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“[…] this is just lovely. Perfect pacing, excellent sentences and best of all….all the feels.”

someone said this… about my writing. like something i wrote. me. words that came out of the pile of mush i called my brain. words that i smashed out on a keyboard with my own dumb fingers. 

“perfect pacing, excellent sentences”

guys. i failed english more times than i can count in school. i dropped out of high school. i can barely comprehend half the literary rules and guidelines there are. i still don’t even know when i should start a new paragraph and just break of my work into paragraphs that look like they might be correct. i only just figured out how to write dialogue properly (and i’m pretty sure i’m still not doing it perfectly). 

i’m not scholarly. i’m not educated. i was in remedial classes for most of my education. i have adhd and a severe learning disability. most days i have trouble comprehending basic explanations.

i was told i “wasn’t suited” for a career that would require a higher education.

i was told i would never excel at anything.

i was told i was stupid.

“perfect pacing, excellent sentences” 


“The captain, otherwise known as Harrison Ford, had been spending a couple of days in New York en route home after completing ‘Hanover Street’ in London. ‘The main reason I stopped here was that I wanted to see this young lady,’ pointing to Carrie Fisher, the demure but spunky Princess Leia of ‘Star Wars,’ the film that transformed them from obscure young performers into celebrities of cosmic scope.” – The Ledger, June 15th, 1978

one thing that i have Loved about shipping supercorp is that i explicitly remember watching 2x01 live and thinking that this was some really really gay shit. and when the gifsets came out after the episode i remember writing ‘gay’ in the tags. and the amazing thing about that is i don’t think any ship has had such a sudden impact for me. i shipped them the minute they appeared and i haven’t stopped since

still meaning to return to blogging here more, even though im completely clueless as to who/what i am or am not even familiar with anymore on here as far as Lokean community goes or anything…i’m of course sure the nearly 900 of you are likely half dead blogs or pornbots i missed blocking lol but

i made a huge huge HUGE breakthrough with Loki on my personal growth and I feel so so good about Everything so I’m less stressed now about how this community [tumblr pagans in general] can be. it really fucked me up before, thats why i disappeared for my health but i mean it this time i really wanna blog more ❗ idk how soon ill be back to talking AS much so if i were to get messages again dont hold your breath for me to respond quickly rn unless you dont care when i respond or not. but yeah :) i was struggling for awhile but as usual Loki saved my ass ~ ~ ~

i dont feel like im taken seriously and i mean, its all my fault for kinda just, letting people do w/e they want to me, but like, especially irl w some of my friends , bc i dont rly show negative emotions, when i do, i feel like no one rly takes me seriously. and it sucks. makes me never wanna show emotions again.
A Yellow Rose in Box Five Chapter 11: An Eight-Foot-Wide World, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction
Why yes, that's *exactly* what you think it is

A Yellow Rose in Box Five has updated, on FFN and on AO3! :DD

Read that summary thing again after finishing the chapter, it’ll make more sense

@janylate @la-vicomtesse @rienerose :}

Quick announcement: Seeing how this week is Finals Week at college, and I am dyingggg due to the regrettable mistake I made of taking 18 credits, Wednesday’s update of AYRiBF will be postponed to next Sunday. I’m sorry to do this to y’all, but if I want to pass my finals I really need to be able to focus solely on studying. But, silver lining: the end of Finals Week means the end of school for the semester, so I’ll have much more free time to work on this story and keep bringing you updates! 

Anyway, as always much love to you, and if you enjoyed this chapter leave me a nice note! They warm my heart and make me feel all bubbly inside, like some kind of … lukewarm Cola drink, I guess. Ew.

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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The only cover of Lotto and Blood, Sweat and Tears that matters

edit: To those asking who they are: The girl with short hair is Exy, rapper of WJSN aka Cosmic Girls, and the other girl is called Lovey. They have another cover of Ikon’s My Type