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For beginner witches ✨

Learn the phases of the moon and what each phase contributes for you. Also, search up “tonight’s moon phase” and it’ll tell you what moon is there that night and tell you when to expect other phases!

•full moon: love magick, charging, healing, banishing, cleansing, clarity
•Waxing gibbous: motivation, attraction, success, good health
•Dark/new moon: deconstructive magick, curses, banishing, soul searching, divination
•waning crescent: balance, success, attaining wisdom, atonement, illness
•last quarter: breaking bad habits, relinquishing, breaking curses, banishing
•waning gibbous: relinquishing, undoing bindings, cleansing, undoing curses •Waxing crescent: constructive magick, attraction, wealth/success, luck & friendship

Use this for magick and making moon water. To make moon water you simply put some water under the moon, it’s okay if it’s cloudy, and you only need to put it out for an hour or more. Store it in a dark space.

Sun water: for ego, dignity, power, pride, self confidence and leader ship
Just leave water under the sun and store in a light/open area.


Candles! : buy them from the dollar store , it’s much cheaper there. I have a few witchy shops in my city as well and candles can be 60 cents each! Here’s a post for candle colour correspondences:

What type of witch are you? : Here’s a master post and it’s HUGE on types of witches with a detailed description:

No material spells: Here’s a few one word spells to get you started! :

Secret witches master post:

Importance of salt in witchcraft:

How to cast a circle (many methods) :

are my plants gonna die during the eclipse because they don’t get sunlight? should I store some light in a jar or something and slowly release it over them to keep them calm? asking for a friend


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seal‐cutter by kazu saito

印房 東京都品川区

                                Collection Highlights


Chemical formula: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2 (copper carbonate)

Color: Electric to very dark (almost black) blue

Hardness: Semi-soft (3.5-4)

Crystal system: Monoclinic

Occurrence: Uncommon

Health risks: None

Wow factors:

- Spectacular color not seen with many minerals!

- Usually grows with green malachite and can sometimes grow in bands with it forming unique specimens.

Care tips:

- Azurite is sensitive to high heat and humidity. Prolonged exposure to a hot and humid environment may cause the specimen to wear down and become malachite.,For this reason, do not clean with water, store in direct sunlight, or use a heated lamp to light it.

- Store in a cool, dry cabinet and clean with a blub blower.

Locality of these pieces:  Unknown, but a very good possibility it was from Bisbee, Arizona which is one of the best localities for azurite in the world!

Price range: Small pieces such as azurite “Blueberries” are common and very affordable (usually less than $10). Nice thumbnails can range from $20-80 depending on the quality. Nice cabinet pieces can be quite expensive depending on color and quality. Expect large specimens to cost over $100.

Written by, cc-da-wolf