so, the movie Coraline, right?

It’s a stop motion so it already took about 20 months just to film.

but on top of that, did you know that 

External image

Althea Crome hand-knit every single ARTICLE OF CLOTHING FOR EVERY CHARACTER

External image

External image

no one ever even SAW the god-damned socks but she just knit her flipping heart out that woman

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i just

bless your soul.


Bear On Stairs

Stop-motion looping animation by DBLG uses 3D printing to create models for each frame of a bear climbing stairs - video embedded below:

DBLG’s in-house studio projects are a platform for us to experiment with creative ideas and above all have fun. For The Stairs Project we wanted to explore the use of stop frame animation with 3D printing.

More at DBLG here


Aug(De)Mented Reality by mcgnarcal


Pancake stop motion by Vladimir Studenic