I have been through a time in my life where these pages helped me to keep going and it’s not something I like to admit but I was too afraid to get out of a bad situation. I am so happy I did and in return for that blessing I hope to support and help those who are in similar circumstances and try to #fightsexualabuse #consentmatters #stoprape

Let's talk about marital rape

Marital rape is still common among our societies and still not being fully acknowledged by most of us. Marital rape is a criminal offense in other countries but unfortunately in some countries like Malaysia and India, marital rape is actually legal because most of the people in the population believe that marriage itself is consensual so why would the term rape even exist?! When we discuss about marital rape, I see a lot of people question the term. For example, there are two types of people in this world, A and B .
A: “If she’s already married to me then why does the term ‘rape’ still exist?”

B: “If it’s not consensual sex, it’s still rape!”

Now let’s try to distinguish the characteristics of A and B. In my opinion, A might be heavily influenced by his religion identity. First and foremost, I am a Muslim but I want to talk about how most men perceive islamic teachings when it comes to marriage. Based from my observation, I see a lot of men taking advantage of this. We women are to 'provide and feed’ our husbands no matter what situation we are in. Some men see this as an opportunity to dominate their wives, oh and don’t get me started on polygamy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Islam but when it comes to how some men perceive the teachings and might see them as their 'advantages’ , it makes me sick. So today I came across this headline where Nancy Shukri stated that marital rape is not a crime but then according to her, it is only a crime when the acts (which can cause injury ) are implemented by the husbands onto their wives when carrying out intercourse. Something like idk, non consensual BDSM?

So my question is, what do u mean by 'injury’? Does it include emotional / psychological injury as well? Or do u only mean physical injury ? I’m utterly confused.. And also has it ever crossed your mind about those who are being forced into marriage and arranged marriage? It’s not consensual u know. It’s like saying, even if ur partner is still a stranger to you, you have to have sex with him! Because he’s your husband, it’s ur responsibility. What a sick statement