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So, here’s a seller review for you.

DO NOT buy from angel-secret.

November 26, I ordered an Elsa cape +15 for express shipping from angel-secret on aliexpress. 10 day ‘processing time’ and 10-12 day shipping, I should have had it within 3 weeks. Two and a half weeks later, I get a tracking number. It saod it could take a few days for the info to appear so DECEMBER 21, I finally message them letting them know the tracking number doesn’t work. ” it will show up a little late the information! Don’t worry! ” January 5, tracking number still doesn’t work. Ask them for it again, or any other information before I file a dispute since buyer protection was running out. “I will extend 10 day to you and will resend if you agree ” I agreed. Buyer protection was extended. Reminded them I need the cape by the 20th. “Ok! I will send you tracking information tomorrow!” January 11 and I still have no tracking information and they closed the transaction. No more buyer protection, no more options for dispute. Then it got better, I lurked their Facebook in hopes of contacting them through there since they stopped replying on aliexpress and came across something interesting. Their new rapunzel fabric was mine.

Along with scamming me out of my Elsa cape, they stole my rapunzel fabric print file from…somewhere…and are using it in their skirts. I’m so disgusted… I put hours into it and making it unique and something special to me and they’ve taken it…

I drew it out with a mouse on photo shop. It has wavy curves and uneven petals and looks a bit amateurish but I could recognize it like my own handwriting. This was something I created over hours…and they’ve taken it…

Along with inquiring about my 2 month old elsa cape order that I’ve never gotten a tracking number for, I asked about where they got their print and they claimed they drew it themselves on digital software.

Pretty sure their bodice is aimee majors ( which she sells on spoonflower ) and the skirt is mine ( which I’ve never uploaded anywhere other than spoonflower, where I’ve kept it private ).

I’m just so disheartened to have put so much into this project and make it uniquely mine and now the part I was most proud of has been stolen and offered to the masses…

Along with stealing my money.

Angel-secret is super dishonest and theiving…Please don’t support them…support artist integrity…

Editing original post to keep everyone in the loop:

Update#1…after taking up the issue with aliexpress customer service who said they’d contact higher ups and open an investigation, posting on their Facebook page and making this post, I finally got a tracking number…and guess what. They used DHL for express … a shipping service that always has customs ( I’ve never been hit with customs via ems, which is what I paid the 15$ express shipping for ). So now, when I should have had it in 20 days, I’m paying an extra $30, on top of the original 15, to receive it at all 50 days after my original order.

Update #2. They’re continuing to claim that they drew it themselves. Here’s a comparison of my file ( on the left ) against ‘theirs’.

External image

External image

They’ve also taken to fabricating stories about me. Please see my original order and our entire exchange vs their claims.

External image

External image

External image

If you continue to support them, that’s your own moral choice. No doubt their stuff is beautiful, but they are the ugliest company and people I have ever dealt with.

By the way, feel free to drop by their Facebook page and school a few people on their “disney owns it, they did nothing wrong, you shoulda watermarked it or expect it to be stolen” mindsets because frankly, I can’t seem to get the point across that wearing a short skirt is not an invitation for harassment.


Byndo Gehk’s Store Envy

My absolute dream of a lady Byndo Gehk will be offering prints of herself AND me during this run of her print sells to help me a bit between my contracts for my actual job. I LOVE HER AND HER SUPPORTING HER BROKE ASS MAN ;___; haha <3

Available are shots of Booker, Travis, Mako, Zuko and Walter from spectacular photographers such as Cozpho Photography, Kevin Chan Photography, Obscura Vista and Alucard Leashed~


All cosplays by Zacloudseth
Brought to you by Byndo Gehk


My Store Envy print shop is finally open! There are a variety of designs I’ve posted here on tumblr waiting for their new homes! If you see a piece that’s not in the shop, message or email me and I can add it for you!
It’s my first time operating an online store, so I’m very excited and I hope everything goes smoothly.

Come visit!


In a month’s time I am making the cross country move to Vancouver, British Columbia! It’s been a dream of mine for years now and I am so excited things are finally falling perfectly into place!

Vancouver happens to be one of the most expensive cities to live in however, and moving my entire life 3000km away is pricey so I have decided to start selling cross stitch designs to help fund my move! There is a PayPal donation button on my profile, and I have also created a StoreEnvy account where you can find the above designs!

$5 donation: pre-made, small (5-6”) simple text/design.

$10 donation: pre-made, larger (7-8”) more complex designs.

$15-$20 donation: Custom text/design. Please message me with samples of images/text you want and to discuss what can be done!

All designs can be remade in any colour scheme! All cross stitches will be sent without frames via regular mail unless otherwise specified, for an extra charge. Prices for custom designs will vary depending on complexity of design and supplies used (if its large, detailed and uses 20 different colours, it will be more).

Thank you all so much for showing interest in making my dreams come true! 
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Byndo Gehk’s Store Envy

Photo by the fantastic Obscura Vista.

Three prints of my Booker DeWitt available for a limited time! The editing job, done by the same photographer, is just to DIE for!! I was blown away with how these came out~


Booker DeWitt by Zacloudseth