My desk is not this organised. 

I get a lot of questions about what I draw and paint with, so Kate (my wonderful wife) thought this would be a great time to make our first video.


There are a few materials missing, like my print making paper and the many empty bottles of gin that litter my studio, but this is pretty much the lot!

On a side note, I might eat too much Turkish Delight…maybe.

Big thanks to thedanperry for all of his help and expertise and most importantly his patience while helping us shoot this!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!



Coppelia: The Girl With The Porcelain Eyes by Annie Wong

A stop motion short about an eccentric old toymaker. Based on the ballet “Coppelia” by Léo Delibes, Arthur Saint-Léon, and Charles Nuitter. Details about the project can be found here!



Are you feeling wired?

Professor Kliq - Wire and Flashing Lights


The Pickles by Pickle Pony

The Pickles are a fairly typical family— single dad, nostalgic grandparents, and bratty kids just hanging out in their brine —except they are also edible.


Here’s one of those acrylic pieces I mentioned him doing, this one being a personal favorite of mine! “acrylic on canvas (pt.LXXXI) #stopmotion #art #loop”


“Ready” stop motion type by the original coffee type master @robdraper1.

#Goodtype #StrengthInLetters #StopMotion


#Repost @gameofshows
The worst of all crimes

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