stora hammars


The Stora Hammars stones are a collection of 4 viking runestones in Gotland, Sweden in the small town of Hammars. The stones are identified as 1 through 4, with stones 2 and 4 being so worn that they are not currently translatable, and almost completely unidentifiable. Stones 1 and 3, however, are in good condition. The stones themselves are deliberately phallic shaped and depict simultaneous images of death and eroticism.

Stone 1 is a hodge-podge of myth and religious iconography combined with erotic imagery which includes a woman between 2 men, a sacrificial scene, and a battle scene. These images have connected the stone to both the legend of Hildr, and even Odin’s cult symbol.

Stone 3, conversely, is more about Odin. It’s generally agreed that it depicts him in eagle form taking the mead of poetry. Other depictions include a horse-mounted warrior being greeted by a Valkyrie.