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Based off this video because I cannot stop laughing

It had started out as a simple enough dare, Dean and Cas would each get a total of 3 tries per person to try and “kill” the other by telling the other that “the floor is lava.” They would then have five seconds before they had to find a way to get off the ground and scream that the floor was lava to any unsuspecting passerby if there were anyway. There was no prize, not really. Dean just really wanted to beat Cas at something, and Cas didn’t mind if he got bragging rights.

Cas had been first, during a walk in the park between their two college classes on campus. “The floor is lava,” he’d casually said. Dean had not understood until he did, and at which point he only had 3 seconds left and nothing that he could use to get off the ground. Nothing, except, for a trashcan just up the trail. He’d made it with one second to spare.

“The floor is lava!” Dean screamed triumphantly, balancing precariously on the poor trashcan below him. He had managed to get into a crouch before the inevitable happened––when Dean went to get down back onto the ground and rejoin Cas he slipped and wound up wedging his butt straight into the trashcan. Castiel wouldn’t let him forget it for a week.

The next turn had been Dean’s, choosing to wait until Cas and he were on a grocery run to enact his plan.

“Hey, Cas,” he called the other’s attention while they were in the toilet paper aisle. 


“The floor is lava.” 

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Creepypasta #1121: I'm 12 And I Met A Nice Man

Length: Short

With the sound of change jingling in my pockets I race out of my momma’s car and into the best cookie store in the whole wide world!

Every day if I am a good boy and I do all of my chores my papa gives me a quarter, and at the end of the month they take me to the cookie store where I can spend all day eating cookies and reading the books I take to the store! The owner of the cookie store sees me come in once a month so he brings me free lemonade throughout the day too!

As I start getting into my book, a man sits in front of me and tells me I’m a very good looking young man. So I remember my manners and tell the man thank you. I’m twelve years old, but a lot of people have already called me a very good looking person, so the compliment does not make me as happy as it used to.

I ask the man what his name is, and he tells me that his name is Jonah and that he has a wonderful game room in his house. He said he has all of the newest game systems and all of the games, with a humongous TV, and all the snacks I could possibly want! Wow! He must be very rich to have all of that stuff. I only have a small TV at home, and I only get around 5 channels on it. That’s why I read a lot of books.

I’m only halfway through my second cookie so I offer the man one of my other cookies. He declines my cookie, saying that he has plenty of snacks to eat back at home. He offers to take me over to his house to play video games and eat as many cookies with ice cream as I would like.

I don’t want to waste any of the cookies I already have, so I ask the man if he can give me around an hour so I can finish my book and the rest of my cookies. He says it’s fine and that he can wait for me to finish.

He keeps telling me what a good looking boy I am while I’m trying to read and it gets a little annoying. So I tell him that I am happy to get compliments, but I would like some time to read my book and that he is distracting me. After being quiet for around 20 minutes he starts to try and hold my hand, but every time he brings his hand to mine I act like I’m flipping the page in my book.

After he manages to grab my hand and starts rubbing it with his finger is when I tell him to stop touching me, or I will not be going over to his house. I guess he finally understood that I would like to have some type of privacy while I read and eat my cookies, because he finally decides to do something on his phone.

When I am finally done with my book and cookies, I notice that it’s 4 p.m. and I tell the man that I am ready to go over to his house now.

He jumps out of his chair excitedly and talks about how much fun we are going to have as we exit the store. The owner of the cookie shop gives me a questionable look but I just give him a smile and a nod.

I smile, while I think to myself how much fun I will have with him as we walked out of the store. I laugh, as I know that today is going to be a good day. I scream with glee when my daddy comes behind the man and shoves him into our van.

It does not take long for us to be on the road, as my momma is a very good driver. We manage to peel out of the parking lot and onto the streets. By the time we get on the highway, we already have the man’s mouth taped over and the skin of his arms peeled off. The rest of the skin is easy to peel off now, so we both grab our knives and make sure all of his skin is gone by the time we get home.

Once we got home, my daddy and I chop the hands and the feet off because we don’t like eating those parts. I throw them in to the fire. Then we cut right in the middle of each elbow, then the shoulder, and take the guts and organs out of his midsection. Lastly, we pull the ribs out. That all goes into the stew that we make. The meat found on the back, chest area (with the heart and organs taken out, of course), and legs all make for a wonder pan fried meal.

I may be twelve, but I know what a fucking creep is. I know that he is evil for wanting to do unspeakable things to me. That is why every month I go to the cookie store. That is why the cookie store owner is a very good friend of ours. He has the same taste as us. So he finds people that are looking for good looking boys like me and tells them to come to his shop so they can take me home with them.

Yes we like human flesh, but aren’t we also making the world a better place?

Credit to: Hayong

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aaah, okay may i request some modern!mitsukiki cuddles or going on a date? (:

The winter air feels like relief on Mitsuhide’s skin, cooling the heat clinging to him even beneath his parka. It lasts until he’s in sight of the chapter house, where it finally settles into his overworked muscles, making his quads feel heavy and his delts just – fried. Can muscles be fried?

Who knows? Not him.

(Probably Shirayuki)

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You go on holiday abroad with all the members as friends for a vacation and photoshoots and fall in love with a member fluff plz

so I went with Wonwoo! ♥ lmao I didn’t feel like/didn’t want to specify where exactly this “abroad” is, so you can use your imagination, but fairly close to Korea either way.

When you had first head of the opportunity to join Seventeen on their trip abroad for a vacation that also included some photoshoots for their next album, you didn’t even have to think about your answer.

A trip with thirteen of your best friends? No one would be able to keep you from going.

The preparations were exciting, with your group chat being filled with “What are you taking with you?” and “Can you believe we’re leaving in two days?” instead of the usual bantering. Naturally that didn’t exactly disappear, either, but it was obviously overshadowed by the excitement for the trip.

When the day of the flight finally came, you met up with the boys and some of their staff members at the airport - you didn’t even have to ask them where they were, because if the familiar, bright hair of Joshua, Jihoon or Minghao didn’t catch your attention, the noisiness sure did. 

“Geez, you’re attracting everyone’s attention,” you said while laughing when you reached the boys, who just laughed at you, and some of them gave you quick, excited hugs. “If I didn’t know better, I’d guess this was your first trip overseas.”

“It’s as exciting every time as it was the first, you know,” Soonyoung said with a grin, and all the others agreed. You shrugged with a bright smile taking over your features.

“I guess that’s understandable,” you replied and looked around. “Are we going to check in soon?”

Vernon hummed to Check-In quietly while fiddling with his phone and Seungcheol joined him (you could barely stop yourself from joining in, too), whereas Seungkwan exchanged a few words with the staff members and turned to you. “We should move there now, yeah.”

So you did, and an hour or so later you were all boarding the plane, looking for your seats and putting your hand luggage up to the overhead locker with casual chattering, now noticeably quieter than at the airport. The flight wouldn’t be longer than four or five hours, you could recall, and you found yourself seated between Wonwoo and Jeonghan.

For most of the flight, you listened to music and stole glances at the book Wonwoo was reading. Jeonghan, on the other hand, was dozing off for… well, pretty much the whole flight, with his jacket spread over himself and his eye mask making sure he wasn’t disturbed by light. You looked at him every now and then, only to smile when you noticed that he was still sleeping.

When Wonwoo got a small box of candy from his pocket, he nudged you lightly and gave you a small smile when you took one of your earphones off and turned to look at him curiously. “Do you want some?”

“Oh, sure,” you said, still surprised, and stuck your hand forward so that Wonwoo could give you some of the candy. It wasn’t particularly sweet, but tasted good nevertheless. You smiled at him. “Thanks.”

He shook his head, his nose crinkling a little with the wideness of his smile, and put the box back into his pocket before returning to the book he was reading.

“I could’ve taken some, too,” Seungkwan muttered from his seat on the other side of the aisle, and got a chuckle from Wonwoo.

“I might give you some later if you behave well,” he said amusedly, and Seungkwan squinted almost dramatically.

“What do you mean ‘behave well’?” the younger one asked and leaned closer, only to get a quirked eyebrow from Wonwoo.

“You’ll see.”

The plane landed on time, and after you had all gotten your luggage, you moved to a bus that had been reserved for you well beforehand in order for you to get to the hotel. During the journey, Chan excitedly told you about his list of things he wanted to do during the trip, with Minghao occasionally commenting “I want to do that, too” and Seungcheol chipping in with a realistic “Remember that there might not be enough time for all of that.”

Chan nodded, and while he was still smiling brightly, it was obvious that he hadn’t taken into account how much time doing everything on the list would take. His voice was a mere mumble when he eyed his list. “I’ll have to choose the most important ones, then…”

The hotel was admittedly more extravagant than you had expected it to. It wasn’t quite a 5-star one, but it was so much more than you had imagined. Even the members were all in awe when you entered the lobby with your suitcases, meanwhile the staff members had content smiles on their faces - after all, they had known exactly what kind of a place they were headed to.

“This place looks really expensive,” you muttered, still incredibly amazed, and got agreeing hums from the members.

Mingyu whistled quietly. “Gotta be careful here, huh.”

The members laughed, but with how grand their surroundings were, the laughter wasn’t quite as explosive as it normally was. You got to the reception, where you were given your keys - and told that you and Wonwoo would be sharing a room.

“That’s gotta be a mistake,” you said, stunned, and looked at the details on the screen. The receptionist smiled politely.

“As you can see, it is not,” they said and showed the computer screen to you and the others. Wonwoo nodded slowly while you continued staring at the screen in disbelief.

“Well… it should be fine, right? It’s a twin room, anyway, and not a double,” he said calmly. Some of the other members were almost grinning at the situation, and you turned to face Wonwoo slowly.

“Are you sure? It won’t be weird or anything?” you asked unsurely and accepted your key from the receptionist with a quick “Thank you”, still looking at Wonwoo. He nodded.

“We’re friends, it shouldn’t be weird,” he said, and gave you a small smile. “Now come on and let’s let Seungkwan and Vernon get their key.”

“Those two should not be roomed together,” Joshua mumbled to himself, and you raised your eyebrow. He chuckled. “After Soonyoung and Seokmin, they’re the pair to get the most notifications about loud noise. It’s like they lose track of time.”

You nodded while laughing and looking at the two getting their key, who were glaring at Joshua. “We’re not that bad.”

“Y/N can be the judge of that, considering your room is next to ours,” Wonwoo said with a chuckle, and you grinned at Seungkwan and Vernon.

“You have a week to show that you’re not that bad,” you laughed, to which Seungkwan declared that the challenge had been accepted.

Little by little you began moving to your rooms, and Wonwoo let you into yours as well. The room, while simple, was also more sizeable than you had expected. Again, it wasn’t very big, but you had more room than you would’ve at a cheaper hotel.

“Your agency’s really overdone itself this time,” you said with a quiet chuckle as you got into the room and sat on one of the beds, pleasantly soft yet not too much so. Wonwoo shut the door and nodded with a small smile.

“I don’t think any of us were expecting this,” he admitted, and sat on the other bed. He sighed quietly. “I’m a bit tired.”

“I feel you,” you said and let out a yawn while looking at the clock on the wall. “It’s 10pm… you think we could sneak out of the group dinner and just grab something small from the store downstairs?”

Wonwoo grinned widely at your suggestion. “Leave it to me to talk us out of it.”

He left the room soon, and you lay down on the bed with your phone. Ten minutes or so later he returned, at first with a straight face, but it soon changed into a smile. “No group dinner for us, the manager was really understanding.”

“Yes!” you exclaimed in joy and got up from the bed in an instant, while Wonwoo laughed at you from the door. “So, snacks when they’ve left?”

And Wonwoo nodded.

When the others were leaving, Seungcheol still dropped by the door to make sure the two of you absolutely didn’t have the energy to come, and with how tired you were, it wasn’t a difficult task to show him just how awfully tired you were. So, the others left, and you and Wonwoo were free to go to the store downstairs to buy snacks and whatever nice you could find that would suppress your hunger enough.

And soon you were sitting on the bed Wonwoo had claimed, both dressed in your sleepwear and with a big bag of snacks and food between you.

“This was a great idea,” you said between bites of the bagel you had bought, and Wonwoo chuckled quietly while picking up another dried mango.

“It really was,” he said, his voice so soft that you couldn’t help but notice it. You moved your eyes from the food to him, and tilted your head a little, taking in how happy Wonwoo looked.

Then it hit you: during the time you had known Seventeen, you had not once been alone with Wonwoo the way you were now. And it was enjoyable, much more so than you could’ve imagined.

A small smile spread to your lips as you took another bite of your bagel.

You didn’t manage to finish all of the food, but neither of you minded: you just agreed that you could snack on it in the morning if you felt like it. 

It was a bit after midnight that the two of you were finally getting your blankets over yourselves and reaching for the lights on the wall. Happy smiles played on both of your lips when you said “Good night” in unison.

The week-long vacation proved out to be a lot more eventful than you had expected. You joined Seventeen on their photoshoots, ate meals with them and had an amazing time with all of your friends, but there was something - someone - that made you feel just a bit more excited than anything else.

Jeon Wonwoo.

It was like sharing a room with him had made you see him in a new light or something, even though he hadn’t really done anything out of the ordinary. He had simply been himself - his friendly, sweet, attractive self - and that was enough to give your heart some extra beats and make your cheeks gain color more often than usual.

On the fourth day of the trip, you were walking along a market street in the evening, and Wonwoo joined you out of the blue.

“What’s up?” he asked, his voice as low and husky as it always was, and you gave him a smile.

“I’m thinking about what to buy for my family,” you replied and looked at the booths around you, filled with small accessories, food and whatever you could think of. Wonwoo hummed in understanding with a soft smile spreading to his lips.

“Souvenirs, huh,” he noted, and you nodded. When he wrapped his arm around you, you couldn’t help but yelp - and blush when Wonwoo laughed. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said quickly and tried to tell your heart to just beat a little slower, which it naturally did not do. Instead, it continued the rapid hammering inside of your chest for a good while, and Wonwoo pulling you closer to himself didn’t really help it.

Eventually you managed to finally find something to your family, and it seemed like most of the others did, too. Or so you easily concluded from Seungkwan excitedly saying “I’m sure mom will like this,” and Mingyu running to you from a store, holding a small bag while yelling “Guys! I finally found something for my sister!”

You had dinner, and towards the end of the evening you and Wonwoo retreated to your room like you did every evening. You let out a sigh as you put your things down and got on the bed, lying down immediately - you were exhausted.

Wonwoo chuckled. “Are you not used to that much walking?”

You clicked your tongue and propped yourself up on your elbows. “Not so much the walking, but the fact that it’s almost 11pm and we left the hotel at 9 in the morning.”

“True,” he hummed and put his bags down, only keeping one on his lap as he dug through it. You lay down again and let out a long yawn. When he had found what he had been looking for, Wonwoo smiled to himself and stood up, moving to sit on the edge of your bed.

Your breath nearly hitched in your throat when Wonwoo reached for your hand and placed something on it. “I thought you’d like this.”

You sat up, and before looking at what was on your hand, you took a good look at Wonwoo, who was almost avoiding your gaze and whose cheeks were noticeably more colored than they were when you had gotten into the room, and you were certain it wasn’t just the fatigue.

When you looked at your palm, you were met with a beautiful, simple silver-colored bracelet. Your heart felt warm at the small heart-shaped details on it that you couldn’t see unless you got it really close to your eye. “You really didn’t have to.”

Wonwoo shook his head. “But I wanted to. I wanted to get you something nice, so I did.”

“Thank you,” you said softly and moved to sit next to Wonwoo on the edge of your bed, smiling. “I really like it. I’m sorry that I don’t have anything for you.”

“It’s fine,” he said with a soft chuckle. “I didn’t buy you that expecting to get anything in exchange, so don’t worry.”

You nodded slowly and leaned your head against Wonwoo’s shoulder. He hummed questioningly.

“Why do you have to be so nice?” you asked in a whisper, and Wonwoo chuckled as he leaned his head against yours.

“What do you mean?” he asked amusedly. You sighed.

“You’re just… I don’t even know how to describe it,” you said with a pout, and slowly lifted your face. Wonwoo looked down at you as well as he could from the odd angle before laughing and pulling a bit further away. You stared into his eyes, your heart fluttering because of the intense, deep gaze in them. “You have me weak.”

Wonwoo was silent for a while. He let your words sink in one by one, and eventually he gave you a warm smile while his hand found yours to hold. “I could say the same. For some reason you give me this fuzzy feeling even when you’ve just gotten out of bed with your hair pointing in all directions.”

You snorted at his comment, despite the rapid beating of your heart. “You make me feel that way even when you’ve got your hair up with a hair band and a face mask covering your face.”

He laughed and squeezed your hand. “You beat me.”

Another short moment of silence fell over you, and at the end of it you got yourself under Wonwoo’s right arm so that you could hug him while sitting next to him, and he wrapped his arm around you.

“So it’s okay if I kinda… think I might be falling for you? Like, it’s okay to say it?” you asked bluntly, your voice a bit shaky, and listened to Wonwoo’s heartbeat. It was amazing how it was about as quick as yours was.

Without giving it much thought, Wonwoo gave you a small peck on the top of your head. “It’s definitely okay, and I hope it’s okay for me to say that, too.”

You were about to answer him, and okay, maybe you were also about to give him a quick peck on his cheek, but either way, you were interrupted by a loud noise from the room next to yours, which effectively killed the mood.

“…I think I won the bet,” you said with a giggle, and Wonwoo nodded with an amused smile on his lips, too, while the noise kept going on. Seungkwan and Vernon were playing music that they sang loudly on top of, and by the sounds of it, they were probably also dancing, and definitely not in one place.

“You also lost one.” You looked at Wonwoo with a dumbfound expression, and he grinned so that his nose crinkled - your heart skipped a beat. “Remember a few years ago when you and Seungcheol had the debate on whether you’d be able to be friends with us for five years without falling for any of us, and you said you’d be able to go on for ten years without that? Well, look at you now.”

You blushed and pursed your lips. “…If we ever become, you know, more, do you think we could keep this lowkey for, let’s say, seven years?”

Wonwoo snorted. “No chance.”

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~The Basics of Potion Making~

Many have heard of potions but aren’t sure about the making of a potion and what it Intel’s. a potion may represent an abstract quality, or inspire the mind to some significant awareness, or sooth the body to a state of well being, according to their concoction. When making a potion one has to put into account the meaning and use of the herbs used in the creation.

The creation of a potion can be as simple as making tea to as difficult as baking a soufflé . With potions there is an array of ingredients and magical correspondences one can use.

-medicinal qualities
-magical qualities
• time of day
•day of the week
•planetary correspondences
•elemental correspondences
•lunar phase

There are a few different directions you can go in the making of a potion.

Tincture (Philters) potion

First crush the herb material with a mortar and pestle .

With the creation of a tincture you use a large mason jar and fill it ¾ full of the chosen herbs then full the remaining space with 70 proof alcohol (vodka or rum). Then keep in a dark place for two weeks shaking it twice daily. After the two weeks strain out the plant matter and keep the remaining liquid in a dark bottle.

~when you wish to use it. Use a dropper and mix 2 drops of the condensed liquid to a cup of distilled water.

Crystal Elixir
You can make a crystal elixir in your water bottle for the day for example for healing your can add amethyst, carnelian and agate or you can add crystals to your herbal potions the same way as the water method. Tho you can’t add any crystal because some crystals are poisonous, I suggest that you do thorough research on the crystals you choose to use. So you don’t accidentally Poison your self.
–Steep a stone in water for a measured amount of time in sunlight or moon light. You may leave the stone in the liquid and renew the fluid as necessary. Make sure the stone is scrubbed clean and rinsed well before you use it. Also make sure you have cleansed the stone of any foreign energy by any chosen method.

Herbal Elixir
–An herbal elixir is a liquid that contains properties of planetary energies, because of the inclusion of herbs possessing the chosen plants equivalent vibrations. In an elixir, the herbs are blended with the physical, astral, and spiritual which all three levels are balanced. Thus all three are affected when the elixir is used. An alcohol based substance such as brandy in which you will place the herbs to extract the “sulphur” (astral qualities of the herb).

-How To:
—Place 1 pint of brandy in a small enamel or glass sausepan and bring to a simmer. Simmer with the pan covered until you have reduced the liquid alcohol by half. Then turn the heat off.

—Pour the reduced alcohol into a dark, wide mouth jar. Now add ½ cup of your chosen dried herbs or 1 cup fresh herbs to the reduced alcohol in the jar and seal it. The alcohol is considered “mercury” (spiritual qualities of the herbs used)

—Keep the herbs and alcohol in your sealed jar in a slightly warm place for about 2 weeks.

—At this point strain the mixture until it is clear and has no particles of herb left in it.

— take the herbs that you have strained out for the last step in the process( store in a dark wide mouth jar) allow the herbs to completely dry . This may take a few days. When they are dry, place them in a fire resistant dish and ignite them. Allow the herbs to burn to ash.

–Next place the ashes in their fire resistant dish over the low flame of a Bunsen burner and heat the ashes to a red glow while grinding them occasionally. This produces “salt”
(Physical qualities of the herb)

–mix the “salt” back into the liquid in your dark jar and store the mixture again in its worm place. Let it sit for another 2 weeks.

–after that time, pour the liquid off, leaving the solid matter in the jar and seal it.
–allow it to sit another 2 weeks then open the jar and allow any moisture to evaporate.
–after the elixir completely drys scrape it into an air tight container.

—you can certainly save the liquid that you removed from the solid matter and use it in a bath, or discard it, you may pour it into a running stream to disperse your desires into the univers.

~when you wish to use the elixir , mix ¼ tsp of dry elixir with 2 cups water and take it internally over a weeks period prior to your magical working.

Fluid condensers
An herbal condenser is not dimple to prepare than an elixir but can be used in similar ways.

–first take a large handful of an herb or herbal combination and place it in a small glass or enamel pot. Cover the herbs with distilled water.
–let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes with the pot covered. Turn off the heat and allow your mixture to cool, leavening the pot covered.
–when it is cool, strain out the herbs and return the liquid to the pot again. Summer with the lid on until the liquid has boiled down to Half.
– cool the liquid again and mix it with grain alcohol equal to the volume of the liquid.
–now add 10 flakes of gold and stir.
Bottle it in a dark amber or blue bottle to keep any light from touching the liquid and store in a cool dark place.

~when your wish to use the condenser, shake it first, then drink a liqueur glass full each day for a week prior to your rite.

—When you wish to begin your potion making I suggest that you put lots of thought into your process, so you can work the herbs powers to there extent. The day , the time, the amount, and the season all play rolls in this art.

• if there are any questions my ask is always open.

~The Darkest of Lights

Arin Murphy Hiscock
Scott Cunningham
Karen Harrison
Ann Moura

In Tokyo, the starry sky is blotted out by a sea of city lights, like the galaxy was printed out on the wrong side of the horizon. Pretty in of itself, but not for Ayato’s purposes.

He would have taken them outside of the city limits if he could, but that was too much of a risk. (And too much of a temptation to just run, run, run and never look back.) He could be creative if he wanted to be though.

“Did you steal this, Ayato-kun?” Hinami asks, hands on her hips, cheeks puffed out like an angry bird, indicating the portable planetarium in the middle of the storage room. That was adorable normally (and Ayato shudders that he had just used that word unironically), but tonight he’s rather taken aback. This was supposed to be fun, dammit.

(This was supposed to be for you.)

He deflates a little. “Okay, let’s say I borrowed it-”

“Without permission?”

“I’ll return it!” he snaps, scratching his head irritably. Under his breath, he adds, “You damn goody-two-shoes.”

Hinami doesn’t respond to the append though and is already on the floor, now examining the globular machine. “It’s smaller than I thought it would be,” she remarks, flipping it over to see the switches and slots. “Did you get-” She purses her lips, like she hates that she’s addressing his petty theft, “-did you get the disks too?”

“’Course I did,” he says, squatting beside her. “Plus,” and oh he still can’t help the hint of pride in his voice, “I got this too.”

He almost wants to dare her to comment on his book theft too, but any such notion is forgotten when he catches her expression on seeing the constellation atlas he had nicked from the same brick-a-brack store. Eyes wide, mouth open in childish delight, she reaches for the book like she’s trying not to burst from excitement.

“You thought of everything,” she breathes, rifling through the pages of star maps and astronomy facts.

“’Course I did,” he says again, absentmindedly staring at her. He exhales. God. What did I do to deserve-


“Let’s set it up, Ayato-kun!” she exclaims over the soft buzzing in his brain, bringing him back to the present. He blinks away the fog and busies himself with setting up the planetarium while Hinami moves around some knickknacks in the little storage room for a better surface for the light projection.

He finds it laughable - that he, a guy who never expended more energy than necessary when it came to such frivolities - had risked drawing attention to himself just satisfy some crybaby’s whims. That he, in fact, was so wrapped around her pinky that he’d risk it again to return what he’d “borrowed”, just because she had pouted like that.


The fuck, he screams in his mind, imagining himself just bashing the planetarium against his head, am I doing?

“Shall we start with the first disk?” she asks as she turns off the hanging light bulb with a tug. He grunts in agreement, and he flips the switch on the planetarium, disk in place.

The room is suddenly awash with the twinkling of the Milky Way slowly traversing the dusty ceiling, and he lets a low whistle of approval. Okay, maybe this is kind of amazing. He vaguely registers Hinami sit beside him, skirt rustling, as she spreads the fold out pages of the star map between them.

“This was a good idea,” she whispers, transfixed.

The corner of his mouth lifts a little. “I guess it is.”

“I think…”


“Maybe… you don’t actually have to give this back right away?”

Ayato turns to stare at her sheepish face, then he doubles over laughing. “For the sake of science, is it?”He grins at her mildly embarrassed look. “Not so above it after all, huh.”

A furious blush erupts all the way to her ears. “Nnnhh, Ayato-kun…!”

“Okay, okay,” he snickers, batting away her hands slapping against his arm. “So. You wanna start with Orion?”

“Oh, um.” Her embarrassment gives way to her academic side, and she points to the constellation on the star map. “I guess we can start there and go east…”

They point out the constellations one by one as her finger traces a path across the map, her hand brushing against his. Any other day, he would have pulled away, but there is an odd sort of serenity in their absolute focus, in awe of the cosmos bottled in their little corner of the world.

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Friday night. On Easter weekend. With a 50% off store-wide sale. Manager scheduled 3 people. Three.

I’m convinced that under staffing is way more damaging than over staffing. Customers are not patient beings. They will throw a tantrum by dropping their items and leaving if they have to wait too long. I just don’t know what goes through the minds of corporate or managers when scheduling… -Abby

Using Poppers: Or how to feel the rush & not end up in the ER.

So this is the first real P.S.A. I’ve ever written - but after a few messages over the past few months, I decided it was time to do a general intro & such on the use of those ever-potent little brown bottles that us Cardiophiles love to play with… POPPERS! 

So for the neophytes, what are these special chemicals that make us go wild? And for that matter, what good are they? Let’s take a brief look back in time for a bit on them.

Poppers - the chemical aromas found in such varities as “RUSH” “Jungle Juice” “Amsterdam” and many others have their origins in history as a derivative of Amyl Nitrite. Amyl Nitrite is a potent vasodialator which has been used in cardiovascular research & treatment of some conditions for decades. The actual process is this: Upon inhalation and contact with the bloodstream, Amyl Nitrite releases through chemical properties a crapload of nitric acid. Nitric acid in turn causes smooth muscle (including the arteries) to open and dilate. As the nitric acid swirls through the bloodstream, it passes through the heart, and opens the coronary arteries, dropping blood pressure around the heart. The heart senses this, and begins to pump not only faster but with more intensity, trying to balance the blood pressure not only around it - but also through the rest of the body. This drop in BP is also what gives the heady rush feeling just prior to your heart pumping in an incredible, intense manner. 

In the USA, as it is in some countries, Amyl Nitrite isn’t available without a prescription. Other chemical compounds have since made themselves widely available - Isobutyl Nitrite, Isopentyl Nitrite & Butyl Nitrite being the three most common. Usually you’ll find these in your local “adult’ store under various brands, often naming the use as “VCR Head Cleaner” “room aroma” among others. Many Leather stores sell wide varieties of these, all with similar chemicals in them to get your blood pumping and your heart pounding. 

So let’s now go into your first time - and what to expect. 

Chances are, if you’re using these bottles of potent vapor, you’re already pretty hard-core cardiophile, complete with stethoscope & most likely your microphone for posterity recordings. So here’s a basic timeline of what will happen on that first inhale:

0:10 - you feel a bit dizzy, and a bit tingly. 
0:15 - your skin tingles a bit more, and begins to ‘flush’ red- often starting in the head, down your neck, and across your chest. 
0:25-0:30 - your heart begins to pump with tremendous force, and your heart rate begins to accelerate.
0:35-0:45 - breathing becomes deeper and much more rapid; full intensity of the nitrites in your body; your heart is not reaching the higest level of impact from the first inhale
1:00-1:30 - the rush dissipates, and the heart begins to restore normal BP; it feels like your heart is pounding in your skull
1:30-3:00 - The heart begins to pump normally, and the rate returns to normal. 

As far as the physical effects, they do vary - but in my own course of research, I’ve noted these happening:

Strong & hard plunge in BP - in one instance, as my heart rate passed 160, my BP dropped to 90/40. 
More pronounced valve sounds - notably at tricuspid & mitral positions - as the heart dilates to pump more blood, the valve sounds become accentuated and the sound is incredible. Systolic murmurs can appear at the Aortic & pulmonic positions. 
Thundering heart- Exactly as it sounds, it feels as if your heart is trying to pump out of your ribs. 

Now mind you, that’s just one hit. Many of us (myself included) go for extended runs - poppering up if you will - to prolong the intensity of the effects on the heart. And you can, with experience & practice, do the same for yourself. But there are a few things that can make or break the experience:

1.) Straight-breathing the vapors will kill the effect after about four minutes - you’ll lose the rush, and the intensity of the pleasure. It is better to pace the hits out on a regular time basis and keep the intensity - and the pumping of your heart - at the maximum level.  In my own work (and my work with other ‘subjects’) I have found that hits every 35-45 seconds works good for a 9-12 minute cycle. 

2.) Your body type, size, etc. do play a role on how they impact your heart - as well as other things. For example: A heavy, burly man like myself requires longer and more deep hits for the right impact on my heart; a thin, younger man’s heart. 

3.) Smoking: The nitrites are VERY flammable - if you use tobacco products, do not mix the two together. You’ll end up in the burn ward.  

4.) Prolonged exposure can cause some temporary effects you don’t necessarily want. If you’re new, don’t do repeat hits until after you’ve experienced what poppers do to your body & your heart. 

Popper no-nos:

I have seen, experimented & tried many methods of working my heart over to get it to beat like I want it - and I’ve learned quite a bit on myself and my ‘subjects’ Here’s a list of warnings & such that you might be wary of:

1.) Your erection may fall flat: As BP drops hard, so will your shaft. It is a natural course to happen, so you may have to edge yourself up a bit. 
2.) Notable irregular beats: I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions - and on a few subjects. During an intense popper session, I began to have dropped beats - that wonderful ‘pause’ that lasts a little too long followed by a powerful contraction of the ventricles.  More commonly though, they begin to appear at the end of a poppers session - and can be not only a lot more frequent, but last for several minutes. (My ‘record’ was 2:30 of irregular beats.)
3.) Poppers & stimulants: You might think this will heighten the effects on your heart… but it doesn’t. While both make your heart race & your blood surge, both act differently on the heart. Stimulants force the heart to pump faster & harder by raising blood pressure, poppers do the same by lowering blood pressure. Poppers & stimulants end up counteracting each other, and really ruin the ‘rush’ of poppers - and of stimulants. Best recommendation: Do one, or the other, but not both. 
3.) Poppers & Viagra/Cialis/Levitra/Quickerdickeruppers (Both prescription & OTC). DON’T EVER DO THIS. I mean that. I have experimented on a gentleman who took a Cialis, and wanted a poppering session without telling me of his Cialis. Three minutes in, his heart rate passed 190, and his BP dropped to unmeasurable levels - followed by his passing out. And then a trip to the ER and some very awkward questions followed. Cialis, etc. are potent vasodilators in their own right, and do similar effects on the heart as do poppers. Combining the two could lead to a death certificate as the heart becomes hypoxic - with no oxygen reaching the heart muscle, ventricular fibrilation & cardiac arrest could follow.  Remember: Don’t mix the two - ever. 
4.) Other illegal drugs: I’m not advocating these drugs at all - as mild or as wild as they may be. I can say this: Poppers interact with everything- and will screw your heart up good when combined with illegal drugs. 

So there you have it, my fellow cardiophiles. If you choose to go the poppers route, welcome - play safe & play careful. Know your body, know your heart, and have fun. 

  1. Do some research as to which stores are located in your area.
    If you’re in America you can look up national chain locations such as Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby, or regional chain locations such as Hancock Fabrics in the Southeast.
    If you’re in Canada you can look up national chain locations of Fabricland or Fabricville (depending on the Frenchiness of your location).
    In both America and Canada, Michael’s craft stores carry a wide variety of sewing supplies but only a small selection of actual fabric. Walmart and Target (RIP Canadian Target) also carry sewing machines and occasionally carry fabric and sewing supplies in their craft section (but it can vary greatly between stores/regions).
    If you live in a big city see if there is a fashion, textile or fabric district and look on various sites such as Yelp for reviews on various locations.
  2. Look through your local flyers and check online to see if any of the stores in your area have coupons or if they are having any sales. Also see if any of your stores offer discounts for paid memberships. I had a Fabricville membership that cost $20 CAN/year and got me a ton of savings with or without sales. I would say I saved about $300 on fabric last year alone.
  3. Print out or bring references of the outfit that you are making.
    Also bring the pattern package or take a picture of the back for the pattern(s) you will be using. I liked to circle my sizes in pencil on the back of my pattern envelopes then take a picture to save in my phone so I could remember how much of each type of fabric I would need and what types of fabric and interfacing the pattern suggested. Having references and pattern information also can really help if you’re trying to find a specific type of fabric and need to ask an employee to assist you. If you’re embarrassed to say you’re making a costume for a “nerd convention” I would sometimes just say I was a fashion or theatre student working on a project to avoid having to constantly explain myself to nosey employees. Also you’d be surprised how many cosplayers work at chain fabric stores. If you got to any chain fabric store in Canada or the US I can almost guarantee you’ll find at least 1 cosplayer, theatrical costumer, or die-hard renaissance faire-goer working there who would be more than stoked on discussing wacky costumes projects.
  4. Bring a friend with you.
    Shopping for fabric in a large chain store can be overwhelming. Shopping for fabric in a fashion district with 3 dozen stores with fabric piled 8 feet high can be extremely overwhelming. Bring a friend. Not only can they act as a second opinion when it comes to choosing colors/textures/patterns, but you can also divide and conquer bigger stores if you have time constraints. Plus they can also help boost your confidence if you’re a naturally shy or introverted person but need help from the store employees. Oh and they can also be a pack mule but don’t abuse the pack mule clause or they might not want to help much after a couple trips haha.


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I work at a store which is WIDELY KNOWN to have a store credit card, and yet I regularly get people who whine at me about how they're "tired of being asked that every time I come in". Pattern recognition is a thing! You knew when you decided to come to this store that you'd be asked! It's not my fucking fault you're a moron, and I'm not going to treat you like a martyr!

Remind them that you have no control over the policy and direct them to corporate. That’s what I do. Back when I was just a cashier I used to print business cards “I’m sorry for whatever policy that you have issue with. However I am not in a position to change it. Please call 1-800-MY-SUPERMARKET.” I also had some that said “you have said or done something incredibly stupid, please take a moment to think about it” but I only gave those to my friends. At least till I handed one to a coworker in front of the local police officer and she confiscated them to pass out herself.


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Any h/c's on dallys crimes? like what he did etc?


- obviously robs stores but he doesn’t like to rob anything but convenient stores and food/grocery stores

- tried to have a partner once, they threw him under the bus so he prefers being the lone wolf

- once stuffed cold hot dogs and buns in his pants when he was young in New York and had to walk out like that

- every time he tried to steal something when he was younger he would blush

- literally his entire face would flush red and he would just walk out of the store wide eyed

- once, while in New York, tried to hot wire and steal a car but the owner caught him and it turned out to be someone from his gang that owned the car

- he doesn’t seem like the type to use a get away car he likes to run away from the scene and try his luck

- no matter how simple and how big the opportunity was he would never in a million years break outta the cooler

- he might get someone else to do it (bribe a prison guard or some shit) but wouldn’t do it himself physically

- he likes the rush of stealing but sometimes if the cashier was an elder nice guy or a young good looking proper clean girl (not greasy, not a snobby soc type) he would feel bad about stealing but forced himself to get over it

- likes to steal things for the gang mostly Johnny cause he feels bad they got nothing but he does it secretly

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Can you do a Slytherin girl trying to ask her Hufflepuff crush out? (Another girl) I love all the stories you do

Eeeeee yes

Her shoes clicked against the stone floors as she nervously paced back and forth. Her nails were bitten to a stump and yet she continued to chew.
‘This is it. I’m gonna do it’
The door at the end of the hall opened loudly and students flooded out of the classroom. She whipped around at the noise and stored with wide eyes searching for the golden stripe on a familiar body. Her heart skipped when she saw her. Smiling and laughing at a joke some other student had said.
Gathering up her courage and robe, she marched down the hall to meet her.
“Oh hey! I didn’t see you! How are you today?”
Her voice was light and sincere. The Slytherin blushed a bit and chewed her bottom lip.
“Im. Good. I actually have a question I need to ask you.”
The hufflepuff’s face dropped to a slightly concerned but interested expression.
“Of course.”
'Why is eye contact so hard’ taking a deep breath she spoke a little louder than anticipated “wouldyouliketogoonadatewithme?”
Her lips clamped shut after the last syllable. Warmth rushed to her face in a heavy blush. When she glanced up, she could see the hufflepuff was blushing too.
“What was that”
“Uhhhh. Would. You like to go on a date…. with. .. me…. please”
Her heart dropped.
She jerked her head up in surprise to find her crush laughing. 'Why is she laughing’
“Did I say somthing wrong? You don’t have to go on a date…. if you don’t want to…”
“WHAT? Of course I do! I’ve been waiting for months for you to ask me!”
“What really?”
“Yea. I was too shy to ask so I was hoping you’d do it but oh my gosh you are just so cute and I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude. I’m so happy you finally asked”
She was smiling from ear to ear. They both were. 'I’m glad I finally asked, too"

Had a bizarre day. I went looking for veggie burgers at the grocery store and couldn’t find them after having searched the burger sales display and the meat section and the frozen food section. So I asked an employee. That went like this:

Me: I’m looking for veggie burgers. Could you help me find them?

Her: *gestures vaguely toward the burger sales display*

Me: Oh, I’ve already looked there and there aren’t any veggie burgers.

Her: Is veggie a brand?

At this point, I’m starting to think maybe she doesn’t know what veggie burgers are. She thinks they’re just regular, beef burgers or something?

Me: No, they’re just burgers made without meat

Her: Without meat? Oh, you won’t find those in the meat section

She turns to leave after saying this, as if the initial query has been addressed in a satisfactory way. Yet I remain veggie burger-less. 

Me: That’s right; I’m just wondering if you know where they might be?

Her: Okay, let’s ask the butcher

She walks me over to the butcher and asks him where the veggie burgers are. I could have done this myself. The butcher assures me that they’re in aisle 7, and she leaves. I check aisle 7. It is full of meat burgers. There are many, many options – four different kinds with cheese in them, beef-pork mix, chicken and turkey. You name it, they have it. But none without meat.

I give in to my exasperation and break for lunch. The store has a wide selection of bento boxes, one of which fills me up so I can go back to my quest of finding meatless patties for grilling. This time, I decide to ask someone at the cash:

Me: Excuse me, do you know where I’ll find veggie burgers?

Her: You know, I don’t. Let me ask the service desk.

Again, something I could have done myself. However, I appreciate this new employee’s conciseness relative to the last one who attempted to help me. We approach the service desk and the cashier relays the query to the woman working there. Without missing a beat, she picks up her intercom phone and says for all to hear “MEAT DEPARTMENT TO SERVICE. MEAT DEPARTMENT TO SERVICE FOR ASSISTANCE”. I can’t keep it in now

Me: NO! No, not the meat department. I’ve been there already. I’ve spoken to three people now, how do none of you not know where or what the veggie burgers are? Is this bizarro world!?

The service lady looks at me, then her cashier counterpart, then back to me. It certainly feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone. 

Service lady: Okay, sir, let’s go find the veggie burgers

She leads me straight to aisle 7. 

Me: The veggie burgers are not here. 

Her: They’re usually here

Me: I believe that, but there are none here. I’ve checked.

Her: Let me just double check.

Sure enough, my eyesight has not betrayed me and there are no veggie burgers among the plethora of burgers in aisle 7. We go back to the service desk and she pulls something up on her computer.

Her: Oh, we don’t have veggie burgers right now. The next shipment is tomorrow.

Me, outwardly: Thank you so much for checking that for me. Have a great day.

Me, inwardly: 

Originally posted by mangabean

The store down the street had veggie burgers.


I’m a manager at the “Mexican inspired” fast food place I work at, but I was a cashier for a long time. We get a lot of customers because we’re right in the middle of a majorly popular shopping center, so it gets very busy some times and I end up serving probably close to a hundred customers an hour. One day this guy came in and ordered his food, all was well. He was fairy polite and pleasant to talk to, no big deal. After about a minute or two of waiting for his food, he came up to the counter and asked me if there was any more of the Verde sauce. Now, Verde sauce was one of the most popular dipping sauces (I guess you’d call it that, but it comes in a packet like ketchup, so idk) at our particular store, but nation-wide it wasn’t too well liked, so the geniuses at corporate decided to replace it with Diablo sauce, which is hotter than the Fire sauce. At this point in time, we had only been about a month or so without Verde sauce, and it was quite regular for someone to ask for it. I told him like I tell everyone else that asks for it that “We no longer carry the Verde sauce, I’m very sorry.” He explodes at me telling me that there must be some in the back (there wasn’t) and that he demanded to speak to my manager. I grab my manager and he tells the customer the same thing. And wow who would have thought that he would tell the customer the same thing. So, naturally, as his order is being finished up by the cooks, he demands a refund so that he can go eat somewhere else… Now I don’t know about y'all, but it seems to me that it would have been easier to just eat the food he had already ordered…

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one of these: drummers bang harder, singers do it louder, bassists do it deeper, guitarists finger faster. Punk!top!Phil being in a band and pastel!Dan thinks he's hot af and wears a baseball cap with one of those quotes on @ a m&g and looks bomb af

I know this is new in the inbox but LOOK AT IT I HAD TO

I changed it to a beanie and combined all because idk I’m pure sin I guess. Sorry about the song lines because I don’t know how to write that shit. It’s here anyways tho.

This got long AF and also, when Dan first meets the band at the m/g it’s not expressly shown that Dan’s consenting, so I made Phil a sweetheart who checks in a lot because guys CONSENT IS IMPORTANT

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~


- To say Dan’s excited is an understatement. By some miracle, he scored tickets to a concert for his favorite band, Shameless Color, and a pass for a meet and greet with the band! He’ll get to meet PJ (lead singer), Chris (bass guitar), Hazel (Electric Guitar), and Phil (drummer). Mostly, Dan is excited to meet Phil, whom he may or may not have a huge crush on. After hours of deliberation, he decides to wear his one pair of black skinny jeans, his pastel pink crop top and matching converse, and a beanie he got from the merch store, that’s also a soft shade of pink, and has in solid black text, the phrases “Singers do it louder, Drummers bang harder, Bassists get deeper, Guitarists finger faster” in four lines on it, carefully arranged so Dan’s curly fringe falls over his forehead.

- Dan gets to the concert and his seat without a problem, and loves every second of it. Towards the end, the band starts a tradition they’re famous for- each member of the band pulls someone up on stage for a song and dedicates it to them. Occasionally, they’ll let the person do something- try out the drums during a solo, strum some notes on the bass or guitar, sing the chorus… things like that. Dan has to admit he’s disappointed when Phil pulls up some screaming teenage girl and throws his arm around her, pressing a kiss to her cheek while she introduces herself. Hazel had told him to stop being a flirt, and then they played her a song.

- “Alright, so this is our last song,” PJ says to the crowd, laughing at the sounds of dissent his words are met with. “I know, I know. So, who’s the lucky one to join us on stage?” His green eyes  scan the front row, finally landing on Dan. “How about you, in the very sexy beanie from our store?” With wide eyes, Dan points to himself, mouthing ‘me?’ “Yes, you, don’t be shy. As Dan climbs up onto the stage, Hazel begins to play the opening chords of the band’s first ever recorded song, ‘With you.’ “What’s your name, pretty boy?”

- PJ passes the mic to Dan, who holds in in shaky hands. “Dan.”

- “Well, Dan, this song’s for you!” The song is loud and beautiful and soulful. Every now and then, Dan can’t help but shut his eyes and let the music surround him. Before Dan knows it, PJ is offering him the microphone again with a huge grin.. “Your time to shine, Dan.”

- “With you I see in color, I’m finally alive. If I ever could, I would be with you day and night. But most days the world spins on without us and you’re left behind. After all this time gone by- I still wanna be with you.”

- The stadium cheers, and Dan sheepishly hands the microphone back to PJ. “Stay here,” PJ whispers with a smirk, and finishes the song, thanking the crowd, finally bidding them goodnight and leading Dan backstage with the rest of the band. “Dan, let me tell you, your voice is fucking amazing. And Love-Eyes-Lester over there couldn’t stop staring at your ass. Are you coming to the meet and greet?” Slowly, Dan nods. “Great. See you there.” PJ winks and disappears, leaving Dan to be led back to the main area by a security guard.

-Dan can barely contain his excitement, but because of being backstage, is last in the M/G line. It doesn’t matter to him too much, band he passes the time tweeting and scrolling through tumblr. Eventually, Dan reaches the front, and is met with three beaming smiles and a raised eyebrow from Phil.

- “Dude, your singing is awesome,” Chris says, uncapping his silver sharpie and scribbling a signature on the folded edge of Dan’s beanie. 

- “Really, it was amazing!” Adds Hazel, taking Chris’ sharpie to put her signature on Dan’s hat as well. She then passes it to PJ, who adds his, winking at Dan, and the three of them walk away, leaving Phil, who signs Dan’s beanie last. 

- “You’ve got a nice voice,” Phil says, giving Dan an obvious once over. “It’s true, y’know.”

- “What is?” Dan asks, stumbling over his word in nerves.

- Phil smirks. “Drummers bang harder.”


- “You’re honestly too cute, and too fuckable in those jeans, pretty boy.”

-”Thanks?” Dan says softly, like it’s a question. Getting hit on by your celebrity crush is something that only happens in fanfictions.

“’sides, what’s a baby pink wearing twink like you doing at a rock concert?”

- “I like your music,” Dan defends, but instead of meeting Phil’s brilliant blue eyes, he’s staring at Phil’s lips and the moonlight glinting off of his snakebites. “What’s a hot punk drummer like you doing hitting on a fan?”

- “Touche,” Phil laughs. “Does that mean you won’t object if I invite you back to my hotel room to… spend the night?”

- “I think I’d be okay with that.”

- Phil offers his arm to Dan, and leads him to the waiting limousine, where Chris, PJ and Hazel are already waiting. “After you,” Phil says, opening the door for Dan.

- “Called it,” PJ laughs, and Hazel rolls her eyes before handing him a twenty. “Hey, Dan!”

- “Hi,” Dan says shyly, and Phil climbs into the limo as well, in what’s admittedly a tight squeeze. “Well, I guess I’ll have to sit in your lap,” Dan teases, which makes everyone laugh and- is Phil blushing?

- “C’mere,” Phil finally chuckles, pulling Dan into his lap and kissing Dan’s cheek, using it as a guise to whisper in Dan’s ear. “Can’t wait to get back to the hotel and make you fall apart beneath me, pretty boy.” Dan shivers, and Phil pauses. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you get uncomfortable, you tell me, and we’ll just watch a movie, or I’ll make sure you get home safe, okay?”

- “Believe me, I want this,” Dan murmurs, and subtly grinds down onto Phil’s lap, earning him a quiet growl and two hands on his hips, Phil’s fingers warm on his bare skin. For a moment, Dan worries he’s gone a bit too far, but Phil leans in close and starts whispering into Dan’s ear.

- “Is this okay?” Dan whimpers and nods. “Can’t wait until we get back to the hotel, hmm? You’re just too desperate.” One of Phil’s hands slips into Dan’s skinny jeans and plays with the waistband of his boxers, making Dan’s breath hitch. The rest of the band either don’t notice or don’t care as Phil begins to trail kisses up and down Dan’s neck, dragging his lip piercings over the tender skin.

-After what feels like an eternity, the limo arrives at the hotel, and Phil literally sweeps Dan off his feet to carry him upstairs, followed by the wolf whistles from Chris, PJ, and Hazel. “Almost messed up during our last song because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you, pretty boy,” he purrs, setting Dan down to unlock the door to his room, and immediately pulling Dan inside. “Can I kiss you?” He asks.

-”Fuck yeah,” Dan breathes, and then he’s being pressed up against the door, Phil’s mouth on his, hands on Dan’s waist, and hips firmly up against Dan’s. A little unsure, Dan reaches his hands up to tangle in Phil’s hair, pulling gently to keep him close. Suddenly brave, Dan grinds into Phil, which makes both of them moan at the friction. 

- “Can I take this off?” Phil mumbles, toying with the hem of Dan’s crop top.

- Giggling, Dan takes his hands from Phil’s hair and pulls away from the kiss. “Depends. Can this come off too?” Dan raises an eyebrow as he unbuttons the top button of Phil’s shirt. Phil nods, so Dan lets Phil take off his shirt and then focuses on undoing each button of Phil’s shirt, finally pushing it off his shoulders. “You have more tattoos than I thought,” Dan says, running his fingers over the colorful images.

- “Well, I don’t normally take off my shirt for just anyone,” Phil laughs, and kisses Dan again, more passionately this time. “This would be more comfortable on the bed, you know.”

- Dan doesn’t stop kissing Phil, just pushes him toward the bed and down onto the mattress, climbing onto his lap and straddling Phil. He slowly starts to properly grind against Phil. “Lube?”

-”And condoms. Nightstand.” Dan breaks the kiss to grab them, gasping when Phil chooses a place on Dan’s neck to suck a dark hickey. “Remember, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Even if we’re in the middle of fucking, say the word, and I’ll stop.”

- “You’re overly cautious,” Dan says.

- Phil laughs. “Better than not at all. Can I take off these skinny jeans, pretty boy?” Dan ignores the question and gets on the floor, working at the button of Phil’s instead. “That’s not what I- oh.” The rest of Phil’s sentence is cut off with a deep moan when Dan starts mouthing at Phil through his boxers, teasing him. “Fuck, Dan c’mon,” Phil pleads half-halfheartedly, but he smirks when Dan quickly strips out of his own skinny jeans, so that now they’re both in boxers. Phil pulls Dan down to the bed and flips them over, so that he’s on top of Dan. “This okay?”

- “Yeah, yeah, stop asking, dammit,” Dan rambles, working on taking Phil’s boxers off, which makes Phil laugh.

- “Alright, alright.” He strips away Dan’s boxers and grabs the lube, coating his fingers in it. “You ready?” Dan nods, so Phil rubs his finger against Dan’s hole until he relaxes enough to slip the first finger in. Painfully slowly, Phil thrusts the one finger in and out until Dan’s whimpering and holding onto Phil’s wrist to try and get more. “Patience, pretty boy,” Phil coos, but adds another finger, scissoring Dan open and searching for that spot. He knows he finds it when Dan arches off the bed and cries out Phil’s name. After that, Phil quickly works Dan up to four fingers, and pulls away to roll on the condom and lube himself up. 

- “You’re fucking huge,” Dan says suddenly, looking up at Phil. Before he has the chance to reply, Phil can’t help but notice how fucked out Dan already looks with his neck covered in bruises, his eyes glassy, lips red and swollen, and curly hair sticking to his forehead where the beanie that’s stayed on doesn’t cover it..

- “Hands and knees for me, love,” Phil says instead of really replying. “Are you sure you want this?”

- Dan moves on the bed until he’s comfortable, and smirks. “More than anything I’ve ever been in my life.”

- Without warning, Phil starts to push in, giving Dan time to adjust every inch or so until his hips are pressed against Dan’s bum and both of them are breathless, Phil from how tight Dan is, Dan from the stretch. “Tell me when I can move, pretty boy,” Phil whispers, peppering kisses over Dan’s back and shoulders.

- After a couple of minutes, Dan says he’s ready, and Phil starts with a slow pace, gently rolling his hips, until Dan’s begging for more, harder, faster, please, Phil! Before long, Phil’s fucking Dan so hard that the headboard bangs against the wall with each thrust, the space between the sounds filled with Dan moaning and letting out a litany of things like ‘yes,’ ‘there,’ and ‘oh god.’

-”Fuck, Phil, I’m gonna-” Dan cries, and Phil leans over Dan to bite at his neck.

- “Come for me, pretty boy. Come untouched, on my cock.”

-”Phil!” Dan screams as he comes, and Phil follows moments later with loud moan, nearly collapsing on top of Dan, before having the sense to pull out and tie off the condom, chucking it in a wastebasket.

-”You go clean off, I’ll change the sheets, okay?” Phil says softly, and Dan nods, standing up and wincing before sitting back down.

-”Not happening. Guess drummers really do bang harder.”


-Mae (JFC I don’t know how to end things I’m sorry this is so shit it’s one am)

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Too Sweet - Mingyu

Pairing: Mingyu x Reader

Rating: G

Type: FLUFF (one-shot)

Words: 492

Summary: A quick stop on a road trip.

Mingyu parked the car smoothly, and you smiled once again at the many capabilities of your boyfriend, and how he seemed to excel in almost everything he undertook.

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“Let’s make a baby, baby”

First part of the pregnancy series - Harry and Y/N decide to start trying to have a baby


You and Harry had been married for almost two years now, and you both loved it. Even though Harry was often busy with work, you’d often fly out to where he was or meet up with him for lunch breaks so that you could see each other as much as possible. It seemed that things were finally slowing down with Harry for the first time since you had been married, and you were excited to have your husband to yourself and soak up all the time you could get with him. 

But the pressure was definitely on to have kids. His parents, your parents, Gemma, both of your friends - everyone was just waiting to hear the news that you were expecting. If you were being honest, though, you were loving the time that just the two of you had together and, although you would never admit it to anyone, you kind of didn’t want to have to share your Harry with some little person. Of course you wanted kids and you’d discussed having kids before you got married, agreeing that you both wanted them at some point. But you were still somewhat unwilling to let go of this phase of your life where it was just you and Harry, no one else. So you were planning to savor that for as long as possible.

Harry, on the other hand, despite his immense love for you and desire to be with you always, had babies on the brain. His work had finally slowed to a point where it wasn’t all time-consuming, so he immediately came to the conclusion that this was the time to start making some babies. And God did his heart fill with even more love than he thought possible when he imagined your kids running around the house, miniature versions of you, he’d hoped. 

He was slightly cautious about bringing up the subject, however, because you kept making comments about how happy you were for it to finally just be the two of you together. He’d been under the impression that you were ready for kids anytime, but now he wasn’t so sure. So he was waiting for the right time to approach you about it. 

“Hey Harry, I’m gonna run to the store really quick to pick up some milk, do you need anything?” You called to him from the kitchen before poking your head into the bedroom where Harry was sprawled out on the bed. You smiled when you saw him lying there, so peaceful and content.

“Mmm, don’t think so, love. Hurry back,” he responded, a smile on his face. His lips puckered as if to blow you a kiss, and you laughed before making your way towards the door and out to the store. 

Harry didn’t know why he was in a particularly good mood this morning until the dream that he’d had last night came back to him. You starred in it, as you often did, but this time there was another person featured in the dream.

 A curly-haired, grinning baby with your big eyes and his nose, gurgling up at the both of you. 

And the picture seemed just so perfect, so right, and Harry knew he couldn’t wait another day to talk to you about making his dream come true. His head was flooded with images of what could be, of a little family that was all he wanted now, more than anything. He wanted a baby, your baby, and he wanted it now. 

Harry hadn’t realized how long he’d been laying on that bed, day-dreaming about a perfect little family, until his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of you returning home from the store. Harry smiled widely before jumping up and heading out of the bedroom to join you in the kitchen. 

You turned around at hearing his entrance, and quickly matched the smile on his face, happy to see him in such a good mood. 

“What’s up, baby? You’re in a good mood today,” you laughed as you put some of the groceries away in the fridge. 

“I want a baby.”

 Harry couldn’t help but blurt out what was running through his head over and over again. The desire to start a family had become so strong that it almost felt like he was aching for it, like he needed it. His blissful state, however, didn’t prevent him from noticing the immediate crease that formed on your forehead at hearing his desire.

“Harry…” you trailed off, not expecting this from him, not now at least. 

“Now, just hear me out, please love. The timing is finally right, my schedule’s not nearly as crazy anymore and just, try to imagine, please -” Harry began to plead as your facial features shifted to reflect your uncertainty about it all. 

“Love, just imagine how beautiful our babies will be, and the three of us, the three of us! We could be a little family and buy our baby little onesies and cuddle with them and we would love him or her so much, just…please.” You sighed as you watched Harry’s face begin to fall as he watched you. You wanted to give him a baby and you wanted one yourself, you just weren’t sure you wanted one now. You wanted Harry, and now all of a sudden you felt like he didn’t really want you. And you knew it was irrational, but your eyes became glossy as you looked down at your feet, not wanting Harry to know how you felt. 

“Oh no baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to act like you have no choice, of course you do and if you’re really not ready, I’ll understand… What’s wrong, little one?” Harry asked you softly as he walked closer to you to take your face in his hands, swiping at the tear that had escaped your eye. 

You sniffled, still refusing to look him in the eyes.

“It’s stupid, sorry, I don’t know…” you murmured, but Harry knew you and he knew it was something.

“It’s not stupid, love, if you’re upset. And I know you know. Please tell me.”

Finally looking up into his beautiful green eyes, you decided to just spill it - he knew you too well anyway. 

“I just, I was really looking forward to spending time with just you, you know? Like finally we can just be together without all your crazy work stuff and if we have a baby, then… I’ll have to share you with another person and I don’t know if I’m ready for that. I just want you all to myself and it’s stupid and selfish, I just -” you cut yourself off as you watched Harry shake his head back and forth; it wasn’t an aggressive movement, but more like one of disbelief and maybe a hint of sadness.

“Hey please listen to me. You’re my baby, always, no matter what. And even if we had a hundred kids -” he paused to smile when that got a small laugh out of you - “I could and would never love you any less. And I will always make time for just the two of us, because you are the love of my life and the reason I want a baby so badly is because it would be part you, and so it would be good and beautiful and perfect. I’d hope we could raise our son or daughter to be like you, to have a heart as big and a smile as bright as yours. And I really hope they’d have your beautiful eyes. But you will always be my little one, even if we had other little ones running around. I love you so much but if you’re not ready then I’m not going to pressure you into it, we can wait.” Harry smiled at you, kissing your nose lightly before looking back at you to assess your face. 

You couldn’t help but notice the way Harry’s face had fallen slightly by the end of his little speech, despite his best efforts to keep the smile on his face. But it wasn’t the same smile he’d had all morning, the one that was excited and hopeful and ready to love a little baby made by the both of you. And you were surprised at how appealing the idea was suddenly becoming, of watching Harry with his child, with your child, their matching crazy curls and dimples. You smiled as your head was now filled with images similar to those swirling around in your husband’s head. 

Looking up at Harry, the smile on your face grew wider as you looked into his eyes. Pressing your forehead against his, you whispered, “Let’s have a baby.”

Harry immediately pulled away, looking at you with his eyes slightly squinted in suspicion, but with a definite gleam in his eye. 

“Babe, I don’t want you to want it just because I do. We can wait, really.” And he really meant it, although he also did really want that baby.

“Harry, I want a baby for you but also for me. For us. I want a tiny version of you, and I’m gonna love that baby so much. Harry, let’s make a baby,” you told him again, with much more confidence now. You laughed when Harry let out one of his wild, squawking laughs that you always found funny. 

“Are we really gonna try to have a baby?” Harry asked, confirming that this was really going to happen. 

“Yeah, we’re gonna make a baby, Haz,” you smiled as he picked you up and you wrapped your arms and legs around him in a hug as he held you. 

Harry was ecstatic, so blissful, and so ready to start the baby-making process.

“Harry!” You laughed as he started walking, with you wrapped around him, straight to the bedroom.

“You never know how long these things take, love, gotta start getting to it now,” he told you, completely serious. 

You pressed a kiss to his cheek before he gently plopped you on the bed, looking at you with a wicked grin on his face before swiftly pulling his shirt over his head. 

“Let’s make a baby, baby,” he told you, causing you to laugh once again before you found yourselves wrapped around each other in your first attempt to create a human being out of pure love. 

Reposting with the ficlet I wrote to go with it!  Thanks to @virgidearie for doing the manip. 

Despite the admitted silliness of the sign outside, the Cheese Haus in the town of Frankenmuth, Michigan had more than lived up to its name, boasting over 100 varieties of cheese as well as an array of other products. Belle was especially pleased with its special chocolate cheese and the multi-coloured Superman fudge that she’d bought for Henry, and Rumple had amused himself buying a bag of alligator jerky, joking that he’d been called “Crocodile” often enough. He’d even bought a cookbook for Granny, smirking, and Belle didn’t have to ask why – the older woman would be sure that Rumplestiltskin was implying that she needed to learn some new recipes. Which, Belle admitted to herself as she leafed through the book as they ate an impromptu lunch of cheese and crackers and sausage, she wouldn’t mind trying. The diner’s burgers were perfect, but some variety on the menu would be nice.

“What next?” Rumplestiltskin asked afterwards as they packed their purchases into the Cadillac’s trunk, the many half-timbered buildings around them reminding him of a town in the Enchanted Forest.

“The Christmas shop,” Belle said eagerly, pulling out her travel brochure. “It’s the world’s largest, covering 2.2. acres.”

Rumplestiltskin had no problem with putting up a fresh-smelling tree for the holidays, or some tasteful white lights, but over two acres of decorations sounded…worrisome. “Just don’t buy any of those tacky inflatable things to put out front,” he begged.

Belle pouted. “I thought the polar bear in front of the pizza place was cute. Besides, this is Gideon’s first Christmas. We have to get something special.”

Of one accord, they glanced down at their son in his stroller as they entered the store. Gideon’s eyes went wide, and his head started swiveling in all directions, including up towards the ceiling, trying to take in everything.

“Wow,” said Belle. “Better keep an eye on Gideon; we don’t want him reaching out to grab some shiny bauble and breaking it.”

“Here, let me take the stroller,” Rumplestiltskin said. “You go ahead and we’ll follow you.”

They emerged from the store nearly two hours later, Gideon clutching a light-up plastic penguin as big as he was that he had made quite clear he wanted. A personalised stocking for him, several ornaments, and some strings of bubble lights completed their haul. Belle thought that she had restrained herself admirably. They overcame Gideon’s protest at having to let go of the penguin by holding him up so that he could see it in the trunk and wave bye-bye to it for now.

“Dinner next?” Rumplestiltskin asked hopefully.

“Dinner next,” Belle agreed, looking forward to the famous chicken dinner touted by the Bavarian Inn, where they were lodging for the night.

She would mention the gift shops on the Inn’s lower level after they had eaten.