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  1. Do some research as to which stores are located in your area.
    If you’re in America you can look up national chain locations such as Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby, or regional chain locations such as Hancock Fabrics in the Southeast.
    If you’re in Canada you can look up national chain locations of Fabricland or Fabricville (depending on the Frenchiness of your location).
    In both America and Canada, Michael’s craft stores carry a wide variety of sewing supplies but only a small selection of actual fabric. Walmart and Target (RIP Canadian Target) also carry sewing machines and occasionally carry fabric and sewing supplies in their craft section (but it can vary greatly between stores/regions).
    If you live in a big city see if there is a fashion, textile or fabric district and look on various sites such as Yelp for reviews on various locations.
  2. Look through your local flyers and check online to see if any of the stores in your area have coupons or if they are having any sales. Also see if any of your stores offer discounts for paid memberships. I had a Fabricville membership that cost $20 CAN/year and got me a ton of savings with or without sales. I would say I saved about $300 on fabric last year alone.
  3. Print out or bring references of the outfit that you are making.
    Also bring the pattern package or take a picture of the back for the pattern(s) you will be using. I liked to circle my sizes in pencil on the back of my pattern envelopes then take a picture to save in my phone so I could remember how much of each type of fabric I would need and what types of fabric and interfacing the pattern suggested. Having references and pattern information also can really help if you’re trying to find a specific type of fabric and need to ask an employee to assist you. If you’re embarrassed to say you’re making a costume for a “nerd convention” I would sometimes just say I was a fashion or theatre student working on a project to avoid having to constantly explain myself to nosey employees. Also you’d be surprised how many cosplayers work at chain fabric stores. If you got to any chain fabric store in Canada or the US I can almost guarantee you’ll find at least 1 cosplayer, theatrical costumer, or die-hard renaissance faire-goer working there who would be more than stoked on discussing wacky costumes projects.
  4. Bring a friend with you.
    Shopping for fabric in a large chain store can be overwhelming. Shopping for fabric in a fashion district with 3 dozen stores with fabric piled 8 feet high can be extremely overwhelming. Bring a friend. Not only can they act as a second opinion when it comes to choosing colors/textures/patterns, but you can also divide and conquer bigger stores if you have time constraints. Plus they can also help boost your confidence if you’re a naturally shy or introverted person but need help from the store employees. Oh and they can also be a pack mule but don’t abuse the pack mule clause or they might not want to help much after a couple trips haha.


I cannot express how much I hate using my phone for absolutely everything.

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Can you do a Slytherin girl trying to ask her Hufflepuff crush out? (Another girl) I love all the stories you do

Eeeeee yes

Her shoes clicked against the stone floors as she nervously paced back and forth. Her nails were bitten to a stump and yet she continued to chew.
‘This is it. I’m gonna do it’
The door at the end of the hall opened loudly and students flooded out of the classroom. She whipped around at the noise and stored with wide eyes searching for the golden stripe on a familiar body. Her heart skipped when she saw her. Smiling and laughing at a joke some other student had said.
Gathering up her courage and robe, she marched down the hall to meet her.
“Oh hey! I didn’t see you! How are you today?”
Her voice was light and sincere. The Slytherin blushed a bit and chewed her bottom lip.
“Im. Good. I actually have a question I need to ask you.”
The hufflepuff’s face dropped to a slightly concerned but interested expression.
“Of course.”
'Why is eye contact so hard’ taking a deep breath she spoke a little louder than anticipated “wouldyouliketogoonadatewithme?”
Her lips clamped shut after the last syllable. Warmth rushed to her face in a heavy blush. When she glanced up, she could see the hufflepuff was blushing too.
“What was that”
“Uhhhh. Would. You like to go on a date…. with. .. me…. please”
Her heart dropped.
She jerked her head up in surprise to find her crush laughing. 'Why is she laughing’
“Did I say somthing wrong? You don’t have to go on a date…. if you don’t want to…”
“WHAT? Of course I do! I’ve been waiting for months for you to ask me!”
“What really?”
“Yea. I was too shy to ask so I was hoping you’d do it but oh my gosh you are just so cute and I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude. I’m so happy you finally asked”
She was smiling from ear to ear. They both were. 'I’m glad I finally asked, too"

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Im so bad w credit and i mean its pretty much a store wide thing atm bc its dead asf 5 to 6 days a week but our DM is giving everyone daily goals and im nervous bc i am like one of the worst on our floor im afraid they may let me go😓😓😓

I swear that shit is more based on luck than skill. Who is to say you even have that one customer that doesn’t already have it AND is interested? They could have gone to another register. -Abby

Fandom: Arc V
Ship: Zarcray
Words: 1098
In which Zarc comes home at 3 am drunk.

Zarc fumbled with the doorknob to his apartment that he currently shared with Ray. It was late at night; 3 am in the morning late. Zarc was visibly drunk off his ass and he held a plastic bag full of structure decks. Somehow he had managed to find a store that carried a wide selection of them that was open this late at night. He also managed to pay for them with ease. The decks were practically begging him to buy them.

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fake ah crew aesthetics
  • geoff: hot pink, crisp white linen, abstract art, long fingers, cleanliness, high fashion, greyscale, stacks of money, minimalism
  • jack: plane windows, freckles, blinding sunlight, hawaiian patterns, thrift stores, wide skies, blurry polaroids, bedsheets, messy hair
  • ryan: dark shadows, wasteland, plants, black blood, bare skin, messages on bathroom walls, bronze, sleek cars, roman art, smirking
  • michael: canvas wrapped around fingers, bloody knuckles, leather, burnt orange skies, alleys, lions and wolves, fireworks, expensive white sneakers
  • gavin: japanese fashion, 80's fonts, vintage patches, peeling gold paint, sunkissed skin, pale gradients, mini handmade things, glitches, scribbled handwriting
  • ray: overexposed images, rooftops, tiny tattoos, embridered poetry, legs hanging off edges, nintendo, rose gold, skateboards, pink neon, ghosts
  • jeremy: yellowing bruises, cats, storms, flowers growing in sidewalk cracks, scraped knuckles, bones showing, flexibility, daffodils, stubble
  • matt: mirrors, plaid, being unkempt, soil, mechanical parts, symmetry, faded old pictures, raw metals, overcast days, eyes screwed shut, calloused hands
  • lindsay: scuffed converse, wings, riots, mixed drinks, crimson, hidden knives, sharp canines, 90's fashion, pins, rollerblades, tigers, bold eyebrows
  • kdin: strange glitches, glowing keyboards, unreality, dark rooms, white noise, blur, clicking and tapping, bitter cold, collections
  • trevor: double exposure, brightly coloured pills, small pops of colour, bumblebees, graffiti, baby blue, stick-n-poke tattoos, undercuts, neatness
  • barbara: smoky eye, nude lipstick, purple skies, urban fashion, darkness, burnt yellow, cigarette butts, blowing kisses, gold, bleach, bitten nails, toxicity
  • meg: rich colours, sugar and venom, blood red, lingerie, pretty knives, black strappy clothes, lollipops, feral grins, claw-like nails, matte lips
  • mica: long perfect nails, lavender, black lips, ashes, cracked iphones, counting money, sparklers, jello shots, sunsets, city glimmer, sharp outlines
[simple] Witch Tip!

Are you low on funds, in the broom closet, or just starting out? An easy way to add a little magic to your life is by sigiling the tops of dollar store candles before you burn them! Or any candles, really. I’m just poor so dollar store candles are the best! 

I simply sigil the top with a thumbtack or a bobbypin and activate it by lighting the candle. Make sure to be clear in your intentions before lighting!! 

The best part is that when I blow the candle out, I have a clean surface to sigil again once it dries! More bang for your buck! I like to cleanse my candle before doing another sigil by keeping them on my window sill during the day or putting some quartz over them, or cleansing with my intentions. 

For example, today I’m having company over for dinner, so I carved peace, harmony, and friendship sigils on the tops of my candles! 

Dollar store candles have a wide variety of colors like green, blue, pink, and purple! I use them for spells that require certain colored candles without worrying about trying to find long tapered ones (unless you need to burn the candle completely, in which case you’re bit out of luck unless you’re home for a loooooong time because we don’t want to leave candles unattended!)

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@thilbobagginshield353 Tony store wide eyed at the man on the floor. He was bruised and looked a bit hurt. He soon texted Steve to get down to the lab. It was his Bucky after all. Bucky was on the floor panting heavily after being sucked in by a portal right after Steve got him out of hydra. Sweat dripping down his face as it mixed with the blood on his cuts. He was shaking and finding it hard to stand, looking around as much as he could before closing his eyes once again. He soon just gave up and laid there as he let out a soft groan.

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what are the usual ch x bella prices? i assume high? also is it not available online as i went on their site and theres like nothing there :(

Yeah, it a luxury brand, their accessories/jewelry seem to be (on average) way more expensive than the clothing but from what I see sold second-hand or as exclusive capsules stuff seems to be in the hundreds just for one item (and Bella’s is probably gonna be a little more expensive). 

I don’t think it’s available online, all of Chrome Hearts posts kind of indicate that it’s only going to be sold in stores (I think there’s 14/15 stores world wide but they sell out of other boutiques) and then, like you said, they don’t have an online store anyways. 


Guuuuuys the high waisted Cacique bathing suits at Lane Bryant are kind of awesome. One pieces never work for me - my torso is so long, and with the boobs, the hips, the belly, they just pull at my neck/shoulders painfully all day. I feel like I’m supposed to hunch, in a one piece. Anyway, this thing is comfortable, the bottoms do not roll down (there’s a big wide band of elastic way at the top). The top is a pain to get on and off - you have to pull it over your head even though it’s adjustable, super dumb - but it’s nice when it’s on. This weekend they have store wide BOGO so you only have to pay for one half of it.

This is a size 22 bottom and a 38DD top.

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the bell above the door jingles as grace steps into a new store, blue eyes wide and bright and curious. she can sense something about the store, something with a hint of  m a g i c , but she can’t quite DECIPHER what it is. she clasps her hands together and makes herself as small as possible ( difficult for a girl as tall as she is ) to browse silently through the aisles of the shop.

it… it appears to be toys. her smile turns to a slightly uneasy grimace as she looks from one item to the next, brows furrowing. are these…. haunted or something? or maybe just ONE of them among the whole BUNCH is haunted. she turns to give a sweeping look to the store at large, reaching up to run a hand through her hair. great… well, at least there’s a coffee shop attached to the place. she could use a coffee.

she heads toward the counter and clears her throat.

excuse me, may i have a cappucino? ”