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If anyone is craving noodles I made this for dinner last night; I got Zucchini noodles (mine were 10 cal per serving) and added chopped broccoli (abt 10-15 cal) and cooked in a non-stick pan and then got this veggie broth and it's called savory choice (25 cal for the whole packet) you can find it in the Asian section of any store and I added about 1/8 of it to some hot water because there's a lot in the packet and then I added the zucchini and broccoli mixture to the broth. Its SUPER good!!!

That sounds amazing! Thanks for the recipe~

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What happens when you leave the house for a few hours?? What is it like when you come back? :0

Jin: Remind me to never leave them alone for more than an hour or two..

New Profile Pic

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture (or not). I have been playing with the filters again and really like how it softened my face and made my skin glow. I just wish that I could find some magical makeup that would do the same, lol!

I really love my choker! I have been making most of my jewelry lately and found this metallic rose at the craft store, added a couple of leather cords and wallah! A dear friend has suggested I do a post on some of the jewelry I have made so I may do that in the near future.

At my store we put up ad stickers every Sunday morning with sale prices and items that are buy x get one free, $5 or $10 gift card when you buy x, etc. 99% of these end on a Saturday so every Saturday night 2-3 hours before close we all start going around our area and taking down the ones that end that Saturday.
It used to never happen but lately I get a lot of people who see me taking them down ask if they can still get the sale. It’s a pretty simple concept but apparently not for this guy:

Him: “did you already take down the signs for the Dyson vacuums?”

I don’t pay attention to what sale is ending, I’m only looking at the date of when the sale ends so I have no idea other than I took some down that were on the vacuum wall already so I tell him: “yes, all the sales that end tonight have been taken down, but you can still get the sale until close”

Him: so if I take it to the register I’ll still get the sale price

Me: yes, the sale is still on until close tonight

Him, getting angry: so then where’s the sign at

Me: it’s in the trash, I already took it down because it ends tonight
After that he just looks at me and I just look back at him because I don’t know what else to say and after a few seconds his wife says “come on let’s go get it we still get the sale” and guy hesitantly walks off with her, still looking confused.

Am I really making that little sense? The sale doesn’t magically go away in the system once the sticker comes off the price strip??

6 easy tricks to keep protect yourself from identity theft

1. Be extra vigilant with your social security number.

Don’t give out your social security number unless it’s absolutely essential, and reduce the risk of misplacing your card by not carrying it around. Only offer up the numbers when 100% necessary. With access to your social security, an identity thief can cause a lot of financial trouble.

2. Shred all your papers.

Junk mail, bank statements and store ads all reveal different bits of information about your life. Piecing together your paper trail can disclose more than you’d imagine, so make it a common practice in your life to shred any papers that have your name, address, email, phone number or other sensitive personal information.

3. Stay on top of your passwords.

Those with online accounts should regularly change their passwords, in addition to making sure passwords are different for each site and opting for multi-factor authentication whenever possible. Equally important is ensuring passwords are unique and complex by using random combinations of letters, numbers and characters. Consider using a password manager to remember and create passwords.  

4. Dispose of gadgets properly.

Your laptops, computers, tablets and mobile devices contain a lot of personal information, so it is important to wipe them clean before discarding them. According to the Federal Trade Commission, people should overwrite, delete or physically destroy their hard drive prior to disposal. Similarly, personal information on mobile phones should be deleted before devices are discarded.

5. Check your social media privacy settings.

If you’re active on social media and not wary of your privacy settings, then you can accidentally give out more information than you realize. Check all your social media platforms — including those you are no longer active on — to see what information you have shared, who can see them and if you have any strangers in your direct circle. Depending on how private your account is, consider keeping things like addresses and birth dates off of social media.

6. Secure your internet and Wi-Fi.

The FTC recommends securing your wireless network at home and making sure information on your network is encrypted. This step scrambles information so hackers can’t get a front-row seat of what’s going on in your network. When in public, make sure you’re connecting to secure and encrypted Wi-Fi networks. It’s also a good habit to not do any financial transactions while on a public network. Read more

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Find my other dollies here! (Or search my blog for “mystuff”)

A Hundred Stitches

Every doll I own represents a part of my personality. This breathtaking Frankie is my melancholy, my nostalgia… my depression.
Her body and clothing - apparently poorly sewn together, muted and greying - are a perfect expression of the dark and lonely part I keep as a secret. Still it holds an obscure beauty…

doll ⚡ repainted by the amazingly talented astraldolls
hat ⚡ egg warmer from a local store - I added a bow with blue yarn and a tiny button
wig ⚡ beautiful mixture of teal and grey called “lake water”
dress ⚡ I simply attached a safety pin in the front and at the back for that “ragdoll effect”
bracelet ⚡ repainted Skelita jewely, decorated with blue yarn
tights ⚡ …awesome! I actually based Frankie’s look on these
shoes ⚡ Ugh, these weren’t an easy repaint job! I also removed the heel

Pictures are taken by me! They’re huge, so don’t hesistate to take a closer look! ~(^-^)~