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So I know that the backs of refrigerated displays in grocery stores open up to a giant refrigerated room so they can be restocked from behind but seeing a man moving behind the yogurts fills me with an emotion I cannot describe

“Making employees work on Thanksgiving is evil!”

Friend, I 100% agree. But if you want to work towards stopping it, you need to not shop on Thanksgiving. Maybe you by yourself may not mean much, but enough people together refusing to do business with companies on Thanksgiving will greatly discourage corporations from continuing the practice.

This is how you “vote with your wallet.” 


giorno “glamour” giovanna 

Hey guys! My tictail store has been renamed and will be re-opening pre-orders for some brand new keychains! :D

There will be options to buy these individually AND/OR as a fullset.

Please note these are pre-orders. Orders won’t be shipped until Mid-Late April. If stock arrives before its expected date, I will ship them out early-mid April instead! n_n

The store will open tomorrow (Saturday 11th) at 5PM EST (10PM GMT) and Pre-Orders will close March 25th.

Here is the full set of all the fantasy bnha charas

I screamed when I saw the fantasy ed of the second season from bnha and just couldn’t stop myself from drawing them. BECAUSE I JUST LOVE ALL THE AUs AHHHH even the matrial arts one like hnnnng yess.

Also thanks to @mojoromo for suggesting the animal sticks hahaha

Literally Nothing Phases Newt

Honestly Newt could be halfway down a dragon’s gullet and Credence would hear a [muffled but enthusiastic] voice like “No need to worry Credence, I’ve got everything under control!” 

Credence is like “How do I not worry, you’re being EATEN BY A DRAGON??

And Newt says “Worrying means you suffer twice!”


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~!!!

Hope y’all had a great time this Christmas and I wish you have a wonderful journeys ahead waiting for you!

To all the MM fans out there, please remember to sleep and eat well www ❤