in fanfiction.) There are quite a few disgusting things also going down in this fandom that have nothing to do with this, but I’m going to address the “this is just a story” aspect because if you don’t listen when people call you out on direct racism I don’t think there’s anything I can say to convince you otherwise on whatever racist thing you’re stuck on.

The thing is, this is not just a story. The show has marketed itself according to its historical connections; has bragged about taking Chenrow on as a consultant; for the Ham4Ham of the opening night, Miranda read a passage from the Chenrow biography, they do outreaches to high schoolers to teach American history. The cast has spoken about how they’ve tried to understand and connect to the history behind the show. The show has aggressively marketed itself as historical. A lot of fans can agree that the historical figures are problematic; a lot of people appreciate this show for its story and its storytelling and do not appreciate the actual figures it was based on. That’s fine.

The thing is, there are people who believe that this is not just a story. Either consciously or subconsciously. Look around. There are people reblogging actual historical letters right and left. There are people reblogging funny quirks and stories about the figures in the musical (because, you know, it’s fun to laugh at how Washington would make all his aides-de-camp take breaks and go outside and play catch with him during the Revolutionary War, or Jefferson’s terrible mac and cheese, or how Burr once lit himself on fire trying to light a candle with gunpowder.) But you don’t get to appreciate the “cute” historical tidbits about these characters without also acknowledging the atrocities that they were directly a part of.

It’s really really easy to say the words “I don’t support slave owners, I understand those historical people were a part of atrocities, I just like the music and this version of the story, I’m not racist, stop making a big deal out of this.” But there’s a really disturbing trend that I see of the people who are saying this then turning around and not listening when poc say “actually this thing that you’re doing or defending is not okay with us.” There was a beautiful thing that one of my math professors taught me: you can say a thing as much as you want, but that doesn’t actually mean that it’s true. You’ve got to put in the effort to prove that it’s true. Translation, you can say “I’m not racist” however much you want, but that doesn’t make it true if your actions are contradictory. You have to actively fight to prove that statement is true.

The fundamental thing that I think people don’t understand is as follows: you don’t get to say the show is “just a story” when it’s convenient for you in an argument. Maybe you just want to appreciate the story, and give zero fucks about the historical context, who cares about American history anyways. Fine. But this isn’t a story to a lot of people, so “it’s just a story” isn’t a defense when people want to address problematic aspects. 

The legacy of slavery is still alive today in this country. That’s not something to be taken lightly. If you want to appreciate and celebrate the musical Hamilton, you need to be respectful of the fact that the legacy of slavery is still alive today in this country. And when people who are living with that legacy on their shoulders call you out about something, you really, really need to listen. In a lot of important ways, this isn’t just a story. You don’t get to pick when this is fiction as when is convenient for you. It’s not fiction. The cast’s actions have shown that, and the fan’s actions have shown that.

tl;dr, if you’re using “it’s just a story” as defense of someone calling you out on something, you should probably think long and hard about whether you’re being a racist insensitive asshole in disguise instead of just directly being a racist insensitive asshole.

Ley-Lines, Cross Roads, & the Urban Witch

Ley-Lines, known to some as ‘Fairy-Paths,’ are straight tracks etched across ancient landscapes, whose power – while somewhat dormant in many places – can still be tapped into today. These lines of energy, created by the footsteps of thousands of people for thousands of years, are aligned with countless sacred sites, such as stone circles, churches, burial mounds and the like.

The origin of the term Ley-Line refers to the ancient straight tracks that run across parts of the UK – often marked by megaliths and even Roman roads – but the theory of ancient geographical lines or grids of energy is not at all exclusive to the UK; many cultures across the globe have stories of powerful, geographical lines of significance, often going hand-in-hand with tales of Creation and even of ghosts and the Fae.

Many theories as to the origin of such lines exist, for instance in many tribes across Australia, the ‘song lines’ (as they are known here) were formed during the Creation Story. In Britain it is believed that they are merely powerful tracks created by the thousands of people who have passed over them in order to get to and from sacred sites. Each culture has its own understanding which fits their spiritual perception of the land.

The ‘crossroads’ – points at which two or more Leys meet – are seen as places of incredible power, and are often marked (in the UK) with groves of hawthorn or pine. If you were to find yourself at a Ley-Line crossroad, you may perceive a sudden rush of energy, an excitement of the senses, or even ghostly figures or voices. These are locations where the Veil is thinnest, and as such it is not uncommon for these areas to be marked with unusual natural formations, such as weirdly twisted or knotted trees, strange shapes or faces in the fields and hills, and even sightings of strange and extinct beasts.

There are infinite possibilities for magick when it comes to working with Ley-Lines, including boosting your spells and rituals, supplying an abundance of energy for you to use in healing/empowering/charging/cursing, creating a medium in which you can become closer to the earth and its energies, etc. …But where does the Urban Magickian come into all of this? What of those witches and the like who don’t have the privilege of living near stone circles, centuries-old churches or ancient burial mounds? Well, you’re in luck! Because Ley-Lines are not exclusive to ancient landscapes; it is said that the mere treading of a path by enough people can create a line of power, and as such, train tracks, highways, busy intersections and that old underground bar with the sigils on the bathroom wall can all be places of power. Get creative.

There are many ways to locate Ley-Lines, but by far the easiest is to utilise a map and either a pendulum or just plain old intuition:

• Begin by finding a good, detailed map of your area. Print it out and, with pen or pencil, mark out all the important sites, such as churches and graveyards. If your township is relatively newly developed, these sites will probably not be built on geographical Leys, but they will likely be markings on what i have termed ‘Urban Leys,’ or ‘Urban Ley-Lines;’ grids or paths of power created, as stated above, by the treading of man and beast, and you may also have a hand in creating and strengthening these lines as you cast magick along them in your travels.
Some places you may wish to mark on your map, alongside those where you feel the Veil is thinnest, include:
- Groves of old trees
- Entrancing hills or plains
- Fairy rings
- Old beaten tracks through the woods
- Ghost hot-spots
- Or the field with that one goat you swear can read your mind… 🐐👀
For pop-culture witches, you may even want to use places in your city that spawn an abundance of psychic-type pokémon on Pokémon Go!

(If you don’t know your area all that well, you may need to do some intuitive surveying of the land/city).

• On your map, find a site that feels intuitively promising, you may wish to choose the city cemetery, a misty grove of pines, an old tree that’s grown in a warped or strange formation, or any other place you feel has an intense liminal energy, (there was a post going around claiming that the inside of any Target is a liminal space, so why not start there?).

• Once you’ve located your starting place, go there with a pendulum or any other method you use to sense energy (or whatever magickal paradigm you work with, ‘energy’ being the most common one). If you’re using a pendulum, stand still at your chosen site and let your pendulum reveal to you which direction the Urban-Ley flows, (if indeed you have found one). if not using a pendulum, intuit the direction in whichever way works for you.

• Follow the newly discovered path! Let your feet and your intuition (or pendulum) guide you along the way. You may find you stumble upon old or liminal buildings, trees, bodies of water or other such features that you didn’t even know existed! Just remember, Leys flow in straight lines, so try to draw it up like grids or unbending paths on your map, otherwise it’ll become one big squiggly mess. I also suggest that you keep your maps folded up in your grimoire or magickal journal, for easy access while on the go.

A few more things to keep in mind:

- In some cultures, for instance the Australian Aboriginals, certain Lines will only flow in one direction, and it is seen as sacrilege to walk them in the opposite direction to which they flow (A good example of this is Uluru, in which the story-line runs down the rock face. This is why it was incredibly distressing for the Australian Aboriginals of the Northern Territory when white people started climbing up the rock). So it might be worth keeping that in mind while treading these paths. I would recommend also doing some research into the cultures who have lived in your area since before white people settled there, to ensure – if you do stumble upon an ancient Ley – that you’re not appropriating anyone else’s culture.

- If you find a certain Ley-Line crossroad that you feel is particularly powerful, and you’d like to use it in your Craft, you could take a leaf out of the Celts’ book and build a structure there with which to tap into, or channel, the Ley energy. Think of it like acupuncture, but instead of needles you could build little mini stone circles, hang wind chimes or amulets from trees, carve sigils into trees or fences, hammer a consecrated stake into the earth, etc. As i said before, get creative!

- In Ireland (where the Leys are known as ‘Fairy Paths’), it is believed that fairies maintain the upkeep of these tracks, and on certain days of the year, such as May Eve or Hallowe’en, they use them to navigate to and from their celebrations. As such, it is strongly advised that you avoid fairy paths on these days, lest you fall prey to these tricky creatures. If your practice incorporates fairies, you may want to keep that in mind!

- As Ley-Lines are sources of a seemingly infinite amount of living energy (yes, living, as they find their source in the earth, which is very much alive) it is not uncommon to find spirits using this abundance of energy to support their form on the physical plain. So if you’re easily spooked, best to tread these paths in the daylight. :p

  All in all, i hope this inspires many a witch to go out and discover the Urban-Leys in their area, and to find yet another avenue in which to explore their own power and that of the earth’s.

- Brigitte

Me watching the Supergirl pilot a few months ago: wow that’s some cringy feminism but this is still real cute I’m gonna love it


someone please write books set in middle age about queer girls fighting together as soldiers or lesbian queens ruling countries and maybe some queer princesses having to hide their love for each other and queer assassins killing people side by side oR A STORY ABOUT A MAID FALLING IN LOVE WITH A PRINCESS UGH PLEASE I NEED THIS

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is just like that, you'd love it.

I know of Methods of Rationality. I stated reading it out of curiosity when I heard that it’s something of an universal berserk button for everyone in theoretical physics and ho boy I understand why.

I don’t know what the author’s main field is, but it’s definitely not physics or mathematics because most of the theories that appear in the first dozen or so chapters are pretty off, if I remember correctly it’s been a while. Even when the author gets them right he can’t explain them.

If it wasn’t for that I might have put up with the story a little longer, but I usually don’t read stories where I want to throttle the protagonist twice every paragraph. The author isn’t that bad a writer, but it was very obvious that Harry was  not a child or a character with any semblance of agency, but a mouthpiece, an annoying one at that. To add to that I had a feeling that they wrote the story not out of love for the source material, but as an excuse to preach and to mock the already existing story.

The little things just added up to a very unpleasant, uncomfortable and at times outright infuriating reading experience so I stuck with the story until that line the author noted as a “if you don’t like it this far you won’t like the rest either“ and dropped it like a hot potato.

Stay here, don’t make a sound and don’t blink come out until it’s safe. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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This is my sister Mobybat vomiting her feels into a Wendy’s bag.

We had some time to kill today and I kinda ended up telling her the basic outline of my Final Night at Freddy’s plot.

Her message to you is: “FAIR WARNING”