i was tagged by @loveblade nd @caninegf to do the selfie moodboard so ! here u go I always look like im either very sad or very murderous in my selfies lmao

im tagging @amoktime @wearyyy @menderash @kelbrid@berries aaaand @scarethyst 💞👏

me: *almost exclusively talks to anyone even mutuals on anon and doesnt wanna give out that its me*

me: *has typing quirks thats near involuntary because theyre the only way i can express myself accurately*

me: fuck

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Okay so I've been dating my boyfriend for 9 months and he bought me a promise ring. He said he wants to have sex and I've never done it but he has. I'm just really nervous and I'm totally ready for it with him, but I just don't know what to expect. We've talked about it and we both have agreed we wanted to. But now the day is coming closer and I'm just really nervous about him seeing me naked.. How do I stop myself from being so jittery about this?

Maybe read some stuff online so you’re 100% prepared? It’s probably going to be slightly awkward no matter what, but try not to stress over your body. If your boyfriend is dating you then he knows what you like.

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Hey! I found your blog a while ago but never really went through it at all but I was really bored and found some of your art again and scrolled way down and liked a lot of it (everything) and it inspired me to draw so I'm gonna go do that! I actually had to stop myself from scrolling so I could be productive because I have things to do, but good luck in the future and can you draw some Vkook stargazing if it's not too much trouble? Thanks! I love you and your art! ✌🏻️❤️

WHOOaa thank you for taking time to go through my art haha!! ALSO IM GLAD YOU WERE INSPIRED TO DRAW!! IM SURE YOU DID GREAT!! AND YEAH ILL DRAW MORE VKOOK IN THE FUTURE THANKS TO YOU!! It’s unbelievable for me that someone would be inspired by my drawings and it’s getting some time to get used to hearing that. It moves me everytime. Thank you so much for making me smile!!

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