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Jin Eyeware | Schemata

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of a Jins eyewear store, Schemata Architects has completed a renovation that involved taking a sledgehammer to the walls.

The Japanese eyewear brand enlisted the Jo Nagasaka-led practice to create a more open-plan and welcoming space for customers of its store in Ageo, in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture.


Violet Chachki’s dollar store outfit - made entirely out of jump rope, plastic bags, and duct tape - for her Season 7 RuPaul’s Drag Race audition tape! (x)


d&p aus ; [2/?]
beauty guru!phil and company starter!dan

phil’s youtube channel was incredibly successful, and he was incredibly happy. he could put on makeup without fearing ridicule; his preferred natural look included blush and contouring the cheek bones that dan described as ‘sharp enough to cut glass.’ 

dan’s company, angel label, was a popular store that did not label the clothing as pertaining to one gender. instead, dan preferred to allow boys to wear skirts, and girls to wear ties, all the while looking great. 

together they made up a gender norm fighting couple, who refused to let society stop them from looking the way they wanted. 


2 new watercolor portraits now avaiable as print-set in my etsy store:

I also made a process Video of the second portrait and answering some questions while painting. :)


An empty old gas station in Los Angeles has been given new life. The curvilinear art deco structure was built in 1935 during the early days of California’s automobile age and the Golden Era of filmmaking in Hollywood. The new Highland and Willoughby store is one of Starbucks newest historic restorations of historic buildings.

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Side note - This will be the last month for anyone that wants to get a print of my Guardian of the Tree picture. It will be retired from my online store at the end of this month. I still have two copies of it that I will have available at the next convention I have a table at….but after they are gone that’s it for this picture. :)