Finally saw Spidey

In no particular order, I’d like to recognize:

- “how does it work? it is magnets?”
- “the spider is dead, ned.”
- *fervent whispering* “can you suMMON THEM?”
- “I’d like to get in some light protesting at one of the embassies before dinner.”
- the absolute apathy of all the teachers. like, yes, that is Teacher Culture.
- strudel rabbits, who has never followed a rule in his entire feckin life, lecturing students about detention.
- stopsign roadkill then starting in on “ur body is changing; I can relate” as if puberty is at all similar to being microwaved like a goddamn lean cuisine
- the fact that someone convinced stovetop robbers to do there PSA vids!? There’s a story there and I need it?!??!
- peter’s makeover montage, ft. May, ft. both sadness and hilarity during the Windsor knot video
- Aunt May with her quirky retro styles and her larb puns and her iconic WHAT THE FUCK to end the whole thing
- “I couldn’t lose a student on a school trip… again.” DEAR GOD MAN, WHAT HAPPENED
- decent villain?? For a change?? Like, neutral evil steals the show. Let’s hear it for the vulture boi
- Ned’s gleeful “guy in the chair!” moment. Ned, ur doing amazing sweetie!
- MJ seeing Peter as he gets to the dance and just giving him a casual, friendly middle finger bc that’s how she relates to people I guess
- no but MJ had an actual character arc!! She was chill and unapologetic and brilliant and then she’s like, “You guys are my friends now.” I am WEEPING.
- zendaya is mj CONFIRMED ✔️✔️✔️
- Karen. Karen.
- “activating instant kill mode” like NO KAREN GODDAMNIT WE’RE NOT HERE TO MURDER
- “I, personally, as a formless AI who lives in your spandex and has known you for 37 minutes, think you should 300% kiss the girl.”
- “this is it, peter! KISS HER.”
- Karen why???
- Steven why???

The British Isles playing GTA5
  • Norn: *gathers all nearby hookers in a van* *proceeds to drive the van off a cliff*
  • Scotland: *gets character drunk af* *adorably laughs nonstop at how funny they walk*
  • Wales: Sorry, but I'm taking your money *shanks a man* thanks for your cooperation. *obeys all traffic laws and stops for red lights/stopsigns*
  • England: BRITISH GAS BASTARDS *blows up a power plant* I'M GONNA BLOW YOU ALL TO HELL.