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I spent my entire work day daydreaming about about @keithvkogane​ ‘s drugstore au(Which is I 100% percent recommend if you haven’t already seen it)and now I’ve got a few humble headcanons to share. All of these are based on my own experiences.

  • The store’s playlist has like a total of ten songs on it
  • None of them are good 
  • Despite this, or maybe due to it, everyone knows the lyrics to all of the songs-even that one weird screamo one- and when the store is empty they will have impromptu karaoke sessions.
  • *That one emo song comes on*”Keith it’s your song!“//”I fucking hate you guys“
  • *Country song plays for the fifth time that day*”Y’all“//*loud groans*
  • There is an unspoken agreement that any candy that ends up in the damage bin is free game 
  • Technically they’re supposed to to throw it away, but its such a waste to throw away an unopened pack of sour patch kids because the handle ripped.
  • “Are those from the damage bin?”//”Yeah”//”Nice”
  • Constant jokes about worker’s comp 
  • ”Hey Allura I go this wicked paper cut.Do you think I can get worker’s comp? “//“No” 
  • ”I’m gonna kill myself “//”No dude don’t do that, you’ll miss out on worker’s comp “
  •  “ Do Pidge’s burns count towards worker’s comp? “//*shrugs*”Probably“
  • “I should get worker’s comp for putting up with all this bullshit”//”Same lmao”
Simple Gifts

Happy holidays to my secret santa giftee @the-garbage-can-is-my-home ! I hope you enjoy this cute little AU I thought of for solangelo. Thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016 for organizing all of this!

This is my first time writing in present tense (and writing solangelo, but let’s not dwell on that) so bear with me.

word count: 3800 because I have no idea how to be concise

summary: The holiday season brings Nico to his dingy shopping mall more than he’d like, but the cute employee at the entertainment store makes his shopping experiences a bit more merry.

The local mall in town wasn’t a sight for sore eyes, it’s walls and tiled floors bland with hues of brown and grey. The lack of department stores and the multitude of mom-and-pop businesses that resided within the outlet never attracts many customers. The Mexican place at the food court receives more customers than many of the stores did.

Nico very rarely offers his service here, considering the limited options and boring atmosphere. There were few reasons he would drive himself half an hour from his home and spend his time here, them being: 1) The cinema that the mall offers, whose kettle corn was pretty good, actually, 2) His group of friends had arranged for a bowling night and he was dragged along by his roommate, and 3) The Mexican place at the food court made the best tamales he’s ever had.

More often than not, he was here to see a movie. A new sci-fi film had been released that looks mildly interesting, so he figures why not put off his rhetorical analysis essay and come out into the frigid weather to see an evening show.

The line was short, which was to be expected for a Thursday evening, and he buys his ticket with a whole hour to waste before the pre-show trailers would even start. He considers waiting in his car with the heat on high until about 20 minutes remained (he wanted time to buy his kettle corn, the concession line was always so long), but he decides to avoid using his quarter-tank of gas he needed to get home.

A quick stroll through the mall ought to waste his time, he thought. Maybe he could spot something for his sister; the holidays approaching fast and he still clueless about what she might like.

The mall had been decorated with strewn garland and tinsel, the occasional wreath hung along the small corridors. Nico thinks it’s still pretty pathetic, but at least everything wasn’t so bland.

He finds himself wandering into a dingy entertainment store which seems mostly empty of people. The entrance displayed cardboard cut-outs of celebrities and fictional characters, making Nico grin bemusedly. The store held rows upon rows of CDs and DVDs, shelves near the back stocked with t-shirts and snapbacks emblazoned with the symbols of different comic book characters. He thinks he’s been in here with Jason and Piper a few times.

“Hi! Is there anything I can help you with?”

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I think that the specific role of bride is a perfect description of Anthy’s position throughout RGU. If you think of the three standard phases of a woman’s life, you have Maiden, Mother and Crone (you know, I’m not actually sure where I first got that concept from, but apparently in modern paganism those are the three aspects of the Triple Goddess). The maiden is beloved and safely under the control of her father; the mother is respected and safely under the control of her husband; but the crone is suspect because she has outlived husband and father both, and the amount of control her sons have over her will always be questionable. Anthy embodies the crone in her character as the witch - the barely-controlled woman with frightening stores of knowledge and experience. But the crone is too obviously threatening to male-dominated society, so she is limited by social censure. How far do you think Anthy would have been able to get manipulating people if she had been the Rose Witch instead of the Rose Bride? 

In contrast, the bride is a much less threatening character, especially since she is to some extent a sexual object (and therefore ‘useful’ in male-dominated society in a way that the crone is not). The bride appears to have accepted the restraints of society as she allows herself to be passed to the next phase of life, from maiden to mother. But the passage between these two phases is a liminal space, and if the one bit of sociology I know has taught me anything it’s that liminal spaces are dangerous, whether to the person themselves or to society. If the bride is being passed from control of father to control of husband, which one is in control of her at any given moment? If father and groom are at odds, she gets to choose which one to listen to, and that is a surprising locus of freedom and agency for her - we see this very thing when Anthy makes choices between Akio (standing in for the father in this case) and Utena (as the groom). Anthy’s status as an eternal bride (she never actually gets married no matter how long she is engaged) allows her the (albeit limited) freedom to exercise the powers of the crone without the suspicion that is inherently attached to the crone herself.

New Years resolutions for the signs

Aries: sleep on it, if you’re still mad in a week, then confront them/lash out
Taurus: get out of bed, do something! stop putting it off until “tomorrow”
Gemini: pls actually listen to the other person’s argument before dismissing it
Cancer: when someone does something wrong, explain to them what they did wrong, don’t just ‘silent treatment’ them
Leo: master another instrument/language/art/sport, better yourself
Virgo: talk to a stranger and make friends with them, get out of your comfort zone
Libra: deactivate fb for like at least 2 weeks, enjoy life without comparing it to others
Scorpio: stop stressing yourself out all the time, and stop caring so much what others think of you
Sagittarius: text back everyone you’re not texting back, right now
Capricorn: treat yourself, spend the money you’ve been saving, don’t waste your life storing your un-lived experiences in a bank account and worrying
Aquarius: open up and let someone in. learn to cry without alcohol
Pisces: sleep earlier. only keep the people in your life that truly love, fulfil and support you

miraculous ladybug season 2: everyone in Paris is vaguely aware that people with negative emotions get akumatized. yoga class attendance skyrockets. three more lush stores open. anyone who experiences a sudden shock (dumped, fired, etc.) is suddenly bombarded by eager rubberneckers, grabbing their shoulders and shouting “KEEP IT TOGETHER MAN”. There is at least one reported case of someone having their lights punched out at the exact moment of possession, rendering the effect null; the puncher is hailed by the community as a hero.

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I am so sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but can you bleach shoes? The (affordable, like $30) shoes I want (high-tops) do not come in white, and I do not want to drop $60+ on white Vans. I just want to know if you can bleach shoes without causing damage to them. Thanks!

It will depend on the materials used to make the shoes. Canvas and natural fiber shoes may lose their colour when bleached but synthetic materials usually won’t. It is also possible that the bleach will only remove some of the colour and not get it to pure white. You’d have to experiment to be sure. I would suggest getting a cheap pair of shoes from a thrift store to experiment on if you want to try out bleaching.

Some shoes can be painted. Many people use fabric paints on canvas shoes or leather paints for leather and vinyl shoes. Remember that the paint you use should be flexible, since your shoes will be bending as you walk in them. 

You may also be able to find the shoes slready in white by expanding your search to include online stores! 

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Thoughts on IKEA

What a fantastic brand. Now, I don’t advertise. I am not paid. If I have something good to say I’ll praise it. If I have something bad to say, I’ll try to be fair - but again, I’ll write about it. So, IKEA. 

It’s a Swedish furniture producer with a global presence. It focusses on simple, flat-pack furniture but also happens to offer a range of accessories and fixtures to go with its core furnishings. But if you’ve been to IKEA, you’ll know it’s not just like walking into a typical furniture store. It’s an entire experience. 

You walk through showrooms and a tonne of rooms, set up to perfection and showing a range of different scenes. They are designed to inspire ideas of your own. You can really see how the furniture forms the character of the room. Did I mention that IKEA has a restaurant in each of its stores? They also have a fast-food outlet at unbelievably low prices. In fact, value seems to be one of the core  qualities of everything the brand stands for. 

IKEA keeps up with the latest trends and design influences - perhaps that much can be attributed to the Swedish DNA - as well as offering some timeless and much loved lines such as MALM. You can explore all of this online of course. But unlike all of the other furniture outlets that also offer trendy and attractive furniture IKEA has price on it’s side. It’s great value. And not ‘cheap’ in the nasty way whatsoever. It’s high quality and sustainable materials. Much of the time, recycling across the lines is employed - some cushions are filled with cuttings from other products to minimise waste. Sustainability - perhaps another value brought from home in Sweden where it is taken quite seriously. 

So affordable, trendy, high-quality and sustainable furniture. What’s the down side? Many will tell you it’s the fact IKEA furniture is flat packed. And other than needing a way to get these sometimes large boxes from store to your home you’ll need a car or van! Delivery is an option, but not quite as convenient, cheap or economical as you’d get from your supermarket. And the DIY skills to assemble the furniture? Well it’s something personally I take a positive attitude to. It’s a chance to learn useful skills, be proud of yourself and feel a real sense of achievement - you built that bed. And here’s the thing about IKEA.. you can pick your furniture and walk away with it the same day. No waiting for your new sofa to be assembled at an unnamed factory and negotiating a delivery time that doesn’t suit you.. It’s normally always right there in store. Thanks to IKEAs distribution system you aren’t often disappointed. 

Now, assuming you can wait - and most people do with furniture - what else might convince you of IKEA? The guarantee. Nothing says confidence about quality of a product than a good guarantee. Just check out some of the 5 and 10 year guarantees at IKEA. Their mattresses have a 25 year guarantee for god sake?! You won’t even have it that long but knowing that it’s guaranteed to last is something. Most furniture stores I’ve heard of in my area are shocked when you ask about a guarantee - they die a little inside when you mention IKEA.. but that’s not why I love IKEA. All of the aforementioned things are. 

What I’ve bought from IKEA so far, normally small things, have lived up to the hype. I’d buy more again in the future. And any chance I get I’ll take to make a store visit. We live about 60 miles away from the nearest store but it’s always worth the journey. 

Perhaps it’s because I enjoy DIY and I’m an aspiring accountant that can’t just resist the great value, but my home will be full of IKEA furniture. That’s unless I find some reason not to before then. And if I do, I’ll not be afraid to post about it. I’ll be keeping up to date with lots of ideas for design from IKEA’s blog and other leading interior design blogs over time just for fun. But I look forward to having the task of designing my own home and I’m thankful we have such valuable brands like IKEA to cater for our dreams and ideas. 

Go check out a local store or look them up online - I’m sure you’ll be just as fascinated as me at the designs, prices and ethos IKEA provides. I can only contrast is as walking into the Apple Store vs. a box-store computer shop. It’s hard to describe, but the experience is very much there. 

The Signs as Plants

ARIES: Cacti || Sharp and to the point on the outside, but overall fun and easy to care for, satisfying to have, and cute.

TAURUS: Cabbages || Very versatile and can be useful in different situations; cute to look at and light-hearted.

GEMINI: Melons || Heavy when it comes to emotions; especially ones that fall on the spectrum of hate and love. Can be sweet, but can also be sour.

CANCER: Akebia Vines || Consciousness reaches far and wide and can survive in a variety of situations; the tiny purple flowers represent dignity and stubbornness. 

LEO: Bamboo || Always growing emotionally and physically, and is extremely survivable in many places; highly adaptable.

VIRGO: Irises || Admires others, and encourages others when they’re about to give up by helping pull them up.

LIBRA: Venus Fly Traps || Emotions can be raw and real, and often forgets that they may be hurting others while letting them out

SCORPIO: Tomatoes || Solid on the outside, but on the inside, they are soft, and they store years of experience and emotions, and secrets of others.

SAGITTARIUS: Onions || Many layers to them, people often need to peel away at some of them to see who they really are, hiding under their shell.

CAPRICORN: Donkey Tail || Every experience that they have is added on to the last one like a chain, and they often carry them like a burden–although they can work to clip them off sometimes and start fresh.

AQUARIUS: Daisies || Very light-hearted and loving, beautiful and pure, and full of variety.

PISCES: Acacia Tree || Roots reach very far and never stop growing. They are never disconnected from others that are similar to them, and seeks them for comfort.

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Hi! I'm a cosmic witch just starting out, and do you have any tips and items that you suggest I and many witches starting out should get?

Hi there! Starting out, I would really just suggest gathering odd things that stand out to you.

Before I even thought about starting my altar, I got a huge book of different crystal types and their benefits. It’s currently 3:30am, so I’m a bit too tired to find it, but I will post the title of that book here soon!

Other than that, when you go into stores or just experience good energies around you, take note of them. Find some way to encapsulate what you’re feeling so that you can look back on it and practice spreading that energy out. The first time I ever used a bath bomb, for instance, I was the most calm I think I’ve ever been in my entire life. So in a jar, I kept some of the water that was left over. It’s full of glitter, so if I need to calm down a little I shake it up and breathe along with an oscillating fan.

You don’t need to worry about slapping down hundreds of dollars in order to get big grimoires, fancy crystals, etc. Just think of small ways to extend the feelings you have from a moment to a lifetime.

my mental health issues started when i was in fifth grade. my mom had told me she would never let a doctor prescribe medication for me, so i didn’t tell anyone.
i started self harming in sixth grade. i don’t know how the idea got into my head, i don’t remember. i remember rusty box cutters and butterfly bandaids, stolen from my local grocery store.
my first personal experience with drugs was in seventh grade. my friends dad had morphine and we took some. i had never felt so great, but it didn’t continue.
in eighth grade, i tried to kill myself. a “close” friend of mine spread rumors about it. it was for attention. why else would i have told her? i tried to go to school that day, but i couldn’t stop vomiting the toxins i had carefully positioned in my body. i had hoped i would drop dead in the hallways. i had my first drink in eighth. and my first sexual assault. he told me he would buy my friend and i alcohol if we hung out with him. we were young and naive, he was not. the next day, he told my friend that he had really wanted her but she said no, so he settled for me.
my freshman year i finally confessed my love to the guy i was going to marry. he helped me spiral into the darkness that is addiction. his dark brown eyes played it off as love and caring. i overdosed for a second time that year. when i came back to school, everyone thought i had tried to kill myself, but no one bothered to care. the day i came back i was suspended, yet again, for being high at school. i dropped out after that. the boy with the eyes introduced me to more and more and eventually left. i was gone as well.
sophomore year i got caught stealing at the mall and my mom made me move in with my dad, i was too wild for her. the boy came back and left again, more than once.
junior year of high school, my drugs graduated from pot and cough medicine to booze and crystal. i told the wrong person i was going to hurt myself and he called the police, who came to my house in the middle of the night and took me away after seeing my cuts. the repercussions of that was i no longer had personal space at home. i moved out of my dads and in with a friend. the meth completely took over my life. my mom knew but she wouldn’t say anything. my hospital visit had suggested in patient rehab. my referral was 3 months. i went to a level 3 maximum lockdown facility, average stay: 6-9 months. i got out in 5 and a half, knowing full well i wouldn’t stay clean.
i went in on march 17th, 2015.
when i got out i met the man who truly would come to my rescue, but in the sense that he has pushed me to great heights and has never pulled me down.
life is hard. it will never be easy. but i will do whatever i can to stay away from the bottom of the bottle, the drug bag ripped open, every last trace ingested. from the razors and the tear stained sheets.
two years ago i could never imagine a shred of happiness beyond my pipe.
although i may cry today, there will never be any feeling like success
—  ask me why i am who i am