Sorry ll F2F ll Dantana

Dani groaned as she got another text from Santana while she was trying to snort another line of coke. Sighing she knew even in her drunken and high state that she needed to fix this and fast. Snorting the line she said goodbye to her friends she got into her car and raced off to find the nearest open store, running in she managed to get her girlfriend a box of chocolates and some flowers. If she was sober she  would have know that this was a terrible idea but since she was no where near sober she decided to go for it. Pulling into Santana’s driveway shortly after she pulled out the key Santana had given her and after a few attempts she finally unlocked it and walked in. Taking off her shoes she stumbled up the stairs, chocolate and flowers in hand she slowly and trying to be quiet walked into Santana’s room. “San, you awake? She attempted to whisper but it came out louder then intended to. 

Tips for if you are purchasing in-store:
  1. Make sure you call the store today and confirm with them that they are receiving the dolls
  2. Ask the cast members where the line will begin, and if there are any rules that need to be followed.
  3. Try to find out how the security in the mall works. From what I have heard, some malls do not allow you to stand outside stores really early and others have no problem with it.
  4. Get there early! Since these are Frozen LE dolls, I recommend getting there as early as two hours before the store opens. You may not want to wait it, but at least you will have a better chance at getting the doll than if you get there only one hour early.
  5. You have to be 18 or older to purchase these dolls, so if you are under that age make sure you bring an adult with you. 
  6. Even if you are older than 18, BRING YOUR ID. The stores do check for ID and if you don’t have it, that could absolutely prevent you from purchasing the dolls.
  7. Stay calm, and do not worry. If you get to the store early, they will most likely hand out line-up cards which means once you have the card, you are guaranteed the doll.

so i bump into my old coworker who also opened the store with me and she’s like “what have you been up to lately?” and I’m like “trying to graduate” and she’s like “STILL?! every time i talk to you you’re trying to graduate!” and I’m like “yeah i’m not really good at it”