All About the Storefront (Part 1)

So, I decided to spend a rainy Tuesday driving around Durham taking pictures of storefront churches in my local area (I will post these pictures later). My wife (a health educator and researcher) went along with me and took notes on the locations (bless her heart).

The reason? Well, I believe that storefront churches are to the kingdom of God what small businesses are to the economy: if you want to see the principles of either system truly at work, then go to the smaller end of the spectrum.

Now, I have done a lot of reading about the perception of the storefront church, and there are appears two “opinions”. Either they are viewed as a guardian of the poor and down-trodden as they offer much needed services to the community. The other opinion is that they are a menace to revitalization of downtown areas (here one:

I personally could care less about whether a town is complaining about a church moving in an abandoned storefront and re-purposing it for God’s work. More than likely there are some developers hoping to cash in cheap property that are ticked off that something other than a check-cashing store, liquor store or pawn shop is operating in the neighborhood.

At the same time, I would love to see these ministries have access to ministry and leadership development services that until now have only been available to larger, established churches. Proper use of these services would, in my opinion, give these churches the support needed to realize their ministerial goals and continue to provide much-needed services to their local neighborhoods.

My plan is to spend the next year studying up-close storefront churches in my local area and offering my assistance to any and all that are looking to honor God’s call and spread His word of salvation to the surrounding community. Pray for me; this should be very interesting.