store robbery

After the latest Shenanigans I can’t get the idea of FAHC!Trevor out of my head. His specialty is heisting and thievery. Not the crazy, outlandish heisting that the Crew is so well known for, no. He’s known for getting the real work done when they need it. Oh? You need a top secret plasma cutter that’s locked in a vault in the middle of a military base for your next heist? Trevor’s got it. Just give him twenty for hours, some tin foil, some chewing gum, a glass of ice and a case of eye shadow. You’ll have that plasma cutter on your desk by morning. Need someone to sneak into Fakehaus headquarters and make copies of their plans for their next heist? Send Trevor, they won’t even know he was there. 

He quite literally fell into the profession. A turn down a wrong alley after escaping from a convenience store robbery forced him to crawl into some air ducts. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately depending on how you see it, the ducts just so happened to lead into a small jewelry store. He fell from a vent inside and managed to avoid the security lasers well enough to sneak over to the control panel and turn off the alarm system. From that point on he pushed his luck, seeing if he could accomplish bigger and better jobs, avoid tougher security systems. He cut it close a couple times in his early days but now he’s known as the best thief in Los Santos. Loyal to the Fakes and only the Fakes. 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia BTS Sketches

Hi guys! Haven’t brought you a post in awhile, for I’ve been busy, but I have one today. This is from the short that Floyd County Productions created for Sunny’s 100th episode “The Gang Saves The Day,” where they get caught up in a convenience store robbery, and each imagine in their heads how they would save the day. We had the great honor as a studio to work on the animated segment that is Charlie’s imagination, which is a strange rethinking of Disney’s “Up.” (frame rate’s a little weird, but it still looks good : )

I was a part of the pre-production team on this project, with Chad Hurd as our art director. I helped out with the character’s turns for Charlie and the Waitress, as well as doing some layouts for the NUMEROUS rats we were to populate Charlie’s world with. I also was asked to oversee the assignments and manage the many illustrators we had working with us on the project, so that we finished on time and produced a lot of great drawings for the animators. I had a blast working on this project!

Here you can see the turnaround work for Charlie. The original designs were all done by Claire Almon, and when I joined, the first thing we needed was turns for our main characters. I started out with a line sketch first, and once that was done and approved, I did a colored version so that we knew where to put our shading when we build the character in Illustrator, mainly because we were working with no outlines.

Here is the same thing for the waitress. She just looks like she has more because she has a full turnaround, with “flips” as we call them. We have to consider things like when she’s facing screen right, what side is her hair parted on, and what does it look like, and vice versa. Charlie had it as well, for his shirt being asymmetrical, I’m just not sure why I didn’t draw it  :-P  We pretty much always do flips for any production we work on, but you can see most of the “flip” work done in Archer, for things like shirt buttons, jackets, crotch lines, etc.

I also did the turns for our rats as well. There were three rat designs, and we really just duplicated those three body types throughout.

So another thing I did for this project was some layout work. Layout is basically drawing a composition of the scene, before it goes into scene setups (where they import in all the characters and do the animation on the background with timing). We do this so the animators have a guide to follow, and the directors and producers have an idea of what the the final scene will look like. The planning on the front end helps with production in the back end.

As you can see…there were a lot of rats to deal with! I came up with an idea of making rat “clusters” as you can see in the sketches off to the side, where you can group some of them together, and duplicate throughout the scene. So all you would have to do is do the animation for the cluster of rats one time, and use it over and over again. Then they can put them all together when they comp the scene. It saves a lot of work!

So here are the three main final layouts for the rats. It took a long time placing them all in there, but I like to think my effort helped out a lot of people down the pipeline ;-)

I also just wanted to post some of the beautiful backgrounds the artists painted for this project. 

Well there you have it, a few more behind the scenes sketches from another project made by Floyd County Productions, and one I am super proud and lucky to work on!

Supergirl had it’s finale tonight and honestly I just love this show so much. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be a big fan because I’m generally not a big fan of Superman and his derivitives, but please enjoy my copious reasons for loving this little show.

Every main character is wonderfully feminist.

It has finally allowed for a depiction of one of my favorite DC heroes, Martian Manhunter/J’onn Jonnz

They are constantly turning sexist tropes on their head. The one most often in danger and needing saving is James Olsen (who is wonderfully racebent for some diversity)

The most important and most influential relationship is not between Kara and a suitor or Kara and a male mentor, but Kara and her sister, Alex. The finale emphasizes this when it is her sister who rescues her

The dialogue is strong and often very funny and meta

There’s an episode where Supergirl loses her powers but stops a convenience store robbery and her monologue in that scene is beautifully and dynamically written.

Supergirl has a practical costume with no stupid boob cups

But most of all, Kara as the lead character is developed and written so well. She’s this little ray of sunshine

She gets excited about the littlest things (without veering into irritating)

But she also gets angry and upset

She’s not a Strong Female Character™ but a fully developed character with motivations, fears, moments of girliness, moments of badassness, Basically:


Osomatsu Parody of “Convenience Store Robbery” by Tokyo03

You Should Be

Request- Hi can u do one where you are in a store but a bank robbery is happening so Sam and Dean see it on the news and call Cas to help so he can save you

A/N- Heeey!!! Sorry I’ve been a little slow in submitting. I’ve been really busy these passed few days. Plus I noticed I’m a little more than half way to my next hundred and that’s suuuper exciting! And I kind of hope I can make it by christmas but also don’t mind if I don’t sooo haha Any who I uh- rewrote this one a lot before I was satisfied which is also why it took long. Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Reader

Word Count- 2442

While looking through the snack isle you remembered the last day you saw Cas.

He had taken you from the bunker. He had been nice all day and he took you to a really nice place. No people around for miles. “Y/N” he whispered. He smiled but his eyes were so sad.

“What’s up Cas?” you asked, with a cheerful smile of your own.

“I have been debating on whether I should tell you this since they told me you’d…” he paused and frowned as if remembering something horrible.

“Tell me what?” you questioned curiously.

He had held your hands in his but refused to look at you. He didn’t say for a few minutes, but then he turned to face you, serious look in his eyes. “I like you Y/N. I really like you.”

You were taken aback but your surprised expression quickly melted into an excited smile. “Really? Cas I li-” you started but he stopped you.

“I like you Y/N but… I’m leaving.” he said.

“What?” you questioned, your smile fading into a frown. “Why?”

He sighed, “I can’t be here. With you. I… Because of me, you…” he let the words fall but you could hear every ounce of sadness he poured into the words.

“Cas… Why?” you paused, your heart hurt and you were on the brink of tears. You not only liked the angel in front of you but… you loved him. Just when he tells you he feels the same he decides to leave? Without explaining why? You were confused, saddened, and beyond frustrated.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” he whispered. He kissed your forehead and took you home.

That was the last time you saw him and it’s been months since then.

You grab some chips and a small pack of cookies, almost crushing them out of anger of remembering that day. You then proceeded to the reason you were here in the first place. Beers. You grabbed a twelve pack and walked over to the counter to pay for them. You set your stuff down and waited for the oldish looking man who was seated to come over and charge you, but his eyes were glued to the little TV he had set up in his little booth. You cleared your throat to grab his attention, but still nothing. You could hear police sirens as a few of them rushed by. You thought it strange but weren’t really focused on that.

“Um. Excuse me.” you call out to the man.

He finally turned, with a shocked facial expression. “I’m sorry.” he said and proceeded to charge you for all your things. “That’ll be thirteen dollars and-” he paused when yet another police car raced by. He sighed,” and fifty six cents.”

You reached out and handed him your money. Suddenly you hear gun shots. “What the hell!” you shouted. The man had already gone back to his TV. “Hey. What’s going on?” you questioned.

He turns toward you, “The bank next door is being robbed. The men have hostages so the SWAT team isn’t going in yet.”

Your mouth hung open. You haven’t heard of such a mundane problem in so long. It’s been monsters left and right for years. But the only thing in your mind right now is, ‘I need to save them.’ You close your eyes because what you are going to do is both idiotic and… Ok maybe it’s just plain stupid but you have to. Saving people is second nature. “C-Can you hold these for me please. I’ll come back for them later.” you tell the man. “If I don’t die,” you whispered.

You snuck into the alley, brought out your picking tools and picked the door leading to the inside of the bank.

An hour later~

“What’s taking Y/N so long?” Dean grumbled.

Sam chuckled, “How would I know Dean?”

Dean rolled his eyes as he flipped through the channels. He stopped on a news channel. His eyes immediately widened. “No.” he breathed out.

Sam, finding his expression a bit off, walked over to see what Dean was watching.

There on the news, the reporter was talking about a bank robbery.

“Here we have a video of the children that were released. We aren’t quite sure of how that was coordinated, but according to some of the children, a ‘hero’ arrived at the scene and subdued several of the criminals, and in doing so helped talk them into releasing the children. I don’t know about you but it seems we might have ourselves our own Batman.” she said with a smile.

She then proceeded to interview one of the kids, with permission of a guardian, and the little girl gave your perfect description. She also said that you had a deep cut on your side and were bleeding, but were ‘super cool’ because you stayed standing and were ‘beating up the bad guys’.

Dean turned toward Sam. “That’s the bank that’s down the street.”

Sam was still looking at the TV, “Look,” he pointed at the TV, “It’s right next to the store Y/N was supposed to go to.” Sam turn toward Dean, “You don’t think-” he started.

“Oh, I think.” Dean sighed. “Shit,” he whispered, “We aren’t gonna be able to help with that.”

“We- We could suit up and-” Sam tried to come up with some way he could help.

“No, the FBI must be swarming the place.” Dean explained.

“We could ask Cas to go help.” Sam said.

“Cas has been MIA remember.” he sighed, “Hasn’t shown up or answered any damn prayers.”

“Yeah but he’s always had a soft spot for Y/N.” Sam responded.

“We’ll see.” Dean said. He closed his eyes, “Cas, Y/N… Y/N is in a whole lot of trouble. We need your help. Y/N needs your help.” he prayed.

Within seconds, Cas appeared.

Sam gave Dean an ‘I told you’ look.

“Y/N’s in trouble?” Cas questioned.

“Yeah look,” he pointed toward the TV, where the new reporter went on about the ban robbery. “The person that saved those kids. They’re talking about Y/N. We can’t get over there without raising some flags so-” Dean stopped once he noticed Cas had already left.

Cas appeared in the bank, but made himself invisible. He saw you, two guns in hand, pointed towards two different criminals. There were still three others, who all had their guns pointed at you.

“Shoot! Just shoot! There’s five of us!” one shouted.

You chuckled, “Guys, there might only be one of me, but I’ve been through this kind of situation before. How many of you guys do you think I can kill before one of you manages to land a shot.”

“You’re bluffing.” another said.

“Try me.” you responded.

Cas knew you were brave. He knew you could probably take on the lot of them and only come out with a scratch or two. He knew but, he just couldn’t risk it. He took you and brought you back to the motel.

“What the hell!” you shouted.

“Y/N?” Sam said, confused that you were brought back so fast.

“What’s going on?” you say and then you see Cas, “Cas? What the hell! Take me back!” you shouted.

“I will not.” he answered.

“Why? Those people are going to die. I need to safe them.” you explained.

He grabbed your shoulders, “No. You don’t. It’s not your job to save them. You’re a hunter. You fight monsters.” he scolded.

You stared back at him in disbelief, not really knowing what to say, and feeling the frustration build up within you. You clenched your fists, “Look Cas. You either take me back. OR. I go back by myself. I WILL help those people. With or without your help.” You turned around and start walking towards the door. You felt Cas’ fingers on your head before everything went dark.

Cas caught you as you fell. He had put you to sleep. He carried you over to one of the beds. “If Y/N wakes up before I return-” he paused, “Don’t let Y/N go.” he finished and transported himself back to the bank.

He swiftly and with much ease, put all the criminals to sleep, and tied them up for the police. He untied all the remaining hostages and let them go. He left before the police could rush in. He returned to you… An angry you. An Angry you who was trying to get passed two Winchesters.

“Let me go!” you shouted.

“We can’t!” Sam argued.

“Why? Cause Cas told you to? You’re going to listen to someone who hasn’t been around for months! To someone who, when we really needed it, didn’t come help us! Or at least pop in once in a while just so we could know that he was alive? You’re gonna listen to someone who just up and abandoned us?” you reprimanded.

“Calm down!” Dean demanded.

“No!” you responded.

“Why are you so worked up over this?” Sam questioned.

“It’s my fault.” Cas announced.

You froze, the boys stopped trying to hold you back and turned to face the angel.

“What do you mean this is your fault?” Sam asked.

“Did you save the people?” you inquired, your back still facing him.

“Yes.” he answered simply.

“I’m going back to the store to get the stuff I left behind.” you tell the boys.

“Y/N wait.” Cas called but was stopped by Dean.

“Whoa. Where are you going? You’re gonna stay here and tell us why this is your fault and why you’ve been MIA.” Dean said.

Cas reluctantly let you leave. He sighed, “I really like Y/N and months ago I told Y/N what I felt. But I also told Y/N that I was leaving. I wasn’t supposed to come back but when you told me that Y/N was in trouble… I couldn’t help but come.” he explained.

“Why’d you leave?” Sam questioned.

“To keep Y/N safe.” Cas answered simply.

“Safe from what?” Dean asked.

“From me.” he responded.

“I’m sorry but what kind of bullshit is that?” Dean asked out of frustration.

“Before I left… for months I… I’ve had visions where Y/N dies. It’s always the same. Always. I… I was always the only one there. I don’t know much other than that, but I thought if I was not around, Y/N won’t have to die.” Cas confessed.

“And of course you didn’t tell Y/N about this.” Sam said. Cas shook his head.

“Damn it Cas!” Dean shouted, shaking his head.

“Dean…” Sam said, trying to calm his brother.

“No Sam. This is stupid. We both know Y/N love Cas and we both know how Y/N has been since he left. To think it was for some stupid visions that might not even be real?” he vented.

“You think I shouldn’t have?” Cas inquired.

Sam sighed, “I think you should have told Y/N about this, instead of just up and leaving.”

Cas left the second Sam finished his sentence.

“Idiot.” Dean whispered.

Sam gave him a sympathetic smile. “I’m surprised you helped instead of-”

“Instead of what?” Dean interrupted.

“We both know you also liked Y/N.” Sam said giving him a knowing look.

“Yeah well Y/N would be happier with Cas so whatever.” Dean responded as he walked over to his bed and laid down.
You were walking back to the motel, as slowly as you possibly could, hopping that if you dragged your feet long enough, Cas would be gone. You subconsciously smiled, secretly happy that you were able to see him again. That he was alive and well. Your smile fell as you remembered the day he left. Remembering how you felt after he told you that he was leaving and suddenly took you back home, to be all alone. The heartache of knowing that the one who you loved was never coming back. It hurt more because he had told you that he liked you too. He gave you hope of finally being together, something you could only dream about, then he ripped it away and left you alone with your feelings. You shook your head, you should be stronger than this, but then again you have never experienced this sensation before. You didn’t know how to stop it or if you could. After all this time. After all the resentment that built up. You still loved him.

You walked to the edge of the sidewalk and sat down. You hugged your knees and let the tears fall.

Cas appeared behind you shortly after. He hated seeing you cry. Especially if it was his fault. Does he have a right to come back and possibly be with you? No. At least that’s what he thinks. Even so, he thought you deserved to know the reason why he left. He owes you at least that.

“Y/N,” he called.

You stopped your sobs and tried to wipe your tears away. “What do you want Cas?” you questioned, sounding a little harsher than you wanted.

“I was advised that the reason I left was… foolish. I came to tell you the reason. I’ll understand if you still hate me after. I just… I don’t want you to cry.” he answered.

“Let’s hear it then.” you say.

“Before I told you that I liked you… I had been receiving these visions. We were alone… in the middle of the street and you…” he paused, having trouble saying it, “you were… in my arms, drenched in blood, and-and I couldn’t heal you. You were… I don’t know how… or-or why but… I knew it was because of me that you were… I just… I didn’t want to let that happen.”

You turned to stare at him. You then stood up, “That is stupid!” you shouted.

Cas didn’t know what to expect but he knew that wasn’t it. “Wh-”

“You’re an idiot!” you shouted. “I’m a hunter! Of course I’m gonna die a bloody death! I don’t care if it was your fault or not if I die… I want you to be there. What if I had died because you left? Huh? I would’ve died alone! You’re an idiot” you shout again, tears threatening to fall, but you didn’t dare turn away from him.

Cas took in all your words. You were right. He walked over to you and wiped the tears that fell away. “I’m sorry. I should have told you before but… I couldn’t risk losing you…”

“Your solution was to leave me alone?” you questioned in a hushed voice.

He hugged you, “I’m really sorry.”

You let him hug you. It just felt so good. “You should be.” you mumbled against his chest.

Hope you liked it! x)

i wanna scream i love you (from the top of my lungs)

a big thank you to dettiot​ for the idea (a drabble, based on the fact that he had the arrow mask on his head during the video). also, for her, cause you know, head of the cheerleaders and all.

He resists the urge to call out one of those cheesy I Love Lucy imitation lines about being home when he makes his way down into the foundry. 

Tonight was just a simple patrol with everything this week being at an all time lull this month. After two hours of stopping nothing but two store robberies, Felicity told them over the comm to head back home. 

“Oh hey, look at that,” Roy points out. 

Oliver follows his gaze and notices Felicity in her chair, having dozed off. He approaches her carefully and comes to stop in a crouch in front of her. 

“Hey,” he greets her. She stirs slightly and when she wakes, she seems frightened. So he slides the mask up his face and lets it rest atop his head. “It’s just me." 

Felicity turns her head back to see a still seated Thea, flipping through paperwork from the club. 

 "You said you’d wake me—" 

"If anything happened,” Thea finishes. 

 Felicity stretches in her chair just as Oliver presses a kiss on her forehead. 

“Time to go home." 

"Just as soon as you get that suit off." 

Roy mastered the art of quickly taking his suit off months ago. So by the time Oliver begins to unzip his jacket the younger man’s already heading up the foundry steps and following Thea out. 

Once he’s back in his street clothes, he and Felicity head out themselves. It’s only until they’re in the alley, heading for her car, that Felicity catches the mask still resting on his head. 

"Your mask is still on,” Felicity says. She reaches up just as he bends down and grabs it from him. “It’s a miracle more people don’t know who you are." 

"My hero,” he says as she shoves the mask inside her purse. 

“Don’t you forget it,” she replies with a wink. 

“I never will.”

Hasil - “Who Cares About Your Brother?”

LOL.  Well I guess Hasil said it best when talking to Sally Ann. This was a rhetorical question since Hasil couldn’t have cared less about her brother’s opinion of their relationship. But I do think that it brings up a point about family loyalty and how the decisions that Hasil has been making, specifically since meeting Sally Ann, brings into question the amount of loyalty that he has to his own family and way of life.  It’s clear that he has been thinking about and questioning some of the values and principles that help to form the foundation of mountain culture and that society. And just on a day to day basis, it doesn’t seem like Hasil has been much of a participant in the discussions and planning that some of the men have shared in regard to what should be done about keeping the coal company away; Hasil was not around when Big Foster, Little Foster, and a couple of the other guys were planning the gun store robbery. He also doesn’t seem to care much about the politics in his community.  He just doesn’t want to see Big Foster become the next Brenin and for good reason. 

Knowing how sly and observant Big Foster is, he must wonder where exactly Hasil is whenever things which he deems important are happening. Big Foster is that Narcissistic character who is hungry for power and has a vision of community, and therefore doesn’t take kindly to what he thinks is disloyalty. He compared Asa to the wind, basically a fair-weather individual who can’t be relied upon to stick around and do “what’s right”. And he knows that Hasil has an IDGAF attitude at times which probably irks him to say the least, since he wants everyone to admire and kiss his behind the way Little Foster does.

So at this point, I have to wonder how much Hasil considers his own community or how strongly he feels about it. The Farrells and other mountain families place great importance on adhering to the structure and values of a very specific, intentional community. While Hasil may appreciate some of the things that a life like that has to offer, he also comes across as more of a loner and rebellious in spirit.  These traits sometimes lend themselves to an eventual distancing from such a community in order to experience other things.

It will be interesting to see where exactly Hasil stands.

  • Episode 1 of Steven Universe: Steven and Amethyst try to prove they're not racist after Garnet overhears them saying something offensive.
  • Episode 100 of Steven Universe: While at a convenience store, an armed robbery traps the Crystal Gems and each goes through their own scenario in their head.

Richard Cobb was executed in Texas after fatally shooting convenience store robbery-turned-abduction nearly 11 years ago. His final statement was :

“Life is death, and death is life. I hope that someday this absurdity that humanity has come to will come to an end. Life is too short, life is too short, and I hope anyone that has negative energy towards me will resolve that.“

Minutes after the drug began coursing through his veins, Cobb’s head snapped off the gurney and said, 

"Wow. This is great. Thank you warden ! Thank you (expletive) warden !”