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Funny story time! So the Band room is literally right behind our stage with only a really thin wall separating the two rooms, and so today we were rehearsing our Phantom of the Opera scene, and our Phantom along with our drama teacher and the rest of the cast just broke down laughing because it was literally, "I am... The Phantom." and then the saxophones started blasting out the Pink Panther's theme song before the next line could be said. Needless to say, it was glorious! xD


Audrey Hepburn and Ralph Lauren at the Academy’s 1991 Summit in New York.
“I went to an event at the Museum of Modern Art some time after I was diagnosed with brain tumor, and had surgery for it. There were lots of stars, people like Gregory Peck — and Audrey was there. I was standing off in a corner and she walked over to me and said, “We have been so worried about you. Are you all right?” I was taken aback by her concern. We sat next to each other at dinner and she surprised me once again… She asked for my autograph. Do you believe that? I wanted her autograph! She said it was for her sons who wore my clothes all the time. Somehow, flattered as I was, I never got around to giving it to her that night. Later, another event came up where she was receiving an award and she called and asked me to come as her guest. Once again she said, I really need your autograph for my sons. And of course, I gave it to her.” 

“What made her special? It’s kind of undefined. There was a sweetness, and she came along when that type wasn’t there in the movies. It’s doubtful there will be that type again, at least not in my lifetime.” — Ralph Lauren


Black Widow: Part 10}

- Infrared Glasses -

Black Widow: “Americans…. Too stupid!” She said as she spied on the operatives high above on the rooftop of the military base. 
She saw all the guards. They were all sprawled across the base, either guarding doors or just on patrol. As a highly trained Russian spy, Black Widow effortlessly studied them through her infrared glasses, not only did it able her to see through walls but the gadget also helped her plan her tactics to get a deadlier outcome.
She saw the waypoint that she knew she’d have to reach in the next half an hour, it was guarded by two men, how can they call themselves professional? Smoking on the job! These Americans won’t know what hit them. They are all armed “How can they call this high-security? Pathetic!” She laughed to herself. At first she thought this mission would be difficult for her style of espionage but now she could see the whole situation she knows it’s going to be easy although she might have to take risks, one wrong move and she’s dead, but it’s nothing new to her. 
She did see Cameras and roaming spotlights… That worried her slightly but not enough to get her ‘scared’ Black Widow never feels fear, she’s the one who should be feared. Only Russia can strike her with fear, the motherland! Natalia’s got a good plan in her mind. She was going to start on the far side of the base and work her way across as silently as possible. Infiltration is one of her finest talents. She should be able to sneak past most the C.I.A but if she has too she’ll take down any guards who get in her way!

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Story- I'm backstage manager, So, while everyone was getting ready they where super loud and so I yell "EVERYONE SHUT UP" and everyone looks at me with horror, and points and say "you sounded like abby..." (A mean stage manager from when we where in middleschool). So because I'm tired I almost burst into tears and was like "I'm sorry, I don't mean to yell! I'm just frustrated!" And a senior was like "no, no, we deserved that" then gave me a hug.

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ghost story: my theatre group practices at a recreation center, where there is parties sometimes. With parties of course comes balloons that float to the roof and don't come down. we were practicing a show that was a halloween play and all of a sudden one of the balloons slowly starts to come down and started floating in mid air really still. All of a sudden, the lights started to flicker and then the power went out. We had to practice outside that day but it was super creepy😂

OH MY GOSH THAT’S REALLY SCARY!!! I would be terrified!!

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My brother bought a ring todayayayayayayay oh my god he's gonna get married and have little babies and I'll be an aunt and the ring is gorgeous and I love it I want it okay bye

AHHH THAT’S SO INCREDIBLE, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy to hear that you have this incredibly beautiful celebration to look forward to, wow - that’s so lovely. Many happy wishes to your family! Thank you so, so much for sharing this wonderful news, dear!

Nothing, I find, has prepared me for the sight of my own characters walking about. A playwright or screenwriter must expect it; a novelist doesn’t and naturally concludes that she has gone mad. (What do they need so many umbrellas for? Don’t they realise that they are imaginary?)

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I was in the scottish play and it was a strict rule to use 'Maccy-B' when we weren't in character. Basically the lead refused to do it until he knocked a platter into an ensemble's face during the dinner scene and gave her a black eye during one of the rehearsals. A lot of other things happened, but that was when he decided to never say it again.