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A store in New Mexico posted racist “Kill Obama,” “Muslims Not Welcome” signs on windows

  • A convenience store in New Mexico is facing backlash for a series of offensive and racist signs posted on their storefront windows.
  • The Mayhill Convenience Store in Mayhill, New Mexico, displayed these signs for years
  • One of the signs read “Kill Obama” and another says “Obama & Muslims not welcome here.” Read more.

already fallen
without thinking ahead,
following impulses instead

keeping the past
tight within your grasp,
you fear replacing 
established romance 

you are a bird, uncaged,
changing direction at
the slightest bought of wind

worry eats you away—
how lonely your mind 
makes love out to be

constant reaffirmation, yet
still you keep craving 
reminders of affection

analyze heartbeats until
you find them to beat out of sync—
more proof of a love gone wrong

unproportionate give and take—
turning a blind eye when
you begin to feel used

awake all night, terrified your
dedication is not reflected,
replaying sleepless nightmares

a world of open doors 
taunts you to enter—
how to stay in place when
there’s so much you might miss?

armored heart,
a metal coating will not melt
until you find some warmth

glancing twice into storefront windows
to assure yourself that two distinct outlines
remain reflected back

vision clouded with selfless love,
you see only the good in everyone
(how far can a person rot before
you see what they’ve become?)

—  Poetry for the Venus Signs // fauxastrology

Anti-Trump protest in Portland turns into “riot,” police arrest dozens

It began as a peaceful march to protest Donald Trump’s impending presidency. But the Thursday night demonstration in Portland, Oregon, quickly became violent, with so-called “anarchists” holding bats, throwing objects at police and breaking storefront windows and engaging in other acts of vandalism. 26 people were arrested. Trump addressed protests on his first tweets since being elected.



god i know i said my anime kylux days were over but after drawing this @kdazrael suggested i watch antique bakery which i DID i marathoned it last night and it spawned this evil hell au you’ll probably be seeing more of

I love seeing girls take selfies despite people calling them obnoxious for it, I love seeing people check out their reflections in storefront windows completely unabashed, I love dudes who primp and pamper themselves even though our culture says men shouldn’t do that. It’s such a good trend. You gotta count on yourself for love because this world is full of weak fuckos who won’t appreciate you and you’re the only lover you’ll ever find who won’t let you down. Self love will save us

On the sixth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me: six mistletoe kisses, five duets to sing, four mugs of cocoa, three dozen cookies, two sheriffs’ parties, and an angel who has trouble cooking turkey

Your boots crunched pleasantly over fresh snow as you walked with your hands in your jacket pocket. Beside you, Cas made a matching set of footprints, keeping an easy pace with you as you strolled down the sleepy town’s main street. Cas paused in front of a storefront window, replete with a miniature Christmas display of fake snow, small houses with  glowing lightbulb windows. A toy train made its circular path around the whole thing.

“How are you liking the holidays so far?” you asked, coming to stand beside him. He kept his glacier-blue eyes on the display a moment longer before turning to you, tilting his head just a bit.

“It’s not what I expected,” he replied.

The two of you began to walk once more, arms just brushing.

“Not what you expected in a bad way?” you asked. Cas shook his head.

“It’s not bad,” he said. “I’ve been far removed from it all for a very long time; you can lose track of months and years in heaven.”

“That makes sense.”

“Experiencing it all here for the first time—the stockings, the tree…there are a lot of traditions that don’t make very much sense to me.”

“I think that’s ok. I think the holidays are different for everyone; you have to make it something special for yourself,” you told him. You looped your arm through his, noting the way he faltered for just an instant when you did.

“What are the holidays for you, Y/N?” he asked. You looked around the street, at the shoppers and families on their way home—people who were safe now thanks to the hunt you’d finished with Cas and the Winchesters. It was quiet, picturesque, and Cas was warm beside you.

“They’re being with the people who mean the most to me,” you replied easily. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely putting stockings up for all three of you guys when we get back to the bunker, but Christmas is just about togetherness.”

“That’s nice,” Cas said. You looked to him; his face was serene, the left side of his mouth turned up the smallest bit as he cast his eyes skyward. The moon was just beginning to show herself, having been shrouded by thick clouds all evening, and her light was welcome over your angel’s face.

“So since this is your first real Christmas, I think you should start making your own traditions,” you said with a nod. He opened his mouth to speak, but shut it quickly again, a slight blush on his cheeks from more than just the biting chill.

“Did you think of one?” you asked.

“I was thinking that—maybe it would be nice if you and I could go on a walk like this again,” he said.

“Next Christmas Eve?” you asked. He nodded shyly. “I’ll clear my calendar,” you grinned and that small turn up in his lips bloomed into a full, beaming smile.

“It’s getting cold,” he noted, after you’d walked a bit farther down the street. “Do you want to go back?”

“Let’s just stop in there for a few minutes instead,” you said, pointing to a cozy cafe just across the street. You hurried together towards its glowing light and Cas held the door for you; a tinkling bell above announcing your presence. Cas looked up to it and you followed his gaze, your heartbeat picking up as you spied the seasonal decoration hanging in the cafe’s entry, just above you and Cas.

“Hey, look, mistletoe,” you said softly. Cas glanced back to you, brow creased.

“You’re supposed to kiss underneath it,” you explained.

“Is that another Christmas tradition?” he asked. You gave him a small shrug, making yourself brave and gripping the collar of his coat lightly in your hand.

“It’s your Christmas, Cas,” you told him. “You decide.”

And without any hesitation at all, Cas leaned down to you and kissed you more softly than you’d ever been kissed before, sweet as a Christmas miracle.

leafyxthiefy  asked:

Can we have Florist AU pls?? ;u;/ Thank and Bless you ♥♥♥♥♥

Marco’s train of thought was violently derailed when he caught sight of the ASL flower shop or more specifically of the young men he could see in the storefront window.

One with dark locks was watering flowers wearing nothing but black shorts and a black apron. He swayed slightly side to side, obviously dancing. His back was to Marco but it wasn’t a bad sight at all.

The other was blond like Marco, who was trimming some of the roses in the display window.  He also wore the black apron but since he was facing front Marco could make out the store logo printed on its chest. Luckily he wore a shirt, unluckily it was a muscle one showing off toned arms making him very appealing.

Marco had to take a minute to remind himself to breathe.

This was all Izo’s fault. Usually, he doesn’t come to this side of the city as his home and work were both a good forty minute commute but his brother needed someone to go pick up the centerpieces for his fashion show.

Seeing as Marco had a nice big truck, and more than willing to help out to support his brother in his dream he had made his way to the East district.  The least the fashion designer could have done was warn him about the drop dead gorgeous florists.

With a sigh of defeat, he swings out of his truck and walks as casually as he can to the shop. He just needed to pick up the order and be on his way. No big deal.

“Welcome! We’ll be with you in just a moment!”  The blond calls with a wide smile as soon as he opens the door.  The other man gives him a curious look over his shoulder before flashing a breath-stealing grin.

“No, worries please take you time yoi” Marco says in a polite almost bored tone. The one he uses whenever he’s nervous. Trying to distract himself from is pounding heart rate, he glances around the store.

It isn’t what he expects. The interior kind of resembles a pirate ship with its layout and decorations but one covered in flowers. It’s both homey and wonders filled. Marco likes it.

A radio plays salsa music softly somewhere and the man swings his hips to the beat. Marco watches him move before the blond steps into his line of sight.

“Hi, my names Sabo. How may I help you today?” He asked politely unaware that he ruined the show for the older blond.

Marco swallows down his disappointment but smiles and pulls out Izo’s order number. “Hello, Sabo my name is Marco. I’m here to pick up an order.”
Vows: Vanessa Nadal and Lin Miranda
They met in high school and now a lawyer and a Broadway musical composer marry.
By Lois Smith Brady

Hamilton friends, I was looking for something else and found this in the NY Times Vows column. It’s an adorable love story. I’m appending the text below a cut because I think not everyone can access Times articles without a subscription. 

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