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Soothing Tea for Menstrual Cramps

Period having people know how painful cramps can be, especially at the beginning of the cycle. This tea is designed to ease cramping by relaxing the muscles of the uterus and aiding in relaxing cycle-related nausea. The herbs used in this blend are traditional remedies for menstrual pain, used for centuries all over the globe.


  • ¼ tsp mugwort - helps stimulate smooth menstrual flow, normalizes and calms the nervous system, regulates menstrual flow
  • ½ tsp red raspberry leaf - cleans the blood of excessive hormones, soothes breast tenderness, supplies the body with many of the nutrients lost during a cycle
  • ½ tsp mint - eases discomfort from cramping, helps ease nausea, regulates bleeding, adds flavor, soothes and comforts
  • ¼ tsp ginger - eases nausea, relieves uterine pain, adds flavor
  • ½ tsp parsley - has strong analgesic and antinociceptive properties, acts as an anticeptic 
  • 2 cups of water - purified water works best but tap water is also suitable
  • Quart sized mason jar with lid - for storing the mixture
  • Optional - sweetener, lemon, cinnamon sticks


  1. Add the herbal mixture together in a tea strainer. Place strainer in a quart sized mason jar.
  2. Bring 2 cups of water to a rolling boil and pour into the jar over the tea. 
  3. Screw on the lid and let the tea steep for 15 minutes. 
  4. Once the tea has finished steeping, remove the strainer. You can divide the tea up into 3 parts in separate jars, or measure it out each time so that each dose is exactly 2/3 cup. It must be stored in the fridge. 
  5. Drink the dose in the morning when you wake up, at midday, and before bed on the first day of your cycle to ensure best results.


This tea is has a very earthy, bitter flavor. Those who are not fond of teas to begin with will most likely not enjoy this brew. Copious amounts of sugar is recommended to improve the taste, but you may just have to hold your nose and gulp it down…

I realize there is some concern with ingesting mugwort. The FDA recommended safe dose is 1 teaspoon per 8 fluid ounces of liquid, and this tea calls for ¼th of that amount because of the dangers associated with overdosing on mugwort. However, If you do not feel comfortable taking this ingredient, you can simply exclude it from the tea or turn this tea into a spell jar instead. 

You can add some magickal components to this tea as well. Here is a sigil for relieving menstrual cramps that you can draw on your abdomen or on the jar used for storing your tea. You can also turn this into part of a tea ritual. I have instructions for one here for healing and relaxation. I recommend researching the magickal properties and energy of each herb used in this tea before use so that you have a grasp on the energy given to you through these plants. Really, your magickal creativity is the limit for this tea!

WARNING: Do not take this tea if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or at risk of becoming pregnant. If you are taking any other medications, check with your doctor first before taking this tea to ensure it will not interact poorly. Please ensure that you are not allergic to any of these ingredients before taking this tea, even in small doses. Do not take more than the recommended dose. Do not take this tea more than once per week. 

college witch tips!

being a witch and living in a tiny dorm or apartment is a hassle… but here’s some (cheap and easy) tips to make your life a lot easier coming from a college witch!

quick note: if you are a student, you can get six months free of amazon prime with a student email account, and from then on out prime is only $50 instead of $100! amazon is a great place for tons of cheaper witchy resources (and really worth it for textbooks).

💎 crystals! whether you’re sharing a room with someone or in a room by yourself, plenty of people collect and use crystals. check for local flea markets or see if there is an occult shop in your area, there’s bound to be some there. great starter crystals are clear quartz (an essential crystal), amethyst, and rose quartz!

📚 the library! your school library will have some sort of resources. also don’t worry about people thinking you’re strange for checking out books on magick… i promise they don’t care!

🕯 candles and incense! when i lived in a dorm, i hated not being able to light candles and burn incense. invest in some battery powered candles! you can get packs at local dollar stores or walmarts. as for aroma related magick, purchase some oils and mix them with some salt water and spray them around your room! oil warmers or wax warmers are also wonderful alternatives. 

📖 a grimoire/book of shadows! i highly suggest keeping a personal book. no, you don’t have to get some elaborate leather bound book that came straight out of hocus pocus for it to be legit. you could find a sketchbook somewhere, use a three ring binder, or buy a hardback book at a thrift store and paint over the pages! your book is what you make of it. it is your own novel of personal magical experiences and knowledge, so make it your own!

🌵 plants! invest in cacti and succulents especially if you are a beginner or live in a tight space, they’re easy to manage throughout the rough mishaps and late nights of school work. cacti are great for protection and banishing negativity, where succulents bring love and healing. both plants can represent the ability to survive through conditions others cannot. if you have a balcony, take advantage!

⚗️ jars! now is a great time to collect containers from thrift stores, gather old pickle jars, and look for sales and coupons craft stores may have since most of them will have all sorts of neat jars.

🔮 an altar! if you don’t have a roommate to worry about, great! do your thing. if you do (and the don’t exactly seem cool with the whole witch thing), you can make a subtle altar of candles, crystals, and some plants or flowers. they don’t have to be elaborate. you could keep a small altar in a shoe box or draw one in your bos/grimoire! get creative!

✍️ sigils! use sigils. abuse sigils. put them everywhere. write them in binders or on your skin, write them on sticky notes or ripped paper and put them places you’ll see them or bury them outside. sleep with a protective one under your pillow. there’s so many things to do and its so easy to use them!

🎨 get creative! you can make crystals out of salt (another thing you should invest in), learn how to read playing cards if you can’t afford a tarot deck, and never forget you can find the coolest things at thrift stores. paint can be your best friend!

☕️ tea and coffee! a keurig is a wonderful investment. whether you like coffee or tea, it gives you boiling water fast without leaving a dorm. enchant your keurig and remind yourself of the properties in your drink to help you learn.

✨ decorating! take advantage of things like twinkle lights and washi tape! if you don’t know about washi tape, its a decorating tape that does not damage walls. create constellations or sigils with washi tape on your walls! amazon also sells many cheap tapestries. give yourself a comfortable and pleasant space to live and work!

⏳ plan! enchant your planners to help you remember due dates, and while you’re at it, keep track of moon phases and other events! many calendars will tell you when full moons are.

⚖️ meditate! this is something i find very important to stay sane during hard semesters. if you have a roommate, maybe meditate in the morning or late at night laying in bed. you could also meditate when they have classes. its okay if you cant every day, but its important to remember to save time for you.

🏃‍♀️ walks! if you live in a dorm there’s a big chance you’ll be walking to class. enjoy these walks with nature, read outside every now and again, but make sure that you are always safe.

⏱ take your time! you do not have to collect all of these things in a week, month, or even year. witchcraft is all about intent and energy. you hold the power, the items are only there to help. manifest your own power, collect at your own pace.

🔎research! always research properties of things. buy cheap dried herbs from grocery stores and work with them, figure out what to put in your coffee to help you with your day, and learn how to enchant crystals to help you feel a little more confident about your studies. most importantly, learn to balance your studies and your witchy research, and don’t let witchcraft get in the way of your schoolwork. school should come first always!

i hope this helped some of you college witches, new and experienced! i am always open to answer questions! happy casting!


Some of my favourite T&S moments of the season (Happy belated Birthday @godrixhollow )

Tinctures, tinctures, tinctures!

Many witches from all walks of life have been using tinctures for generations. Tinctures can be used for healing a whole variety of illnesses. Let’s be clear though, tinctures are more soluable in alcohol than in water. Alcohol will dissolve and extract natural resins, oils, alkaloids, sugars, starches, and hormones, though tinctures do not extract nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. Most often vodka or brandy is used to make tinctures. Unlike an infusion or decoction, tinctures are much stronger making it so you only need to use a few drops in water as a medicinal dose. You can also use a few drops in salves or baths.

Making a Simple Tincture

You will need:

• (4) ounces of dried herbs or (8) ounces of fresh herbs

• (1) clean jar for storing your tincture (something that can hold at least (20) ounces.)

• (1) pint of brandy or vodka

• (1) dark bottle (used to store the tincture when it’s finished)

Let’s get started!

To make a tincture, take (4) ounces of dried herbs or (8) ounces of fresh picked herbs in a clean jar. Make sure this jar can hold at least (20) ounces. Now pour the (1) pint of alcohol you have chosen slowly over your herbs. Simply seal your jar now and keep it in a warm place (no colder than 70°F/21°C) for 2 weeks, shaking it up a couple times a day. After the 2 weeks is over, strain out the herbs so all that is left is the liquid. Lastly, pour your tincture in a dark colored bottle and store away.

Have fun with this. There are endless opportunities when making tinctures. It’s a very easy way for any witch to cleanse and heal the body naturally. You don’t have to be a hearth witch to love making tinctures! ♡


I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.

Advice For Travelling (Read: Navigating Airports) In A Wheelchair
  • If you’re alone, check your luggage. It’ll be much easier, but never check your meds or medical supplies, just in case the bag gets lost
  • Make sure everybody knows what you need. Tell the person who prints your boarding pass if you need an aisle chair. No matter what, make sure you get priority boarding. Tell the gate agent, and make sure you’re the first one on the plane. Tell the flight attendants if you need help with a bag or transfers or anything. Be aggressive in advocating for yourself
  • Sometimes, planes will have a closet on board where they can store your chair. Most of the time, you’ll have to gate check it. Take everything off it- side guards, cushion, etc. or it’ll get lost
  • Go to the bathroom before the flight, because unless you can walk a bit, you won’t be able to go on the plane
  • Security is a hassle. You’ll still have to take off your shoes and take out your toiletries, etc. but instead of going through the metal detector, you’ll get patted down and they’ll test your chair
  • Don’t use any scented products like lotion or perfume, because something it can trigger the product they use to test for explosive residue. 
  • Tell the TSA agent if you have any metal surgical implants, because they’ll make the wand beep
  • Not all airports are created equal. Some are much more accessible than others. With the exception of LAX and Laguardia, most international airports in major cities in the US are pretty accessible
  • Southwest is the best airline to fly. They are always the most accommodating, and because they don’t have assigned seating (and since you’ll be the first one on the plane,) you can take the bulk-head. The nice thing about that is you won’t need the aisle chair, since it’s the first row
  • Never fly JetBlue, Delta, or US Airways. They’re horrible, and known for breaking people’s chairs. American, United, and Air Canada are okay, but not ideal
  • You’re going to be the last one off the plane. Sorry

So I’ve notice that no one seems to know that you can set up a Medical ID (and check for one in an emergency) on your iPhone. 

So you’re probably aware that when you open a locked iPhone, there is a little icon in the bottom left corner for use in emergency.

If you click on that, a keypad to call an emergency number will appear (112 is the international number, and will link you in to the local number if you don’t know it). You can also go down the bottom left corner again, and click on Medical ID.

Then you’ll come up with details about whoever it is, like their age, medical history, allergies, any medications they’re on, height, weight, blood type, organ donor status. In short, pretty much everything that a paramedic might want to know. 

You can also add emergency contacts, so your next of kin etc. can be easily contacted.

And all of that is available in the little heart icon “Health” app that is automatically stored on your iPhone.

You can also put in all of these cool things, and link it up to other health-type apps on your phone.

So there you go. It’s not just wallet cards that you can list all of your crazy conditions/medications on, and it’s not the only thing you can check for if you find yourself in the presence of a medical emergency.

“My son went to Goodwill today to find some work clothes… He made the following observations and took action… I am proud of My Son for his efforts to his fellow man:

Ryan Muncy What seems like a fitting place to post this as this is my question to you goodwill industries.
What are you doing for others?
I was just in one of your stores and was witness to a def, mute boy who had a clothing voucher
This boy had an aid worker with him he had just been dropped off by his parents at a shelter with the clothing he had on .
jeans that looked to be too small, no socks some worn out shoes, and a food stained t shirt .your employee took the time to explain to the aid worker that the jeans he had picked out from your store the t shirt he had picked out and 2 sweatshirts were not covered by the clothing voucher because of the color of the tags on these items also the boots he had picked out that were some worn Stanley workboots that were priced at 17.99 they arent even $30 new by the way were not covered by the voucher as you might imagine a person who can’t really hear and can’t speak takes the time to pick things out just to have an employee at your store tell his aid worker he can’t have these things he was obviously in need ,isn’t this what you are here for ,to help people in need.
I find it shameful that your store a non for profit that sells donated items cannot help someone like this boy so instead I bought him the shirts and the jeans I spent a grand total of 21.69 and that is the last money I will ever spend in a goodwill store your CEO can make bonuses bigger then my years salary but you can’t even afford to help a kid with some donated clothing shame on you and shame on your employees.
And just so you know I will be posting something similar to this on my Facebook wall I wonder how long it will be before enough people see this one story and begin to feel the same way I now do toward your stores ,your company, and your upper management.” i hate this so much. what the fucks up goodwill??

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos

@waygetter concept: tattletails that help kids with diabilites

  • tattletails with ears that can be chewed on for kids who chew stim
  • tattletails that are equiped with fidget toys/slime
  • tattletails who say “i’m proud of you!” at the end of the day
  • tattletails that have different textures for visual/feeling stims
  • tattletails that remind you to take your meds/can store your meds
  • tattletails that can reassure you
  • tattletails to help people with ocd with providing a healthy obsession (like on time feeding/brushing/etc)
  • tattletails that remind people to brush their teeth/sleep
  • tattletails that help convince you to achieve things for people with avpd
  • tattletails that help you go to bed on time to calm you down
  • tattletails for people with npd who tell you you’re great
  • tattletails for disabled people!!!!!!

(thanks to @discranola, @meiynx, @theredthunderwolf, @arachno-va and the tattletail discord in general for coming up with these together!! :] )

Build your astral place (2/3)

This might be the easiest part once you’ve managed to fully enter the astral plane, but it takes time. 

How to build your house

Step 1:

⍟ Be sure you’re well anchored to the astral plane. You’re looking for a place that you like and that doesn’t belong to anyone. Don’t worry, the astral is very, very vast and there’s plenty place for you. Both of my astral houses (I’ll explain why I have two in part three) are located by the sea near a forest, but this is a strictly personal choice. I used to have one on top of a pile of clouds, too. Find a place where you’ll be alone.

Step 2:

Build your house! It doesn’t have to be a house by the way. It doesn’t have to be realistic-looking, or even logical. It’s your personal space, it should be what’s more suitable for you. Mine are a 4-stories mansion with Roman therms and French gardens and a small cozy cottage with ghost bees that produce honey. Yours can be the inside of a bag filled with gold or a simple cube floating in the void. Do what you want.

Step 3:

⍟ Think about how you’re going to protect it from invaders. My principal house has two fences offered by divinities, one ward built by me, several guarding golems, multidimensional doors in case I need to run, and can only be opened by me. My second house being less important, it only has one ward. Once you’re satisfied, you can enjoy your house!

What to do of it? Again, what you want, but here a few suggestions

1) Spend time in it, chillin’.

⍟ No, really this is important! I suffer a lot from the absence of sun during winter, but my astral place is always sunny and warm. When I feel stressed, I go there and do relaxing stuff like bathing or decorating, praying, etc. It’s good for you, and it’s a safe place to do it.

2) Do witchcraft

⍟ If, for any reason, you can’t practice irl, try in the astral plane. I can’t guarantee it will work, but ultimately your mind is just as good as any other tool. Plus, you don’t have to pay for anything, just imagine it and it appears.

3) Use it as a mental palace

⍟ Store memories, mnemonics, visualize things that you can’t irl (like operating a patient if you’re a surgeon, practice martial arts, resolve a crime scene). You have no limits in the astral plane, and I’ve read somewhere that doing something while dreaming has the same memory value as if you’ve done it irl so it might be a good way to train (but don’t forget real-world training tho).

4) Use it to store energy

⍟ Ever felt like your mana was at level zero? Well, in your house you can store your own energy. You can also take the astral plane’s energy. Personally, I have an energy well in the middle of my house that provides me with pure astral energy. In a way, the honey from my ghost bees is also a form of energy as it it very powerful and makes a great offering.

5) Invite deities

⍟ This part is tricky because it can be dangerous. Make sure you know what you’re doing before trying. You wouldn’t want to have a malicious spirit plaguing your beautiful place. But once you master it, deities always require to be invited formally in and offered food as a sign of hospitality. I usually offer bread and salt or salt and oil. 

These are only suggestions, you can try other uses! Actually, if you want to share it would be very nice.

Day 3 of the #Selflovingyogis July challenge ❣Self Care activity: Put on a cute outfit.

Outfit can be cute, sexy, fun, comfortable, crazy, fancy, minimal. Whatever you want!

A new cute outfit or an outfit that you have maybe only worn once but couldn’t find that time to ever wear it again can be a fun new change out of your normal routine! Also just wearing a comfortable outfit like your favorite leggings, cute shorts, and favorite top. Trying new outfits on at your favorite store can be a fun dress up as well. I like taking pictures in an outfit I can’t afford sometimes so I don’t feel like I’m obsessing over an outfit. Have fun with it today!

Both of these outfits I got from @forever21plus, and I haven’t worn them since I got them! I still really love them, just didn’t know when I would ever wear them. So I thought today should be the day!

How to join in:
- Post a photo (s) or video of what you feel like for the self care activities, and of yourself in the daily yoga pose.
- Tag myself @biggalyoga (TBA sponsors) with #selflovingyogis so I can follow you along on your journey.
- Share the flyer and tag a friend to spread the word and join in anytime!
#yoga #selfcare #selflove #yogalove #yogatherapy #yogachallenge #summerofselfcare


Well, based on the feedback I’ve been receiving, I think the majority will answer: “Yes!”

The Etsy shop is open and it is called SuzansTrinkets

Currently, there are two listings of two different patterns. This includes one covered in pumpkins and another with The Nightmare Before Christmas.



The first 10 people to order a pillow from SuzansTrinkets will also receive a Halloween themed pouch in which you can store your phone, headphones, makeup, and other little trinkets!!!

Here is the link:

sound-alchemist  asked:

Hi Shiro! I started buying dice this year for a d&d game and now I find myself with 17 sets and wanting more 😅. How do you store all your dice and can you suggest anything like a travel hard-case for them?

Oooh, well done! 17 sets is a great start ;D At the moment, the bulk of my collection is stored in three dice bags, two of which my best friend made cause she’s a saint and one I got on Etsy.

I really need to get a fourth one, even, for my mini dice.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to start on travel cases, but I know I’ve seen some in my submit box, so if anyone else out there has advice, lay it on us!

What i learned 3000 miles in my tiny house

This is intended mostly for people who are not independently wealthy, people who have to work for a living, and have somewhere to be, and will be hauling their own THOW.

- you don’t know anything.  By which i mean: until you have lived in it, towed it, you don’t know what you don’t know until you come across it.  You’ve read a lot, toured them, and feel pretty damn comfortable, but there’s going to be a LOT come up that you just don’t have the answers to.  

- Enlist a good network of friends, family, trusted colleagues and professionals (auto and home) as well as any friendly looky-loos- don’t worry, people will stop by all the time to offer unsolicited advice.  Take it with a grain of salt but always take it kindly.  Many of these “full timer” RV people (retirees and such) have a wealth of knowledge that save you from having to learn from trial and error.   

- Check your headspace.  double check your headspace.  not just bridges.  but trees, low ceilings in filling stations, and trees.  did i mention trees.  it’s mostly the trees.  

- Learn to secure your load.  you know how in an airplane everything is strapped down or sealed in boxes?  imagine your kitchen cabinets, refrigerator door, and all your shelves bumping about or swinging open when you hit a pothole.  Silicone shelf liner (from the dollar store!) is your friend, you can cut it to size and it comes in many colors.  So are the little peel and stick hooks that you can remove (you can use rubber bands to secure two doors closed this way).  My next plan is to try baby door latches so they lock passively instead of actively so i never have to remember to /do/ anything to get them latched.  

Your load will always outsmart you.  something will be fine for days in a certain location, an then suddenly, you open your door after a couple hundred miles and it’s on the ground.  don’t ask me why. 

- you won’t like this last one:  It’s more expensive than you planned.  The gas (diesel) is more expensive.  you can plan for the difference in towing and not-towing, but you can’t be sure about the difference with the headwinds (i reduced my gas mileage by more than 12mpg while towing).  There are unexpected repairs.  prepare for it.  plan for the money you’d usually use, then leave an extra buffer of several THOUSAND dollars.  you might not use it.  then again- you might, and be glad you had it.  it sure beats being stranded in some no name town, especially if you don’t have much in the way of financial resource people to back you up to get you home/to your destination.  

Edit at 6000 miles.  

be prepared for standard maintenance.  If you’re not, the repairs will be more costly- and could be frightening.