We’re pleased to introduce to you this very animated version of the mechanical writing table that’s on view—in very still form—in the Large Library of the Huntington Art Gallery.

The GIFs come from a video that is part of a five-part suite of short, silent videos focusing on objects or architectural elements on view in the first-floor period rooms of the Huntington Art Gallery. Each video is installed on iPads in the room where the object is on view.

Read more about the iPads and other interpretive features of the period rooms on VERSO.

object info: Jean-François Oeben, Mechanical Writing Table, c. 1755–65. Oak and walnut with kingwood, tulipwood, purplewood, bois satiné, green-stained maple, ebony, holly, maple, Japanese takamaki-e lacquer panel, gilt bronze, iron. Arabella D. Huntington Memorial Art Collection. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.


My desk is not this organised. 

I get a lot of questions about what I draw and paint with, so Kate (my wonderful wife) thought this would be a great time to make our first video.


There are a few materials missing, like my print making paper and the many empty bottles of gin that litter my studio, but this is pretty much the lot!

On a side note, I might eat too much Turkish Delight…maybe.

Big thanks to thedanperry for all of his help and expertise and most importantly his patience while helping us shoot this!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!



Awesome stop motion karate (Full video on our Facebook page)

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I don’t post anything other than my coffee photos but this one shall take its rightful place in my coffeeblog! 

Japanese coffee brand animates stop-motion story with 1000 latte artworks! 

latte artists around the world have sought after techniques and tricks to make their own illustrative mark on milk for both creative projects and coffee customers. japanese food label maxim stick have adopted the intricate, edible stencil work as the medium for a stop-motion animation, playing out the quirky days of young love for a ‘coffee couple’, who meet, fall in love and grow old together.

a team of artisans have worked with 1,000 individually hand-drawn illustrations from faces and furry critters to hearts and winter hats to make up the ‘latte motion project’. layered with cocoa powder and rich, foamy milk, the cups of coffee find their way around the frame, setting the story in motion though their careful placement meticulously drawn expressions. take a look at the full feature below, and a behind-the-scenes look into the making-of the stop-motion short.

And Making Latte Motion


Found this beautiful edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz here the other day and I just knew that it was meant to be 😍 #book #books #bookblogger #bookart #bookhaul #bookporn #booktube #bookworm #bookmotion #bookstagram #instabook #instalove #instaread #oz #wonderfulwizardofoz #stopmotion #lfrankbaum #baum #literature (at Snapchat: featherpen87 👻)


Coppelia: The Girl With The Porcelain Eyes by Annie Wong

A stop motion short about an eccentric old toymaker. Based on the ballet “Coppelia” by Léo Delibes, Arthur Saint-Léon, and Charles Nuitter. Details about the project can be found here!


#Art #Animation #StopMotion #sketch #acuarela #watercolor “The water, the color & the watercolor. Remake from the other account :) #animation #stopmotion #AllNaturalVines”


Soap hearts. Gift for wedding guests #dajemyrade #DIY #wedding #twojediy #StopMotion #zróbtosam


An Gadhar Dubh Animation Concept

As a little treat for any newcomers, here is the animation test we created for our initial pitch of Pádraig’s Frameworks funded film An Gadhar Dubh:


I received my Priority Bicycle yesterday in the mail and was SO looking forward to putting it together that the only clear logical thing was to draw out the assembly from 20 minutes to 2 hours to make a stopmotion animation of the assembly.

There are some clear issues with camera stability, but the only tripod I have is a desktop tripod, unfortunately. It was a lot of fun, regardless. ALSO LOOK AT MY CAT. THE ASSHOLE KEPT WALKING THROUGH so we just kind of let him carry on.

Animation: ecatedral
Camera: poemnerd


made a new animation. check it out!