Alien: Covenant

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Believe it or not, this is needlefelting. Not painting. I’m super astonished how unreal this looks. But this is ACTUALLY a felted doll.
Anyways. This buddy is my test model to check out what I can do to him in the progress of the stopmotion animation, what colours go best and so on. That’s why one of his feet is slightly darker orange than the rest. Previously I used another turquoise shade, which is still visible on his belly.

Check out the final animation here:

Anyone wanna draw him for me? ;__;


My version of the shot for @gemanimate project in stopmotion, it was so much fun and it was all hand made. 

Hope you guys like it, I tried to ressemble the original as much as I could. Thanks for the comments in my making of pic. I appreciate them too much.

The original is at the left and mine aside. Sorry for the gif quality but I made this only for the comparison. I will upload the HD version later.


Noodle will always be a smol mischievous child to me💘🍜
Turn on the sound, please 🔊💓

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This is part of the Trolls opening sequence. Concept art and fabrication by Me, AFX animation by Erik Tillmans and storyboards by Joel Crawford. Each asset was hand built with felt, paper and embroidery.

 My process started with presenting an animated gif to directors, Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorhn. Painting and working with the animation tool in Photoshop allowed me to design fluidly. I evaluated the story boards to plan out camera movement and work out character action. I knew the camera needed to push in through the dead Troll atop the cage, so I designed the town path to compliment this movement. Next, I focused on the buildings and set dressing. Bubbly poo shapes felt appropriate for Bergentown, while my colors needed variation within the muted palette. The real challenge of this piece was to find the exact materials that reflected the tonal range in grays and browns. I reserved my blacks for the cage and full saturation for the Troll Tree as it represents happiness. The result was three separate backgrounds, six hero buildings that could be flipped and duplicated in interesting ways, three Troll Trees, cages, and various set dressing assets. Each asset was photographed separately, edited and composited. For each scrapbook peice, I would deliver a psd packet to Erik to animate.

The full hand built set of the Bergentown transition.

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