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also, here’s an update: it is in Japan, Makohari Tokyo. It was so cool and I almost started crying the things were so cute!!

whenever people are like “you realize that fairies are assholes, right?”

1. they’re assholes 2 you binch bc u call them names!!!! i call the fairies things like “og sparkle babes whom i love” and they leave me bizarre, sometimes hilarious gifts (like a plastic baggie full of $2 coins but ONLY the ones with women on them stuck in a pocket of my backpack while i was at this fairy-themed store down on riverstreet) and i love it

2. i am an asshole 


I visited the Jessica Rabbit Store 25 years ago today in Pleasure Island. 

What a day!

I bought Jessica’s signature teal mug, Jessica face key chain, Jessica magnet, a postcard and got the Jessica beach towel, candy, jewelry box and more as gifts.

I loved being in a store dedicated to nothing but Jessica Rabbit, and I’m fortunate I was there during the short time it was open. I loved the building and the art deco interior. The giant figure of Jessica had a leg-swinging sign in the front. Merchandise was wall-to-wall Jessica. There were so many things I didn’t buy, but I thought the store would be around a lot longer. This was one of the first ever character-themed stores that featured Park Exclusive merchandise. 

New here

Hello, my name is Rodney and I volunteered to assist the blog when needed so Mandie and Abby won’t feel overwhelmed. I have been in retail for over twenty years mostly in a supermarket but also in a office supply store and a theme park run by a mouse. I am happy to be part of the team and thank you.