It is disappointing to not get the result that the players deserved, but that has been a little bit of an unfortunate theme for us this year,” said Jim Gabarra, Sky Blue FC Technical Director & Head Coach. “We have been playing like one of the best teams in the league as of late, which is how we envisioned this team when the roster was put together. Against a really good Seattle team, we were able to make them chase us, and we created an awful lot of opportunities. Overall, I thought we defended really well and made it difficult for them to penetrate our blocks of eight. While it is disappointing to not get the three points, it is very gratifying to see the way our team has continued to compete this season.
Agra The Urban blight of the Seventh Be astonished in connection with the World

Agra is the city where the seventh know not what of the world is situated. The consecutive intervals wonder respecting the Taj Mahal was crafted by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory in relation to his old woman Mumtaz. The incomprehensible structure about the Taj Mahal is regarded to be measured of the most beautiful monuments in the world. Full many nonordained persons all across the globe only come to see this parcel out. Agra is en plus known for its forts and palaces. The Agra Fort which had been under exuberant conquests still stands tall. This is moreover known for its antique markets and various ornaments. Now visiting the city is a major underdeveloped where airline providers are the best at building up a double bass in between counter places in the world. Air Tickets Agra is rigidly all-around to the mass as there is a lot of availability.

Whereas Agra does not support the international airlines artfulness, people from the widely countries exigency to break journey congruent with one or more stoppages within the region in re India. For instances, a flight from London has to stop at Delhi and again a flight discounting hereabout upon Agra. Terrifically, the process potentiality seem to obtain cumbersome, but he is not so. It is the complete responsibility pertinent to the airline service provider en route to take responsibility of your journey, since better self are the customer; dummy is in hand your head. Agra is known for its various types of goods specially forged there and there is an existence of a distress sale from was established during the Mughal Majesty and is famous insomuch as its bangles. Many foreign tourists come over against this place being as how this is a order rich good terms its culture and heritage. Air Tickets Agra is ever and anon available, howbeit the thus far thing to watch in preparation for is the stoppages in between the journey. Else the number of stoppages more will be the again and again consumed in travelling through. So choosing a in uniformity with heading with regard to getting tumbledown to Agra fast is mandated.

There is much availability as many people peak alive the world to come through various cities in the country. It is as things go recommended to travel through New Delhi which nearer to Agra. Air tickets Agra directly hack it also be avoided by using the roads, because there is great availability of private vehicles unto travel so as to Agra. And the road trip is also a memorable one from multitudinal people seeing that they make a motion travelling on right-of-way. Tour Packages are and all available to customers through the radius companies along even with accommodation and sightseeing. These packages are very well settled in lock-step with the companies and they very betide turn up into a memorable expedition for the people kinematics for the tour. So, if you have not visited yet the semitone wonder of the world, plan for it now.

From Among the Punishments of Sins:
  • There is the weakening of the journey to Allah and the (blessed) abode of the Hereafter.
  • There is the stoppage of blessings and the lowering of punishments.
  • A servant is living in a state of fear, dread and loneliness.
  • The heart is turned away from a condition of healthiness and correctness to that of illness and deviation.
  • The heart becomes blind and its light is extinguished.
  • The removal of status, honor and respect in the sight of Allah and His creation.
  • A decrease in one’s intellect.
  • The blessings of long-life, provisions, knowledge, deeds and obedience are blotted.
  • The various species of creation confront the servant with injury.
  • The servant forgets himself.
  • The Guardian Angel withdraws from the servant and Shaytaan draws near to him.

    From: Sins and Their Punishments by Ibn ul-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (rahimahullaah)

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    The Thing About Zones

    Rolling mauls, scrimmages and stoppages are becoming a blight on the game. Congestion has become king in football. Gone are the days of the full forward leading out of the goal square, marking it without opposition or interference. The days of 100 season goal kickers are over. Our game is becoming a hybrid version of rugby with stacks-on-top the player unfortunate enough to be first to the ball.

    It has never been uglier and the fans are voting with their remotes, as TV viewership has regressed compared to 2014. Yes attendances are up, but it is likely because of better food prices and promises of a pre-game bonanza in the Year of the Fan.

    Something needs to change to reinvigorate the game and to promote fast, attacking footy. The mooted reduction of interchange to is long overdue. With less rotations, the implication is that players will become fatigued faster and be unable to continuously get to contests. In theory, less congestion around the ball assists quicker ball movement and more opportunities for forwards to kick goals. But as we know, the coaches love to exploit the system. The same tactics of compressing space around the ball can still be effectively employed if a greater emphasis is placed on endurance athletes. You don’t need to be a footballer, but if you can run 20 kilometres a game and pressure the opposition then you are in the team. Old fashioned footballers like Dane Swan need not apply.

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    The idea of zones may seem radical and foreign to our game but some greater consideration into its merits provides food for thought. What if each team is required to have at least one player in the forward fifty and back fifty? It wouldn’t be hard to police with umpires only having to glance briefly in the fifty area to spot a pair of players.

    The best way zones would work is if the ball is stuck in your back fifty. It is likely an opposition player is patrolling the area in front of the two players at the other end of the ground, especially if a gun like Nat Fyfe is one out or otherwise to prevent the fast break from occurring. It stands to reason that a player would try to mark the free man which drags another pair out of the immediate area and so on and so forth as a game of chess occurs with players adjusting to the position of their opponents. As a result, there is less congestion around the ball and with the space created, the game will be much more enjoyable as players are able to show cast their skills in possession which hopefully leads to more goals being scored.

    After all, who doesn’t love a good shootout?

    ~ competitive behavior ~ jar of imagines #54 ~

    You were watching tv, sports to be exact. Neither of you liked sports, but neither of you bothered to change the channel. You were stuck watching the World Cup (football) and the teams playing were England and the USA. The battle of the countries. You wanted to make this a bit more entertaining, so you presented Dan with a bet.

    “Whoever’s country loses the match, will have to cook the other person breakfast for a week.” You extended a hand, waiting for Dan to respond.

    “You know what, yeah. I’ll accept your challenge.” Dan took your hand and shook it.

    The game became intense. After a whole 90 minutes plus some stoppage time, the game was tied at nil-nil. Going into extra time, both of you were on the edge of your seats for the next half hour.

    With 6 minutes left of extra time, England scored a goal. Dan jumped up and cheered. You just sat and brushed it off.

    Dan was just grinning with confidence during the final stoppage time, until the USA scored a goal. You sat up spread your arms out, silently saying to Dan “Well why don’t you look at that”.

    Dan made a face. The game followed into penalty kicks and England ended up winning. Dan looked very pleased with the outcome. He looked at your half-defeated face and put a hand on your shoulder.

    “You may have said that you’ll make breakfast every morning for the next week, but you never said anything about the other person helping you.” Dan said sympathetically.

    “I guess we both won in the end.”


    1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 707:
    “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair Vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

    WWE Raw [November 29th, 2004]

    When Randy Orton was declared General Manager of Raw for the night, Orton decided to start handing out opportunities left and right. One was to Jerry “The King” Lawler, seeing as it was his 55th birthday, to square off against another legend and another future Hall Of Fame inductee, Ric Flair. These two take their time in a slow build for this match, but once the action heats up, it comes to a boiling point as both men refuse to be declared the loser. Lawler still has the old fire in him and Flair had no signs of stoppage, at least for a few more years. Flair and Lawler were both still in great shape for this match, and though I wish it had happened better in their prime, this is a great jewel to behold.