W I N N I N G a playlist dedicated to Yuri Plisetsky.

❝ I don’t care what people say
Really, I don’t care
Make no difference anyway
Haters, I don’t hear
I’m too busy fucking winning. ❞


Original fanart credit: 志島とひろ

aestethic: isak smiling to himself, isak laughing, isak when he’s being mock offended

aesthetic: snapbacks and hoodies and quiffs and leather and smoke

aesthetic: when isak stops looking away and instead watches even walk all the way across the yard

aestethic: even teasing isak because he doesn’t know who nas is and a week later nas is isak’s fave musician of all time, syk, syk

aesthetic: the many colours of even’s eyes

aesthetic: the heady moment where you think they’re gonna kiss, and even thinks they’re gonna kiss and isak thinks they’re gonna kiss, and the world thinks they’re gonna kiss, and, kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss

aesthetic: ‘bla bla bla’

aesthetic: even looking at isak, and seeing isak, and knowing

aesthetic: even/isak’s hair otp

aesthetic: paper towel and broken lockers and key cheese and eye contact from across the room and curtains

aesthetic: isak initiating kisses, like, crawling up just that little bit to get close enough like, come back, just a little more, want, want, want

aesthetic: november 14th

“Tony manipulated a child into going into battle! He bad!”

First of all: no.


Third of all: as if 90% of all literature you read/watch isn’t teenagers. (Percy Jackson. Maximum Ride. Robin. Teen Titans. Attack on Titan. Steven Universe. Ben Ten. Etc…) WHOS letting those HELPESS CHILDREN go into BATTLE

Fourth of all: Steve calls Wanda a kid, but then brings her into battle. Then Cap fans agree that she’s an innocent kid, and are totally cool with her fighting??? I am confusion.

Fifth of all: it is very extremely clearly shown that Tony did not expect this fight to be violent. It is very extremely clearly shown that he told Peter to stay out of the fight and just web them up. Peter made the choice to actually fight.

What number is this?: why are you all so concerned that Tony brought a teenager into battle but dont give a shit that Cap dropped an object that weighs a literal fuck-ton on him. I’m seriously asking. He has superstrength and he could barely hold it. If he was even a little weaker than Cap assumed, that literally would have crushed him to death.

Still going: could you just IMAGINE if the roles were changed here. “Steve just wanted some help to defeat Zemo! Evil Tony Stark literally tried to MURDER a CHILD by dropping an airport tunnel on him!!!!!!

And to sum up my final thoughts: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


This is too cute. Stopppp

i just randomly remembered these

and then i remembered that orihime was the first person rukia told about her wedding and that rukia named her daughter after orihime and ichigo and i’ve never been happier in my god damn life

anyone that pits them against each other in a make-believe rivalry over ichigo’s dick needs to get their priorities checked and realize how beautiful their friendship actually is.

  • Me: Men?
  • Me: I don't need men to be fulfilled. I got fanfics that'll give me more satisfaction than any person could ever give me.