store design

This new Starbucks store in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, features a rotating wall of curated pieces in collaboration with Uprise Art, an online gallery for emerging artists, to create a physical space where people can connect with new works of art. The design concept for the store was based on coffee trees, with elements that reference coffee botanicals. The color palette of the store is also inspired by coffee, with shades ranging from the light crema coffee color of birch plywood to a dark espresso.

Retail tips

Good routing and an inviting environment.
Too often we see that stores have looked at everything expect at a logical routing and an environment that gives an experience to the customer. Experience means a visit that is memorable in many ways, it must be: Inviting, Stimulating and above all invigorating only then can you be successful.
Good lighting
Many retail stores and even retail store giants seem to put good and effective lighting as one of the last financial posts on their budgets when they design a new or revamped store.When the money runs out, as it invariably does, the lighting becomes the balancing item! What I also often notice, is that there are light bulbs missing and or broken. Shows a distinct lack of eye for attention and tells the customer … we don´t really care too much …
Good and simple graphics (that sticks in customer minds).
Helps to tell the story and creates in an easy way a good feeling. Don’t do family heirlooms or mom’s handy work…. Use good signage and don’t do handwritten stuff. Make sure the  your retail stores are not cluttered with graphics and signage as it will lead to customers switching off. Flat screens that show nothing, tell nothing and do nothing!
Coordinate and tell a story
Make sure that you realise that the average customer is not overly creative and has far less time and inclination to look and search in order to get ideas than we think. The shop should show the client the way to creativity and ideas. Lead them by examples(s). This is true for fashion and non-fashion. The best sales are compound sales!
Friendly and cooperative sales staff
Seems to be a given but amazingly it is not! Scientific research has shown that customers remember people much better than things. When we tested this theory in our chain of 102 specialty food stores it showed beyond any doubt that a friendly gesture or smiling face lasted .The colour of our flooring nobody remembered though. And we spent months deciding and selecting the floor and the colouring.
A point of rest …
Make sure that customers have a point in the store they can rest or take a short break from shopping. Not a resting place but a point of rest to gather your thoughts and possibly try and taste.
Be honest !
Show prices – don’t hide them – even in the window. Tell stories of products and origins but ensure total honesty. It pays!
A great checkout experience
What is the customer’s last impression of your store? The checkout experience! Make sure the checkout counters are clean and interesting (avoid clutter) When the customer needs to wait, shorten their time by making sure they are “entertained “or not left unattended… Great packaging does not need to be expensive, but helps to re-enforce your stores image and the client’s experience.
Be your OWN customer
Go out the store and listen to your customers when they come out after visiting your store…. That is the time they will voice their opinion that is the moment they will tell the truth as they feel it.. Enter your own store as a customer – detach yourself form your own store – and try to experience what they experience. Be critical and honest! It pays to let mystery shopping take place from time to time …
Though all of us feel that like our homes the store should be clean, cleanliness is not only a clean floor but much more:

Designed as a theatre for coffee, this Starbucks store in Taipei’s Longmen building features a Reserve Bar that acts as center stage. Centrally located, the bar is visible all throughout the store. Artwork in the store includes a marquetry, made with natural grain, different textures and colors inspired by the world’s coffee belt.