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i send you my apologies
in a vermillion envelope
addressed to a man
with no fear:
my dearest,
i am so very
sorry. i no longer
need the love you gave me.
there was a chasm
in my rib cage,
desolate and cold,
that i’ve managed to fill with light
in your absence.

i truly hope you
understand and find your own light
in the near future. but for now,
please do not write back.

the woman with no face,
and no body,
just a heart
filled with light.

{ Story Time}
I was roaming around a cafe attempting to snap some photos of people enjoying their coffee meet up with their friends.
I ran across a group of 4 people who were enjoying a nice conversation together. I asked them if I could take a photo of their books and coffee and when they gave me permission, I climbed up on a chair and took this photo! They were super sweet and it was great capturing a photo of friends gathering together sharing stories and laughing together. I believe everyone should spend time with their friends, either over coffee, backpacking, or whatever!!!

I did not realise until there was nothing left of me in myself,
I did not realise until all of you had taken all of me. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc

Couldn’t decide what pic I like more, so yeah, here is both!

Are you better broken than i am!?!
Hey what if i don’t have skills of making friends but do these many friends of yours keep you company while you are down the drain,
So what if my circle is not as big as yours but does it make you any different from me while we are broken don’t we both cry behind closed door away from these prying eyes. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
I was fine until my eyes found an old photo album and my heart came running back to its old yearning for place i called home. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
Journey will be utterly exhausting yet you will remain desperate for success still failures would not stop coming your way but you know what you have to believe yourselves my dears because it is not end not until you have mastered something that fails you each time. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
It is not about your success that worries me, it is just my failure that gnaws me at heart, it is just my failure that stingings in eyes, its is just my failure that aches in my bones, it is just my failure that has harboured in my brain, it is just my failure that i cannot overcome may be for a while, so please bear it with me may be for a while. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
Each step ahead is something bigger than what you just crossed,
every achievement infront of you requires greater efforts than what you put in last time, keep it consistent n remain persistent. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
Never will i,
I might have failed number times but do you remember a single time i gave up, Never
I might look beaten punch bag but have you seen me not putting myself back together, Never.
I might look exhausted but have i ever told you i want it easy, Never. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
And i will soar one day,
I might have failed but i never say or think that i am deemed to remain that way. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc
Can’t we just skip some dates, some events, some feelings, some emotions, some nights, some dawns, some failures, some departures, some faults, some gestures, some affection and most of all can’t we just skip all this specially when this relates to people we love. Aimndoc
—  Aimndoc