stopped functioning

Really White People?

I have to go on this rant. My name is Jada. I’ve met a few white people who’ve named their daughter Jada. I asked why? They tell me because it’s a cultural name that they love. FIRST: Jada Pinkett Smith is BLACK. She’s not white, she’s not anything other than BLACK. That is NOT your culture. SECONDLY: Jada Kiss, was a BLACK rapper, that was NOT your culture. Stop stealing shit. My name does not need to be associated with some white people who think it’s their “culture”. Name your damn child Susan.

You know, in all those “humans are the creepy/fucked up alien species” posts I can’t believe we haven’t touched on organ donation yet. 

 When they heard that the human general had fallen ill to a disease of the organ known as the liver the troops began to hope that it might turn the tide of the war. Research indicated that such diseases could be fatal after all. The organ did something similar to the flagulaxin in that it filtered out toxins so when it stopped functioning the human would slowly be poisoned to death by his own body. Or so they believed.

But then he came back.

A foot soldier was captured and answers demanded. Was it a medication? Had the sickeness been a ruse to fool them?

“Nah, man. This kid on a motorcycle wiped out on the I9 freeway so they gave the general his liver since they were a match.”


“They gave him his liver. The kid was dead, and he was an organ donor. And he was a genetic match to the general.”

“They…cut the liver out of one of your young and placed it in an elder and it…worked?”

“I mean, he wasn’t that young. Mid twenties or something. But yeah, that’s essentially it.”

The interrogator and his assistant both regurgitated their most recent meal and ran from the room. Living in places like the “Australia” were one thing, but taking the organs of dead bodies and placing them in the living? What was WRONG with this species?

Me Watching Yuri on Ice: The Journey

Episode 1-2: Ahah, yet another fanservice sports anime 

Episode 3: ……this warms my heart for some reason also high budget lips 


Episode 5: ( ( ( P T E RO DA C TY L N O I S E ) ) ) 

Episode 6: SON YOU NEED TO STO— 

Episode 7: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????!!!! 


Episode 9:  *brain.exe has stopped functioning*

okay, but jokes aside round and golden must be— 


Episode 11: i didn’t sign up for this shit how dare you 

Episode 12: when i die, please put this on my grave, throw flowers at it everyday, make blood offerings and worship this fine piece of art for 12 generations, heck this will be written in my will and none of you gonna convince me otherwise


i think i just saw heaven

  • Hunk: Hey, Keith, do you have any hobbies?
  • Keith: Swimming..
  • Hunk: Really? That's cool. I never expected you to-
  • Keith: In a pool of self hatred and regret.

Add on! What is your ethnicity and the one herb, spice or seasoning your kitchen would stop functioning without? (I am excluding salt, black pepper and soy sauce for their ubiquity, but you can add ‘em back in if you want.

Irish/Litvak, paprika.

I don’t know why, but whenever my friends would ask me if I love you, I get lost in track as if my mind had stopped functioning for a moment. Lumps form in my throat and it feels as if the air has escaped my lungs as I try my hardest to find the right words because I don’t want my answer to be just “yes”. I want them to know that my mornings aren’t bright without hearing your voice. I want them to know how I find it hard to breathe whenever you’re sad. How do I tell them that you’re the reason why I’d choose to stay awake instead of slumber, that even if I haven’t slept a wink I can still manage to do things as if I have slept for more than 8 hours? How do I explain to them that in between the sighs and exhales, you exist? That I don’t want you to remain forever spilled on these blank pages or lingering thoughts everytime I will hear your name. How do I tell them that no words could desribe the feeling of how your laugh had always sent chills down my spine? You turned my flaws into parts that I have learned to love and not even the word “yes” could justify the reason why I love the person I could never have.

The way the universe functions:
David, what are you doing?

I’m gonna release new music.

The way the universe functions:
David, you’ve died, you can’t keep making music.

Why not?

The way the universe functions:
It’s against the rules.

Darling, I’m Ziggy fucking Stardust, won’t no rules hold me back.

The way the universe functions:
You’ve been dead for a year now it’s time to rest in pe–

Maybe I’ll release a whole EP.

The way the universe functions:

Oh, here’s this one song that’s like jazz…

The way the universe functions:

But it’s got a little metal infused to it, it’ll be brilliant.

The way the universe functions:
David, stahp!