store front shutters

{the song remains the same}

Oh, damn. Why did this always happen when she had someplace important to be?

Haruka’s sense of direction was as abysmal as ever, a fact that had not improved with age, technology or practice. Without fail, she had to allot herself double the time to get somewhere as everyone else (if no one was going with her to guide her)–she could get lost in a paper bag, let alone a city. 

So of course she’d taken a wrong turn somewhere and meandered down a series of side streets into a section of town that seemed more run-down than usual. The buildings weren’t as well-maintained, the coats of paint flaking, most of the store-fronts shuttered. It was getting late, too, and with the sun going down, she really wasn’t going to get home anytime soon if she didn’t stop and ask for directions.

Oh! There was a man, standing right over there. She could ask him to point her back toward the right street.

“Excuse me, sir, could I trouble you for directions? I’m a bit lost, I just need to get back to–" 

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