The Peshawar Attack is terribly horrifying and sickening. It's been two days and my heart still breaks especially when I see pictures of the victims and the aftermath of the attack. Everyone is clamoring to these people driven by their political ambitions to just stop. Citizens of the world are already hurting too much, have lost so many, and struggle to live every single day. I hope these terrifying acts stop. Enough is enough.
A Letter to Mr. Obama from a Syrian woman

Dear Mr. Obama,

So we heard you decided to change your plans in Syria and this time even arm the “moderate rebels” with more and more advanced weapons to fight the ISIS/ISIL. So who are you fooling? You may fool your people who you force them to watch what YOU and your government want on your news channels and hide the truth. Did you tell your people that on Syrian Channels those harsh killings of ISIS and your “moderate rebels” how they chop of heads and open up pregnant women’s bellies have been there since 2 and a half years ago and it is not a new thing? Or did you leave those terrorists become stronger and kill more and more of our civilians and army so that you will come to play the Hero after all that time? Where were you when your UN representative refused to listen and got out of the UN meeting when the Syrian representative was giving proofs of terrorist attacks on primary schools where more than 65 children died at the same day. Where were you when they attacked a neighborhood called Adra just because they are pro government and burned woman and children in the neighborhood’s bakery and chopped the heads of the men and put them instead of street lightbulbs? Oh your moderate rebels didn’t tell you they did that? Because it was them who did all those not the ISIS? and now you are going to arm them even more? They are already blowing up cars, attacking schools, raping women, killing automatically anyone who is a minority sect, stealing houses and firing rockets at civil areas…What else would you want them to do? Fight ISIS? how are they any different? The only reason they are fighting each other is to decide who gains control of the oil fields so they will sell it to your “terrorist supporting and funding” government. 

You created the ISIS to destroy Syria, to decide who is going to be our next president to destroy our army but after 3 years your plan failed ! You needed a plan B to interfere in my country and that is to come as a hero and fight ISIS. Well maybe then you should arm the Syrian Army who have been fighting them from day one not rebels who were part of ISIS but then fought over who kills more and each called themselves a different name. FSA,Nusra, Islamic Army, ISIS where all armed gangs in the beginning you helped them grow into all these monsters. They are made of 105 nationalities so how is that good to Syria and Syrians Mr Obama? You know they are not tourists right?

Your new plan to arm those gangs to fight each other and to remove as you said the president who regardless who he is…he is still the commander of the Syrian Army. So you are going to leave Syria with sectarian gangs and remove the army? No Sir you won’t succeed. WE ARE FREE PEOPLE. WE DECIDE WHO RULES US. WHO FIGHTS FOR US. WHO IS OUR ENEMY AND WHO IS NOT. WE DECIDE !!! You don’t get to decide anything for us. Get your stupid planes and plans out of our country. Get your armed terrorists gangs out of our country and this war will simply end. Stop making plans because the only thing they caused is Death. So whatever your plan for us is PLEASE know we won’t surrender easily. You will have to kill even more and more of us for it to work.

I am a free woman who won’t be forced to wear a certain way. I am a free woman who refuse to be seen as a sex symbol. Who refuse to be raped by those monsters. Who refuse to be forced to stay at home, not get educated or go to school. Who refuse to be forced to get married at the age of 10. Who refuse to be forced to get married to a man (I don’t know from what country he came or what language he speaks) who they choose for her. I refused to be a woman who is either killed because she is christian or Alawites or jew or converts to whatever sect they choose for her. I am a woman who refuse to be priced and sold! Because that is what those “moderate rebels” together with their “fake” enemy the ISIS are doing in the areas they get control of!!!

I would rather live with a secular dictator, stay at my job and marry or date the man I love. Thank you for your fake freedom and democracy because well I can’t see it with your rebels! 



A Free Syrian Woman 

04 April / Glasgow / Scrap Trident national demonstration

Scrap Trident national demonstration
Saturday 4 April  •  Assemble 10.30am
March at 11am. Rally midday at George Square
George Square  • George Street Glasgow G2 1DU

Organised by: Scrap Trident »

In the 2015 UK general election we the people will choose the MPs who will decide whether or not to spend £100 Billion to replace Trident in 2016 and keep nuclear weapons on the Clyde for the next 50 years. The Scrap Trident Coalition is calling on everyone in Scotland to demonstrate opposition to the renewal of these useless, costly and immoral weapons on 4th  April in Glasgow and to resist their ongoing deployment on 13th  April at Faslane.

Nuclear weapons are one of the greatest threat to peace and survival. But for the first time in living memory there is a real possibility of eliminating nuclear weapons from Scotland, the UK and the world.  Please help ensure that our opposition to nuclear weapons is heard loud and clear.

Join a mass national demonstration in Glasgow city centre on Saturday 4th of April. Assemble in George Square 10:30am. March 11am. Rally in George Square 12noon.

Two weeks later there is a chance to confront Trident where it matters – at Faslane, the rotten heart of the UK establishment’s inhumane commitment to nuclear devastation.

On Monday, 13th April join the Bairns Not Bombs Blockade to stop work at Faslane where Trident nuclear weapons are based just 30 miles from Glasgow. If enough people take part we can shut down the base for the day. So please consider either taking part directly or in a support role. For more details check out the Blockade Briefing at

Nonviolent Direct Action training will take place on Sunday 12th April at Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow. Everyone considering joining in or supporting the blockade is asked to come along and take part in NVDA training. Training is also available for groups in your local area. Contact us for more info or to set up a training for a local affinity group.

We can make a difference . This time there really is an alternative. Labour, the LibDems and the Conservative parties have all said they support renewing Trident nuclear weapons. But Scotland could return a raft of MPs who oppose Trident Replacement. An alliance of SNP, Green Party and Plaid Cymru could hold the balance of power in the next Westminster Parliament. Together with Labour MPs who go against their party line they could insure that the next UK government does not replace Trident.  

Please ask your Parliamentary candidates to take the Pledge to vote No on Trident Replacement. You can download the Pledge form at to send to your MP candidates. And please fill in the Pledge form on the website yourself and make your vote on 7 May a No Trident Vote.

Our future does not have to be built around warmongering, resource competition and strife. It can be about compassion, nurturing, mutualism and care. The Scrap Trident blockade is part of the UK and worldwide Global Day of Action on Military Spending. Our action will link up with people all across the UK and around the world calling for substantial cuts in military spending. For too long the world’s governments have wasted too many precious resources on weapons that do not provide real security. There is another way.

For more details, please visit or contact

The Scrap Trident Pledge 2015 is available for signing.
Please add your name and share with friends.
Sign the Scrap Trident Pledge 2015 »

I don’t need any words. And if this disturbs you as it did me, I’m sorry but this is happening right now - we cannot allow ourselves to be ignorant to this. This is real. #STOPTHEWAR #gaza #israel

Over the past three months, 1250 wounded ISIS terrorists were hospitalized in Turkey

Many Turkish physicians and nurses are disgruntled and tired of treating savage Islamist terrorists who are responsible for ultimate brutality and horrible bloodshed in Syria and neighboring Iraq.

Dr. Othman Bayraktar, a well-known neurologist in southern city of Kilis near the border with Syria divulged that the hospitals in which he works, have so far received near to 1200 severely injured terrorists whom have been treated for a long time in heavily guarded hospitals and after a while they return to Syria to resume their barbaric and heinous crimes against the innocent civilian populations. Dr.  Bayraktar further added that many hospital staffs are seriously distressed and “ashamed” of offering medical treatments for criminal and thuggish Islamist fighters.

So till when is the world going to arm and treat those terrorists while they fake fighting them?

12 Mar / London / Art opening: The Conflict and Future of Middle East

'Birds of Paradise' - Laila Shawa (2011)

The Conflict and Future of Middle East
Thursday 12 March
P21 Gallery 21 Chalton Street London NW1 1JD
Nearest tube: Euston or Kings Cross St Pancras

Organised by: Autonomous Gallery »
Facebook »

Laila Shawa
Peter Kennard
Mariwan Jalal
Street artist Jan Rymer
and infographs created by Visualizing Palestine

The exhibition explores four sub-themes:

    • How does Water Scarcity affect the region?
   • Which entities will gain from the gas/oil trade in the region?
    • What kind of weapon technology is used to engage in the conflicts?
    • Which population will be geographically moved, and who will gain?

Autonomous Gallery is an unorthodox pop-up art gallery that presents contemporary affairs in a localized setting.