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Making The Hamilton Mixtape: Lin-Manuel Miranda explains the stories behind the songs (Entertainment Weekly):

“Dear Theodosia” Regina Spektor featuring Ben Folds and “Dear Theodosia (Reprise)” Chance the Rapper feat. Francis and the Lights

Hamilton and Burr’s lullaby to their newborn children was in high demand: Both Regina Spektor and Chance the Rapper, a new father, requested to cover it. “We were like, ‘Okay, who’s gonna be the bad guy to tell this person that the other one has the song?’” producer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson recalls. But when both artists submitted remarkably distinct tracks, the team made an unorthodox choice. “I said, ‘Well, this is a mixtape. There isn’t a rule against what we can do with it,’” says Thompson. “We decided to keep both.”

Ben Folds, for his part, is pleased with that decision: “Reggie sang the s— out of that song,” he says. “I was just happy to be there. I would have been the water boy if she wanted me to… But I was glad I didn’t have rap.”


“That Would Be Enough” by Alicia Keys

Miranda says his favorite evening during the making of Mixtape started with a phone call. “We got a call from Alicia Keys, who had agreed to do ‘That Would Be Enough,’ saying, ‘She doesn’t want to just send it to you, she wants to play it for you in her studio and talk to you about it,’” Miranda recalls. “I turned to Jonathan Groff [who originated the role of King George on Broadway], who was my roommate at the time, and said, ‘Do you want to come listen to Alicia Keys’s version of the song with me?’” He breaks into excited giggles at the memory. “So we jumped in a car immediately after our show, raced to her studio downtown, and as the Great Blizzard of 2016 started, we were sitting in a room at midnight with Alicia Keys—not only hearing her amazing version of ‘That Would Be Enough,’ but she also played us half the tracks on her new album early.”


“Burn” by Andra Day

Scheduling issues have kept R&B star Andra Day from catching Hamilton on Broadway (“I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen it,” she says), but she was deeply familiar with the story. “I was actually obsessed with Alexander Hamilton in school,” she says. She chose to cover “Burn” after being drawn to Eliza’s “raw, fiery, painful emotion,” and says it was easy getting into the mindset of Hamilton’s wife when she finds out her husband has had an affair: “I already had such an empathy for her. Even before the show came out, I was like, ‘You know what? The guy’s a dirtbag.’”


“Washingtons By Your Side” by Wiz Khalifa

While Wiz Khalifa admits that “Dear Theodosia” made him cry when he saw Hamilton, there was only one song he instantly felt he could rework and make his own: Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr’s taunting, “Washington On Your Side.” “I was like, ‘That’s the one,’” he says. Miranda adds, “He was like, ‘I want to do Washington’s On Your Side,’ but I want to be talking about money,’ and we’re like, ‘Go! Go and bring it back!’” The result was a hit with Miranda: “I was just happy he liked the idea,” says Khalifa, “instead of thinking it was kind of weird.”

either save it for surprises or prepare yourself for the full drop with notes on the rest of the Mixtape!

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Hellooo!! Your blog is amazing and so much fuuuun :3 May I request please GoM+Kagami+Takao, how would they dance alone in their room? Maybe put what song do you think they would dance to. Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much! We’re glad you enjoy it! <3









About the Brazilian SasuSaku Song

Okay, I know the fandom is currently freaking out because of the brazilian song “Romance de Manga” by Circo Litoral, and not happy with just that, I went to their Facebook page and sent them a message in the name of the fans. I asked them about the story behind the song and what they think about SasuSaku, and the answer came almost immediately!

This is the original reply:

“ Que bom que o pessoal tem curtido a música 😀 Então, acontece que os membros da banda também são fans de cultura japonesa e anime. Inicialmente agente tinha só a melodia da música feita pelo vocalista, ainda sem letra. Então justamente nesse período o guitarrista  estava viciado assistindo Naruto (rsrs) e teve a ideia de  fazer uma música como se fosse um mangá, ou seja, contando uma história de traz pra frente. 

Como o anime foca de forma muito bonita os sentimentos dos personagens, combinou muito bem narrar o romance desse casal, que apesar de pouco convencional, se mostra muito verdadeiro, ficando de fundo o enredo principal da história. 

Por fim restou o trabalho da banda fazer os arranjos procurando dar um tom um pouco oriental em cima de um ritmo tipicamente brasileiro. Foi isso!” 

The translation is:

-We’re glad everyone enjoyed the song! So, what happens is that the members of the band are also fans of the japanese culture and that includes anime. Initially we just had the melody (of the song) made by the vocalist, but we had no lyrics. That happened in a time when the guitarist was addicted to Naruto (haha) and had the idea of making a song as if it was a manga, telling a story from the end*

As the anime beautifully focus on the characters’ feelings, telling the love story of this couple seemed to be a good idea**, and even though the couple might be a little unconventional, it shows itself to be really truthful, and so, been perfect for the main story’s background.

At last, the band needed to fix the arrangements, trying to add an oriental touch to a Brazilian rhythm. And that was it! -

*(first): by telling the story from the end, they actually meant the way we read a manga. Unlike the occidental books, the japanese read it from right to left and start from what would be the end of an occidental book/ comic

**(second): On this part, they’ve actually meant that the sasusaku story would match perfectly the idea of narrating a love story that they were trying to aim with the new song.

Last but not least, the members sent the fandom another message!

The original:

“Obrigado a você! E agradece lá o pessoal pelo carinho nos comentários!”

The translation:

-Thank you, and please thank all the other fans for the kindness in the comments!-

And so, that’s it! The story of our SasuSaku song!! Hope this is useful somehow!!

All the swiftgron feels all over my dash made me think of something.

Karlie was the first person to hear 1989, on the Big Sur road trip in March of 2014, maybe three or four months into Kaylor being a thing. Albums take a long time to write, record and produce, which is why only WTNY and Wildest Dreams, maybe a hint of This Love (in my mind it’s about letting go of Di and finding love again with someone new but that is probably a headcanon and not a real thing) on the main album are about Karlie, with the rest being swiftgron. She also wrote YAIL about Karlie (allegedly) and probably pretty close to if not on that trip, because all those memories take time to form.

So Taylor, although apprehensive after her previous relationship, trusted the strength of the relationship enough to play an album full of the ghosts of Di for Karlie to hear. They probably talked through some of the stories behind the songs on the road. And Karlie probably assured Taylor over and over that things would be different, with actions as well as words, and now in addition to swiftgron feels I’m having Kaylor feels…


Ed Sheeran speaks to RFM’s Justine Fraioli about the stories behind some of his songs, and then they sing Shape of You together. 

I just gifted Just Hold On to several of my closest friends and the only explanation I gave was that I hope they enjoyed it and it meant a lot to me. My best friend called me after she listened to it and she had been crying, I hadn’t told her the story behind the song but what she said to me was “you’ve never expressed your emotions well through words, you keep them inside and they are deeply personal to you. But this reason you shared this song is your Mom right? This is your emotional expression of coming to terms with that eventual loss.” She, as she always is, was right. So thank you again Louis and Steve.


15 Fun Facts About Monsters, Inc. on Its 15th Anniversary              

1. Pixar came up with the ideas for Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Wall-E and A Bug’s Life over a lunch meeting in 1994.

2. Boo is voiced by one of the story artists’ daughters.

3. Sulley has more than 2.3 million strands of hair.

4. Because technology wasn’t advanced enough, Pixar had to develop a new program called Fizt to automate the movement’s of Sulley’s fur.

5. Boo’s real name is Marry Gibbs.

6. In a Reddit AMA, the girl who played Boo revealed the story behind the song she sings while going to the bathroom. “They told me to sing and I started singing ‘Wheels on the Bus,’ but they couldn’t use any actual songs [because of] copyright issues so they had me babble and sing random words for a few hours and took out the parts they liked the best!” she wrote.

7. Bob Peterson, who voiced Dug in Up, voiced Roz.

8. Randy Newman won his first Oscar for the film’s closing song “If I Didn’t Have You.” He had previously been nominated 15 times in the Best Score and Best Song categories, but it was Monsters, Inc. that scored him the win.

9. Harryhausen’s, the restaurant Mike takes Celia on a date to, is named after Ray Harryhausen, the legendary special effects artist known for creating monsters for films like Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts.

10. Sulley’s terrified reaction of what he thinks is Boo going through a trash compactor is a direct reference to Chuck Jones’ classic short Feed the Kitty.

11. Boo’s toy collection is a treasure trove of Pixar Easter eggs. Among her toys are the Luxo ball, Jessie from Toy Story 2 and Nemo from Finding Nemo, which was released after Monsters, Inc.

12. The legendary Frank Oz voices Fungus, Randall’s anxious assistant.

13. Bill Murray was Pixar’s first choice for Sulley, but he never responded to their calls.

14. Mike Wazowski has cameos in Finding Nemo, Cars, WALL-E, and Toy Story 3.

15. John Goodman (Sulley) and Billy Crystal (Mike) recorded their lines together—a rarity in animation.

"The Album Is Largely From a Perspective That Isn't J. Cole's": Producer Elite on '4 Your Eyez Only'

If you read the credits of J. Cole’s new album, 4 Your Eyez Only, you’ll notice the rapper/producer handled most of the production and all of the rapping (back to back platinum albums with no features seems inevitable). But there is another name billed as co-executive producer: Elite. The Dreamville member played his biggest role yet in helping to shape the sound of this latest Cole project, one that fans and critics are still unpacking.

Complex spoke with Elite by phone to get a behind-the-scenes look at his work on 4 Your Eyez Only, as well as the real story behind the standout song “Neighbors,” which is described in the album credits as being “inspired by true events.” Elite also responded to a fan theory about what Cole’s new album is supposed to represent that’s been circulating on the web.

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In case you didn’t know why VIPs were so emotional about Tabi singing the song ‘Act Like Nothing Happened’ yesterday…😔
this post is specially for those who want to know the story behind the song which @choi_seung_hyun_tttop performed it today after so long and made all the VIPs cry 😭 This song is a song which Tabi wrote for his ex girlfriend. This girl is the one who introduced him to YG and gave his demo to GD. But in order to not affect his career, the girl chose to leave Tabi after that. And so Tabi wrote this song for her. Ever since the girl is married, Tabi never sang this song live on stage anymore and until today, he chose to perform it again but with a special way, instead of singing it on the stage, he performed it backstage. So is he really moved on or not, nobody knows. #bigbang #bigbang10 #bigbang2016 #choiseunghyun #kpop #yg #choitop #tabi

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And I will try

to fix you.

@anon We are not overreacting, this performance means so much to Seunghyun also to the VIPs, he didn’t (or maybe couldn’t) perform this song for years but when he did he did it back stage like this was such an important performance! This is not overreacting not when you know the story behind this song and performance, I cried while watching this performance like there was literal tears in my eyes cause it was painful cause i feel like he still isn’t over her after more than a decade has passed.

What do you mean it lasted 3 seconds? They stole it, I don’t care if it’s bts or their staff or whoever is responsible for this stage but they stole it doesn’t matter if it’s 3 seconds or .0005 seconds. You can’t disrespect our emotions like that. If they credited Top for it someway then the outrage wouldn’t have happened.

Now about the input thing we are not saying it’s the members who suggested it but as far as i remember, some of them went to that concert where top performed this and got inspired? Even if it’s not their idea it was someone’s idea from their team and whoever is responsible should apologize for making bts look bad and maybe it’s time for bts to change their staff cause they aren’t helping their reputation.

Reasons why Loïc Nottet is just perfect and deserves to win the Eurovision Final

Let me introduce you the amazingly talented, unbelievable cute belgian prince, who is representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest Final 2015.

Here are some facts about him, that should convince you that he’s the perfect winner.

1. He’s creative as hell
2. EVERYTHING he is doing, was his idea.
3. Like the choreography. The whole thing was made by him.
5. And he dances PERFECTLY.
6. Look at his perfect twirl.

7. He also composed his song himself.
8. Of course his mysteriously perfect brain (researchers are stumped about how anyone can be so talented) is also able to come up with beautiful lyrics.
9. His sweet, mum-alike coach from The Voice Belgique, where he first became popular, wrote his Eurovision song. Loïc helped her to make it perfect.
10. He wrote the script to the music video of Rhythm Inside. And it’s unbelieveably creative and explains the story behind this song perfectly and everything he does is just perfect and Loïc is just perfect and wow.
11. He designed all the outfits.
12. From those he made perfect drawings first. Like all those famous fashion designers.

13. Before he sews them himself.

15. Even when he is lying on the ground.

16. And his voice!!! His voice IS SOOOO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.
17. He is sooooooo humble
18. Sooooo friendly to EVERYONE
19. He looks like a puppy

20. And his face is making things who make us all sick because of too much ASDFGHJKL.

21. Even the other favourites love him and are amazed about his incredibility. E.g. Australian Superstar Guy Sebastian loooves him.
22. Loïc is super cute
23. He is also a nerd

24. He can do well with kids (I love men who love kids)

25. He is funny.

26. Hahaha of cooourse he can play music instruments, like the keyboard.
27. Everybody loves his america scarf.

28. Everyone loves Loïc and Loïc loves everyone.
29. If you vote for him tonight he will be very thankful. And let me tell you, he absolutely deserves your vote.
30. Loïc is perfect at everything

I’m sure Loïc can also cook perfect food and is the master at playing golf and would make a good astronaut. Loïc is perfect at everything.

We seriously don’t see a single bad thing about him


Thank you.