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Throwback to this cute little store i went to back in Manhattan last summer!!! The store has 3 parts, a book shop (The Strand), a coffee shop (Toby’s Estate) and a clothing store (Club Monaco). Though the clothes were a little too high end for me, the books were incredible and so was the coffee apparently (according to my grandmother). The smell of coffee filled the entire book shop which made it feel so cozy and warm and not to mention, the decor was amazing. I would love to go back to this shop and purchase some books again (i dont even remember what book I bought here hehe). Anyways, you guys stay tuned bc in a few minutes, we’re announcing our very first give away 🙌🙌🙌

New York City Gothic:

-You are on the subway. Stuck between destinations. It is Monday. The conductor assures everyone that the delays are “due to weekend construction.” The cosmic shouts of the nearby mole people disagree. They know time is of no consequence.

-You are walking into an unfamiliar building for an interview. You consult your reflection in the ascending elevator to make sure you look presentable. Upon entering the office of your potential employer, you realize you are wearing your favorite pair of Timbs. You don’t remember putting them on this morning. The shoes are in great contrast to the rest of your overachieving attire. Your employer looks down at your feet and says nothing. He thunderously stands up from his desk, revealing that he, too, is wearing his favorite pair of Timbs. The job is yours.

-It is lunchtime. You are unfamiliar with this part of Manhattan. You try to map out your location by remembering landmarks. Like that Duane Reade on the corner. You walk down another block. Another Duane Reade. And another. Is every store in Manhattan secretly a Duane Reade?

-You pass a sullen elderly man wearing a hoagie costume, passing out flyers for a nearby sandwich chain. His glossy, malaise-stricken eyes have seen all things in existence. As you approach him, you graciously accept a flyer - an empathetic gesture no one had offered him in years. You think you hear him say “I bear the burden of knowing all. When the time comes I hope you are spared from The Infinite Suffering.” You can’t be sure for certain that’s what he said.

-A homeless couple rattle a lightly-filled coffee cup, asking for change. You drop the coins leftover from the transaction at the sandwich chain. They hiss. No. Not that change. REAL change.

-You are back on the subway. Four teenagers board the train at the next stop, setting down a boombox playing a rap song that reminds you of your grandfather. He was a great man. The teens are ready to offer their performance to the unaffected public. They cry out “Showtime! Showtime! You already know what time it is!” The mole people make their stance on time known yet again in a roar whose decibel could unnerve the steeliest of men. But the shouts are not what make you feel uncomfortable. For that honor belongs to the elderly woman taking up two seats, whose thighs protrude your bubble space. You just want to be home already.

-You wake up the following morning to find several stray dollar bills in your pants pockets. You know not how they came about in the first place. At first, you pay the phenomenon no mind. Later, you feel another dollar spawn in your pocket as a passerby utters the phrase “Deadass, B?” You come to learn that you do, in fact, have a dollar for every time someone breathed those words. You quit your job on your second day. You have all the money you could ever need.


We were supposed to be meeting up at a new coffee bar we found but Mozziarella met me here instead. I had to order some art pieces for my client before the stock ran out. This is probably one of the coolest furniture stores here in Manhattan but you have to order everything online since majority of their stock is housed at their warehouse.. I guess this is a spot for advertising stuff of less value IDK… Ha. Probably gonna go get “coffee” after this and get ready for tomorrow(coffee in quotes because these new “coffee joints” we find always have Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Brandy, and Jack D as chaser for coffee. Jack D, and Rum being the best coffee/liquor combo. ).

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What do you know about Agent 355?

It was most likely in 1779 through his journalist connections that Robert Townsend first made the acquaintance of a young woman of whom he informed Abraham Woodhull of. In a letter dated August 15th, 1779, Woodhull recorded that there was a specific “[lady] of my acquaintance” so situated as to “out with them all.” Her sudden appearance in his letters hints she made of been introduced to the ring by Townsend himself. That she was already familiar with Woodhull indicates she or her family were originally from Long Island. Her apparent presence in Manhattan of late meant she was somehow uniquely positions to collect important secretary in a cunning and charming manner that would leave those she had duped completely unaware that they had just been “outwitted” by a secret agent. 

Whoever she was is unknown, Woodhull and Townsend were barely not to record her name only coining her to a number–355. 

in the case of 355, her code indicates she was an individual of some degree of social prominence. There are some suggestions what she was Anna Strong, wife of Judge Selah Strong who was detained on a prison ship and fled to Connecticut after his release. Legend has it that Anna remained behind to manage the house and family while her husband remained in exile, used to hand laundry in specific patterns on her clothing line. 

The Strong estate lay on a hill and could be viewed by anyone crossing Devil’s belt on a portion of the Long Island Sound. Wet clothes drying in the sun looked to the courier, Caleb Brewster, as signals indicating counts of ships and troops or which coves it was safe to dock his boat. Anna was known to Abraham Woodhull, Austin Roe and Caleb Brewster. She was also in reach of loyalist officers. 

However, a more likely candidate for Agent 355 is was a young woman living in New York City. She certainly would have been attached to prominent Loyalist families. It is possible, Agent 355 was one of women who flocked around Major John Andre. Culper Jr and Agent 355 both established their roles in New York and 355 passed the intelligence she gathered onto Robert Townsend. At some point, she almost became a camp follower who traveled with officers on the move but due to her social standing she was deemed “unfit.” This put her into a hiatus before she could revive her stage and gather any further information. Agent 355 would charm strategic details out of high-ranking officers. What exactly was occurring was unclear, but the lady whose job it was to “out wit them all” would have reported what she had observed. 

When it came to the ordeal with John Andre, Agent 355 with Woodhull and Townsend took place in giving hints to Benjamin Tallmadge about Andre which Tallmadge did not catch onto. 

November 12th, 1780, Woodhull wrote to Tallmadge news that “several of our dear friends were imprisoned, in particular one that hath been ever serviceable to this correspondence. This step so dejected C. June that he resolved to leave New York for a time.” Augustin Roe had returned from New York and that Brewster had been pursued and narrowly escaped capture while crossing the Sound. The person imprisoned was someone who was known to Townsend and enjoyed very close tied to him–the friend taken was none other than Agent 355. Wether she was traced by Benedict Arnold or caught because of general suspicion what unknown. Her capture shattered morale of the other spies. 

But it is unknown exactly how her prison time was done. There were no separate women’s prison. Agent 355 would have been held in the primary confinement facility at the time–HMS Jersey, anchored in Wallabout Bay, near Brooklyn. Prison ships were considered worse than death, with contaminated water, scares rations of food or meals, disease and dead bodies. Robert Townsend sunk deeper into a depression at this information, shutting down his store in Manhattan temporarily and taking several weeks to regain his health out of harms way. There is not much known after her capture but Robert Townsend never recovered fully from her capture and imprisonment. 

Agent 355′s name is unknown and her fate has been lost to time and history. She may have escaped imprisonment and gone on to live a long life. Or, she may have passed away somewhere in the hull of the Jersey. When the British left New York in November 1783, they abandoned the Jersey in the harbor, with several thousand starving prisoners still on board. Thought quite rare, women’s name did appear on some of these lists, though none of them have been proved to be that of Agent 355. 

No Control | Chapter Six


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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The subway lets out right in front of NYU, so Trev parts ways with us, calling for us to have a nice day. Paul trails behind us by about ten yards, trying his best to not look like a bodyguard in his blue button down and khakis. The weather is the best it’s been so far, even though it’s mid-August, and there’s a slight breeze to keep the sun from being too intense. Harry keeps ahold of my hand as we walk down the sidewalk the few blocks to McNally’s. No one even gives us a second glance, which Harry comments on with a content smile. 

“McNally’s is a book shop?” Harry asks when we finally come up on the storefront. There’s no one really in there at this time of day, thankfully, and the street is fairly empty, as well. Apparently people have better things to do on a summer day than go to a book store in Lower Manhattan.

“Yeah, and a cafe. It’s my favourite.” He holds the door open for me as we walk in, sliding his hand to my lower back. “Do you want coffee or tea or anything?”

“They got breakfast tea?”

I confirm that they do, and Harry offers to grab us a table while I order. One of my favourite baristas, Rob, is working today, and he greets me with a smile when I step up to the counter.  

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“This photo was taken during a day exploring New York City. I recently moved here from Georgia, so I have a long list of famous and unique places that I want to see in the city. I stopped into this plant shop that doubled as a thrift store, Green Fingers Market, in Manhattan. I take my camera with me everywhere I go, for reasons like these. The market was succulent heaven and I captured so many of them. This is one of my favorite photos from that day!” - Lauren Clark


ugh guys @ the opening ceremony store in manhattan there’s this SUPER HOT GUY who works there who looks literally exactly like this (this actually might b him?) and he dresses like an androgynous fashion god and im in love!! i stopped in while i was walking from madison to penn station and he put a choker on me to try it on and i bought it with my card and gave him my # by writing it on the receipt

celia_mei: When I moved to NYC from London just over 8 years ago, I left my parents and sister, my dearest friends, and a career. I had this phrase cycling in my head from reading about how one can endeavor to fulfill their potential in a lifetime, “follow your bliss,” and all that I knew it meant in that moment when I was crying at Heathrow airport about to leave everything I loved behind, was that following my bliss meant I had to go to NYC. I can’t tell you why, I can only say that the feeling and pull was something I needed to honour. To “follow my bliss” served me well, and I’d eventually forgotten about that specific phrase for a few years. Last week, the @greatcometbway cast got these gifts from fan, @megwarshaw, with the following note: “my family has owned a hardware store in Manhattan since 1925, and you’ll see a little gift that I handcut, hand stamped, and put together for all of you. On each of these gifts is a word that, after seeing the show 6 times and meeting most of you at the stage door, I decided either describes what I see that you exemplify to the world or what I hope you continue to bring to the world after Comet has come to a close.” Lo and behold, the word, “Bliss,” written there on my gift. Megan, I’m quite awed that you saw this deeper part of me, and I hope to move forwards in encouraging others (myself included) to follow our bliss.