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not-so-perfect-porcelain  asked:

Can you suggest any stores where I can find gothic home decor that doesn't look uber cheesy (like it came from a cheap Halloween store). Preferably online, since we're in completely different countries. I adore lace, apothecary jars, anything glamgoth, anything witchy...

Hmm, I think sites like Etsy and Amazon are probably your best shot since there are literally all sorts in there. Some online goth clothing shops have home decor sections as well, but some of the items definitely fall under the Halloween store category. Funnily enough, sometimes costume stores have really nice quality decorations all year round! There’s also Not on the High Street, which has a lot of small independent stores selling their products and I’ve found nice little gothy things from there, for example, small skull bottles. (It’s a UK site but some stores ship abroad.)

When searching through big sites like Etsy it’s good to keep your keywords in mind. Don’t try just goth and witch, try occult, Wiccan, dark, antique, Victorian… People use all sorts of words to describe their products and you sometimes find them under obscure tags. You can also look for things like old apothecary jars online/at second hand stores and then decorate them yourself with text, fairylights, glitter, or dried flowers… A little DIY goes a long way and is often cheaper too.

Sorry I can’t be more specific, but hope this helps!


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pro tip: do you have holes in your vocabulary? check out websites that sell or discuss those items in your target language(s) so you can learn them without translating them!

household items? check out ikea! the great thing about ikea is that they have stores on just about every contintent so you should be able to find a country where your target language is spoken and be able to account for regional differences!
clothing? literally, all you have to do is type an article of clothing into google (in your target language, preferably using google in a country where it’s spoken, i.e.,,, etc.) and the first couple of links to websites that pop up are for stores. peek through the categories and see what new words you can learn.
hair/style/beauty vocab? the best place for this is probably youtube. i recognise not every language is going to be so easy to find but if you do a search for “hairstyle”, “make-up”, “style”, etc. in your target language (it works best if you’ve switched to using youtube in your target language and from ‘worldwide’ to a specific country, which you can change by scrolling to the bottom - don’t worry you can always go back to your preferred settings) you should be able to get a decent jumpstart.
food/cooking? - do a search on youtube or no google for recipes and food bloggers or recipes! just search for “easy recipes” or “desserts” or something along those lines.
weather? - lots of newspapers put the temperature and weather reports for the day, if not the entire week, at the top. the great thing is that typically there are pictures of the weather events meant to occur so you don’t even have to translate. just find a newspaper in your target language and see what you can find! 

otherwise, jump starting your efforts using wikipedia and/or using the google engine for a country where your target language is spoken and just trying a simple term to get you to more resources also works!!