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My witchy iOS apps.

Wow! I’ve never gotten more than MAYBE 15 notes in my many years on tumblr. Thanks, witch fam!

UPDATED*** Here are some app links for @valicorne​ and others who requested. They should all be free. Some of these are also in the Android Marketplace, and for those that aren’t, there are comparable ones.

And my mom has a baller sigil making app on Android I envy: Sigil Automatron. Anyone know of a comparable one for iOS? (I don’t want just a paint or photoshop-like app, but one specific
To making sigils)

Not all the full names show in the screenshotted app view, which is why some of you struggled to find them. Sorry!):

1. Tarot Card Memorizer: Pretty self explantaory. This is a nice reference when you’re trying to learn card meanings.

2. Pendulum Charts Free - a plethora of charts. I like using that on my iPad, not super useful on a smaller screen, aka my iPhone. Can also use to reference for making your own charts on paper, or woodburning like I’m working on.

3. Golden Thread Tarot - Really nice free eversion of great physical deck. Nice for witches on the go, or witches on a budget.

4. Crystals And Gems - Handy reference guide for both physical and metaphysical attributes.

5. Mighty Timer - temperature, time, and amount of tea you need for the perfect cup. Great kitchen witch app, especially if you grow some of your own herbs for tea, like I do.

6. TimePassages - Free daily horoscopes, meanings, planetary bodies glossary and then some paid options for chart downloads.

7. Herbs Guide - Herbs for health and cooking. ***never take any information found on the Internet or via apps as medical advice. Seek professional medical help if you have an issues. This witch is very pro-science and modern medicine, despite making teas, tinctures, and herbal salves. Those are merely supplements to help relieve symptoms.

8. Dreamboard - my favorite digital dream journal

9. Runes - pocket advisor - Get one, two and three rune readings. Also helps you learn the meanings of elder futhark runes.
10. SkyView Free -This overlays constellations and other astronomical information when you open the app and point it at the night sky. Uses your camera and GPS to know what it’s looking at. Works inside, too. I impress the heck out of people when I whip this out at stargazing events.

11. Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide Pro - This app, containing six broad sections - guides, application, single oil, oil blends, aromatherapy and weight loss. Again, this is not to be used in place of proper nutrition and medical attention, and be very careful when using essential oils. All need to be diluted with carrier oils, and some are dangerous if you’re pregnant, etc.

12. Spellcaster - tarot cards, horoscope and pre-written spells. Not my favorite, but fun to flip through.

13. Celeste -LOOOVE. Celeste allows you to calculate a natal chart, which you can view on a zodiac wheel. You also get a description of all the planets in signs, not just the sun sign.

14. Star Chart - This is similar to skyview. I haven’t played with it too much so I can’t vouch for it quite yet. I think I prefer the skyview interface.

15. Free Candle - Different candle options, and you cna blow them out. Great for on the go candle magick/meditation, and for those who aren’t allowed to use candles in apartments/dorms/etc.

16. The Pocket Pagan - “This unique Pagan app includes a map of the USA and Canada filled with Pagan, occult and New Age stores, a handy correspondence guide for quick magickal look-ups, and a calendar that shows you the next full moon and Sabbat dates. Quick links can help you find the latest news, blogs and videos too. One little widget shows the real-time moon phase too.”

17. Moon - current moon phase - Love this. Very simple interface for when you JUST want basic full, new, waxing, waning moon info.

18. Herbs in Magick - The application contains information about more than 200 herbs and their magickal use. No internet connection

Things You Can Definitely Buy From the Dollar Store: A Guide to Being Poor

Band-aids- You can probably get a box of 100 or so for a buck
Light Pads- Not tampons, because you really shouldn’t skimp on tampon quality, and if you have a seriously heavy flow, I would consider a sturdier brand, but for just some just-in-case panty liners or your last couple days, a 20 pack of liners for $1 is pretty sweet
Pain Relievers- it depends on how many are in the bottle and what your local prices are, so check what it costs for a big bottle at Walmart with 100 in it, vs the 25 in the dollar store bottle. It takes a little math, but sometimes it can save a lot of money to by 4 (25ct) bottles for $4 instead of 1 (100 ct) bottle for $7
Nail Polish & Makeup- If you aren’t picky about brands, Dollar stores have some good ones sometimes. LA Colors is a makeup brand that Dollar Tree sells, among other stores, and most of its makeup is pretty good. ELF is something common at dollar stores, as well, and is pretty darn good for $1-3. I would stay away from Dollar Store foundation and concealers if you haven’t tried it out before or seen good reviews though
Dishes- A dish is a dish is a dish, man. Don’t waste $50 on your first dish set after moving out of your parent’s house. It really isn’t worth it—moving for college, a new apartment every year your lease is up, roommates, parties, exploding in microwaves, soon-to-be-ex throwing them at your head and whatnot: they’re going to get trashed. When you have a steady job, your own house and want to entertain, then go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy the nicest set of dishes you can find. Until then, Goodwill  and Dollar Store dishes are for you. In my opinion, it’s actually more fun to have miss-matched dishes, but if it’s not for you, you can totally buy matches from Dollar Tree. I’ve actually seen some pretty nice ones.
Books- Find something interesting? Go for it. Book is a Book is a Book. Sometimes they even have pretty good ones, it’s worth checking next time you’re in the store
Pregnancy/Ovulation Tests- It’s been proven that the cheapos are just as accurate as the $10 apiece ones. If you have a late period or are feeling paranoid, don’t waste huge money on name brands.
Food- Dollar stores have really evolved when it comes to food. Some even have frozen sections! Be careful, as sometimes the almost empty boxes are actually MORE MONEY per oz. but all in all, you can get some good deals if you look for them. Keep an eye on expiration dates though—there is a reason it’s in the dollar store. Do NOT buy spices from discount stores! If it’s a name brand, that’s fine, but the cheapo brands make spice “mixes” and “Blends” that are usually full of salt to make them cheaper to produce—this is unhealthy for you because if you are seasoning something and want more flavor, you use more spice mix, but you’re adding more salt. Total high sodium risk
• Cleaning Supplies: It all depends on what you can find, of course. But dryer sheets, sponges, toilet bowl cleaner, etc. are all pretty standard and aren’t going to be very different if you spend $1 on it or $10. If you buy one and it doesn’t work for you, or feels ineffective then spring for a more expensive version, but the cheap is always worth a try.
Candles + Incense: some of them actually smell pretty good and you can find a good deal every once in a while. They have pretty nice candle holders sometimes, as well

Things you SHOULDN’T buy from the dollar store
• Spices: As noted earlier, Spice “mixes” usually contain a lot of salt and other filler, so when you go to add more seasoning for more flavor, you just end up with more salt. It’s really unhealthy, over all, and being a low-income or likely in college person can already put you at risk for unhealthy eating. Spring for the real stuff, I promise it’s worth it
• Office/School Supplies: Okay, this may just be personal experience, but I have to be honest, I have not had any kind of luck with pens, pencils, or even the paper. A lot of the notebooks are actually cheaper at a regular store, especially in the fall, and it’s better to stock up on $.20 each then than pay $1 per notebook later. Your individual stores may have better options, but I’ve never found discounted office things (especially pens, ugh!) to be worth the slightly lower price once you factor in the ease with which they break, how quickly they run out of ink and whatnot.
Razors: No. Just, just don’t do it—your skin will thank me later
• Candy: most small snack and candy items are old, from bad batches, or are mostly empty boxes—as well as usually being overpriced. If you need your chocolate to indulge, do it right and spend the same, if not less, amount of money on better candy.
Anything you find questionable: use your gut. It something seems too good to be true, or doesn’t feel right, don’t bother with it. Use your judgement!

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get On With Your Book


Make a Schedule.

So today is September the 17th? Ok, well let’s say that an average first draft takes around 3 months, so set a schedule from now till around Christmas. The rest of September could be planning, then you could start writing in November, keeping to your plan, and writing a reasonable amount every day, and by December, have a whole story written and ready to be edited!


Nothing is perfect.

If your stuck on the planning stage for twenty seven years, you won’t be able to ever get a book done. Come up with an idea, good or bad, and flesh it out, edit it, re-edit it, and make it amazing. Nothing will ever be perfect and exactly how you want it, but don’t settle for something bad. Even if the initial idea is pretty rubbish, just keep working at it.


Remind yourself why you write.

Maybe you have a deep reason, maybe you just want followers on Wattpad, but hopefully, it’s because you love to write! If, like me, writing seems to fuel your very soul, then get on with it! There’s no point sitting about and twiddling your thumbs when there’s books to be written, and bestsellers to make.

Feel Good

The Dawn Room- Get and Receive kind words.

The Thoughts Room- Watch your thoughts dissolve into space.

The Quite Place- Escape the world for a bit.

It Will Be Okay- Get some words of reassurance.

Soundrown- Extremely relaxing white noise.

Virtual Shower- Take a Virtual Shower and Relax.

Calm down- Nice music and background to clam you down.

Weather- Control the weather from sunny with birds to a thunderstorm.

Snowy Mood- Listen to the soft crunching of snow.

Self Harm alternatives- Don’t hurt yourself, baby, try these.

Feel happy- 10 thins to do when you feel crappy.

Stressed?- 99 coping methods for stress.

Take a break- Do nothing for two minutes and listen to waves.

Having a Bad day?- Things to keep in mind when you are.

Angry?- then look at these cute animals.

Need a hug?- Just click on it, guys.

Make every thing Okay- Press a button and make it all okay.

Was Someone Mean?- “talk” to them and get it out.

Important Mental Health posts- Take a look at these, it’ll help.

Encouraging posts- These are what you need.

Hotlines- Listed in order of hotline.

Re-hydrate- Cute app that grows a plant when you drink water.

Mental Heath and coping- Huge masterpost on multiple disorders and abuse.

Cramps- Yoga for Period cramps.

Napping- When to and how long to nap.

Bad day?- List of cute things to do to f=make you feel better.

Self care- 25 self-care tips to help out.

Need a Compliment?- Get an Emergency Compliment.

Relax with Sea creatures- Have cute babies follow your mouse.

Comfort Box- Make a box for your bad days, and be prepared.

Cut this and not yourself- Click and drag across the screen.

Open a window

14,000 things to be happy about for .16 cents

Watch a randomized tree grow

Therapy Coloring printables

Sexuality Definitions

Tips to Fall Asleep Fast

How to get up in the Morning

Fake Self Confidence

My Friend Needs Help

Panic Attack- My friend is having a Panic Attack.

Self-Harm- My friend self-Harms.

Addiction- My friend is addicted to drug or another substance.

Eating Disorder- My friend has an Eating Disorder.

Suicide- My friend wants to kill them self.


Color Collective- A collection of colors and photography.

Skintone Swatches- 2 great references for skin color.

Skin detail- Adding quick detail to skin.

Blending tutorial- Article and Video.

Concept Cookie- Huge collection of Concept art and tutorials.

Hair palette- Hair colors and mixes chart.

Draw the Booty- Mini tutorial or drawing the booty.

Clouds- Realistic clouds tutorial.

Bubbles- Look at these beauties.

Grass- Video tutorial on Grass.

Portrait- How to draw a portrait in Photoshop.

Lighting- An ADVANCED video on lighting in Photoshop.

Underwater- Beginners Underwater tutorial.

Color Zones- Color Zones of the face and head.

Eyes- Really basic eye tutorial and face sections.

Heels- Basic tutorial For drawing heels (shoes).

Self-taught Artist?- Try this website for tips you may not have known.

Hands- Really useful hand sculpture, first three aren’t hands, but keep going.

Poses- List of useful human poses and such.

Sitting Poses- Poses used for drawing sitting humans.

Understanding anatomy- Chart of Human Anatomy.

Great Pintrest Boards- inspiration, Ideas, Illustration, Draw, Fanart, Concept.

Lessons- FREE, i repeat FREE, art lesson websites!

Psychology of Color- Explanation and charts of color stuff.

Mixing skin tones- Mixing of multiple of colors and ways of skin tone.

Color palettes- make sure you get your colors right.

Contour and Highlights- C and H of the human face.

How to draw: Hoods- Quick tutorial on hood proportion and placement.

How to Draw: Boobs in a shirt- Really helpful do’s and don'ts.

How to Draw: Hair- Long and short beginner hair tutorial.

How to Draw: Cartoon Faces- Basic faces and eyes, nose, and mouth.

Face Placement- Easy to read face placement chart.

How to Draw: Cartoon Hands- Quick Gif tutorial.

Hot to Draw: Cartoon Mouths- Helpful gif for mouth stuff.

Expressions- Awesome Facial Expression chart.

How to Draw: Arms- Great gendered arm reference.

Clothing- Neat do’s and don'ts for clothes.

Hair- Basic hair styles and colors.

Eye- Nice eye drawings to go off of.

More Clothes- Literally Clothes for EVERYTHING.

Kissies- Face positioning and mouths and stuffs.

Programs- A ton of FREE art programs to draw with and such.

Pixels Galore- Beginner guide at pixel art.

Tutorial Masterpost- Huge masterpost on drawing stuff and things.

Glitch Effect- This Hella cool thing oh my gosh.

Draw your Hand in 3D

Writing (*Cracks Knuckles* My Specialty)

Falling Out of Love

Character building

Make your own family history

Plot a complex novel in a day

Punctuating Dialogue(English)

Tips for writing Smut

Naming Characters

Pixar’s Tips for writing a Story

Insecure about your Writing? Read this.

Make a Likable Protagonist

Character Motivations importance

Body Language

How to Write: Flashbacks

Is your Chapter Good?

How to Write: Action Scenes

Writing Multiple Point of Views

When not to Write(Important)

Constructive Comments

Writing a Series


Subtle signs of Love

Are you ready to get Published?

Genera Characteristics

Is that Plagiarism? Better check!

Looking for that word?

Writing exercises

Illegal Information

Amazing Masterpost for writers reference

Fill your Journal up

Writer’s Block? Try this.

750 Words a Day

Fancy Last Names

Greek Mythology Database

Writing Jobs you may not have known about


Planner- Neat print-out planner.

Prioritize and Stick to it tips- studying tips and habits.

Manage Exam Anxiety

Apps to control Procrastination

Be a master Note Taker

Find the right place to Study

Study daily, don’t cram before the test!

Planning an Essay

Dealing with School related Stress

Effective Studying Techniques

Manage your Time

Reading and Researching

Google Citations

Googling Tips

When Study Breaking(Three)

How to: Pull an all-nighter

School Supplies Masterpost


Orisinal- Absolutely adorable games to relax to.


Make- Burgers, Ice Cream, Pancakes, Pizza, and Tacos.

Piano Keyboard

Adventure Time Princess Maker(Awesome)

Lots of Pokemon

Trivia Galore

Free Indie Games(that will occupy you for hours)

Make a squid(Mine is so cute)

Dress up game masterpost

Make awesome Sand art

Flow(Kinda like spore)

Fly Guy


Draw a stickman and go on an Adventure

Make some Plants

Coma(Really cute, Kinda confusing)

Alter Ego(This game is so amazing, Please play it)

Terrifying irl games

Akinator(Actual Magic)

Chain Reaction(addictive)

Silk Art

Space Invaders

Balance some stuff

Go through a maze with your mouse

Holy mother of Pacman

Surround the cat

Portal knockoff(But it’s still good)

Sticky blobs

Free Cards Against Humanity

Cookie Clicker

Free Plants Vs. Zombies

Neat Color Game

The End(Really Cool Platformer)

Machinarium(This is so amazing)

Psychological RPGs that mess with you

RPG Games with Description(all free)

One and One story

Vocabulary Game


I saw her standing there(It has Zombies, guys)


Paint a Nebula

Pointer Pointer(check it out)

Light and shadow thingy

Paint with some Fire

Infinite Line

Play with a Blob

Shakespearean insult generater(for some laughs)

Interactive Movie

Make awesome figurines and buy them

go for a walk, or run, or fly…

Get your anger out and have fun

Try and stop watching this

Music Catch 2

Choice of a Dragon

Online Lego Builder

100 Best Free PC Games

Jelly Cannon

Kaleidoscope spinny maker Thing


Hungry Blocks



Ways to tie a scarf

Visual guide to a shitton of stuff

Vintage and Indie- 1 2 3 4 5

Punk/Grunge- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Ten dollar Mall(where has this been all my life?)

Lily’s Boutique

Tons of Cat shirts

How to: Were X thing

Cheap and cute clothes(Sammydress)

Use the code “ThankU15” for 15% off

Flower Crowns cute and cheap clothes

Cute, Cheap, and free shipping to the U.S

Lingerie under 5 dollars!

T-shirts all under 10$

Cute ass skirts under 10$

Jewelry under 5$

Like 2$ Skeleton Tights

Skull sweatshirt for 20$

Lacey Thigh-highs for 2$

Cute Anti-Duck masks for 8$

6$ self defense Key Chain

Clothes from that TV show you liked

More Cute Ass leggings for 8$

Another Dust mask for 15$

Weird face Dust Mask(again) for 3$

Cool teeth printed Dust Masks for 5$

Red and Black under bust Corset For 18$

Just My size

Pastel Goth(Adorable asf)

How to thrift shop


Lazy Girl Workout

Yoga poses at your desk

Ultimate Booty workout

27 Squat Variations

Back on fire, back workout

Easier Push-ups for people who can do zero(like me)

2 Minute Pre-Shower Routine

Increase Flexibility

Tighten your abs

Before you go to school or work yoga

Workout Ideas Masterpost

Yoga Masterpost

DIY spa


Blueberry Yogurt Mask

Cucumber and Parsley Mask

Mango aloe toner

Apple Honey Acne Facial

Indian Cleansing Milk for Oily skin

Lavender Oatmeal Mask

Avocado Facial Mask

Peppermint Lip Scrub

Sugar Lip Scrub


Hair Color Booster

Protective Hair Mask

Hydrating Hair Mask

Avocado Hair Mask

Love Potion #9-Hair rejuvenation

Strengthening Hair Mask


Wake up Scrub

Dry Skin Creme

Almond Body Scrub

Sunburn Solution

Rose water body lotion


Overnight Foot mask

Foot Soak

Cracked heel treatment

Beach Sand Scrub


Hand Peel

Gardeners’ Hand Scrub

Lemon and sugar scrub

Lavender Hand Creme


Homemade Bath Salts

Tea Balls

Tub Tea

Bath Fizzies

Neat ass Rose Water

Sage and Fennel Bath Melt

Bubble Bath Paint(Woah)

How To: Make your Own Bath Bomb


How to: Hot Towel

Meditation- You can also go to your smarthphone’s app store and buy some guided mediation apps. Of course, you can always Google Meditation for Help.


Complete Text of Shakespeare’s plays

Read Any Book

Color based on the time

Some some books for .1 cents

Live Animal feeds!

The hobby masterpost

Watch a movie with an internet Friend

Pun Generator

How to: make a glitter jar

Masterpost of interesting Links

Masterpost of spooky stories

Look at 100,00 stars

Who do you write like?

Orca follows your mousse

Live porn search feed- seriously just click it

That spinny thing from when you were a kid

Check your Post Limit

Open Sea Cam

How to: Origami

Sleep calculator

Cute OTP things

How to: Blanket Nest

So many Documentaries

Adventure Time Masterpost

Wind currents of the earth RIGHT NOW(Really Neat)

Click to make rectangles

Listen to Wikipedia getting Edited

Acrobots(so much fun)

Cheap fidget toys- good for anxiety

Cheap ass books

Cool Fact Generater

Find Reaction Gifs(three)

One second on the Internet

Make a note that will self destruct after read

Make your Dream Home

Puppy licks you screen

NoSleep Reddit Forum

Urban Legends

Cheap posters

Dots move to your mouse

Buy your own groceries, you chair


Make your Pens as Beautiful as you are

How To: Not even give a Fuck

Funny Bloopers- 1 2 3

Crafts Gone Horribly Wrong

99 Life Hacks

How much of X food/drink would it take to end you?

How to: Pick the Perfect Video Game

How things have changed since you were Born

Have an out of Body Experience Tips

A Washcloth Getting Wrung out in Space

You can Actually Beat Snake 


Ramen Noodle Recipes:

Ramen Noodle Stir fry

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chili-Cheese Ramen

Egg drop Ramen

Spinach and Ramen

Ramen Spaghetti

Ramen Alfredo

Ramen n’ Cheese

Stuff in a mug:

Cheesy Eggs

Cheese and broccoli eggs

Mac n’ Cheese


Nutella Cake



Chocolate Chip Cookie



Corn on the Cob

Scalloped Potatoes

White Rice

Fried Rice

Baked Potato

Chicken Casserole

Garlic Chicken

Chicken Soup Casserole

Soft Chicken Tacos

Microwavable Pancakes

no-bake energy bars

vegan french toast

banana pops breakfast wrap

vegan pancakes

spinach and eggs  

baked eggs with red sauce and greens

honey butter chicken biscuits chocolate waffles  

pizza omlette

cinnamon sugar french toast sticks  

cheesy bagels whole wheat greek yogurt pancakes  

pizza bites

parsely pesto pasta stuffed aubergine boats

sausage and mushroom risotto  

tortilla soup deep dish chocolate chip cookie  

crab cakes blue cheese drop biscuits

coconut chicken soup  

cowboy steaks

asparagus white bean pesto pasta  

spice up your hot chocolate  

butterbeer recipe 100 cal snacks  

sweet potato fries

peanut butter milkshake  

strawberry banana ice cream  

cinnamon carrot chips with honey yogurt dip  

parmesan roasted broccoli  

greek salad skewers dressed up popcorn buffalo chicken dip  

baked apple chips fried sweet plantains

coconut milk whipped cream  

zuccini + cheese  

fruit dip  

ice cream sandwich  

magic cocoa recipe

triple chocolate mousse cake

cake batter ice cream  

mini chocolate chip muffins  

easy baked doughnuts  

chocolate pie  

almond joy smoothie milkshake  

raw strawberry cheesecake white chocolate mousse cupcake  

toasted coconut chocolate chip cookies

cinnamon rolls (gluten free)  

mini pumpkin cheesecakes more cupcakes  

red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars chocolate and pomegranate cake



Face Brushes

Eye Brush cheat sheet

Brush 101

Sponges and uses for ‘em


Routine Flow Chart

Even Skin tone

Contour your Face Shape

Right Blush for your Skin tone

Applying Liquid Foundation

How to use Concealer


Tips for the Smokey Eyes

How To: Winged Eyeliner

Bridal Eye Makeup

Fall Makeup Ideas

Perfect Smokey for your Eye Shape

Mascara Hacks

How to: Mascara

Using Mascara as Eyeliner

How To: Apply False Lashes


Grooming and Shaping Tutorial

Tips and Tricks 101

Eyebrow Tutorial(more)

7 Tips


Nude Lipstick Guide

MAC Lipstick Dupes

The Red Lip Rule Book

17 Perfect Lips Tips

Perfect Pin for your Skin Tone

Perfect Orange for your Skin Tone

Ten Commandments of Lipstick

Do’s and Don’ts of Dark Lipstick

Some YouTube Tutorials:


Tanya Burr


Lauren Curtis




Michelle Phan



Your Probably Washing it Wrong?

Longer, Thicker, And Sexier Hair

The Perfect Ponytail

Lazy Girl Hairstyles

5 Updo Hairstyles

29 Inspiring Hairstyles

Perfect Messy Bun

Ways to Braid

Three Braid Updo

no heat curls

straight hair with no heat

5 hairstyles for medium hair

5 ways to wear a beanie

Crafts (May have overdone this a bit)

Homemade Crayon Lipblam

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cloud Nightlights

Calm Bottle

Jellyfish in a jar

Craft on a Low Budget

Crochet for Beginners

Knitting for Beginners

Free Knitting Patterns

10 Other Uses for Nail Polish

DIY rainbow welcome Mat


Make your own Rock Candy

Unicorn Fart Vials

Tabletop Ice Hockey

Origami Paper Nesting Cats

Pixie Dust Pendent

Sparkly ass silly putty

Birthday Candle Crown

Glow in the Dark Water Balloons

Felt wire Crown

Oceanic Crafts

Sail Ice Cubes

Pipe cleaner Princesses

Origami Blinking Eye

Diamond Pipe Cleaner Tutorial

Melted Snowman Ornament

DIY Mustaches- One and Two

DIY Desktop Sandbox

DIY Glitter Tattoos

Hairstyle Doll with growing/shortening Hair

Googly Eye Flip Flops

Lunch bag Drawings

Pom Pom Necklace

Wooden Gem Illusion

Bread Tag Monsters

Cardboard Loom(I’ve done this and can definitely say to try it)

Blessing Bag

Tin Can Lanterns

Leak-Proof Water Blob

20 Uses for Cupcake Liners

Hanging String Balls

Make Stuff Out of Cereal Boxes

Turn an Old Hardcover Book into a Notebook 


What Kind of Nerd are You?

Are you more like Sam or Dean Winchester

Adventure time Character based on Diet

What LEGO Movie Character are you?

What Makes you Hot?

Can we Guess your Favorite Color?

What Teen Titan are you?

What Big Hero 6 Character are you?

Which Invader Zim Character are you?

Which Scooby-Doo Character are you?

Which Titanic Character are you?

Which Full House Character are you?

Which Walking Dead Character are you?

Which Grey’s Anatomy Character are you?

What do People Always Underestimate About you? 

I’ll Update as often as I can with new stuff so stay tuned! 


Yes, everybody I know there are no links! Tumblr updated one day and they just disappeared! Sadly, this was a great master post but that’s the end of that!
Clothes shopping for smaller dudes~

This is an issue for a lot guys I know who are transitioning. Finding clothes for smaller guys can really just be a pain in the ass. I am 5'2  and alot of places just have stuff that’s just too damn big. So here ore some shops and places that I have been turning to for clothing that actually fits.

  1. H&M: while they aren’t the cheapest, they’re men’s tops usually run pretty small, though i really can’t say the same for their pants. Also if your really damn small like me, their kids section actually has some pretty great stuff.
  2. Pacsun: these guys pretty fucking expensive, but another store where things run pretty small, pants included. I also just really like how tacky most of their patterns are
  3. Hot Topic: I shop here frequently, because Hot topic has some of the smallest men’s jeans I have found. I like skin tight jeans and this is where i have found all of mine
  4. Rue 21: these guys have some great stuff for pretty cheap. they fit me and a friend who’s even a bit smaller. but its not as universal here, some stuff runs bigger so it all depends.
  5. Asian wholesale: I adore this stuff, its cheap, its super fucking cute, its all over Ebay and Amazon. The stuff is SMALL, I’m a large in most of them so definitely read the size chart. the quality varies but I have yet to have any issues. 
  6. vintage: one thing I have noticed is that a lot of vintage stuff is way smaller. So I look a lot at thrift stores and online shop on etsy and such
  7. Mexico: Seriously, I thought I was small but when I came here I realized Americans are too big. every store there had clothing that fit me and my boyfriend who’s just barely any bigger. And the markets there are SUPER cheap.

And remember, I can only speak for places where I have actually shopped, if you have any more please feel free to add them!

So I started watching Gotham and what can I say I fell in love with Oswald and Nygma. Just a quick doodle while watching season two
(Yeah I know Edward doesn’t look that much like Ed but hey I tried)

Primer, Paint, and Sealant


I got a lot wrong here! I don’t have time to go through and edit/rewrite/relink this right now, but until I do please look at this post from @ohicosplay

I’m really sorry! I’ve made a good amount of props, but I haven’t had as much experience with them as I have other aspects of cosplay/costuming. I did as much research as I could to make up for the lack of expertise, but…it wasn’t enough. Thank you OHI Cosplay for the corrections!


It can be overwhelming to try and select the right kind of supplies for a project, so it’s best to start small. These are some of the most commonly used primer, paints, and sealants for props:

Kinds of Paint

These are divided into two classes (primers often use the same kinds of bases as well):


This is what you should be using. Initially designed as the poor man’s oil paint, acrylic is is easy to use, durable, and has a nice finish when dry. It is, however, more expensive than water-based paint and a little harder to clean (but not by much).

When you buy a can of spray paint, the actual paint you’re spraying is usually acrylic-based.


Poster paint is water-based. It dries quickly, is easy to clean, and cheap. It doesn’t have the same smooth finish and lifespan as acrylic paints, though.


You know that scene in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer where he has to whitewash the fence? That was pretty much priming. You’re completely covering up the materials you used to make your prop, blocking out any of its original color and smoothing out the surface so the paint looks the same way on the prop as it does in the bottle.


Very easy to use, provides great coverage, works for several different kinds of projects, and goes a long way. If you apply it in layers you’ll cover up any bumps in the surface of the prop. You need to sand it to make it smooth.

Paper Mache Clay

Requires a little more skill than gesso to use, but allows for molding and sculpting. It totally covers the surface of your prop. You will need to sand this as well.

Paint primer

This doesn’t cover up any bumps; it only blankets the color of the building material. Paints and primers share the same kind of bases (water, acrylic, oil, etc.). You should try to match your primer to your paint, but acrylic primer will work for most projects.


This goes on last and is essential to any project. It makes it waterproof, protecting both the paint job and the material used to build the prop. Sealants range from matte (don’t reflect light, like paper) to glossy (reflect lots of light, like glass).

Modge Podge

Also used as a glue, this sturdy and glossy sealant will become your best friend. It really is one of the best products a crafter can have.

Spray Enamel

Works surprisingly well for how cheap it is. It’s extremely easy to use but will get cloudy if you touch it before it’s dried completely.

Casting Resin

Also used to make props, resin dries very hard, helping add support to relatively weak crafting materials. It’s a favorite for paper-based projects.

With the selection narrowed down, it’s a little easier to choose what to work with. You can find all of these at any craft store.

Yamada Ryosuke x Murakami Nijiro x Kanichiro Crosstalk (Translation)

Popolo 2017.10 & An excerpt from TV Guide 2017.10

OK, this translation is more iffy than the others since I couldn’t find something to beta against.  There are a couple of spots I’m not too sure about, although, I don’t think it affected the context too much even if I got it wrong.  So, please let me know if you see any glaring errors. I bumped the scanned crosstalk in the post below.  I can’t remember where I got the scans from, but they are most likely from MoMozzz32 and/or 草莓要配白巧克力 on weibo.

<Kanichiro is also getting a lesson in how to post with chibis.>

“Big brother” Yamada and his cute little brothers’ real talk!

“I will do this? This is my first experience!”
Just like brothers.  The 3 buddies’ “Childhood friends” TALK

The “Childhood friends” trio  gather thoughtful feelings!

During the film, “letters” were used to connect the “feelings” of various people. This time, we arranged for a letter exchange to strengthen the bonds of this “reborn” trio.

✍️To Yamada-kun:

Let’s “communicate” in the game! Let’s talk!

From Kanichiro

Okay (laughs)!

By Ryosuke

✍️To Yamada-kun:

On set, Yamada-kun and Kanichiro-kun had been talking about games the whole time. I had not been able to join in for a long time (laughs). Recently I also got into game, so please put me in a group.

From Nijiro

Nijiro, you were always reading books (laughs). I’m very happy. Let’s do it now!

By Ryosuke

✍️To Kanichiro:

I do not want Kan-chan to have a friction mark. To be dignified, there is only goodness in Kanichiro, I want you to keep that goodness forever!

From Ryosuke

I will keep it!

By Kanichiro

✍️To Nijiro:

Please act more childish (laughs). You are 20 years old but is unexpectedly like an adult. I want you to act more like a child (laughs)!

From Ryosuke

When Yamada-kun was twenty years old, weren’t you also like an adult (laughs)?

By Nijiro

Busted (laughs)!

By Ryosuke

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supreciousgirl  asked:

I read on the tag somewhere that you're not into baby headcanon?It's cool tho I am sad because that means you'd never answer my ask which I sent ages ago... But how about this, let's try my luck. Reactions: the lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC's pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they're not the father!

Oohhhh helloooooo!

Lol, yes, you read right (I’m sorry!) I’m not particularly into babies and kids headcanon, not that I hate them but it’s just I have no plan on becoming anybody’s parent and there are many, many great writers in this fandom who do these headcanon justice and more (FLUFFY FLUFFY GOODNESS) so yeah, I’m not the best person (AT ALL) to send these asks to.

That being said. OH, MY GOD

“The lords (and any side fellas/ninjas you want) on MC’s pregnancy, buuuutttt plot twist: they’re not the father!”

WHY. Okay, when I first read this I thought this ask was an ATOMIC ANGST BOMB, but hey, I read that again and hmmm,  it could be a happy HC actually lol. I was assuming when this happened MC is in a relationship with that particular lord and HGSAHVDHMBJHBJKJHVGHHH

NTR (netorare = cuckold) trope could be perversely exciting but let’s not go there (I don’t have the mental capacity - it’s beyond me) and make these characters happy aite?

Headcanon after the break.

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If you plan to visit the Sony Store in Sapporo, Japan, be prepared to visit your store guide - Hatsune Miku! 

As you can see in MAE NA’s YouTube video, the model used is Tsumidango’s Hatsune Miku V4X MMD model. Unfortunately, we can’t decipher what she is saying due to the background noise, but the video is still cute nonetheless! 

Void - Part 2

Series summary: Reader has lost her memory and Sam and Dean try to find a way to get her life back.

Summary, part 2: Reader seems to get herself in trouble.

Characters/pairing: Reader x Dean (eventually), Sam, Crowley, Cas

Word count: ~2800

Warnings: some (mild) angst, mild language

Author’s note: Part 2′s here! If you need catching up, PART 1 is here. And if you want to be tagged, let me know. Still tagging some of my favorite author’s, fic rec’cers, and just plain nice people. Tags are under the cut after the fic. If you don’t want to be tagged, just let me know that too. Don’t be shy to tell me what you think!

In the afternoon you tried to steal a car. You had waited behind a gas station for the right moment and eventually it came, when only a little green Honda was at the pumps. Its driver was filling the tank and when he put the nozzle back in its place, you shifted your weight in preparation. The man stepped inside to pay and you sprinted for the car. Door opened easily and you slipped into the driver’s seat and groped for the keys. They were in the ignition and you were about to start the car when you heard a small gurgle. Horrified, you turned to look to the backseat. Your gaze was met by bright blue eyes and a toothless smile. Fuck! For half a second you stared at the baby and then started to scramble out of the car. Almost tripping, you ran for the woods behind the gas station, the driver spewing curses after you.

Well, that was fun, you thought kicking pinecones and stones. I have to come up with a new plan. The forest wasn’t that big, so you couldn’t hide there for long. Someone had probably called the cops about the crazy chick who tried to steal a car and a baby. If you had to run from the law, you really needed to get out of this town. But where to go? You knew that something was wrong with you - for crying out loud, you couldn’t remember who you were! There was emptiness inside of you, a void where you memories should have been. You knew that people had memories, but where were yours? Why couldn’t you remember? It was a vicious circle - you had no memories of your past and you couldn’t remember why because you had no memories.

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put your name on it { jeongcheol }

seungcheol x jeonghan

drabble, smut

words: 3,306

note: title is from birthday cake by rihanna. also, a late jeonghcheol smut for coups bday.

“hmmm. first, i’m gonna dance for you some more, then once i’m fed up with that, i’m gonna let you take me on that bed. how you take me, though, is up to you. i’m going to let you fuck me in any position you want and use any kind of toy on me. does that sound good?” the prince asked.

seungcheol’s not so sure how he got here, but he definitely is not complaining.

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October 28, 2016 (Day 125)

A car pulled up alongside Michonne who was waiting at the curb. “Hey, pretty lady, you need a ride?”

Michonne eyed the man. “I only accept rides from my husband.”

“Husband?” The man scoffed. “You look too young to already be married. How’d he managed to catch you?”

“I’m sure he asks himself that same question every day.”

The man’s mouth dropped open in shock. 

Michonne laughed as she broke character and got into the car. “What?” she asked innocently before leaning over to give Rick a kiss.

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How to be a good Fabric Store Customer: A guide to shopping that I can’t believe needs to be written

It’s so sad that I feel the need to write this but here we are. 

I am a Supervisor for a fabric store called Hancock Fabrics (this guide is a little more specific to my store because I know Jo Ann’s hiring policies and store functioning is a bit different). Now, I know fabric stores aren’t the only retail stores that experience a lot of what I am about to write about (so hey, if you read this, it probably applies to any store) but I have had some glaringly unique instances with fabric shoppers and since a vast majority of my followers are cosplayers, I thought maybe this could help first time buyers or just to be a casual reminder!

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Not So Vanilla- Frank Iero Smut

Sooo I combined two requests to make this one. I hope you enjoy it. I experimented with third person point of view, tell me what you think of it. I know I enjoyed it a lot better then second person point of view.

I was yelled at a lot after I had some friends proof read it, so I think that’s good? I’m pretty confident with it.

Frank walked through the house, bare ass naked and tired. He didn’t even care at this point. He was getting bored with his sex life, and so was his girlfriend. It was obvious to both of them.

Y/N didn’t even feel a spark with the sex anymore, and they both felt it was weighing on their relationship like a stone above their heads. Y/N didn’t know how to spice it up, didn’t even know where to begin, not being exposed to anything but the vanilla sex with Frank. That was it. There was nothing special about it.

She got dressed this morning and headed out to a friends house for a few drinks and a binge watch session of a random cartoon they found on netflix. Y/F/N made some popcorn and some cocktails, setting them down on the coffee table in front of them both. Y/N grabbed a blanket from the closet already, spreading it over her lap after she sat down. Y/F/N picked up the controller, selecting Netflix on the screen.

They snuggled into the couch and watched a few episodes before it started to get late. “This show is getting kind of boring, can we sit and talk for a while?” Y/N asks politely,  causing her friend to sigh, and then nod. She responded by pausing the show and turning toward her best friend.

“What’s on your mind, hm?” She asks, taking a swig of her beverage before setting it back down. Y/N does the same and mimics her.

“Frank and I have been constantly fighting, I don’t know how long this relationship is going to last.” Y/N says quietly, refusing to believe any of the reasons that were brought to her before hand.

Her friend frowns, her brows furrowing in confusion. “You were always a happy couple,” she thinks to herself. “How’s the sex going?” Y/F/N asks right as you were about to take another drink.

She pulls away from the cup, furrowing  her own eyebrows. “Excuse me?” You ask, startled by her question. Y/N’s cheeks become heated, and she sets her drink down quickly, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I know you know what I mean. Your sex is lame as fuck, and I can tell by how uptight and rude you are all fucking time, you need this, Y/N. We’re going to go shopping, get your shoes on,” She gets up, making her way to the door and pulling some shoes out of the shoe cubby against the wall.

“Are you fucking serious? No!” She says, huffing loudly.

“Get your ass up, or I won’t give you a ride home,” Y/F/N replies back just as coldly as Y/N.

She finally complies, getting up.

Y/N finds herself at a very obscene store downtown, Christmas lights decorating the roof.  She was slightly ashamed of herself, forgetting it was Christmas eve. All her shopping was finished a month in advance, so she just naturally lost track.

She comes in the store, her friend guiding her to a section with a bunch of sexy lingerie on sale for the holidays. A corset, matching panties and stockings with a garter. her eyes were drawn to it and Y/N made up her mind before  she even looked at anything else. She sure Frank would love it.

“Y/F/N, I want that.” She walks up next to the mannequin wearing it and stands next to it so her friend can see.

Y/F/N smirks back at the friend in front of her. “Are you sure you want that?” She asks, making sure her friend has made up her mind or not.

Y/N nods excitedly, grabbing her size from the pile in front of her. “I feel like Frank is going to enjoy this…” She mumbles to herself shyly, a blush rising on her cheeks.

The check out was embarrassing for Y/N and the car ride was short and silent. She was impatient to get home to Frank.

Frank sat at the kitchen table, a drink in his hand. Gerard sat next to him, filling another glass for his buddy. He was drunk now, but Gerard figured he should just be there for him, and refuse to lecture him.

“Like, I don’t even know why… she just isn’t fun anymore! I just wanna have fun, and she’s so uptight, Gee, it’s not fair!” He yells in a drunken stupor and falls into Gerard’s shoulder, the stench of alcohol spilling off of him, almost knocking Gerard off his chair.

“Frank, you just need to find a way to get her out of your shell, from what I heard she’s bored too. You both need to get your act together and just have fucking fun! Suggest something and see if it works, that’s how Lindsey and I are this close.” Gerard pours Frank another drink and pushes it over to him, patting the smaller guy on the shoulder.

Frank nods, taking a big gulp from his drink and shudders, the hard liquor settling in his stomach. Gerard gets up next to him, and claims he was going to leave before pushing his chair in and adding his coat to his body “Goodbye, Frank,” Gerard says tiredly before leaving out the door.

Frank sighs to himself, sulking in his chair even further. He lays his head down on the table, dozing off for a bit, deciding the problem at hand would fix itself in one way or another.

He was scared about losing Y/N but felt as if the problem was going to be adjusted sooner or later, especially with all this sexual frustration built up.

Y/N bust through the door to see her boyfriend asleep at the table. Concerned, she drops her bag and kneels next to him, and shakes him gently to try to wake him up. “Frankie, wake up.” She whispers, stroking down the hairs that were sticking up by his ear.

He opens his eyes groaning. They open in slits, and then wider once his vision was adjusted. He glances up and down Y/N, his cheeks heating up looking at her eyes, those beautiful e/c eyes that caught him off guard the first time they met. She wasn’t wearing makeup, and she looked just as beautiful without it, if not more than if she were to wear it all the time.

Frank grunts again in question. “How about we go to bed, hm?” Y/N says calmly and places her hand delicately under he drunk and sleepy boyfriend’s arm, helping him up as he stood. “Okay Frankie, lets get you to bed with some water.” She helps him to their bed in the room down the hall, struggling to turn on the light switch and support his weight at the same time. It results in Y/N turning it on with her shoulder.

Frank plops on the bed as soon as you let him go. He whines like a child when you tell him to put his pajamas on, and with his refusal he decides to sleep naked tonight, too tired to try to put anything on.

He takes his clothes off and plops them on the floor after shaking them off his limbs, and then curling into a ball under the blankets, falling right to sleep. Y/N giggles quietly to herself, and picks his clothes off the floor to toss in the dirty clothes basket in the laundry room.

She walks to the kitchen, picking up the liquor bottles and putting them away in the cabinet, and closes the door. Then, she wipes the table down with a warm washcloth, cleaning the stickiness off the table.

Morning was a struggle to get out of bed, for Frank. It was a pain to even open his eyes. The remains of a headache throbbed in the middle of his forehead, and he was forced to hold it to keep it from hurting even more than just a faint dull ache. The curtains were closed. Unusual, he thought as he climbed out of bed. One shard of sunlight made a path on the ground from the window to the closed bedroom door.

He made his way out of the room, still naked from last night, hoping he would catch Y/N in the middle of making breakfast like she did on Christmas morning every year. Maybe then, he could catch her in some good, and kinky sex, just like Gerard mildly suggested last night.

Instead of catching Y/N in the middle of making breakfast, he didn’t catch her doing anything but sitting. In fact, he didn’t even make the turn to the kitchen before he saw her. She was sitting under the Christmas tree, the window shining cool light on her in the red lingerie she bought last night, silver garland wrapped around her neck like a scarf and a felt Santa hat atop her head.

She sat on her legs, hands folded in her lap. “Merry Christmas, baby,” she says flirtatiously. The nervousness in her voice was almost audible but she forced it down with gulp. She moved cautiously, almost scared of what Frank’s reaction would be to this.

Frank on the other hand, was enjoying this, what he was craving for so long was finally coming true. The red laced goddess now standing in front of him was here, begging for his cock as she stroked it with her delicate hand.

Y/N’s plan was to dominate Frank, but unfortunately his plan was to do the same thing to her, and it was obvious when he grabbed her wrist and growled in his girlfriend’s ear. She would have absolutely none of this.

Y/N stopped her stroking and pulled away from Frank’s body yanking her hand away as well. “Listen here, Frank. It’s my turn to fuck your brains out, not the other way around, if you so much as protest I will stop what I’m doing and leave you here with a painfully hard dick,” she licks her lips and looks up at him. “Do I make myself fucking clear?” She growls angrily.

Frank was shocked at her forwardness, but that made him even more turned on than before. He would willingly submit to her now. He whimpers quietly, begging for her to get on her knees and suck him off before he practically exploded with want.

“Frankie, I will not get on my knees in front of you,” Y/N smirks, her eyes making their way down his pale body and do the floor. Frank took the hint and sprawled himself out on the cold, hardwood floor of the living room.

Then, Y/N got on her knees, leaning over his semi-hard dick, breathing cool air on it as she looked at him coldly in his hazel eyes. She crawled up his body, her eyes scanning the tattoos on his body. She kissed his lips, gently as she unwrapped the itchy material from around her neck.

She licked down his neck, and down his chest, down his stomach and then finally looked up at him, pulling the garland straight and speaking. “Hands.” The word was demanding, but made Frank just that much harder than he was before. He held out his hands, and Y/N tied them together, tight, and pushed them above his head.

She didn’t bother to put on the panties she bought with the outfit, only the corset stockings and garter, this would make it so much easier for her to fuck him silly, and she loved it.

She made her way down again, ass in the air as she made herself eye level with his cock. She then grabbed it with her hand, and pumped him slowly, watching his eyes swell with lust. He whimpered to say the least, begging for her to do more with him, anything.

Y/N dragged her nails down his thighs, leaving red marks as she did so. “Y/N, p-please, more.” He continued to beg, pleading and moaning her name. When she complied, she wasn’t happy about it, so she gently ghosted the tip of her tongue over the head of his cock.

She let him squirm for a while, amusing herself with his begging until she got annoyed. Her tongue slithered down a vein, swerving itself to the underside, licking up and then down.

Y/N hardly sucked on the tip, just leaving in her mouth to press her tongue to every once in awhile to see him desperately try to buck his hips while she held him down.

Frank was sweating, his stomach ached from tensing them up every time he came even inches to an orgasm. He was pissed at Y/N by now, begging wasn’t helping and he was sure the only way to get her to speed up was to turn her on too.

“Baby, you look so fucking hot, teasing me like this,” he dirty talked, trying his best not to whimper. “I love seeing your glossy lips wrapped around my cock, if only I could see the other ones wrapped around it too…”

She frowned at him and took more of him in, bobbing her head quickly, causing him to moan in pure pleasure. “Fuck! I just want to see you ride me baby, you looks so sexy dominating me like this.” He whimpered this time, and Y/N seemed satisfied, taking him in until he hit the back of her throat. She almost gagged.

Frank tensed up, cold sweat running down his naked body as he flexed in an attempt to bread the garland around his wrists.

Y/N stood up, seeing this and walked away, walking to the doorway. “Well, looks like I’ll be leaving and finishing myself off, seeing as you’re not listening to my instruction.”

“Shit! Y/N please no, I’ll be still… don’t leave me!” He begged, whimpering like a puppy. Y/N’s smile returns. She explains how lucky he is before she returns, stripping herself of her corset and dropping it to the ground.

Frank groans, mesmerized by her appearance, and the sun glowing behind her figure. Y/N gets on top of him, running her slit along his shaft, teasing him. His hands curl into fists and his face scrunches up. He was so close. His heart rate sped up some more, and his hips started rocking with hers. She was wet now, watching her unfold in front of him was a glorious sight to see, and he was mesmerized. She was gorgeous.

Y/N was reaching a high already, her clit rubbing up against her head made her walls clench and release, spilling more wetness onto Frank’s painfully hard cock. He felt this, and almost spilled himself, but held on.

Y/N had to stop to recollect herself for a moment, Frank doing the same. During this time, Y/n had ripped open the condom packet that was placed inside her garter, and rolled the condom down his length.

When Y/N rose to slide herself on his dick, Frank watched. He stared at himself disappearing inside of the woman who promised him she would fuck him silly. She rolled her hips on his, looking into his eyes as she did so. “Frankie, moan my name.” She said sweetly, clawing down his ribcage. He did as he was told, letting her name rip through his throat dramatically as she rode him.

Frank watched her intently, panting and begging her to go faster when she slowed down. Y/N leaned down to kiss Frank, putting his face in between her hands, digging her nails into the side of his face and she left a big sloppy kiss on his swollen lips. She bit down on the bottom one, pulling it with her as her head rose, and then let go, seeing satisfied while watching it snap back into place.

“Frankie watch me.” She moaned quietly , sliding her hands down her body. Her hand ran past her nipple, making visible goose bumps on her skin as she continued to sweep her hand down her stomach and to her clit. “Watch me run my finger around this bundle of nerves as your thick cock slides inside of me Frankie.” She practically begs. She was beginning to feel hot, and her skin was slicked with sweat. Her movements were quicker as she rubbed on her clit quickly, and rocked her hips, Frank’s dick rubbing against her g-spot every time she moved back. And every time she moved back, she shuddered, biting her lip even harder.

“Y/N, I’m gonna cum,” He whispered.

“Not yet, baby.” She replied, rubbing her clit faster. “Together,” Y/N pants.

Y/N moans and collapses on her pleading boyfriend, her hips moving slowly as she brought herself and Frank to an orgasm. Frank came inside the condom, spilling and leaving himself feeling finally satisfied through all of the teasing.

Y/N’s body shakes against his, a powerful orgasm sweeping through almost painfully as it flooded through every nerve ending in her body. Her walls were clenching around Frank, groaning as she rode his orgasm out. She clenched her hands into Frank’s shoulders, forcing herself to come down from her high.

Finally, her high pitched moaning quieted, leaving Frank with overwhelming relief

Y/N rode out her own orgasm, clinging to Frank tightly and digging her fingernails into his shoulders. She still shook against him, their sweaty bodies sticking together, Y/N having to pry herself off of him, when she finally had herself settled down enough.

She stood up, almost falling over as she did so. She sat on the couch, panting heavily as she watched Frank get up. He held his hands out to her so she could untie the knot she had made.

Frank rubbed his wrists gently, overjoyed at being released. He then, took the condom off and tied it, walking around into the kitchen to throw it in the trash bin.

He sat next to Y/N wrapping his arm around her, sweat once again making them stick together. They were silent for a while until Frank spoke.

“That was satisfying,” he admitted, blushing. “Who knew you’d be able to make me whine like that. You’re so gorgeous, Y/N”

Y/N smiled. “Well I’m glad we found something that works for now. That was really tiring through. I could use so rest.” She lays her head on the arm of the couch, Frank followed her movements, cuddling up behind her.

“I really Liked how you called me Frankie. That was hot,” he chuckles behind Y/N.

“Do you now, Frankie?” She giggled back.

“Can we have breakfast now, I’m starving,” Frank groans, sitting up.

“Only if you help me this time, you lazy ass.”