Favorite 5sos Shirts: Luke’s Dark Blue Weezeer Cutoff

*credits to the owners of the photos*

The Signs as Stores at the Mall

Aries - Journey’s

Taurus - Auntie Anne’s

Gemini - the pet store

Cancer - the child daycare center

Leo - Victoria’s Secret

Virgo - Barnes & Noble

Libra - Bath & Body Works

Scorpio - Victoria’s Secret

Sagittarius - the candy store

Capricorn - the bank

Aquarius - the trope Asian food place

Pisces - the vendors selling hand-crafted jewellry

SophiaBush: When you’re trying to take a panoramic shot of the crowd at #Metallica at #Lollapalooza and one of the sound guys says, “wanna jump on the equipment case for a better view?” you say YES. (This is my holy-shit-I’m-losing-my-mind-this-is-so-flipping-cool face 😂) #LikeAKidInACandyStore #IHaveAbsolutelyNoChill