apologies for re-uploading this post but i believe ive fixed the error that was preventing payment with paypal! (if theres still an error for anyone please let me know)

anyhow, here’s my bigcartel store where im selling some little stickers and buttons! everything here ive printed and cut out by myself, i’ve only made a small amount of stock to start out but if you would like to buy something i would appreciate it a whole lot!

also: i’m going to include a free unique little hand drawn sticker on matte sticker paper with every order!

please send any questions or feedback my way so i can improve and make more things! ୧(﹒︠  ᴗ﹒︡ )୨

anonymous asked:

are there any good shops where i can buy tools like herbs, candles, crystals, wands, etc?


Online Shops:

Wiccan Way

The Magickal Cat

Raven and Crone

The Official Witch Shoppe Online

Sacred Mists

13 Moons

Moon Aria New Age and Metaphysical Store

Moons Light Magic

Eclectic Artisans

Pagan Cheap Stuff

Spells of Magic Shop

Physical Shops:

East Meets West (USA)

Earthbound Trading Co. (USA)

Dollar Tree (USA and Canada)

BONUS: How to Find Local Witchcraft Supply Stores by State


bogleech please look at these aquarium decorations we got in at work. The first one says “giant leech” on the tag. (???)

I love how the roaches don’t have any antennas, and like, sort of almost there heads under the pronotum. 

Oh, and the neck on the first one moves. Like, it rotates in place.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: au!grocery stores

Seventeen-year-old Heiwajima Shizuo had taken his two-year-old baby brother Heiwajima Kasuka grocery shopping. And it seemed that while Shizuo was closely examining the selection of ice cream, little Kasuka had climbed out of the cart and run off, resulting in his older brother running around the store with the cart, putting his track and field skills to use.

Also narrowly avoiding knocking displays and people over.





The happy chime immediately caught Shizuo’s attention and he stopped immediately, turning around to go down the aisle behind him. He saw Kasuka waving at him happily, a stranger’s hand on his head to keep him from bouncing. Leaving the cart and dropping to his knees to hug him, he gave a shaky sigh of relief. “Oi… you can’t run off like that!”


Standing and putting Kasuka back in the cart, Shizuo turned to the stranger. “Izaya!” Kasuka chirped and Shizuo nodded, clearing his throat; he wore a uniform, though black and red in comparison to Shizuo’s blue and white one, but he assumed that he was also a student. “Thanks. He uh… got away with me.”

Izaya nodded. “So I assume.”

“Niisan, niisan!” Kasuka pointed at Izaya, other hand on Shizuo’s sweater. “Friend!”




“Play with friend!!”

Shizuo wasn’t one to sink so low as to use his own baby brother to get the number of a cute stranger, but Kasuka seemed to be insisting. Turning back to Izaya, he cleared his throat and held his phone out. “…Mind giving me your number? So… uh… you and my brother can… play…”

Izaya gave a dry smirk and nodded, taking his phone, murmuring ‘text me your name later, all right?’

Hours later, Shizuo was staring at his phone, having finished his homework. He expected it to be a fake number; after all, it wasn’t as if a high school student would actually want to be a toddler’s playmate. But, Shizuo decided as he scrolled through his contacts to find Izaya’s name, it would be rude to not at least try.

So he went ‘hey, this is Shizuo from the grocery store’ and blinked as it sent.

So it was a real number. Doesn’t mean it was his…

A few minutes later, his phone went off and Shizuo was pleasantly surprised to see a new text:

So when does Kasuka-kun want to play?