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Is there anything you'd like to change about service dog laws? Every handler I've spoken to has a different opinion but since my health is preventing college right now it seemed like a good time to maybe better laws and educate more people about SDs.

I know this is an extremely unpopular opinion, but I actually wouldn’t mind if SDs had some sort of licencing or registration system. It would be like a drivers licence. Cops aren’t there pulling random people over to make sure every single driver has a licence. However, if they see an issue (speeding, reckless driving, aggressive behavior, etc), they’ll pull someone over and request it. It would be the same for SDs. Store managers/employees wouldn’t be allowed to stop every single handler at the door requesting to see their licence, but if there ever were an issue (dog isn’t potty trained, isn’t behaving, etc), then they could request to see the licence. So could someone still get away with a fake SD just like someone can get away with driving without a licence? Sure, but it would definitely help weed people out.

Licences would be made following post 9-11 standards, so they would be extremely hard to forge. Dog & handler teams would obtain a licence after passing a quick public access exam (similar to a new driver passing a drivers test), providing a list of trained tasks, as well as a doctor’s letter stating the handler is legally disabled. Service dogs in training could be exempt from the public access test, but receive an “in training” licence (similar to a driving permit card). All you’d need for that is statement from a doctor stating the handler is legally disabled. 

People have argued that “you don’t have to register your [cane, wheelchair, hearing aid, etc], and service dogs are also medical equipment by law.” However, someone’s non-working hearing aid isn’t going to jump out and bite someone, and someone’s fake cane isn’t going to make a mess on the floor. Someone’s un-mannered or fake service dog definitely could.

Obviously that is just my opinion, and I know most people don’t agree with it lol.

Followers, care to add on about any laws you’d like to see changed for service dogs? I’m really curious what the SD community thinks about this topic!

~ Lex (& Faith)

A few years ago in my local headshop I heard this guy singing young volcanoes, so me, a normally quiet in public person, decides to yell, “WHO’S SINGING FALL OUT BOY???!?” turns out it was a store employee and now we’re friends and he gives me discounts
Moral of the story is bands bring people together and also get you discounted weed accessories so don’t be afraid to share your passions with others


Amazon Go’s “just walk out” technology sounds like a headache for shoppers of color

Minority shoppers know this feeling all too well: A store employee singling us out, continually checking on us, issuing warnings. Store managers operate under the false assumption that people of color are more likely to steal. 

It’s an effort known as “loss prevention,” but it looks and acts like racial profiling. Which is why a store like Amazon Go is exciting, yet unnerving.

“In a world where even Oprah has been profiled for walking around a store, there are lots of people who might not want to risk trusting a store to treat them fairly,” tech CEO Anil Dash said in an email.

White people who have never been “randomly” followed around at a Walgreens may have no problem walking into a store, grabbing an item and leaving. But shoppers of color, who already see enough unwanted attention, may have their doubts. Read more

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So, I know Petco gets a ton of hate from fishkeepers, because they’re a big box store and employees don’t really have any education on the animals they sell… But as someone who works at Petco, I really do wanna let y'all know that behind the scenes and higher up they really are trying to make a difference.

Petco has made a promise to sustainably source all fish by 2022. They are investing billions of dollars right now in aquaculture. In fact I just read on the company website that they’ve now begun selling 100% aquacultured yellow tangs, and now they’re investing heavily into breeding blue hippo tangs in captivity as well!

Idk I just think its great and I’m really proud of them lol. They’re also putting up articles for employees lately about specific fish care requirements, encouraging us to ask questions about the tanks for the fish… Such as when someone wants to buy a pleco, informing them that the tank should be 75+ gals, etc. Definitely headed in the right direction, I think

20 Pet Peeves of Cashiers

1. When a customer jokes they “just made” a $50/$100 bill

2. “Wasn’t that item on sale?”

3. Baskets left on or around the register

4. Expert hand maneuvers to avoid being handed a receipt

5. Receipts left on or around the register

6. Groceries left behind

7. Customer tells you the item price when all you want is the UPC

8. Fifty phone calls a day asking what time you close

9. A customer coming in with a WIC check a minute til you close

10. No response when you ask someone if they found everything okay or to have a nice day

11. Register drawer being just a penny off balance

12. Shoplifters

13. Customers dumping items in random places when they decide they don’t want it anymore

14. Customer saying they don’t need a bag AFTER you already bagged their item

15. Not being able to do clean up because every time you walk away from the register someone else walks up

16. Customer spends ten minutes trying to pick out candy while a line builds up

17. Random rushes when everyone in the store decides to check out at once

18. Running out of change in the middle of a rush

19. Customer paying in change

20. “Oh I forgot to grab something, I’ll be right back.”

Reblog if you are/know a cashier who can relate to one or more of these things.
It’s all part of the job, so if you’re a customer, give a friendly smile the next time you see a cashier so they know that the pains they go through to help people like you and me out is appreciated. xxxx

a joke

Yechiel visits Warsaw from his small Polish shtetl, and after three weeks returns to his village. after mincha/maariv one night, his friends gather around him and deluge him with questions about his trip.

“nu, what did you do, who did you see, what do you think?”

“well,” says Yechiel “I found Warsaw very strange. there I met a Jew who came from a fine Orthodox family, and a Jew who was a staunch atheist. I met a Jew who owned a large dry goods store with many employees, and I met a Jew who was an ardent communist.”

“so?” say the friends “Warsaw is very large, and all kinds of Jews live there. nothing strange about that.”

“you don’t understand,” says Yechiel “it was all the same Jew.”

wrong store, wrong employee

I occasionally grocery shop for my family once I get out of work myself. I don’t bother to remove my Popular Office Supply uniform or nametag. I LOVE when customers at the grocery get livid with me for not wanting to help them. I’ve been bothered, physically turned around and yelled at for not assisting them.

I let them continue. I let them be the abhorrent people they really are and then I get to stick it in their faces that “I don’t actually work here.”

That precious moment of realization is like a drug. It makes actually going to work the next day feel much better.

(Also, my uniform is black and offers tech aid?? Why do you expect me to service you in the frozen food section of a red branded store? LMAO)


Also, at my own job, we get (somehow) mistaken for the OTHER Popular Office Supply stores. There are enormous signs everywhere. It’s on my shirt. It was for real on the building you entered. There’s a button that says our old motto right next to you that your kid is smashing to death.

And you yell at me and leave your 40+ item transaction half completed because you can’t get your company benefits because YOU shopped for AN HOUR in the wrong store. ….at least everything is bagged and easier to put back on the shelves….
This has happened about 6 times 2 months. Kinda blows my mind.

Haikyuu!! Characters when they Lose their Kids in the Store
  • Hinata: Freaks out and runs around the store screaming their name and stopping everyone to ask if they've seen his baby.
  • Kageyama: Panics if he doesn't see his kid in five seconds. Wanders around the store until an employee asks if he needs help and he mumbles that he lost his kid.
  • Suga: Waits at their designated meeting spot with some ice cream.
  • Daichi: Heads to the toy aisle and finds his kid staring at a huge teddy bear. He buys it for them.
  • Tsukishima: Finds his kid in the dinosaur aisle.
  • Yamaguchi: Arrives at the front desk at the same time as his kid.
  • Asahi: Becomes very worried, and shyly approaches an employee to ask for help.
  • Nishinoya: Loudly shouts his kid's name. The kid yells back from across the store.
  • Kuroo: Tries to remain calm, and walks quickly down every single aisle until he finds them.
  • Kenma: Gets himself lost and his kid goes to the front to call his name on the speakers.
  • Lev: Finds them pretty quickly cause he's tall.
  • Morisuke: Buys a box of cookies and sees his kid come barreling down the aisle.
  • Oikawa: Freaks out and calls Iwa-chan because "his beautiful angel" is missing.
  • Iwaizumi: Buckles his kid into the shopping cart so the kid wont get lost.
  • Akaashi: Heads to the front desk to ask them to call his kid's name over the speakers.
  • Bokuto: Stands on the counter and yells his kids name until an employee asks him to get down.
  • Ushijima: Calmly retraces his steps and finds his child standing right where he left them.

Guys I see some of u that are like getting caught and STAYING until the cops arrive like ???? STORE EMPLOYEES ARE NOT POLICE!!! THEY CANT HOLD U! U BETTA RUN HOE!!!! 🏃🏃🏃🏍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Confession: I don’t like going into black hair supply stores nowadays. Maybe it’s just my area. I’m in Southern California. It’s rare to find a store with black employees. I hesitate to ask for help because they have likely never used what I’m looking for. All they can tell me is whether they have it in stock or not. If it was any other type of store, it wouldn’t bother me so much.

When Pet Store Employees Tell You Bettas Like Tiny Tanks and you Don't Need Plants

Honestly as annoying as it is, I love correcting employees when they do this. I don’t do a generalized, “actually, bettas…” but instead I tell them specifically about my own.

“Oh, my dragonscale lives in a 5 gallon with driftwood and caves and a ton of plants. The plants are his favorite part–he spends more time going out of his way to swim through them and play in them than he does in the open water. If he was in a 1 gallon, I wouldn’t have room for all the plants he loves and he’d be bored. Plus he races out of the jungle to come see me.”

“I have a veiltail who gets very anxious and rips up his fins because he can see his reflection in the glass. After I filled his tank with hiding places and plants, he was a lot more relaxed and his colors actually got brighter.”

I’ve done this a couple of times, and even approached a woman being directed to look at 2.5 gallon tanks by an employee to tell her how lively my boys were in their 5 gallons–which really aren’t large, intimidating tanks at all for people just getting started or restricted to smaller tanks because of dorms or apartments. They are still desktop sized nanos.
In the end I wound up persuading her to pick up a 5 gallon long with filter and heater, thermometer, a decoration roomy enough for a betta to hide in, a couple of silk plants for extra cover, and basic startup stuff to get a fishless cycle going. Talking about my own fish being active and having personality and getting brighter colors always connects with people a lot more than just listing facts.

After she’d checked out, and I was still browsing, the employee who had been helping her came up to me and asked me where I learned about bettas.

Some people can be buttheads, but my general experience is that if you illustrate your point with your own experience, especially if you’re positive about it (even though I know the urge to cringe is so strong), many people/big box employees will really consider what you’re saying.

“I upgraded my elephant ear from a 2.5 to a 3.5 and I couldn’t believe how much difference it made! He acts so happy and alive now, and his colors almost glow?”

Gets people thinking a lot more than

“Actually, bettas need xyz requirement and pet stores are wrong.”