mklsnrebekah asked:

Stop! Stefan Salvatore.

Send me “Stop!” for my muse’s reaction to yours interrupting mine while killing someone.

Kol had relished his killings before, he was hell bent on serving chaos wherever he went. Most of the time he was calm, and patient waiting for his prey to walk right into his trap. Their life would depend on his decision. 

The moment he saw that Salvatore with his sister. Anger grew within him. There she was again falling for these men who naturally wouldn’t give her the time of day. Kol had to put an end to this nonsense. Couldn’t his sister see they were using her for their own motives. He sped up, and staked the Salvatore through the heart. 

Rebekah’s scream, made Kol face her. “Someone had to do it, trusting the wrong people again. How stupid can you be, Bekah.”

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