Marco Rubio’s Tin-Foil Hat

Last night’s Republican primary debate was the typical piece of war-fever, fear-infused Hillary and Obama-hating parade of clowns typical of conservatives. Although the major event of the night was the Trump vs Cruz battle royale, Marco Rubio’s comments have become the most sensational and talked-about this weekend.

To set the stage, just a week ago, President Obama announced that he had issued an executive order which would improve on the gun laws already in place, place limits on the sales of firearms at gun shows (the so-called gun show loophole) and the placing of firearms bans on anyone on a No Fly list. This sweeping executive legislation further empowered law-enforcement agencies to enforce the existing gun laws by giving them wider powers. The news was greeted with mixed reviews. Many welcomed the executive order as a change from the nonmovement which had gripped the country since the Sandy Hook school shooting years ago. Others felt the executive order did not do enough to address the rise in gun violence across the country. Still others, such as conservative members of the National Rifle Association and Republican politicians, have denounced the executive order as a further sign that in their words, President Obama had overstepped his executive bounds and violated the Constitution, in particular, the Second Amendment which states the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms.

The facts are that while the President did seek advice from a cabinet member, Loretta Lynch, in crafting his executive order, he stayed well within the Constitution. The order he issued merely reiterated the existing gun laws, provided law-enforcement agencies the power and funding to enforce those laws, and made it harder for people on No Fly lists suspected of terroristic leanings from acquiring firearms. Despite the reassurances of the President and others, the NRA has repeatedly declared the orders as a blatantly aggressive attempt to abolish the Second Amendment in its entirety and seize citizens’ firearms. 

Enter the Republican presidential candidates. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio have been bombastic about defending what they see as a gross abuse of the Second Amendment by the President, all declaring that if they’re elected president, they would immediately repeal and abolish every gun law put into place by President Obama (which has been very few, if any at all). Whereas Ted Cruz cooking bacon on the barrel of an AR-15 he fired at a gun range was played to the love of firearms typified by the NRA. Marco Rubio’s declaration last night played upon the tin-foil hat wearing, extremist brand of conservative voter who still believes, no matter how wrong they’re proven to be, that President Obama is coming to take away their guns. Rubio stoked the fires of conservative fear by declaring that every day that passes sees President Obama moving closer to achieving his ultimate goal of abolishing the Second Amendment through executive order. He was joined in this by New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who also made false accusations about the President’s recent statements following each incident of gun violence. But Christie never employed the full force of his tin-foil hat conspiracy speaking that Rubio used. 

It is imperative that the issue of gun-rights vs gun laws be addressed before the possible Republican assumption of the White House undoes everything President Obama has worked so hard to achieve.

In America, our flags stay at half mast.

Because of our complete lack of gun REGULATION…

They never have a chance to reach their full height.

America is scared.

America is angry.

America is sad.

America is ashamed.

#StopTheNRA #DontBelieveTheirLies

Stop The NRA is now following me. This should be interesting.

To the author of this blog,

Welcome! You should note before you even think about calling me a right wing gun-nut that I am not a member of the NRA, I do not own a gun but simply believe in real effective waves to protect life. I believe in the constitution and that the 2nd amendment is not meant for hunting but rather to preserce a citizens right to defend themselves from threats and tyranical government. If you do plan on challenging me, I have one rule about your arguments.

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Slowly made my way to the DGA tonight for a screening of CHI-RAQ and a Q&A with Spike Lee after. The entire movie was in rhyme and hit on so many issues we are currently facing. That was also one of the most heated audience discussions I’ve ever been in, but guess what? People are TALKING about the problems. He is a feisty mofo but I respect the shit outta him. “Guns and violence are our soundtrack” #ChiRaq #stoptheNRA #gunviolence #spikelee #blacklivesmatter #dropsmic (at Director’s Guild Theater)

The Tragedy of Journalism and Why America STILL Refuses to Admit It Has A Problem.

Days ago, two news-station reporters were murdered in cold-blood by a former colleague who believed he had been wronged by the news station he once worked for. The deaths of Alison and Adam by Vestor Flanagan sent shockwaves through the journalism world and once again provided a jolt for those seeking tighter gun legislation, but at the same time made gun-rights advocates and the NRA more determined to promote their “only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun” agenda which overlooks the key elements of this tragedy as it has done in the post-Newtown School shooting period, as indeed in the wake of all other previous gun-related tragedies.

It was two weeks before, roughly, when three heroic Americans showed the world, and in particular that extremist organization the National Rifle Association, that good guys did not have to carry guns to stop a bad guy with a gun-and blades and a bomb. Yet this message, loud and clear to many in the gun-control community, has fallen on deaf ears in the gun-rights community. Thanks largely in part to gun lobbyists, the NRA, and too-far-righties who still believe, erroneous though it actually is, that President Obama is about to abolish the Second Amendment and seize everyone’s guns, law-abiding citizen gun-owners who have joined in calling for tighter regulations have been lost in the noise of “you can have my guns when you can pry them from my cold, dead hands” chants and “Obama the Imperialist” ranting. It makes one wonder what Charleton Heston, that Hollywood star and vocal activist who founded the NRA, would say about today’s lethal obsession with guns.

Just the other day, I got into a heated argument on Facebook with an ammosexual who reverted to the old argument of “cars also kill people, so let’s also ban cars” when confronted with superior logic. Until ammosexuals can actually pull themselves free of this rhetoric, the gun-control group will always have a superior edge when debating gun legislation with them. Out of respect for the other person, I will not reveal his identity here, but will add on a personal note that I went to high school with him and I knew him as the ‘typical redneck’ who loved big trucks, big bucks (as in deer), and big guns. It is this group especially that is the most vocally opposed to sensible gun legislation and it is they who need to be educated on the benefits of universal background checks, licensing, and other such similar regulations as placed on automobile ownership and usage. If indeed one wants to argue that cars kill just as many people as guns, then perhaps they will agree that guns should have the same guidelines cars have, on who can use them, in what fashion, and starting at what age.

Meanwhile, two families will have to bury their loved ones, as those at Sandy Hook had to do so….and Virginia Tech….and indeed in Charleston earlier this summer. And the gun-control vs gun-rights fight will continue until people get tired of hearing either side, after which it will simply disappear from public discussion until yet another tragedy reawakens the passion on both sides.

This is my NRA card.

I never gave them a dime.

They used to send me a free membership every year until I contacted them multiple times demanding that I was taken off their member list.

They send out free memberships by the millions to falsely inflate their numbers.

In reality the NRA has under a million members.

They aren’t powerful because they have numbers.

They are powerful because gun manufacturers give them billions of dollars to buy politicians.

The NRA is little more than a middleman for corruption.

There is no reason for them to exist.

We need to break them up.

#StopTheNRA #DontBelieveTheirLies #NotOneMore #GunSense #GunControl #NRA #guns
10 NRA-Approved Reasons For Crying
Now, it may seem like the NRA is comprised of emotionally stunted gun fetishists with a shriveled up copy of the second amendment where their hearts should be, but that’s simply not true. They totally cry about stuff! Not mass shootings of children, but other stuff. Just to be clear, here are 10 things worth crying #REALTEARS, according to the NRA.

“3. Finding out one of the main characters in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie is a woman.”

“So what resolution should we make for the new year? Resolve to let God know that you have the guts and the will to do it alone. Resolve to fight for yourselves, and for others, for those you love. And that part of God within you will be fighting with you all the way…” #stoptheNRA #guncontrol #truth #sanbernardino