store bought yummys

For International Tabletop Day 2016 I organised an event for the board & card game club for ladies that I started here in the Netherlands. We always play at our local game store, since they’re very welcoming to us. For this event, I took some old trophies and turned them into Trophies Of Awesome, as you can see.

We played some Fluxx, Love Letter, Munchkin and Ultimate Werewolves. I also bought some random geeky/nerdy little prizes (Star Wars/Avengers/Minions/lego + tabletop trinkets etc.) both for the winners and also for the ‘goodie bag’ that each attending lady received. In the goodie bag was a gift voucher for either 2 small or 1 medium prize, plus a purple die (since that’s in our logo). The store also bought some yummy red velvet cake, which we very much enjoyed. All in all, it was an awesome day with lots of gaming and laughter!