Etsy Update: Leather Bags for MSD & YoSD

Since there was a lot of interest in the first leather bag update, here is a new one, with new models and more satchel bags.

This time, the sizes are YoSD and MSD, and should be compatible with MonsterHighs too. All the bags can open and store props inside.

You can read more info about the update on my blog:

And the link to the Etsy:

Crochet commissions are open, and if you want to combine a commission with a bag, it is totally OK! Feel free to contact us via Etsy convo for any doubt or question you may have!

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“I knew a person who worked for an insurance company. I’d give her some money and then she’d give me all the information I needed to open fake credit lines. I’d create fake drivers licenses and then go into stores and open up lines of credit. You can buy about $10,000 worth of stuff at a time, and then sell it for 70% of face value. I’d also rent cars under their name, change the VIN number, and then sell them with fake titles. You can print a fake title on nice parchment, add a watermark, and nobody looks too close. Then even after I destroyed their credit, I could still use their information. I could print up some fake checks with their name on it and cash them at banks. My checks had magnetic ink and everything. I learned it all on the Internet. I tried to stay emotionally detached. I never learned too much about the people. They were just names to me. Nothing personal. Plus all of them were government employees. So why should I feel guilty? Does the government feel guilty about slavery?”

(Federal Correctional Institution: Cumberland, Maryland)