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New OCS Heart System developed by TransMedics for Heart transplantation

Microsoft wants to store data in synthetic DNA to replace hard drives

Tech startup Twist Bioscience announced it is embarking on a new initiative to ultimately help Microsoft store digital data in synthetic DNA. Microsoft has purchased 10 million long oligonucleotides from Twist Bioscience with the ambition of encoding vast amounts of data in the synthetic DNA. Synthetic DNA data storage is superior to current storage methods in these two ways.

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Robot Longshoremen Could Reduce Space Needed for Ports by Half

Future shipping ports won’t need acres and acres of land to transfer and hold containers unloaded from ships. Instead, robotic carts and elevators will efficiently shuttle containers around multistory structures and deliver them to tractor-trailers that pull in below. 

That’s the idea behind the Robotic Container Management & Storage System being proposed by Israel Aerospace Industries. The whole thing would be managed by an autonomous control system overseen by human operators.

IAI says the system can load and unload containers 1.5 times faster than currently possible while reducing space needed for operations by half.

(China’s Qingdao Container Terminal via Shutterstock.)

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iCloud was quietly storing years of cleared browsing histories
This morning, a Russian forensics firm named Elcomsoft announced a way to extract years’ worth of web browsing records from Apple’s iCloud storage system, a method first reported by Forbes. Elcomsoft did not disclose the new method to Apple, but the company responded quickly once news of the bug became public. Within hours of the Forbes report, a server-side fix began to stop the retrievals, apparently deleting all records older than two weeks. Read more